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LingoAce - P1 Preparatory Program

LingoAce - Review of the P1 Preparatory Program

January 2, 2024

Preparing for Primary 1 Chinese with the P1 Preparatory Program

***We've updated our experience after completing 20 classes***

This is a review of our experience with LingoAce’s Online Chinese P1 Preparatory Program.

We had previously completed 16 lessons of the Preschool Program (read our review here) and were very happy with the results there.  

Since our daughter Christy is 6 years old, and going on to Primary 1 next year, we thought it would be a good idea for her to switch over to LingoAce’s P1 Preparatory Program.

Hopefully this will give her a good foundation and help start her off on the right foot when she takes Primary 1 Chinese classes in primary school next year.

We are now 20 classes into the P1 Preparatory Program, and everything is going well!

Our experience to date has been just as positive as that for the Preschool Program.

The P1 Preparatory Program follows MOE’s curriculum closely, which gives us assurance that it is preparing Christy well for Primary School.

Having the flexibility to schedule (and reschedule) classes whenever you want is also a major advantage for sure.

We’ll be posting updates regularly so stay tuned as Christy continues on her Chinese learning journey with LingoAce!

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About LingoAce

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Our Experience

About LingoAce

What is LingoAce?

One of the leading schools for learning Chinese online, LingoAce offers Chinese enrichment classes for students aged 3-15.

There are a variety of programs on offer, from those based on the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) or Mainland China syllabus, to international programs that cater to students learning Chinese as a second language.

You can also choose classes geared towards specific areas such as writing, oral communication, vocabulary reinforcement, or PSLE preparation.

LingoAce’s strength is in combining gamified technology with engaging teachers to make learning enjoyable and gratifying for today’s young learners.

P1 Preparatory Program

Designed specifically for K1 and K2 learners, the P1 Preparatory Program covers 50% of Singapore’s Primary 1A Chinese textbook.

This program prepares your child for what’s to come during Primary 1 and gives them a head start in their Chinese lessons in Primary School.

Teachers that are qualified to teach the LingoAce P1 Preparatory Programme have undergone training to teach the Singapore curriculum, following MOE’s teaching guidelines.

Each lesson is 55 minutes.

LingoAce's Teachers

The majority of LingoAce's teachers are from China and have professional teaching qualifications.

Because LingoAce exclusively hires instructors who have excelled in the Putonghua Proficiency Exam (a test that demands strict adherence to Standard Chinese pronunciation), parents won't have to worry about variances in accent and pronunciation, which is a typical concern regarding Mainland Chinese teachers.

LingoAce's teachers have also undertaken extensive training to meet Singapore's Ministry of Education's (MOE) educational criteria.

This ensures that their lessons are suited to the learning requirements of Singaporean students.

For each lesson, you can book your regular teachers or choose from a list of teachers recommended by LingoAce

Free Trial Class

For first timers, you can schedule a free trial class at your convenience.

All you need to do is fill out a form for the trial class and a Course Consultant will be in touch for a quick conversation to determine your child’s requirements.

They will then pair your child up with a suitable teacher for the trial class and you’re all set!


Booking Classes

One of the best things about the LingoAce platform is the ease at which you can book and reschedule classes.

Just choose your preferred teacher (there will be a list of recommended teachers that you can choose from) and select the slot you want from the teacher’s available slots.

If you’d like to have a fixed time slot every week, you can book a recurring slot as well.

Cancelling and rescheduling is equally easy.

LingoAce also has a mobile app so you can access bookings and all of your class resources on the go.

Just select an available slot from the teacher's schedule

You can also select the time slot that you want and see which teachers are available for that timing

Online Class Experience

There’s a large focus on Pinyin for the P1 Preparatory Program as this is a big component of how Chinese will be taught in Primary 1.

There is also more emphasis on writing as compared to the Preschool Program.

Students will be taught new words in every class along with sentence structure, listening comprehension, reading, character recognition, and writing. The curriculum follows MOE’s syllabus for Primary 1 closely.

