24 Best Swimming Lessons for Kids in Singapore

24 Best Swimming Lessons for Kids in Singapore

July 8, 2024

We've rounded up some of the most popular swimming lessons in Singapore so you can make sure your child gets top-quality instruction.

Are you looking to give your child the confidence and skills they need to feel comfortable in the water?

Or perhaps honing them to be experienced competitors?

Then check out this guide for parents for some of the swim schools in Singapore for swimming lessons and classes designed specifically with kids in mind.

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Featured Swimming Lessons and Swim Schools

  1. Swim Monkey Swim School
  2. SwimShark
  3. State Swim

Swimming Lessons for babies, toddlers, and younger kids

  1. SWISH! Swim School
  2. Little Swim School
  3. aquaDucks Swim School
  4. Happy Fish Swim School
  5. Little Splashes Swim School
  6. AquaBambinos Swim School
  7. Inspire Mum & Baby

Swimming lessons for kids of all ages

  1. SwimRay
  2. Marsden Swim School
  3. Pacific Swim Team
  4. Able Aquatic School
  5. Ace Dolphin Swim School
  6. Isplash Swim School
  7. Happy Wave Aquatics Swim School
  8. Friendly Dolphin Swim School
  9. Swim Masters
  10. Red Dot Penguins Swim School
  11. Singapore Swimming Academy
  12. GoogleSwim Swimming Lesson
  13. Elite Coach Sports Academy - Elite Swim School
  14. SG Condo Coaches

Featured Swimming Lessons and Swim Schools

Swim Monkey Swim School

Image credit: Swim Monkey Swim School

Swim Monkey Swim School is committed to giving your child an amazing swimming lesson experience that prioritises safety, skill development, and a love for swimming and water activities.

The curriculum for the swim school is tailored to suit your child’s age and abilities so they stay motivated and excited to learn.

Swim Monkey and its coaches are proud to hold the Swim Safer accreditation from the Singapore Swimming Association, as well as the Safety Training Award accreditation from STA UK (Swimming Teachers’ Association). 

This means parents can be assured that your children are in safe hands and can dive into the water with confidence!

Comprehensive Swimming Curriculum From Beginner to Life Saver

Image credit: Swim Monkey Swim School

Swim Monkey’s meticulously designed curriculum is structured to build skills gradually, starting with basics like water comfort and safety, gradually moving towards more advanced techniques. 

This step-by-step progression ensures that your child learns and masters each technique thoroughly before moving on to the next, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable.

Level 1 - Water Safety and Comfort

At this foundational level, instructors focus on making sure students feel at ease in the water. Using fun games and activities, instructors impart basic water safety rules and techniques to build students’ water confidence.

Level 2-  Basic Swim Techniques

As students become more comfortable in the water, instructors will introduce them to fundamental swim strokes such as freestyle and backstroke. Students will learn proper body position, breathing techniques, and floating skills. They’ll also learn how to tread water and navigate basic water challenges.

Level 3 - Intermediate Swim Skills

Students will fine tune their strokes and begin learning more advanced techniques such as breaststroke and butterfly. They are also introduced to  diving, flip turns, and underwater swimming. In addition, students will build up their endurance and stamina through longer swim distances.  

Level 4 - Advanced Swim Proficiency

Attention is focused on perfecting stroke techniques, building speed, and becoming more efficient in the water. Students will also learn basic water rescue and self-rescue techniques.

Level 5 - Competitive Swimming

Students interested in pursuing competitive swimming can take their swimming to the next level through this programme that boosts their speed, strength, and race strategies. Students will be exposed to timed trials and simulated race scenarios to prepare them for swim meets and competitions. 

Level 6 - Water Safety and Lifesaving Skills

In this final level, students will acquire vital water safety and lifesaving skills that can make all the difference in an emergency. From recognizing and responding to emergencies, to performing rescue techniques and providing basic first aid in aquatic environments, this level equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in and around water.

Open Water Swim Class (Image credit: Swim Monkey Swim School)

Throughout each level of the curriculum, Swim Monkey’s experienced instructors will provide personalised attention to your child, allowing them to progress at their own pace. 

Whether your child is just starting out or aspiring to become a competitive swimmer, Swim Monkey’s instructors are here to provide expert guidance.

