14 Best Dance Classes for Kids in Singapore: Ballet, K-pop, Hip Hop, Chinese Dance and more

14 Best Dance Classes for Kids in Singapore: Ballet, K-pop, Hip Hop, Chinese Dance and more

May 1, 2024

Discover the best dance classes that will inspire and empower your child to express themselves through the art of movement.

Dance, with its unique blend of physical activity, creativity, and discipline is an excellent activity for kids with benefits that can last a lifetime.

Our guide explores the best dance classes for kids in Singapore, with programmes catering to various age groups and styles.

Whether your child is drawn to the graceful movements of ballet, the energetic beats of hip hop dance, or the rich cultural heritage of traditional dances, these dance lessons will help nurture their artistic talents while ensuring they have a fun, enriching experience.

With a focus on reputable schools that offer engaging dance classes, skilled instructors, and a supportive environment, we'll help you find the perfect fit for your little stars to shine!

Feature image from Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Featured Dance Classes for Kids

  1. Tanglin Arts Studio
  2. Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Dance Classes for Kids

  1. All That Jazz Dance Academy
  2. Amy's School of Dance and the Arts
  3. Elevate Dance Academie
  4. Centre Stage School of the Arts
  5. Charlotte Marn School of Dance
  6. Dancer's Dream Studios
  7. Dancepointe Academy
  8. Kavanagh Dance
  9. MADDspace
  10. Singapore Ballet Academy
  11. The Ballet School Singapore
  12. Dancematazz Studios

Featured Dance Classes

1. Tanglin Arts Studio

Image credit: Tanglin Arts Studio

Since 2007, Tanglin Arts Studio has been a nurturing ground for children to explore, learn, and master the art of dance. 

Its well-established dance programs adhere to the internationally recognised ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) syllabus, ensuring a high-quality education that is consistent and reputable. Through annual examinations, parents can track their child’s growth and progress, ensuring their budding dancers are continually developing and refining their skills.   

Tanglin Arts Studio’s Early Years Program is based on the Leap ‘N Learn program, which takes a holistic approach to dance, combining creative movement with ballet-based training. This environment encourages imaginative play and nurtures creativity, offering your child a comprehensive introduction to the world of dance.

Image credit: Tanglin Arts Studio

Dance is more than just movement at Tanglin Arts Studio - it’s about building confidence, making friends, and developing a lifelong love for the art. 

The studio offers a diverse range of dance classes tailored to different ages and abilities. From tiny tots exploring their first steps in dance, to older students refining their techniques, each class is designed to be welcoming and encouraging. 

Programs available include classical ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, and musical theatre, all taught by university-educated professionals with extensive teaching experience. 

All of Tanglin Art Studio’s teachers are fully certified by Acrobatic Arts, ensuring your child learns in a safe and positive environment. 

Tanglin Arts Studio is proud of its diverse international community, with a student body comprising 70% international and 30% local students. They understand the challenges of living away from home and strive to create a comforting home-away-from-home atmosphere for all of its students. The studio also follows the Northern Hemisphere International School Calendar. 

At Tanglin Arts Studio, they don’t just teach dance. They also aim to instil life skills, creativity, and artistry in their students, preparing them not just for the stage, but for the world.

Image credit: Tanglin Arts Studio

With opportunities to participate in local and overseas competitions and an annual end-of-year show to showcase their growth and achievements, your child will experience the thrill of performance and the joy of accomplishment.

Located within the prestigious Hollandse Club, Tanglin Arts Studio boasts state-of-the-art studios and dressing rooms. The studio welcomes both members and non-members, making it an accessible choice for all families. 

Enrol your child at Tanglin Arts Studio and watch them grow in confidence, skill, and passion as they step into the spotlight! 

Location: Hollandse Club, 22 Camden Park Singapore 299814


Find out more about Tanglin Art Studio’s Programs

Enquire about programs (mention Sunny City Kids in the comment box and try a class free of charge)

2. Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Image credit: Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Immerse your child in the world of Chinese dance and culture with Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT).

With a rich history of fostering an appreciation for this beautiful art form, SCDT offers an exciting journey into the world of Chinese dance.

