16 of the Best Math Tuition in Singapore

16 of the Best Math Tuition in Singapore

September 18, 2023

Unlock your child's math potential with Singapore's top rated math tutors

Are you worried that your child may not be reaching their full potential when it comes to math? If so, don't fret!

Singapore has many excellent math tuition centres. Keep reading as we explore some of the top-rated math tuition centres in Singapore for students in Primary and Secondary School as well as Junior College.

Math Tuition Centres in Singapore

  1. The Edu Experience
  2. SG Physics, Chemistry & Math
  3. MasterMaths Education Centre
  4. Debbie’s Learning Cove
  5. Nicklebee Tutors
  6. Math Science Guru
  7. Ammiel Wan Academy
  8. Andrew Yap Education Centre
  9. True Learning Centre
  10. Learning Voyage Education Centre
  11. Indigo Education Group
  12. Mavis Tutorial Centre
  13. AGrader Learning Centre
  14. Edufirst Learning Centre
  15. Kumon
  16. The Learning Lab

The Edu Experience

The Edu Experience believes that math is not just about worksheets and equations, it is about everything that we see around us!

The tuition centre’s Primary School Math Tuition Programme is designed to ignite students’ love for math through hands-on activities and interactive games. They also make use of weekly quizzes and mock exams to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, to better personalise their learning experiences.

Math tuition at The Edu Experience
Primary 1 money - Preparing the correct amount of money to purchase a toy (Image credit: The Edu Experience)

Hands-on activities with manipulatives

Introduced in 2023, Math Lab is where learning comes alive!

The Edu Experience understands that children learn best through hands-on experiences, which is why their math tuition programme includes a wide array of hands-on activities with colourful manipulatives. 

Math tuition at The Edu Experience
Primary 2 Mass - Balancing a family of bears with different sizes and mass (Image credit: The Edu Experience)

Through these engaging tools, The Edu Experience helps children develop a solid grasp of mathematical concepts by bridging the gap between connecting concrete understanding and abstract math concepts. 

Fun math games that engage students

Learning math is no longer a chore with interactive math games!

These games not only make learning enjoyable, but they also help reinforce key concepts, boost confidence, and improve problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Math tuition at The Edu Experience
Primary 5 volume - Building structures with cubes to find the total surface area (Image credit: The Edu Experience)

Quizzes and mock exams to track progress

At The Edu Experience, they believe that monitoring of student’s progress is essential for improvement and success. 

Weekly quizzes enable tutors to gauge students’ understanding and adjust their curriculum accordingly.

In addition, The Edu Experience offers mock exams every semester to prepare students for their major exams. 

These exams are designed to simulate real test conditions, helping students to familiarise themselves with the format, time limits, and types of questions they’ll encounter. 

As a result, students feel more prepared and confident on the actual day of the exam.

Personalised learning

The Edu Experience understands that each child is unique and has their own way of learning. 

Its team of expert educators work closely with parents to tailor their maths programme to each student’s individual learning needs.

This personalised approach empowers students to thrive and reach their full potential.

Unlimited Tuition for one fee

The Edu Experience offers an innovative approach to learning: unlimited tuition at one fee!

This unique approach combines top notch tutoring with the recognition that every child learns at their own pace.

For one price, students at The Edu Experience get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited tuition classes
  • Unlimited study group lessons
  • Enrichment programmes and fun workshops

Sign your child up and unlock their potential with these unlimited learning opportunities!

Levels: Primary

Location: 3 Tampines Central 1, #07-02, Tampines Plaza 1, Singapore 529540

Find out more about the Edu Experience

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SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

Maths tuition at SG Physics, Chemistry & Math
Image credit: SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

Are you looking for a maths tuition centre that gets results?

SG Physics, Chemistry & Math is the premier tuition centre that will allow your child to reach their full potential in Maths.

The tuition centre has been featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper (Smart Learning) and My paper for their exceptional teaching methods and outstanding results.

Award-winning top-rated former MOE teachers

The key to SG Physics’ success is a team of exceptional tutors, consisting of former MOE-trained teachers from top schools such as Raffles Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution, and Singapore Chinese Girls School.

Its maths specialist tutors have nearly two decades of teaching experience and include former MOE, PSC, and NTU scholars, as well as masters degree holders. 