Enroll your child at Swim Monkey today, and watch them transform into a confident, skilled, and happy swimmer!

Location: Most classes are held at condos around Singapore. The swim squad also trains at Geylang East Swimming Complex (601 Aljunied Ave 1 Singapore 389862)

Contact Swim Monkey to find out more about their swim classes


Image credit:SwimShark

SwimShark is your child's gateway to confidence, community, and swimming competence.

Established in 2020 by swimming coach Mathew Oratis, SwimShark has rapidly made waves in Singapore’s aquatics scene with its exceptional teaching standards and top-notch programme quality. 

The swimming school offers a range of programmes that cater to children of all ages and skill levels.

More than just a swimming school

At its heart, SwimShark is more than just a swimming school - it's a community.

Founded on Coach Matt's belief in not only teaching kids to swim but also fostering connections, SwimShark offers an environment where your little ones can make friends while learning essential life skills.

Parents too, will have the opportunity to connect with other parents and neighbours. 

Image credit: SwimShark

A swimming lesson for every child

SwimShark offers a variety of kids swimming lessons, each tailored to different ages and abilities, and all conveniently located in your own condo. 

There truly is a swimming lesson for every child!

Aquatots (6 months - 3 years old) - Perfect for the youngest swimmers, the Aquatots programme is adult-assisted and filled with games, singing, and lots of fun. 

It promotes joyful interactions between parents and their babies, turning swimming lessons into a bonding experience.

Learn to Swim (Waterstarters & Level 1,  3-6 year olds) - The Waterstarters programme is geared towards young swimmers who are gradually becoming comfortable in the water and involve lots of fun and engaging activities. 

Children who are confident in the water can progress on to the Level 1 programme. These classes focus on further developing water confidence and basic skills like gliding, free floating, and kicking. Strokes such as  breaststroke and freestyle are introduced. 

Image credit: SwimShark

Stroke Correction & Performance - For those looking to take their swimming to the next level, the Stroke Correction & Performance class is the way to go. 

Ideal for kids who see swimming as their primary sport or who aim to compete, this class focuses on improving speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength. 

To join, your child should be comfortable swimming over 100m and each stroke for 50m.

Image credit: SwimShark

With SwimShark, learning to swim becomes more than just a milestone; it becomes a cherished part of your child's growing up years. 

SwimShark is more than just a swim school; it's where friendships are made, skills are honed, and confidence is built. 

Dive in with SwimShark today and become part of a thriving community!

Contact SwimShark to find out more about their swimming classes:

State Swim

State Swim
Image credit: State Swim

With a proven track record of over 50 years, State Swim is a leader in aquatic education.

The swimming school teaches over 30,000 swimmers weekly across its 19 swim schools in Australia and Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of programmes that caters to every skill level.

Whether your child is taking their first plunge, needing some stroke refinement, or ready to kick it up a notch, State Swim has a programme tailored just for them.

Kids swimming classes for all ages and skill levels

At State Swim, they are firm believers that being a stronger, safer swimmer is an essential life skill. 

Hence their swimming programmes have been meticulously designed to help everyone from babies and toddlers, to children, teenagers, and even adults achieve this goal. 

Swim & Play: Children from 6 months to 4 years old are introduced to the water and taught water safety and a range of essential skills to help them develop confidence in the water.

400 Gold: An eight-stage programme where older children aged 4 years and above gain confidence, continue to develop their technical skills, and work towards the ultimate goal of swimming 400m freestyle without stopping.

Teams (Squad): For strong and skilled swimmers who have completed the 400 Gold programme, the Teams programme is the next step that will help your child reach their full potential in the water. 

Advanced training techniques are introduced and students will also have the opportunity to showcase their talent in swimming competitions.

The State Swim Difference

State Swim
Image credit: State Swim

What sets State Swim apart from other swim schools is their approach to aquatic education, marked by a blend of experienced instructors, modern facilities, flexible bookings, and a curriculum designed to deliver real results. 

50+ years of Experience - With over 50 years of experience, State Swim has honed a solid teaching philosophy that delivers real results. 

State Swim’s teaching methods are backed by research and experience, ensuring that each swimmer learns effectively in a fun, secure, and supportive environment.

