12 of the best Chinese enrichment classes for kids in Singapore

12 of the best Chinese enrichment classes for kids in Singapore

March 20, 2024

Looking for a Mandarin Chinese enrichment class for your child? We'll help you find the best programme!

Chinese enrichment classes are one of the most popular enrichment courses for children in Singapore.

This is not surprising as many parents are concerned about their children's proficiency in Chinese given that English tends to be more widely used at home in Singapore.

And if your child is looking to get into a SAP secondary school, then Higher Chinese Language will be an important consideration for the PSLE exams as well.

In addition, with the growing importance of China and along with it the Chinese language, many non-native speaking parents are also seeing the benefits of getting their kids to learn the Chinese language.

We've shortlisted some of the best Chinese enrichment classes for kids in pre-school and primary school.

So whether it's to introduce your child to mandarin, build a strong foundation for Primary School, or to prepare for the PSLE exams, we'll help you find the right language school!



  1. LingoAce

Physical Classes

  1. KidStartNow
  2. EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre (格乐悟)
  3. Berries World of Learning School (百力果)
  4. Tien Hsia Language School (天下语文学校)
  5. HaHa Chinese (哈哈中文)
  6. Youle Mandarin Centre (优乐)
  7. Hua Language Centre
  8. Wang Learning Centre

Online Chinese Classes

  1. Geniebook Chinese
  2. GoEast Online Chinese Courses for Kids
  3. Connected Learning

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1. LingoAce Online Chinese Learning Platform

One of the leading schools for learning Chinese online, LingoAce offers Chinese enrichment classes for students aged 3-15.

There are a variety of programmes on offer, from those based on the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) or Mainland China syllabus, to international programs that cater to students learning Chinese as a second language.

You can also choose classes geared towards specific areas such as writing, oral communication, vocabulary reinforcement, or Primary One preparation.

What LingoAce does very well is to keep students engaged as the teachers are able to use interactive tools such as illustrations, animations, and gamification to capture the attention of students and to keep learning fun.

The interactivity of the classes and the quality of the teachers really combine well to create an engaging and effective experience.

Classes are also kept small at a maximum of 4 students so that teachers can ensure that every child receives enough attention.

One to one sessions are available as well.

Convenient online platform

Everything you need is conveniently located on your user dashboard

For parents, the online platform makes it a breeze for you to schedule and reschedule classes.

The flexibility and convenience of being able to schedule classes whenever you want are really big benefits.

Your class history along with the accompanying assignments, lesson recordings, and teacher feedback are also easily accessible through the user dashboard, making it easy for parents to keep track of your child's progress.

If you're looking for the convenience of online classes without sacrificing on learning quality, then LingoAce's programs are hard to beat!

Course Fees: From $21 per class

Find Out More!

Read our review of LingoAce's Programs:

P1 Preparatory Program

Preschool Program

Physical Classes

2. KidStartNow

Image: KidStartNow

KidStartNow runs Chinese enrichment programs for preschool through to the upper primary level.

The school has a strong commitment to cultivating a genuine interest in Chinese and ensuring learning is always fun for students.

Founder Dan Tang knows full well the challenges that many parents and kids in Singapore face when learning Chinese, as he himself struggled with the language during his school days.

To ensure students are both academically successful while enjoying Chinese, experienced teachers keep kids engaged with activities that balance academic rigor with engaging learning.

Online resources to supplement classroom learning

KidStartNow believes that learning and revision outside the classroom is just as important as the physical classes in ensuring a child's success in Chinese.

To that end, it has developed a proprietary suite of tech learning resources from animated stories and games, to AI powered quizzes, and online learning systems.

The online resources are complimentary for all students and have all been designed to make learning more fun and allow the child to revise at home with minimal parental help.

Image: KidStartNow


KidStartNow's preschool programmes focus on developing children's interest in Chinese, and providing an encouraging environment for them to learn Chinese.

Animated stories, games, and speech and drama activities help bring Chinese to life for kids, with the goal of providing them with a strong foundation for Primary School.