These teachers have been recognized with prestigious awards including the “Caring Teacher Award”, and “Outstanding Teacher Mentorship”. They are also authors of maths assessment books. 

With their expertise, SG Physics and Math tutors can pinpoint students weaknesses in just 1 to 2 lessons, allowing them to focus on the right areas and study more efficiently.

Maths tuition at SG Physics, Chemistry & Math
Image credit: SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

Top notch tutoring and lesson materials

At SG Physics and Math, your child will be guided by experts who truly understand the syllabus and topics for Maths. 

Its tutors stay up to date with the latest educational trends and syllabus changes so students are always in the loop.

Say goodbye to boring textbooks! The lesson materials at SG Physics and Math feature visual notes that break down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks. This is especially beneficial for visual learners who struggle with abstract ideas. 

Lesson Materials at SG Physics, Chemistry & Math
Image credit: SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

SG Physics and Math also provides students with a variety of practice questions in different formats, making exam preparation a breeze. Plus with small class sizes, its maths tutors can give each student the attention they need, ensuring optimal learning. 

Moreover, its dedicated tutors are always available to help students even outside the classroom. Whether it’s clarifying doubts or answering questions, they’re just a message away!

With a dedicated team of tutors committed to delivering outstanding tutoring services, it’s no wonder that countless students have witnessed remarkable improvement in their grades after attending lessons at SG Physics and Math. 

80-85% of students scored between Grade A1-B3 for Secondary subjects and Grade A-B for JC subjects.

Sign your child up now and give them the advantage they need in Maths!

Levels: Sec 3-JC2, O Level / IP / A Level

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (beside Beauty World MRT)
  • Bishan (beside Junction 8)
  • Jurong East (beside JCube Shopping Centre)

Find out more about how SG Physics and Math can help your child excel in Maths

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MasterMaths Education Centre

MasterMaths Education Centre
Image credit: MasterMaths

Does your child struggle with Math? MasterMaths is here to help!  

It’s the ultimate all-in-one course designed to help your child achieve results in maths and ace their PSLE and O-Level exams. 

As a MasterMaths student, your child will gain access to a comprehensive range of benefits that will transform their mathematical journey including: 

90 minutes per week of Maths coaching - Classes are led by qualified and experienced maths coaches dedicated to achieving results for your child.

Lesson recording for all classes -  MasterMaths understands the importance of revision. That’s why all classes are recorded, allowing for unlimited revision, and ensuring that students never forget what’s on the whiteboard again.

Access to Whatsapp tutor - Questions and doubts can arise at any time, which is why MasterMaths provides access to an online maths tutor. You can ask questions and clear your doubts anytime, anywhere. No need to wait for the next class - help is just a click away.

Complimentary 45min lessons (booster class) conducted by a MasterMaths Coach - For P5, P6, and O-Level students, these extra sessions are held every weekday evenings to provide additional support for exam preparation.

Mock Exams - Since the removal of mid-year exams by MOE, many parents are concerned that their children will not have enough exam practice. Hence MasterMaths prepares mock exams for students as a supplementary measure to prepare for their exams.

Motivation, Method, Mindset to achieve maths goals

It’s not just about the content at MasterMaths, they believe in the power of mindset and motivation as well. Their proven formula includes 3 essential steps: 

  1. Motivation - Students are encouraged to write down their purpose for learning Maths, their dream schools, and future goals. By having a clear vision and role models to follow, they stay motivated and focused.
  1. Method - MasterMaths guides students in planning out the strategies and concepts that are essential to master. From basic to intermediate and advanced levels, they'll ensure you build a strong foundation and confidence to tackle exams. 
  1. Mindset - MasterMaths addresses the common issue of giving up too easily by encouraging a growth mindset.Students are guided to develop a positive attitude and belief in themselves. They are also provided with growth mindset statements to refer to when faced with challenges. This helps them overcome obstacles and enjoy the learning process.  
MasterMaths Education Centre
Image credit: MasterMaths

With MasterMaths, parents won’t have to worry about whether your child is achieving their full potential in Maths. 

MasterMaths will provide regular updates and feedback so you know exactly how much progress they are making in every lesson along with areas where more improvement can be made.