Modern Facilities - State Swim’s modern facilities at Suntec City boast an outdoor pool heated to an ideal 31 degrees, a full change room and shower facilities, and a Swim Shop for all your swimming accessories. 

Its swimming pool is outfitted with an advanced water filtration and treatment system, which uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to purify the water. 

This results in fresher, cleaner water without the need for large quantities of chlorine, making it a safe choice for asthmatics and those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Skilled Instructors - State Swim prides themselves on their team of experienced instructors who are all fully certified. 

Its dedicated instructors are not just teachers; they are passionate about helping every swimmer unlock their full potential and are one of the most experienced teams in the industry.  

State Swim
Image credit: State Swim

Flexible and Convenient Bookings -  State Swims offers flexible and convenient bookings with its monthly booking system - perfect for busy parents. 

Make-up classes can also be easily scheduled if you can’t make it to your regular class. 

With its online Account Manager, parents can manage bookings, track progress, and arrange payment - all at your convenience.

Sign your child up now and experience the difference in their water confidence and swimming skills!

Location: Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, North Wing L4, Singapore 038983

Contact State Swim

Best Swimming Lessons for Babies, toddlers, and younger kids

SWISH! Swim School

Image credit: SWISH! Swim School

Located in the Dempsey vicinity, SWISH! Swim School has both dedicated indoor and outdoor swimming facilities which come with temperature control and salt-water chlorination.

It has four private pools suitable for kids of all levels. 

Beyond its swimming lessons, it’s also home of the Merfin (a swimming fin for aspiring mermaids), mermaid classes and an onsite shop with mermaid supplies.

Swimming doesn’t just have to be about plain strokes, but can also be applied to fun activities like being a mermaid!

In fact, the swim school believes that swimming can come in handy for water-based activities like paddleboarding, surfing and so on, and conducts its classes around this philosophy. 

Location: 72 Loewen Road, #01-08, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 248848 

Learn about SWISH! Swim School: https://www.swishswimming.com/

Little Swim School

Image credit: Little Swim School

If you’re looking to get your little one into swimming, Little Swim School is the perfect spot with its indoor, heated pool at Westway.

Sheltered against the elements with saltwater chlorination which is easier on your child’s skin, Little Swim School’s facilities are top-notch and comfortable for every child to learn how to swim.

Image credit: Little Swim School

Backed up with a team of loving, engaging certified swim coaches, children as young as 6 months can learn how to swim comfortably at their own pace.

Should its location in the west be unsuitable, the school also has classes at Queenstown and Yio Chu Kang swimming complex on weekends. 

Location: 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867 

Learn more about Little Swim School: https://www.littleswimschool.com/ 

aquaDucks Swim School

Image credit: aquaDucks

Founded more than three decades ago in 1989, aquaDucks Swim School is an established local swim school that has been providing students of all ages with quality, all-rounded swim classes.

The best part is that aquaDucks conducts all of its classes in pools that are covered, heated and salt-chlorinated, ensuring that weather never gets in the way of a swim class day.

The school was started by Koen Verhoef, a Dutch expat who swam competitively and was a swim coach in the Netherlands.

Since starting the school years ago, aquaDucks has developed a solid reputation for themselves among both the expat and local communities.

Its team comprises 30 swim experts from across the globe, all of whom provide a unique blend of American, European and Australian swim techniques catered to the weather and needs in Singapore. 

Location: 4 locations – Dempsey, Turf City, Newton, Queenstown 

Find out more about aquaDucks: https://www.aquaducks.com.sg/

Happy Fish Swim School

Image credit: Happy Fish Swim School

Established since 2007, Happy Fish Swim School specialises in swimming lessons for kids in indoor, heated pools, with locations in Singapore and Malaysia.

Happy Fish wants to teach babies to swim even before they can walk and develop a lifelong love for the water. 

Not only do Happy Fish Swim School locations have dedicated indoor, heated pools, but each location also comes with a dedicated lounge for parents to chill at while their kids have their classes and toiletries provided.

Parents can also use the pool when they feel like a dip during off-peak periods! 

