18 of the best English tuition centres and English enrichment classes in Singapore

18 of the best English tuition centres and English enrichment classes in Singapore

February 23, 2024

Looking for an English tuition centre or English enrichment class for your child? We'll help you find the best programme!

English language skills are one of the most important things to nurture in your child's development.

Luckily, there are plenty of great options for English tuition and enrichment classes for kids in Singapore.

Here are some of our top picks, whether you're looking to improve your child's literacy skills, writing skills, and oral communication skills, or to prepare them for the school examinations and beyond!

English Tuition Centres and English Enrichment Classes

  1. Learning Journey Education Centre
  2. Lil' But Mighty
  3. Wonderlit
  4. The Thought Tailor Learning Centre
  5. British Tutors
  6. Creative Campus
  7. The Write Tribe
  8. Artistic Strategies Academy
  9. The Write Connection
  10. Julia Gabriel Centre
  11. Morris Allen
  12. I Can Read
  13. Jan & Elly English Language School
  14. The Writer’s Place
  15. MindChamps - Reading and Writing Programmes
  16. British Council
  17. Lorna Whiston Schools - English Enrichment Programme
  18. Zoo-Phonics School

1. Learning Journey Education Centre

Learning Journey is an English tuition centre that has a proven track record of helping students from all levels to improve their English grades significantly.

Their highly effective and impressive English programmes have been tried and tested by thousands of students over the past 11 years, earning glowing reviews from both parents and students.

Image credit: Learning Journey Education Centre

The school provides a wide variety of programmes, from preschool level all through to primary school, secondary school, and Junior College. 

Some of its most popular classes include:

  • Super Readers™ Phonics & Reading Classes
  • Primary 1 Preparation Classes
  • Super Writers™ Creative writing & English Tuition
  • Super Writers™ Secondary English Tuition
  • Super Writers™ IP English & General Paper Tuition Classes 

Apart from physical classes, Learning Journey also provides live online classes through its easy to use online class platform that enables real time marking and individualized feedback from teachers.

Its online programme has also been awarded the 2022/2023/2024 Best in English Online Tuition Classes by Parents World.

Learning Journey's results speak for themselves, with 75% of their PSLE cohort securing AL1-AL4 for the last 8 years, 95% of IP4 students graduating with Distinction for their year-end examinations, and 70% of GP students achieving an A for their General Paper.

Class sizes are kept small at 4-8 students so that teachers can customize their lesson plans and tailor their teaching styles to suit the needs of each child.

Learning Journey's current affairs driven curriculum and lesson materials are specially curated to complement students in their learning journey.

In fact, founder and principal Ms Grace Tan is an author of numerous Comprehension Cloze Techniques Assessment books for Primary School, Ace Your PSLE English Oral, as well as the Ace Your Essay Writing Book series for O-Level and Integrated Programme (IP) students. Her books have also been used by various MOE Primary Schools in their curriculum.

Image credit: Learning Journey Education Centre

In addition, many of Learning Journey's assessment books are sold in POPULAR bookstores and have been used by countless parents to help their children in their English revision.

Super Learners™ A.I. Learning Platform

All Primary School students that are enrolled at Learning Journey get to enjoy its proprietary Super Learners™ A.I. Learning Platform at no extra cost.

The platform provides students with practice materials for the topics they have learned in class, with over 10,000 revision questions available, along with instant marking and feedback.

It also provides students with progress reports, insights, as well as rewards to make the learning process fun.


  • 540 Serangoon North Ave 4 #B1-109 Singapore 550540
  • 658 Punggol East, #01-09 Singapore 820658

[PROMO] Get a free diagnostic consultation session to understand how to capitalize on your child's strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Visit Learning Journey's website for more info

2. Lil' But Mighty

Lil' But Mighty (LBM) is an English tuition centre that provides programmes for both Primary and Secondary School students.

The school is focused on teaching your child the best possible way to prepare for their school examinations as well as for English usage in real life.

Image from Lil' But Mighty

What makes LBM unique is its "Learn, Share, Replay" methodology, which recognizes that mastery of the subject is only attained when you are able to teach it to others.

This methodology was developed by LBM founder Lily Chew, who is passionate about creative ways to help students learn better, and also frequently produces articles and videos about learning strategies and English learning tips.

Learn, Share, Replay Methodology

The Learn, Share, Replay methodology makes learning English fun by sparking interest and letting students have a chance to be a teacher to their peers in the classroom!

1. Learn - Students learn a range of techniques and strategies for different components of the English paper including oral, comprehension, and composition writing.

Learning materials produced in-house by LBM's experienced teachers enable students to practice the strategies that they have learnt and familiarize themselves with common examination questions.