Sign up now with MasterMaths and join the countless parents and students who have given them rave reviews!

Level: Primary, Secondary


  • Tampines
  • Woodlands
  • Little India

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Debbie’s Learning Cove

Maths tuition at Debbie's Learning Cove
Image credit: Debbie’s Learning Cove

Are you a parent concerned that your child is struggling with mathematics or not performing up to expectations? Debbie’s Learning Cove is here to help. 

Founded in 2014 by Mrs. Debbie Wong, a seasoned educator, Debbie’s Learning Cove is a tuition centre that specialises in maths tuition for students from Secondary Schools, Integrated Programme (IP), and Junior Colleges (JC).

If you are looking for a dedicated and effective teacher who goes above and beyond, Mrs. Wong is highly recommended.

The perfect mentor for your child 

With her illustrious academic background and over two decades of experience teaching mathematics in top MOE schools and tutoring students, Mrs Wong is the perfect mentor for your child. 

She understands the concerns and mentality of young learners, and knows how to motivate and engage students effectively.

Her accolades include: 

  • Teacher in top schools such as Hwa Chong Junior College, Temasek Secondary School, and Temasek Junior College. Her experience at these schools included coaching and development of teachers, shaping of the mathematics curriculum, and creation of materials and assessments for the Integrated Programme.
  • Overseas Singapore Government Scholarship (Teaching) by Public Service Commission
  • First Class Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Mathematics from University of Cambridge
  • Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from University of Cambridge
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education, NTU

Supportive atmosphere that is conducive for learning

Class size at Debbie’s Learning Cove is kept small at 4-15 students, ensuring a supportive atmosphere for effective learning. 

In this small group setting, students have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. The tutor will also be able to provide guidance for students to master each maths concept.

Students can also join the lessons from home via Zoom.

Mrs Wong is an exceptional teacher who has earned high praise from students and parents for her effective teaching methods and dedication.

Students appreciate her ability to deliver clear explanations, provide a structured approach to learning, and offer carefully crafted notes. 

One aspect that stands out is the tuition centre’s maths topical revision worksheets that cover a wide range of question types that can be tested in exams. 

The thoroughness of these worksheets helps students gain a deeper understanding of concepts and develop the ability to tackle all kinds of challenging questions. 

These worksheets are often more helpful than the materials provided by the students’ own schools, and some even rely solely on studying the notes to excel in their exams!

Maths tuition at Debbie's Learning Cove
Image credit: Debbie’s Learning Cove

Mrs. Wong's patience and willingness to assist her students have also been commended. Students say she is more than willing to take the time to explain and clarify any doubts they have until full comprehension is achieved. 

Her caring and nurturing nature makes for a positive and encouraging learning environment, and this has resulted in significant improvements in students' grades. 

Many students have seen their confidence in maths skyrocket, experienced at least a 2 grades improvement, or rise to the top of their cohorts for maths after joining Debbie’s Learning Cove. Some students have even turned their failing grades into A’s!

Let Debbie’s Learning Cove take care of your child’s maths education and watch them start excelling!

Levels: Secondary, Integrated Programme, Junior College

Location: Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road #02-72 Singapore 428769


Sign up for programmes at Debbie’s Learning Cove

Nicklebee Tutors

Image credit: Nicklebee Tutors

Nicklebee Tutors is a highly rated maths tuition centre for upper primary and secondary school students.

The maths tuition centre equips students with the necessary skills and confidence to tackle challenging problem sums. Using its unique C3PO™ Problem Solving Framework and proprietary UNITARY™ Method, they ensure your child can solve even the most complex problems in the PSLE Math Exam and Math Olympiad Competitions swiftly and accurately.

This proven teaching methodology has helped its students achieve excellent results including:

  • 93% of its Advanced Math students scored AL1 for PSLE 2022 Math Exam
  • Over 35% Received DSA (Math) Confirmed Offers from top IP schools in 2022
  • 3 in 5 of its Math Olympiad students achieved GOLD & SILVER awards or better

Nicklebee Tutors offers two class options:

  1. Small group math tuition for upper primary students (GEP & High-Ability) and secondary students (IP & Express)
  2. Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass for GEP & High-Ability Students taking the PSLE

Leading these programmes is Mr Zhou, an alumnus of Raffles Institution and the National University of Singapore. A multi-award-winning Math Olympiad Gold Medalist himself, Mr. Zhou is also a member of the Association of Mathematics Educators (NIE).