Locations: 8 locations – Stevens Road, Horsecity, Bukit Timah, Bedok, Downtown East, Buangkok, Jurong East

Find out about Happy Fish Swim School’s classes: https://happyfish.sg/

Little Splashes Swim School

Image credit: Little Splashes Swim School

Little Splashes Swim School is the swim school to opt for if you’re looking for swimming lessons for kids that’ll focus on water confidence and water safety.

Equipped with indoor heated pools across seven locations islandwide, Little Splashes Swim School also hopes that your child’s cognitive development will be enhanced through water activity and play. 

To ensure that you are in the know of your child’s progress, Little Splashes also releases in-house progress reports at the end of every term.

Not only will you be able to chart your child’s swim progress, but also celebrate their achievements on their swim journey. 

Locations: 7 locations – SingPost Centre, Balestier, Shaw Plaza, Siglap, Yio Chu Kang, King Albert Park, Jalan Selaseh 

Find out about Little Splashes Swim School: https://www.littlesplashes.com.sg/

AquaBambinos Swim School

Image credit: AquaBambinos

AquaBambinos specialises in providing baby and toddler swimming lessons, designed to introduce young ones, as little as 6 months old, gently to the water while keeping them safe and comfortable.

The school believes in building a positive association with swimming and water from an early age, and through its coaches and lessons help your child to develop a strong foundation for future swimming classes. 

The school also recognises that unexpected illnesses can disrupt lesson attendance and has in place a flexible family policy which caters for make-up lessons after the child is well and recovered. 

Location: 45 Burghley Drive, Block C #01-07 Singapore 559022

Sign up for a trial class with Aquabambinos Swim School: http://www.aquabambinos.com.sg/

Inspire Mum & Baby

If you’re looking to start your child young with swimming lessons, or even take on swimming classes as part of your prenatal journey, Inspire Mum & Baby’s your place to be.

Inspire has Aqua Pregnancy classes, a maternity workout that helps promote balance, release of muscle tension, and even pelvic floor exercises to facilitate birth. 

For babies, Inspire has different types of water-based swimming lessons for your little ones from as young as 0 months.

Its Aqua Tub sessions for those up to 3 months gently introduce infants to water, familiarising them with the aquatic environment.

These sessions are especially helpful for premature babies and those with special needs. 

Location: 188-2 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 436990 

Learn more about Inspire Mum & Baby: https://inspiremumbaby.com/ 


Swimming Lessons for Kids of all Ages


Image credit: SwimRay

Private swimming classes are aplenty, but SwimRay prides itself in offering top-notch private swimming lessons for your child with results.

The swim school has taught more than 6,000 students, helping them be stronger, more confident swimmers and has a strong media presence to attest to its effective classes. 

Image credit: SwimRay

The school also has a comprehensive, complimentary accident coverage programme, so that wherever or whenever classes are conducted, you’ll have peace of mind.

Don’t take our word at face level, just pop onto its site to see its many testimonials from satisfied parents!

Locations: Islandwide 

Read parent testimonials for SwimRay: https://privateswimminglesson.sg/ 

Marsden Swim School

Image credit: Marsden Swim School

Marsden Swim School is an internationally recognised swimming school for both kids and adults.

The school’s swimming coaches are also certified with AUSTSWIM in addition to Singapore accreditations. 

Image credit: Marsden Swim School

The school conducts all of its classes in indoor or covered heated, salt-chlorinated pools at its two main locations Turf City Grandstand and Jalan Jurong Kechil, but also has other venues around Singapore.

Its classes are suitable for children as young as 4 months, and are catered to everyone who wants to learn how to swim and improve their swimming, even for competitive swimming! 

Locations: 2 locations – Turf City Grandstand, Jalan Jurong Kechil 

Find out about Marsden Swim School: https://marsdenswimschool.com/

Pacific Swim Team

Image credit: Pacific Swim Team

Known as one of the safest swim schools around, Pacific Swim Team amps its swim environment up by hiring additional lifeguards when needed and also conducts temperature checks prior to each lesson. 

It isn’t just about teaching you to swim, Pacific wants to journey with your child to swim better and more confidently with every stroke. 

Image credit: Pacific Swim Team

Pacific Swim Team believes in turning swimmers from beginners into absolute champions and has a systematic online portal which can track your child’s progress as they go along their swim journey.