LBM also analyzes PSLE papers and other schools' past year examination papers so that students are made aware of the latest exam trends to prevent any nasty surprises on exam day.

2. Share - Going by the principle of "if you can't explain it, you don't understand it", every student will have the opportunity to share what they have learnt and to be a junior teacher.

Each week, students will prepare a question set by LBM's teachers to teach to their classmates.

This process not only deepens their understanding of the topic and cultivates structured study habits, it also hones their public speaking skills and confidence.

3. Replay - Students reflect on areas of improvement and receive feedback from LBM's teachers as they walk through a replay of their presentation earlier.

Parents will also be sent videos of the presentations along with the teacher's comments on the child's performance.

With the Learn, Share, Replay Methodology, your child is guaranteed to be fully prepared for exams such as the PSLE, and will be equipped with the right strategies to achieve their full potential!

Image from Lil' But Mighty


  • Bukit Timah
  • Clementi
  • Hougang
  • Marine Parade
  • Novena

List of locations here.

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Visit Lil' But Mighty's website for more info

3. Wonderlit

Wonderlit Perform Class Scene on Stage (Image credit: Wonderlit)

Experience the fun and excitement of learning English at Wonderlit!

Wonderlit is a one-of-a-kind creative English enrichment space that helps young children develop strong communication skills and build their literacy from a young age, transforming them into confident communicators for life.

The studio thinks of itself as more than just a place for children to learn; it is an inspirational environment that ignites curiosity, fuels exploration and discovery, and gives children the confidence to be their best selves.

Wonderlit Read Class Scene (image credit: Wonderlit)

Wonderlit approaches English learning in a fresh and innovative way. Every aspect of its playful space is carefully thought through so that children can have a safe space to unleash their creativity and freely express themselves.

From its warm and conducive classrooms to its platform stage where parents can witness their children perform in bi-annual showcases, the studio provides a comprehensive learning environment that nurtures confidence and inspires the imagination.

Wonderlit has been awarded Silver at the 2022 Singapore Interior Design Awards (under the category of Best in Public Space Design - Institution and Education).

Wonderlit Speak Student Presenting on Stage (Image credit:Wonderlit)

The platform stage is also where students rehearse and participate in the Trinity College London Graded Examinations.

Some of the studio's excellent results include:

  • 100% pass rate in participating students
  • More than half achieved a Distinction, of which 30% scored above 90
  • 95% awarded a Merit or above

At Wonderlit, your children, no matter how reserved they are, will be encouraged to find their own unique voice.

Its four main programmes make use of fun activities to hit the perfect balance between fun and learning.

Each program has been carefully crafted to suit various age groups, enabling students to gain exposure to an amazing range of activities that give them the creativity boost they need.

With Wonderlit's imaginative and engaging approach to teaching English, your children will see the language come alive in a whole new way!

Programmes Available

Wonderlit Read (Ages 2.5-7) - Make reading a breeze for children and cultivate their love for reading through in-depth phonics instruction and literary appreciation.

Wonderlit Read+ (Ages 5-12) - Inculcate a genuine love for reading in your children, alongside an appreciation of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, leading to a mastery of the English Language fundamentals.

Wonderlit Write (Ages 5-12) - Nurture the next generation of talented young authors with this programme that is designed to spark enthusiasm in children for creative writing.

Here, students get an opportunity to delve into a wide range of literary and non-fictional texts.

Wonderlit Speak (Ages 7-16+) - Help your children improve their voice and speech quality to become more confident in expressing themselves.

In this programme, students learn how to express themselves more cohesively.

They'll gain the confidence to develop their own authentic voices, allowing them to engage comfortably in public speaking and formal dialogue.

Wonderlit Perform (Ages 3-16+) - Let your child explore their dramatic side and experience stage acting while developing important skills such as speech, self-confidence, as well as learn to understand others and take on different perspectives.

Wonderlit Coach - Receive tailored mentoring for those that need a little extra help to ace specific tasks such as school enrollment applications or interviews. Get personalized guidance in reading, writing, and speaking.

Location: Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road #03-08 to #03-12 Singapore 238879

Visit Wonderlit's website to learn more about their Programmes

4. The Thought Tailor Learning Centre

Image credit: The Thought Tailor

The Thought Tailor is all about providing exceptional tuition in English, IP Language Arts, and GP for Primary School level up to Junior College.

At this English tuition centre, your child will be provided the perfect platform to excel and will be learning from the best teachers.