Every lesson also starts off with a brief revision of the previous class to ensure that students have retained what has been taught previously.

To keep things interesting, interactive activities such as games, songs, videos, and exercises are woven throughout the lessons.

Adding to the fun factor, teachers can award students with prizes such as stars, medals, and trophies when they complete tasks correctly.

LingoAce’s teachers are very good at keeping students engaged. So even though the P1 Preparatory Program class is much longer at 55 minutes (compared to 25 minutes for the preschool program), Christy’s teacher was able to hold her attention throughout.

After Class

After each lesson, you can access the class materials, assignments, and teachers’ feedback from the dashboard.  

Recordings of every class are also available which you can playback at your convenience.

Every lesson will have a corresponding assignment which will review concepts and words that have been covered in that particular class.

After-class assignments

These are usually only about 3-4 pages so Christy generally takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete them.

To submit the assignments, you’ll need to print them out, take photos of the completed work, and then upload the photos to the LingoAce dashboard.

Some lessons will also have online homework which can be done directly on the LingoAce platform.

Online homework

You can also go through the lesson materials along with the accompanying games and interactive activities and media.

We really like that the class resources are well organized and easy to find on the dashboard. This makes it easy to revisit areas that you’re weak in for further revision.

Everything you need is easily accessible and well organized on your dashboard

Our Experience (After 20 lessons)

Like the Preschool Program, we’ve been very happy with the experience of the P1 Preparatory Program so far.

Christy struggled initially with Pinyin for the first 1-2 classes but she soon started to get the hang of things under the patient guidance of her teacher.

After 20 classes, her grasp of Pinyin has improved substantially through practice during the online classes as well as by going through the after-class assignments.

Though there's still room for improvement as she still stumbles over certain pronunciations and sounds every now and then, we're confident that she is building a solid foundation for Primary School.

Her vocab and character recognition has also improved significantly, as has her oral ability.

We believe that oral is one of the areas that LingoAce can really help a lot, as Christy doesn't have much opportunity to speak Chinese outside of school since we usually speak English at home (like a lot of parents in Singapore).

The combination of high quality teachers, engaging learning technology, and a structured curriculum makes for an effective learning experience for kids.

Moreover, the beauty of online classes is that you save so much time from not having to shuttle between enrichment centres and waiting around for classes to end.

Of course, online classes do have their disadvantages as well. The biggest one is that you lose the benefits of in-person interactions with classmates and teachers.

Nevertheless, we believe that LingoAce still manages to make learning Chinese online very effective.

Plus the convenience and flexibility are just unbeatable!

Having tried out a number of different teachers in both the Preschool and P1 Preparatory Program, we are also impressed by LingoAce's ability to maintain a consistent quality across its teachers.

LingoAce's teachers are great at keeping kids engaged with their enthusiasm and encouragement.

Lessons never feel dull or monotonous. In fact, the 55 minutes for each lesson just fly by!

Despite the P1 Preparatory Program being more academic in nature compared to the Preschool Program, Christy still enjoys the lessons and looks forward to them.

This is quite important as you always want kids to have fun when learning.

As many parents have discovered, it’s really difficult to rekindle a child’s enthusiasm in studying Chinese once they start dreading lessons and viewing them as a chore.

To that end, LingoAce is doing a great job of keeping kids interested.

We're glad that the P1 Preparatory Program is laying a good foundation for Christy before she enters Primary 1.

This really gives us peace of mind that the program will help make her transition to Primary 1 Chinese smoother.

In addition, the lessons at LingoAce have been a great complement to her current Chinese curriculum in kindergarten.

We’ve got more lessons to go and we’ll be sharing our experiences every step of the way so make sure you follow along with us on our Chinese learning journey!

This article was brought to you by LingoAce.

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  • 3-15 years old
  • 6-7 years old for the P1 Preparatory Program
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