With his years of experience in guiding GEP, High Ability, and Integrated Programme students towards excellence in Math and Nicklebee Tutor's tried-and-true teaching methods, you can be sure your child will get the confidence and the skills to excel in Math!

Levels: Primary 3-6, Secondary


  • Bishan
  • Bukit Timah
  • Sengkang

Find out more about maths tuition at Nicklebee Tutors: https://nicklebeetutors.com/

Math Science Guru

Image credit: Math Science Guru

Math Science Guru is a tuition centre that has been providing exceptional maths and science tuition for over 3,000 students since 2003.

At the helm is Mr Allen, a highly experienced tutor with over 20 years in teaching and tutoring.

Formerly a lecturer at Raffles Institution, Mr Allen takes pride in transforming students grades from failing to an A1. His passion for teaching and unique approach towards education has led to impressive results, with over 91% of students scoring distinctions in recent exams.

The centre stands out for several reasons:

Exclusivity: Unlike other tuition centres, this one is spearheaded by Mr Allen himself. He takes personal responsibility for each student's progress, which is monitored weekly, ensuring that they achieve their full potential. Mr Allen is known for delivering coherent and concise explanations, making even the most complex topics easy to understand.

Personalized Classes: The centre recognizes that every child has different requirements, which is why their classes are tailored to meet each student's individual needs. This personalized approach aligns with the topics students learn in school, aiding them in acing their class tests with ease.

Proprietary Lectures Notes and Worksheets: Over the years, Mr Allen has developed and compiled a comprehensive set of lecture notes and worksheets that perfectly align with the IP/IB/O/N(A) syllabus. These have been critical in giving his students an advantage over their peers.

Small Classes Sizes: To ensure individual attention for each student, the class size is limited to 3-5 students.

Math Science Guru offers a free 90 minutes trial lesson for parents and students to decide if Mr Allen's teaching methodology is suitable for them.

Levels: Secondary, Junior College

Locations: 91 Bencoolen street, 189652 Singapore

Find out more about maths tuition at Math Science Guru: https://www.mathscienceguru.com.sg/

Ammiel Wan Academy

Ammiel Wan Academy is the brainchild of Mr Ammiel Wan, the author behind 50 math resource books which have sold over a million copies worldwide in the last 20 years.

This MOE-registered math tuition centre caters to students in Primary 1 through to Junior College and also offers programmes for IP (Integrated Programme) and International Baccalaureate (Year 1 to 4).

Its impressive track record speaks volumes, with students consistently achieving more than 90% distinctions on average across all major examinations over the last decade.

During his 15 years of experience at MOE, Mr Ammiel Wan has taught a diverse range of students, spanning from the Gifted Programme to pupils in the mainstream and foundation stream. His impressive background includes holding positions such as the HOD Mathematics at Catholic High School, Dean of Curriculum Studies at Catholic High School, and Vice-Principal at Rosyth School.

Throughout his career, Mr Ammiel Wan has played a vital role in transforming and shaping the maths curriculum at various schools as a maths consultant and specialist.  

He is also the creator of the Cognitive Conceptual Approach, which he developed in 1999 during his time at MOE. Today, this innovative approach to teaching problem sums is adopted by more than 80% of Singapore schools.

Levels: Primary 1 - JC2

Location: 6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2, #01-10, Singapore 575585

Find out more about the maths tuition programmes at Ammiel Wan Academy: https://www.ammielwan.com.sg/

Andrew Yap Education Centre

Image credit: Andrew Yap Education Centre

Andrew Yap Education Centre is a maths tuition centre for Secondary 3,4, IP and JC1, JC2, A Level students.

With a track record of teaching over 4,000 students and boasting an impressive 70% "A" grade achievement at 'A' levels, this is a tuition centre where you child's mathematical potential will be fully realized.

The tuition centre is led by former Hwa Chong Subject Heads, Andrew and Jasmine Yap, who bring their depth of experience to ensure that the Mathematics curriculum aligns perfectly with the MOE syllabus. They have set high standards for teacher selection, ensuring that only the best educators make the cut.

