Mel Kids

October 30, 2023
Image Credit: Mel Kids

Mel Kids is a monthly science kit subscription for kids 5-10 years old.

Get a new lesson in every box and learn about various topics in science such as aerodynamics, pressure, and sound through hands on projects and experiments.

Construct rockets, assemble a musical box, and build a "lava fan", there are lots of fun projects for kids to engage in.

Mobile App

Subscriptions are supported by the MEL Kids mobile app which supplements the lessons with AR for added fun.

Mel Kids

A MEL Kids subscription contains 10+ exciting sets covering a wide variety of science topics.

Each kit includes:

  • Science Kit for hands-on projects and experiments.
  • Building set - Assemble an educational model of a functioning device.
  • Educational comic - Engage your child in science through storytelling.
  • Activities - Enhance logical thinking and creativity through activities such as solving brain teasers.
  • Collection - A unique piece that comes with every science kit. Collect one for every accomplished mission.
Mel Kids

How it works

1. Place your subscription

2. Mel Kids sets will be delivered to you every month

3. Get ready to learn, explore, develop, and create with the science kits!

Mel Kids
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Image Credit: Mel Kids
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