A lot of emphasis is placed on reading as KidStartNow has found that children who don't read Chinese books struggle in their primary school years due to a limited vocabulary.

The preschool curriculum revolves around KidStartNow's specially created animated stories, which make use of animations, sound effects, and intriguing plots to engage kids, even those that normally dislike reading Chinese stories.

In addition, all books come with read-aloud, which means that kids can learn independently.

Lower Primary

The Lower Primary programmes continue to build on vocabulary and speaking proficiency, while ensuring that learning remains engaging to maintain kids' interest in Chinese.

Teachers at KidStartNow always try to inject an element of fun during classes, as they are very conscious of over drilling, which kills kids' enthusiasm for Chinese.

Image: KidStartNow

Upper Primary

In the Upper Primary programmes, students are taught proper exam techniques, with a particular focus on composition, comprehension, and oral - areas which many kids tend to be weak in.

Students will also build up a strong vocabulary base, the foundation for success at the Primary level.

Trial Classes and 30-day money back guarantee

For parents that want to try out the classes first to see if they are a right fit for their child, KidStartNow offers trial classes for $10.

There's also a 30-day money back guarantee for the weekly physical enrichment classes.

KidStartNow will refund you in full should you decide not to continue with the classes for any reason within 30 days. INCLUDING for the lessons that you've already attended!

Location: 209 New Upper Changi Road #03-649 Singapore 460209

Website: www.kidstartnow.com

3. EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre (格乐悟)

Image credit: EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Starting with Mandarin PlayGrove, their unique adult-accompanied Mandarin playgroup programme, through to programmes for pre-schoolers, primary students (including a focused Chinese composition class for P3-P6), secondary programmes, Mandarin for adults, and their Mandarin Through Play Holiday Programmes, EduGrove is a one-stop solution enrichment centre that offers a comprehensive range of programmes for all age groups and covering all Chinese study needs.

Award Winning Methodology

Breaking away from the traditional rigid methods of learning Chinese, EduGrove focuses on keeping your child engaged through fun, engaging and effective vocabulary learning games, role playing drama, and stimulating discussions, that coax the students into expressing themselves using the keywords taught.

This is a methodology that cements important commonly tested keywords into the long-term memory.

Image credit: EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Believing that it is important to not only score well in the exams, but also for  students to be groomed for success in their adult and work life, EduGrove’s programmes work on improving Chinese language grades, eloquence, presentation, critical thinking, and creativity skills - all in one class.

At EduGrove, students also get plenty of exam practice through Written Exercises. These exercises allow them to perfect every component of the Chinese examination papers, so that when it comes time for exams, students can approach them feeling relaxed and confident.

Track Record Speaks For Itself

EduGrove's track record is a great testimony to their effectiveness in helping students unlock their potential and score excellent grades in the Chinese exams.

More than 70% of EduGrove's students attained distinctions in their PSLE and O-Level Chinese exams over the last few years.

This is a remarkable achievement considering many students who first enrolled at EduGrove had struggled with or shown little interest in the subject previously.

Image credit: EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

From The Authors of Renowned Assessment Book Series

EduGrove can truly call themselves experts in Chinese education in Singapore.  

Aside from their fast growing number of enrichment centres and numerous awards recognition, their team of curriculum writers are also the authors of a series of popular assessment books which are staples for every student and tuition teacher in the country.

With three series of assessment books published thus far and many more in the pipeline, these books are written to equip students with the skills needed to answer different types of examination questions with a step-by-step guide that systematically introduces and takes them through the various types of questions.

At the end of it all, students will put all they have learnt into practice through the mock examination papers in the assessment books.

This provides students with ample practice of the Chinese examination papers and enable them to approach exams calmly and with confidence.


  • Pasir Ris Sports Centre
  • 135 East Coast Rd
  • Our Tampines Hub
  • AMK Hub
  • Agora Colearning Space – HarbourFront Centre
  • The Woodleigh Mall
  • Choa Chu Kang Safra
  • Anchorvale Village - Sengkang

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Read more about EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre's methodology and programmes

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4. Berries World of Learning School (百力果)

Image: Berries World of Learning School

"It just works!" is one of the common refrains from parents who swear by Berries.