It has a strong competitive swimming programme with its swimmers excelling in competitions such as the Singapore National Age Group Championships where they have produced the fastest 12-year old boy in 100m and 200m butterfly.

Their swimmers have also ranked in the top-ten in 27 other events at this competition.

Locations: Several locations islandwide including Tampines Hub, Nexus International School and ALPS Residences 

Register for the Pacific Swim Team: https://pacificswimteam.com.sg/ 

Able Aquatic School

Image credit: Able Aquatic School

Able Aquatic School, which is short for Always Believe in Lifelong Exercise, was founded by swimming coach Darryl Chua.

The former Singapore Sports Council Coach started the school with the belief that picking up swimming is a valuable asset and skill set for life. 

Lessons at Able Aquatic School are focused on three key principles – simple, goal-motivated and technique-focused. Every swim programme taught is progressive, conducted in a safe and positive environment, and teaches proper swim techniques. 

The school accepts a range of students, from babies to toddlers, adults and those with special needs. Believing that everyone deserves a chance to swim, the school has a special programme tailored to those with special needs, conducting it in a smaller, better-paced and enriching setting. 

Location: 34 Tanah Meral Kechil Road, East Meadows, Singapore 465560 

Sign up for swim lessons at Able Aquatic School: https://swim.com.sg/ 

Ace Dolphin Swim School

Image credit: Ace Dolphin Swim School

Helmed by head coach Huang Han Rong, who was the swim team captain in Nanyang Polytechnic, Ace Dolphin School has a robust roster of swimming coaches certified under the National Registry of Coaches.

More than just being certified, Ace Dolphin coaches also bring to the pool a diverse set of soft skills which make swimming lessons fun, engaging, and effective. 

Whether you’re signing your child up for classes, or looking to learn how to swim as an adult, Ace Dolphin Swim School is focused on getting to know you as a swimmer, to understand your concerns and needs.

Beyond providing classes at public swimming complexes, Ace Dolphin Swim School also provides private swimming lessons – just contact them to find out more! 

Location: 7 locations – Tampines, Yio Chu Kang, Bishan, Pasir Ris, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh

Enquire at Ace Dolphin Swim School: https://www.acedolphin.com/ 

Isplash Swim School

Image credit: Isplash Swim School

Isplash Swim School has a robust team of in-house instructors who are not only certified but passionate about imparting swimming skills to your child.

Isplash’s swimming classes are highly affordable and accessible. Its weekly swim classes are located mainly in the west but its team of more than 350 affiliated instructors can also travel to where you’d like to have classes at. 

Isplash also has a small group size of no more than 6 students for kids so you can be sure your child will get the attention they need at every class. 

Locations: 5 main locations – Jurong East, Jurong West, Jurong Lake Gardens, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang 

Discover more about Isplash’s classes: https://swimminglessonscoach.com/

Happy Wave Aquatics Swim School

Spearheaded by Coach Harry, Happy Wave's swimming programme for kids is a blend of fun, safe, and educational swimming lessons designed to instil confidence and proficiency in the water.

Highly recommended by both parents and students alike, Coach Harry is known for his unwavering patience and has a knack for making children feel at ease in the water.

His approach focuses on individual growth, guiding each student step-by-step without any pressure.

Image credit: Happy Wave Aquatics Swim School

This method has helped countless children to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim confidently in a short period of time.

Coach Harry's charismatic nature also makes learning fun, ensuring your children will be looking forward to every lesson!

Locations: Private swimming lessons are conducted in condos

Find out more about Happy Wave Aquatics Swim School: https://www.facebook.com/happywaveaquatics

Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Image credit: Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Friendly Dolphin Swim School is your swim school to go for if you’re looking for location flexibility.

They have 20 locations your child can take swimming lessons from all around Singapore, and even private condo locations.

With more than 320 instructors on its schedule, Friendly Dolphin Swim School provides swimming lessons for everyone from toddlers to adults – no one is ever too old or young to pick up swimming!

All instructors with the school have a minimum of two years of instructing experience, are at least university-aged, and are all certified and insured, so you’ll have peace of mind no matter who conducts your classes. 