Their years of experience leading Mathematics departments at top IP schools translate into a meticulously planned curriculum delivered by a team of dedicated teachers. In addition, the JC H2 maths tuition classes are taught personally by Andrew and Jasmine.

The tuition centre believes in building a solid foundation before tackling complex topics. Each topic begins with key concepts, supported by examples and practice questions to ensure thorough comprehension.

The notes provided are crafted meticulously according to the MOE syllabus, and break down concepts into digestible chunks.

At Andrew Yap Education Centre, learning is a continuous journey. After each topic, students tackle practice questions to familiarize themselves with the various question types they might encounter in exams. Detailed run-throughs of these questions ensure mastery of the concepts involved.

Students don't have to worry about missed lessons here as the tuition centre provides recorded video lessons for them to catch up and bridge any content gaps. This ensures a smooth transition to the next topic.

Andrew and Jasmine Yap are not only experienced educators but also authors of maths assessment books. Their combined expertise and dedication make Andrew Yap Education Centre a premium choice for maths tuition at the secondary and junior college level.

Levels: Secondary 3-4, IP, Junior College

Location: Block 302, #01-1842, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Singapore 560302

Find out more about maths tuition at Andrew Yap Education Centre: https://topmathtuition.com.sg/

True Learning Centre

Founded by mathematics expert Max Tan, True Learning Centre offers tailored one-on-one tutoring in Mathematics for secondary and JC levels. After a decade of teaching group classes, Max decided to focus on personalized, customized teaching.

His goal is to inspire and motivate students, helping them become proactive individuals who actively pursue academic success.

Levels: Secondary, IP, JC

Location: In-person and online

Learn about Max’s Math classes here: https://www.truelearning.com.sg/

Learning Voyage Education Centre

Founded by Andy, a Maths tutor extraordinaire who guarantees "borderline to distinction" results, Learning Voyage Education Centre specializes in guiding borderline scorers towards a more disciplined approach to achieve their As.

It utilizes a unique 'plug-the-gaps' technique that begins by identifying areas of improvement, then addresses these gaps, and finally strengthens the learning by offering students a variety of questions that approach the issue from different perspectives.

Levels: Primary, Secondary, JC

Locations: 208 Hougang Street 21, 01-209, Singapore 530208

Explore Learning Voyage Education’s Centre’s maths tuition classes: https://learningvoyage.com.sg/


Indigo Education Group

Image credit: Indigo Education Group

Indigo Education Group has been a trusted name in education since 2011, providing tuition for Secondary O and A-level, as well as IP and JC.

For over a decade, students from Indigo have consistently outperformed, attaining over 80% distinction rates for their core Secondary and JC Level subjects.

At Indigo, students are nurtured by a team of top-tier educators who have honed their pedagogy over 20 years.

Their robust curriculum and cutting-edge teaching materials, rigorously aligned with the MOE syllabus, ensures that students not just meet but exceed their academic potential.

The Indigo experience goes beyond regular classes. Throughout the year, they host master classes, exam crash courses, and seminars with industry leaders, all designed to cater to their students' learning needs and career aspirations.

Every year, the tuition centre guides over 3,000 students, preparing them not just for exams but admissions to elite universities globally as well.

Levels: Secondatry, JC

Locations: Beauty World Centre, Bugis, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Balmoral Plaza, Novena, Tampines Plaza 1, Parkway Parade

Learn more about  maths tuition programmes at Indigo Education Group: https://indigo.com.sg/

Mavis Tutorial Centre

Image credit: Mavis Tutorial Centre

Founded in 1986 in Singapore, Mavis Tutorial Centre has been a trusted source of academic assistance for primary and secondary students for nearly 40 years.

With a proven track record and glowing testimonials, Mavis is committed to helping students achieve excellent results while making learning enjoyable.

The centre's team of educators are all full-time professionals, many of whom are former MOE teachers with extensive subject knowledge and years of experience.

They are dedicated to their students' success and often provide additional classes leading up to important national exams, so that your child has the support they need to attain their desired grades.

Lessons are specifically designed to align with the PSLE, GCE 'O' and 'A' level syllabus, ensuring your child fully grasps essential concepts and develops the critical skills needed for success.

This comprehensive approach paves the way for excellent results in school examinations, tests, and assessments.