Indeed, it's one of the most popular Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore, having been established for more than 25 years and with 20 branches island-wide.

Berries' proven approach is based on combining social interaction with holistic learning for a fun and multi-sensory learning experience that keeps kids engaged and ensures they are learning the material.

You'll want to register early as being recognized for having one of the best Chinese enrichment classes for kids also means there's a waiting list for many of its locations, particularly for the weekend slots.

Berries offers enrichment classes for both pre-school as well as primary school level students.

Pre-school Programme

Image: Berries World of Learning School

The nursery to kindergarten enrichment classes focus on building a solid foundation and aim to foster a love for learning mandarin.

A variety of activities such as conversational practice, thematic nursery rhymes, craftwork, storytelling, and games are used to get children interested to learn Chinese.

Primary school Programme

Image: Berries World of Learning School

The Primary school programmes cover reading, writing, and oral comprehension skills taught in line with Singapore's Ministry of Education's (MOE) primary level curriculum.

Weekly take home exercises and mock assessments reinforce learning and prepare students to do well in exams.‍

Learning Tools

Image: Berries World of Learning School

Berries' learning tools, such as composition handbooks, themed materials, and exercises, are among the things that they are highly acclaimed for.

These are specially designed in-house by their curriculum team and tested constantly.

Handcrafted materials and creative designs of the learning materials capture the attention of students and facilitate multi sensory learning.

Preschool children will also enjoy the reader pens which are used along with talking cards and books to enhance word recognition.

Image: Berries World of Learning School

Location: 20 locations across Singapore

Website: www.berriesworld.com

5. Tien Hsia Language School (天下语文学校)

Image: HaHa Chinese

Established in 1989, Tien Hsia is one of the longest running Chinese enrichment schools in Singapore with enrichment classes ranging from preschool all the way to Secondary school level.

It also runs holiday enrichment courses such as 5-day fun mandarin workshops and programmes to enhance preparation for the PSLE exam.

Tien Hsia keeps its classes separate for every level (e.g. Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2, Primary 1), so you won't have students from different levels mixing together, even in the preschool classes.

Through a teaching methodology that combines theory with practice, Tien Hsia encourages children to engage in interactive activities with classmates and teachers. This is in addition to the traditional classroom assignments such as reading and writing.

Its methods does seem to produce results, judging by its ability to regularly produce students who score the top marks (A*, A) for Chinese in the PSLE exams.

Preschool Enrichment Classes

Image: Tien Hsia Language School

The Preschool programmes are designed to prepare kids for Chinese at the Primary school level.

Teachers make learning more fun and engaging by using interesting teaching aids and incorporating stories, games, songs, dance, and movement.

Hanyu Pinyin is also gradually introduced into lessons so that students are well prepared when they enter Primary School.

Primary level Enrichment Classes

Image: Tien Hsia Language School

The Primary level programmes aim to supplement the local school syllabus and focus on improving students' command of both spoken and written Chinese.

The curriculum is updated constantly in order to keep abreast of new MOE syllabus and guidelines.

Separate programmes for Higher Chinese students are also available.

Location: 11 locations islandwide

Website: www.tienhsia.com



BrookieKids: Your Mandarin Play Buddy! (Exclusive Sunny City Kids Discount!)

BrookieKids offers an alternative to Mandarin enrichment classes by bringing the learning home. 

Speak & Choose Adventures:

Imagine a world where your child's voice and choices shape the story. In BrookieKids' unique "Speak & Choose" format, children aged 2-6 can choose their path through interactive, voice-activated narratives. These stories are designed with age-appropriate animation and practical vocabulary that sticks.