A wide variety of training programmes are available at SCDT, tailored to suit different interests and abilities. With courses for budding dancers as young as 3.5 years old to adults, SCDT makes Chinese Dance fun and accessible for all ages. 

Whether it's Parent-Child Dance, First-Step Dance, Dance Graded Examination, Kungfu Dance or Chinese Dance Technique, there's a course that will match your child's passion and skill level. 

The Dance Talent Development courses offered at SCDT include:

  • Parent-child Dance (3.5-4 years)
  • First Step Dance (4.5-6 years)
  • Kungfu Dance (6-11 years)
  • Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examination Syllabus (6-18 years)
  • Chinese Dance Technique (18-35 years)
  • Chinese Classical Dance for Adults (18 years & above)
  • Chinese Dance Repertoire for Adults (18 years & above)

With over 400 students enrolled at its two centres in Toa Payoh and East Coast, SCDT is a thriving community of dance enthusiasts. The dedication of its instructors to nurturing talent is demonstrated by their own journey from students to teachers at SCDT.

At the heart of SCDT's dance education programme is its Dance Development Roadmap.

This meticulously structured pathway guides students from talent development training classes towards pre-professional dance training, and even to a career in dance.

This well-planned progression ensures that every student can grow at their own pace, developing their skills and passion for dance along the way.

Image credit: Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

For those looking to take their passion to the next level, SCDT offers three performance troupes (Children, Junior, Youth) that can provide them with pre-professional dance training. Troupe members get opportunities to perform on stage and participate in performances, competitions, and cultural exchanges both locally and internationally.

Taking Flight (Image credit: Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre)

Furthermore, all students are given a chance to shine at SCDT’s annual dance showcase "Taking Flight'', held in professional theatres. Additional opportunities to perform are available at events organised by SCDT such as "Under the BIG Tree", SCDT's annual outdoor dance carnival.

Let your child’s journey into Chinese dance and culture start with SCDT. 

Watch them grow, leap, and twirl into confident, expressive individuals through the transformative power of dance!


  • East Coast - 5 Sennett Road, Block A, Level 2 Singapore 466781
  • Toa Payoh - 397 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh Singapore 319639


Register for classes

Find out more about the dance programmes available at SCDT

Dance Classes for Kids in Singapore

3. All That Jazz Dance Academy

Image credit: All That Jazz Dance Academy

Don’t be fooled — All That Jazz Dance Academy doesn’t just teach jazz dance classes. On the contrary, this dance school is an all-rounded dance education facility that aims to promote the art of dance through education, outreach and performance. 

The school emphasises classical ballet training for all of its dance classes, which in turn develops other aspects such as technique, strength, and intellectual and artistic expression.

Anyone above 2 years old is welcome at All That Jazz Dance Academy, including adults — so mom and dad, if you want to put on those dancing shoes, you’re more than welcome.

In fact, there are “Mommy & Me” classes too where parents can join their child in toddler dance classes, to stimulate the child’s learning development while bonding at the same time. 

Trial classes start from $30. 

Dance classes for kids: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Street Dance, Contemporary, Acro, Performance and Competition. 

Location: Orchard, Newton, Orchard, East Coast


4. Amy's School of Dance and the Arts

Image credit: Amy's School of Dance and the Arts

Amy’s School of Dance and the Arts is a safe space where kids from 3 years old and up can learn how to dance and perform across different styles. The school is big on ensuring your child doesn’t just learn how to dance but develops an appreciation for the art form while creating lasting memories. 

Its dance teachers are all equipped with the hard and soft skills to ensure that every lesson is not only one that educates your child but also allows them to freely express themselves comfortably. Many of its educators have had experiences as professional dancers and also began dancing at a young age themselves — one teacher started dancing at the age of 3 — so you can be assured that they’ll know what it takes to nurture your child to their best dance potential. 

Each class has a ratio of 15 to 16 students per teacher depending on the level.

Dance classes for kids: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, K-Pop, Contemporary

Location: 265 Serangoon Central Drive, #03-267, Singapore 550265


5. Elevate Dance Academie

Image credit: Elevate Dance Academie

If you’re looking for a dance school emphasising discipline through dance, then Elevate Dance Academie is your school of choice. The school, which was founded in 2017, focuses on three main dance genres — ballet, modern theatre and jazz. 