Mavis Tutorial Centre infuses fun into the learning process through engaging hands-on activities and project-based learning. This ignite's your child's interest and helps deepen their understanding of various topics.

The tuition centre's carefully crafted worksheets aim to identify each student's main weaknesses.

By thoroughly analyzing questions and encouraging creative thinking, tutors guide students towards arriving at the correct answers.

Mavis Tutorial Centre stays ahead of the game by basing their material on their expert knowledge of the Singapore curriculum. Tutors stay up to date continuously on curriculum changes and question trends, enabling the tuition centre to maintain its high education standards.

In addition, its lesson activities foster effective communication, encouraging students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have.

Levels: Primary, Secondary

Locations: 16 locations islandwide including Tampines, Woodlands, Woodleigh, Jurong and Buangkok

Find out more about the maths tuition programmes at Mavis Tutorial Centre: https://www.mavistutorial.com/

AGrader Learning Centre

Image credit: AGrader Learning Centre

Agrader Learning Centre is known for being an all-rounded tuition centre with programmes tailored for students from pre-primary to secondary levels.  With a track record of teaching 20,000 students across Singapore, the tuition centre comes highly recommended by countless parents and students who have experienced its top-notch lessons.

At Agrader Learning Centre, all students have access to their proprietary EverLoop Improvement System. Students can attend as many revision classes as they, even from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, students have access to the past two years' worth of content for revision and reference.

Levels: Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary

Locations: 18 locations islandwide including Tampines, Tiong Bahru, Ang Mo Kio, Jurong, Pasir Ris, Yishun, Choa Chu Kang

Learn more about Agrader Learning Centre's maths tuition programmes: https://www.agrader.sg/programmes

Edufirst Learning Centre

Image credit: EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre has earned multiple accolades and have been featured in various media outlets and parenting publications for its top-notch tuition classes.

The educators at EduFirst are dedicated to helping students succeed. They genuinely care about your child and make sure every student gets the most out of their tuition time.

The tuition centre offers math programmes for primary school as well as secondary A-math and E-math.

In its primary school maths programmes, EduFirst's maths tutors employ Heuristics to effectively teach students problem-solving skills. With EduFirst's methodologies, students will be able to solve 90% of challenging problems fast and efficiently.

Levels: Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary

Locations: 18 locations islandwide including Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Toa Payoh, Jurong, Yishun, and Woodlands

Find out more about the maths tuition programmes available at EduFirst Learning Centre: https://www.edufirst.com.sg/


Image credit: Kumon

Kumon's math programmes are your child's passport to a world where numbers make sense.

The Kumon Method is a self-learning approach that encourages students to independently tackle small-step worksheets, think critically, and complete exercises on their own.

By doing so, students experience a sense of accomplishment, become adept at learning new material on their own, and continuously strive for self-improvement.

Classes are focused on nurturing an accumulation of knowledge through regular practice, creating a solid foundation.

The curriculum is designed to enhance students' calculation skills and foster mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities.

What sets Kumon's approach apart is its individualised learning plan. It's not about keeping up with the class, it's about mastering each level at your child's comfortable speed.

Beyond textbooks, Kumon's Math Programmes incorporate real-world examples, making learning relevant and practical. Children don't just learn formulas; they understand how these mathematical principles apply to everyday life.

With a top-quality curriculum, it's the ideal choice for parents that are looking to sharpen the math skills of their school-ready children and prepare them for more advanced mathematics.

Levels: Preschool, Primary, Secondary

Locations: Over 70 locations across Singapore

Find our more about Kumon's maths programmes: https://kumon.sg/

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab offers a curriculum that combines learning and performance.

Classes follow the MOE syllabus but also encourage your child to develop their curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Its lesson materials are designed to help your child excel by improving their note-taking skills, and enhancing their ability to analyze questions and craft accurate responses.

Tutors also plan lesson activities that encourage students to actively communicate, ask questions, and clarify topics that they are not clear on.

Levels: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, JC

Subjects: English, Maths, Science, A-Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Paper

Locations: 9 locations islandwide including Woodleigh, Marine Parade, Tampines, Seletar and Choa Chu Kang

Learn about Learning Lab's maths tuition programmes: https://www.thelearninglab.com.sg/

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