BrookieKids has two ways to play:

1. ScanSpeakLearn™️ Activity Packs: (Best for ages 3.5+)

These themed packs, filled with 5 activity cards and bonus stickers, turn your home into a Mandarin playground! Hide the cards, then scan them and watch as your child unlocks 15 interactive stories on the BrookieKids app. Each story boasts three difficulty levels, offering both challenge and growth. 

Themed around household objects, hide-and-seek, and even nurturing magical creatures (think tamagotchi with a Mandarin twist!), these packs promise non-stop learning fun. Purchase here. P.S. Find a discount code below.

2. Short Stories in the App: (Great for all ages!)

Need a bite-sized Mandarin boost? Story Credits unlock short, engaging stories in the app, perfect for busy days or on-the-go adventures. From silly everyday scenarios to culturally relevant narratives celebrating special occasions like Chinese New Year and National Day, there's something for everyone. 

Start small with just $5 worth of credits and start playing! Download app here.

Why choose BrookieKids?

  • Playful and engaging: The interactive stories make Mandarin learning fun and exciting, not a chore.
  • Child-led learning: Your child chooses their path in the story, fostering a sense of ownership and discovery.
  • Convenient and portable: Take the learning experience anywhere!

Based and designed in Singapore, BrookieKids is more than just learning, it's about creating joyful memories and fostering a positive attitude towards Mandarin.

Exclusive 5% Discount for Sunny City Kids Readers: Unwrap a treasure trove of Mandarin fun with our New Year deal! Grab all 3 Activity Packs for just SGD49.90 (originally SGD59.70!), then sprinkle some extra magic with code SUNNYKIDS for an additional 5% off, bringing your total to just SGD47.40. 

Let the Mandarin journey begin!

6. HaHa Chinese (哈哈中文)

Image: HaHa Chinese

Established in 2018, HaHa Chinese focuses on inspiring early Mandarin Chinese language skills through thematic learning programs and a fun and interactive learning environment.

Toddlers from as young as 15 months can participate in its playgroup programmes where they'll learn through play in the theme based mandarin enrichment programme.

Children in the Nursery and Kindergarten enrichment classes will have more opportunities to build on their vocabulary and comprehension.

Teachers in these classes use stories and group discussions to encourage kids to have conversations and express their ideas.

Image: HaHa Chinese

HaHa Chinese's Elementary Level classes are for children from 6-12 years old and are geared more towards students who are attending international schools and those would like some exposure to Mandarin Chinese as a third language.

Location: 228A River Valley Road, Level 2, Singapore 238268

Website: https://www.hahachinese.co/

7. Youle Mandarin Centre (优乐)

Image: Youle Mandarin Centre

Youle is known for their playgroup and preschool programs for kids from 1-6 years old.

Its signature program, Mandarin Alive! is a parent accompanied class that is designed to introduce Mandarin Chinese to toddlers from 1-3 years old.

With kids in this age group having very limited attention spans, the emphasis here is very much on providing a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

And Youle's enthusiastic and passionate teachers do a great job of keeping the kids engaged throughout with a variety of fun activities such as storytelling, games, music, dance, and craft activities.

The small class size of 6-8 kids also promotes interaction while ensuring that every child is receiving adequate attention from the teachers.

All of these make Mandarin Alive! one of the best Chinese playgroup programmes in Singapore.

Parents really enjoy the classes too as they get to bond with their kids through the fun activities!


  • Tanglin Shopping Centre
  • Kovan City
  • Parkway Centre

Website: https://www.youle.com.sg/

8. Hua Language Centre

Image: Hua Language Centre

Started in 1992, Hua Language Centre offers Chinese enrichment classes from pre-school playgroups for kids as young as 1.5 years old, to secondary school level programs.

Its curriculum is overseen by co-founder Mr Chew Wee Kai, who previously held the role of Specialist Inspector for the Chinese Language at the Ministry of Education.

At MOE, he was also involved in setting Chinese exam papers and was the chief marker for some Chinese exam papers.

Mr Chew is also an active member of the Chinese literary community in Singapore and is a columnist for Lianhe Zaobao and Shin Min Daily News. In addition, he is a member of the Singapore Promote Mandarin Council.