Beyond lessons, students with Elevate Dance Academie get an all-rounded experience through internationally recognised exams, stage exposure and even local excursions. The ones who truly want a little more can even opt for overseas immersion programmes. 

More than just being good at dance, Elevate wants its students to experience the joy of dance, and to not just be versatile in the art form, but also in life. 

Dance classes offered: Dance Foundations, Classical Ballet, Vocational Ballet, Modern, Modern Theatre, Jazz, Tap 

Location: 27 West Coast Highway, #02-01/02, Singapore 117867


6. Centre Stage School of the Arts

Image credit: Centre Stage School of the Arts

More than just a dance school, Centre Stage School of the Arts is a comprehensive arts school that was founded more than two decades ago by London actors Peter Hodgson and Alison Tompkins. The duo wanted to create a space where children could use drama to explore their imagination and our world.

In the twenty-five years since, the school has gone on to offer more than just drama, and includes dance, theatre, performance acting, music, and art & craft, across all ages. 

While the school’s main accolades lie in its drama programmes, given that it is the only theatre school in Singapore accredited by Drama UK, its dance classes are equally impressive. It is also home to a crew of passionate teachers with professional backgrounds, who believe in going the extra mile for all students. 

Dance classes offered: Musical Theatre Dance, Discover Dance, Ballet, Beginners Ballet, Ballet Tots, Boys Dance, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Adult Dance 


  • 15 Woking Road, Singapore 138694
  • 5000G Marine Parade Road, Laguna Park, #01-32, Singapore 449290


7. Charlotte Marn School of Dance

Image credit: Charlotte Marn School of Dance

Charlotte Marn School of Dance is a relatively young upstart to the local dance class for kids scene, but it’s a great place to begin if your child is keen on learning ballet.

The school was founded in 2016 by Charlotte Marn herself, a dance and pilates instructor who also counts choreography and professional dance in her resume. 

With her certified pilates background and experience with using pilates to rehabilitate her injuries from prolonged dancing, she now wants to share that knowledge with those attending her school. Charlotte recognises that it is not uncommon for people (whether they are children or adults) to come into class with muscle imbalances, so her goal is to incorporate pilates as a cross-training method to help dancers achieve better posture, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. All while staying injury-free. 

Anyone aged 3.5 years old and up is welcome at her school! 

Dance classes offered: Dance Tots, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro Dance

Location: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #B1-19, Singapore 179803


8. Dancer's Dream Studios

Image credit: Dancer's Dream Studios

If you want to veer from the mainstream ballet and jazz classes, how about Latin dance classes for the kids? Dancer’s Dream Studios specialises in Latin dance classes, and they’re the experts at making this complex art form accessible, relatable and easily understandable to young minds.

Kids can start from as young as 2.5 years old with its preschool dance classes.

In fact, true to its name, Dancer’s Dream Studio doesn’t just want to teach your child how to dance. If your child wishes to perform on stage to a wider audience, it will guide them towards that dream — no dream is too big for them to achieve! 

Its classes focus on the 3 Es — enthusiasm, enrichment and encouragement — and it hopes to impart in your child more than just a dance education, but to inspire them through the appreciation of art forms. 

Dance classes offered: Latin Dance which includes Cha Cha, Jamba, Paso Doble, Jive, Rumba

Location: 8D Dempsey Road, #03-05, Singapore 229672


9. Dancepointe Academy

Around since 2005, Dancepointe Academy has been known for its commitment towards excellence in dance education. It takes in students from as young as 3 years old, up to even professional dancers, dance teachers and company dancers. 

The school’s ballet classes are aligned with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers’ Dancing. It has the same rigour and quality of education as its other programmes such as Jazz, Hip Hop Dance and Contemporary Dance. 

Beyond its syllabus, the school also ensures its students are taught in the best possible environment, providing safe sprung floors and Harlequin dance mats across its many studios islandwide. 