Locations: 20 locations including Katong, Jurong, Serangoon, Yishun 

Find out about Friendly Dolphin Swim School: https://swimclasses.com.sg/ 

Swim Masters

Image credit: Swim Masters

Swim Masters has classes for children of all ages and even adults. It is helmed by head coach Alvin Tan who has many years of experience as a lifeguard in key institutions.

Whether your child is new to swimming, or wants to swim competitively, Swim Masters has just the course for your child to learn and progress. 

Should your child have an extreme fear of the water, Swim Masters also pioneered Swim Zoom, a series of online classes that tackle swim topics.

Locations: 5 locations – Senja-Cashew, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Delta, Queenstown 

Find out about Swim Masters: https://www.swimmingcourses.sg/ 

Red Dot Penguins Swim School

Image credit: Red Dot Penguins

Red Dot Penguins is a social enterprise that believes in not just coaching children to swim, but to impact lives and to contribute to society.

The school hires and trains coaches from all walks of life with its world-class programme, helping them pick up valuable skills to make a living. 

Each Red Dot class is small with no more than 6 students per class so your child gets the attention they need. If you’re on the fence, your child’s first lesson is also free and can be scheduled at your convenience – the class can also be used to assess your child’s skill and level. 

Location: Various locations – contact the school to find out more

Contact Red Dot Penguins Swim School: https://www.reddotpenguins.com/

Singapore Swimming Academy

On the lookout for an affordable swim class for your child but don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking for a suitable coach or venue?

Singapore Swimming Academy wants to help you and your child focus on swim classes alone by providing a free personalised service to match your child to a suitable coach based on your preferred location, schedule and budget. 

It has a database of dozens of experienced and certified instructors who can conduct classes at any of the many public swimming complexes in Singapore or at your condominium too. Its coaches are all full-time, dedicated and promise to bring fun to every lesson. 

Locations: Islandwide but its flagship classes are only held at Yishun and Sengkang Swimming Complex 

Get your child swimming strong with Singapore Swimming Academy: https://singaporeswimming.com/ 

GoogleSwim Swimming Lesson

Looking for affordable swimming classes in Singapore? Then GoogleSwim Swimming Lesson is your best bet, providing value-for-money swimming classes taught by certified, full-time instructors.

The school accepts students of all ages from infants to adults, and also specialises in ladies-only and special needs classes. 

GoogleSwim’s classes are top-notch thanks to its stringent shortlisting process.

It also prides itself in its progressive swimming classes, ensuring that your child feels comfortable and safe throughout its classes. 

Locations: 27 public pool locations including Yishun, Choa Chu Kang, Bedok, Hougang and private pool locations 

Enquire about GoogleSwim Swimming Lesson’s trial class: https://googleswim.com.sg/ 

Elite Coach Sports Academy - Elite Swim School

Image credit: Elite Swim School

Founded by Christian Anseaume, a French sports coach, in 2011, Elite Coach Sports Academy is backed by a team of elite coaches specialising in different aspects of fitness including swimming.

It also offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Muay Thai, kickboxing and pilates among many other types of spots. 

SwimToFly is Elite Coach’s signature swim programme and has helped close to 200,000 students gain confidence in the water and swim better, whether you’re a 2-year-old beginner or a high-performance athlete.

All coaches are able to conduct classes at condominium pools at their location or at your place, and the school also offers swim lessons in French. 

Locations: 7 main locations – Novena, Orchard, Newton, Farrer Road, River Valley, Sentosa, Bukit Timah 

Learn more about Elite Coach Sports Academy’s programmes: https://elitecoach.com.sg/swimming-lesson-singapore 

SG Condo Coaches

Live in a private estate and want swimming classes for your child right in the comfort of your own condo pool?

SG Condo Coaches will be able to match the right coach to your location with its extensive database of coaches islandwide. The database has coaches for activities like swimming, yoga, tennis, piano and even personal training.

To date, SG Condo Coaches has matched more than 4,000 swimmers through its portal and has facilitated classes in close to 2,000 locations in Singapore.

The school believes that personalised, 1-on-1 swimming classes are the way to go for more effective learning especially if your child or yourself prefer more privacy. 

Location: Islandwide

Look for a suitable swimming coach through SG Condo Coaches: https://www.condocoaches.sg/private-swimming-lessons-singapore/ 

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