It's this expertise with the Singapore Chinese syllabus combined with intricate understanding of Chinese linguistics that enables Hua Language Centre to develop their own curriculum which takes into account brain science and child psychology, making learning fun yet still effective for its students.

You certainly can't argue with their results with 90% of their Primary Six students scoring A or A* in their PSLE Chinese exams!

Playgroup Programmes

The playgroup programmes are parent-accompanied, and are a good way for children to be exposed to mandarin at an early age.

It's also a great parent-child bonding activity!

Preschool Programmes

The preschool programmes offered include:

  • Foundation Chinese
  • Speech & Drama

Every term starts with a new theme, with songs and teaching materials created in house to ensure that kids are kept engaged in the theme.

Primary School Programmes

The Singapore Chinese syllabus is closely followed in the Primary School Programmes.

While Hua Language Centre is serious about results, it's goal is also to keep students motivated by making learning Chinese interesting.

Chinese as a Foreign Language

The Chinese as a Foreign Language programme is a theme based program where children learn the Chinese language as well as Chinese culture through age-appropriate activities and role-play.

Hua Language Centre is experienced in teaching non-Chinese students mandarin, having been appointed by MOE Language Centre to run immersion mandarin courses for French exchange students in Singapore.


  • United Square
  • Greenwich V
  • Causeway Point
  • Parkway Parade Shopping Centre

Website: www.hua.com.sg

9. Wang Learning Centre (汪老师学园)

Image: Wang Learning Centre

Started in 2007, Wang Learning Centre offers courses from preschool through to secondary school level.

It's a popular choice for parents of Primary School kids, particularly those that are looking for a Chinese enrichment class with a more intensive curriculum.

And the results speak for themselves as Wang Learning Centre produces hundreds of students that score A* and A for the PSLE exams every year.

Primary School Enrichment Class

For primary school students, the school offers three courses:

Chinese language knowledge and comprehension: Based on MOE's Primary School Chinese textbooks, students are taught close passage, dialogue completion, and comprehension practices to improve their reading and writing, as well as answering techniques for exams.

The aim is also to increase the students' vocabulary so that they are able to respond to questions more effectively.

Speaking, Listening, Essay Writing and Idioms: This course focuses on speaking, listening, and essay writing with comprehension as a supplementary component.

Students are taught useful words and sentences that they can incorporate in their writing.

They are also taught how to express themselves effectively and to use a framework based approach to writing so they never run out of writing ideas.

One- Stop Comprehensive Intensive Course: Wang Learning Centre's most popular Primary school course that integrates comprehension, speaking, listening, and composition.


  • Bukit Timah
  • Hougang
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Yishun
  • Serangoon
  • Marina Parade
  • Tampines
  • Jurong East

Website: https://www.wang.edu.sg/index.php

Online Chinese Classes

10. Geniebook Chinese

Geniebook Chinese teacher in action during a live class. (Image credit: Geniebook)

Geniebook is a leading EdTech provider that provides primary 1 to secondary 4 students with an online suite of personalised learning tools powered by AI.

With AI-personalised innovations such as AI-personalised worksheets, live online classes, and a real time chat system connecting students with teachers, Geniebook makes learning more effective for students and helps them excel in school.

Launched in May 2022, Geniebook Chinese offers live online Chinese classes for primary 1 to secondary 3 students, along with access to Geniebook's suite of learning products including:

  • GenieSmart, their signature AI-personalised worksheet generator that uses a proprietary AI algorithm with over 1M data points to recommend questions that will maximise student’s improvement;
  • GenieClass, live and recorded classes conducted by experienced educators that are available anytime and anywhere; and 
  • GenieAsk, where students can clarify doubts and get homework help from real-time chat with teachers.

Geniebook Chinese also sets itself apart from other online Chinese schools through these unique features:

Small group tutorials 小班课辅导

Through focused online tutorial sessions, Geniebook teachers spur students to practise oratorical skills through group interactive activities. (Image credit: Geniebook)

The small groups foster interaction between students and teachers.  