Dance classes offered: Ballet, Jazz, Street Dance, K-Pop 

Location: 18 locations islandwide, including Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Buona Vista, Pasir Ris and Farrer Park


10. Kavanagh Dance

Image credit: Kavanagh Dance

One of the oldest dance schools on the list, you can bet that Kavanagh Dance is well-acquainted with teaching kids how to dance given its five decades of experience. The school bases its dance classes on The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus from Australia, which applies to anyone from toddlers to even adults. 

Kavanagh doesn’t want to just teach people to dance to music, they want to teach people to dance from the heart. To do this, its lessons try to bring out your child’s creativity and natural ability through stimulation and encouragement. There isn’t such a thing as a dance-inept child at Kavanagh — everyone can dance and has something to contribute. 

Thanks to its Tiny Tots Theatrical programme, young ones from as young as 2.5 years old can learn how to dance and be confident while doing so. 

Dance classes offered: Tiny Tots Theatrical, Pre-Classical Ballet, Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz 

Location: 1999 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319258


11. MADDspace

Image credit: MADDspace

If you’re looking for a dance school for your kid that builds up your child’s confidence while amping up their dance skills, then give MADDspace a go.

Located in central and western Singapore, MADDspace considers itself one of Singapore’s top-performing arts studios, providing various dance classes to all regardless of age or ability. 

The school prides itself on four key values — for its dance instructors to be mindful, for its classes to be attainable, for its students to be dauntless, and for the company to be dynamic. 

If you have a kid who wants to dance but is shy to go about doing it, then MADDspace’s definitely one to consider — they’ll build up your child’s confidence through its programmes and expose them to performing opportunities to bolster their confidence further. 

Dance classes offered: Dance for Toddlers, Dance for Kids, Hip-Hop, Ballet  


  • 1 Selegie Road, GR.ID, #02-12, Singapore 188306
  • 48 Boon Lay Way, #01-17, Singapore 609961



12. Singapore Ballet Academy

Image credit: Singapore Ballet Academy

Yet another age-old institution, Singapore Ballet Academy has been training ballerinas and ballerina-wannabes since 1958. It considers itself to be Singapore’s oldest ballet school and has been delivering ballet dance classes based on the ballet technique from the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. 

The Academy is officially affiliated with Singapore Dance Theatre and provides aspiring dancers with a platform to take their dance education to a higher level and platform. The school prides itself on being a school that produces dancers of the highest calibre. It counts many notable dancers as its alumni, and who knows, one day your child could be one of them! 

Dance classes offered: Ballet including Graded classes, Youth classes and Boys’ Training

Location: 5 Stadium Walk, #04-01, Singapore 397693 


13. The Ballet School Singapore

Image credit: The Ballet School Singapore

Another ballet school on the cards is The Ballet School Singapore which has locations islandwide. The school is well-known for providing quality ballet instruction and producing disciplined, passionate dancers. 

The Ballet School prides itself in being able to teach children of all ages, from as young as 2.5 years old. Children that age will begin with basic elements of creative movement. As they get older, this progresses to coordination and sequences. Those who are serious about taking things further will have the opportunity to enrol in graded ballet classes and even the elite programme which grooms performing and competitive dancers. 

Dance classes offered: Ballet 

Locations: 7 locations including Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Bukit Panjang, Sembawang 


14. Dancematazz Studios

Image credit: Dancematazz Studios

Looking to start dance classes for your kids but prefer something a little more budget while you suss out your kid’s interest? Dancematazz Studios, a dance partner of the Sports Hub, could be what you’re looking for. Dancematazz’s classes are conducted by Divya Kalia Kannan, a national-level dancer who’s well-versed in various dance forms — Indian classical dance, folk, modern jazz and salsa. 

Beyond her professional experience, Divya has a great rapport with kids and always prioritises fun and enjoyment for your child, no matter the dance style. Her affordable classes start from just $30 for a drop-in, with the price decreasing if you commit to a longer-term package.

Dancematazz’s classes are conducted at the world-famous Sports Hub, at the OCBC Arena. 

Dance classes offered: Bollywood currently; follow its page for more class updates 

Location: OCBC Arena, 5 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397631


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