Students benefit from plenty of practice, particularly for their oral Chinese, as they answer questions, engage in discussions, and interact with their peers in Mandarin. 

At the same time, the small group ensures that teachers are able to mentor and monitor the progress of each student closely. 

Dual teacher classes 双师课堂

With two Geniebook teachers in each class, lessons are more engaging. (Image credit: Geniebook)

An innovative teaching format not seen in other schools, the dual teacher online classes at Geniebook Chinese are led by native speaking Chinese teachers and teachers familiar with the local curriculum. 

Classes with only one teacher may sometimes get monotonous as students are faced with the same teacher for every class. With two teachers however, the class experience becomes more dynamic as both teachers are able to engage in lively banter with each other. Key concepts and learning points are integrated into their conversations along with a touch of humour. 

This approach makes the learning process more enjoyable and engaging for students, and also allows them to observe proper spoken Mandarin up close. 

Immersive lessons 主题故事讲述

Geniebook has created engaging thematic story-based lesson plans that incorporate Chinese culture and vocabulary into fantastic tales full of animated characters that your child will love. 

These lessons provide an immersive experience that will keep your child's attention while teaching them new words, idioms, and expressions, as well as how they can be applied in real life.

If you want to get your child to start learning Chinese and master the language in a lively and engaging way, then Geniebook Chinese is a great choice!

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11. GoEast Online Chinese Courses for Kids

Image credit: GoEast

At online mandarin school GoEast, the goal is to help students attain language proficiency.

The curriculum is based on YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and the HSK curriculum (The Chinese Proficiency Test of Mainland China for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese) which is the most widely recognized method of testing Chinese language proficiency around the world.

As every child learns differently, GoEast places a lot of importance on its Language Consultants who will develop a personalised learning plan for your child based on her needs. Throughout the course, they will also follow up closely with you and the teachers to make sure that your child's learning goals are on track.

GoEast's teachers are all BS, MS, or PhD degree holders in teaching Chinese as a secondary language, with an average of 7 years experience teaching Chinese to foreign students.

Parents of GoEast students love that the teachers really engage with their kids and cater their lessons to each student's individual needs, unlike some other schools where teachers seem to follow a fixed plan and are reading from a script.

Image credit: GoEast

GoEast's programmes consistently get high reviews from satisfied parents. In fact, over 90% of students renew their lesson package.

Their priority is on creating an environment that will cultivate kids' love for Chinese.

Classes consist of conversations, games, puzzles, and activities that make learning fun for your child.

After class, you'll get worksheets and printables to revise the materials covered in class. All original content created by GoEast and beautifully illustrated.

Students' progress, exercises, recorded lessons, learning videos, and scores are all easily accessible  through the online learning system, so parents are always kept updated on your child's development.

If you're looking for personalised courses designed to help your child love the Chinese language and make learning fun, GoEast's programmes are a great place to start.

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12. Connected Learning

While not as well known as the other schools on this list, Connected Learning has nevertheless been earning good reviews from parents for its online Chinese enrichment classes.

It offers classes for students from Primary One to Secondary Four, with the syllabus in accordance to Singapore's MOE Syllabus, and geared towards preparing students for the PSLE and 'O' Level exams.

Classes are conducted from Monday to Saturday and are capped at a maximum of four students.

Lessons cover areas that students are required to be proficient in, such as oral, composition, comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, sentence construction and tenses.

Dedicated team of Teachers

Connected Learning's team of 15 full-time tutors all have degrees or diplomas in either Chinese language or education related fields.

They are also experienced educators with management teachers having between 10-15 years experience in teaching with even the most junior teachers having at least 2 years of teaching experience.

Moreover, they are also experienced in conducting lessons online, with each teacher having online teaching experience of 2-7 years.


  • Primary 1-3: $240
  • Primary 4-6: $264
  • Secondary 1-4: $320

Website: https://connectedlearning.sg/

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