Since 2019, their passionate and experienced MOE-trained teachers have helped over 1,850 students unlock their full potential in English, IP Language Arts, and GP, achieving an impressive track record of:

  • 94.2% achieving B3 to A1 in English (improvement of 3 grades)
  • 96.3% achieving A and B in GP (improvement of 3 grades)
  • 98.7% 5-star satisfaction rate in AY2022

The Thought Tailor's best in class educators bring a valuable combination of decades of experience teaching at a wide range of top schools such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College, Nanyang Junior College,  Dunman High School, Nan Hua High, and ACS Junior - along with credentials including Masters and PHD degrees from elite universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

You can be assured that the teachers here have the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to guide your child.

Image credit: The Thought Tailor

With The Thought Tailor's step by step approach, students will gain mastery over key language and communication skills such as grammar, writing comprehension, speaking, and listening abilities.

Their tutors will also help your child to acquire the right skills to understand concepts, interpret questions, and craft precise answers, while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

On top of their award-winning team of educators is an impressive Curriculum Strategy team led by 4 ex-MOE teachers (including a former HOD who was with MOE's Curriculum Planning and Development Division) and 2 ex-top tuition centre teachers.

All experts who are equipped with the know-how needed to assist young minds towards success!

The curriculum strategy team works hard in ensuring The Thought Tailor's resources are always top-notch and that students are well supported in their learning journeys.

They perform detailed evaluations of national examinations and school assessments so that The Thought Tailor's signature resources for students are always comprehensive, in-depth, and up to date with the latest syllabus and trends.

Students are therefore always kept ahead of the curve and armed for success in their examinations.

At The Thought Tailor, your kids will enjoy the benefits of an unmatched English tuition experience and will have all the tools they need to soar on their exam results!


  • Jurong East - Unit 02-07 Vision Exchange S608526 (5 mins from Jurong East MRT)
  • Novena - Unit 187A Goldhill Centre S307630 (5 mins from Novena MRT)
  • Bukit Timah - Coronation Plaza #03-01 S269707 (5 minutes walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT)
  • Bugis - 420 North Bridge Road #05-09 North Bridge Centre

Levels & Subjects Offered: 

  • All Primary School Levels (P1 - P6)
  • All Secondary School Levels (S1 - S4)
  • All Junior College Levels (JC1 - JC2)

Class Sizes: From 5-15. All classes are capped at a maximum of 15 students so that everyone gets the individualized focus they need to learn.


  • Lower Primary: $55/lesson
  • Upper Primary: $60/lesson
  • Lower Secondary: $70/lesson
  • Upper Secondary: $75/lesson
  • Junior College 1: $85/lesson
  • Junior College 2: $90/lesson


  • Discounted locked-in price for early-bird sign-ups! ($5 off per lesson)
  • Ongoing Free Trial Classes
  • Referral Programme - Get $50 off for every student you refer and stand the chance to receive free Gold Class movie tickets, Capitaland Vouchers or even an iPad


Visit The Thought Tailor's website to learn more about their programmes

5. British Tutors

Image credit: British Tutors

British Tutors is the premier educational solution for parents looking to give their child a competitive edge in English.

Its team of seasoned tutors are based in Singapore and Hong Kong, offering private tuition for students of all ages, with a specialisation in English.

They also offer flexible online tutoring, accessible to students from anywhere around the world.

Since 2008, British Tutors has helped thousands of students achieve academic excellence, gain admission to top schools, and build their confidence!

Teaching methodology that incorporates the best from UK

The unique curriculum at British Tutors is designed and taught by native English speakers, drawing from the best books and teaching resources from the UK.

British Tutors understands the importance of strong foundations, which is why their programme for younger learners focuses on phonics, reading comprehension, and creative writing.

Image credit: British Tutors

For their older students, they delve into vocabulary building, practical criticism, the study of Shakespeare, grammar, structure, and writing style.

Every one-on-one class is tailored to meet the requirements of each student. British Tutors’ team of experts has developed academic assessments that provide parents and tutors with a clear understanding and benchmark of your child's current academic level. 

By analysing their strengths and weaknesses, British Tutors can design personalised programmes that will help your child achieve their academic goals.

British Tutors also specialises in preparation for school entrance exams, including school entrance exams like UKiset, CAT4, 11+, and 13+, as well as the GCSEs, iGCSEs, ISEB, A Levels, and IB.

The experts in UK education

If you want to give your child the best chance at getting into a UK school or university, then the academic programme and consulting service at British Tutors is the perfect solution.

Your child will get everything they need to conquer the UK school application process from selecting the perfect school, to acing the admission interviews and tests. After acceptance, British Tutors will even help in the transition to the new school. 

Your family will receive comprehensive support every step of the way.

Exclusive promo for Sunny City Kids readers: Connect with British Tutors’ experts in London for a free 20 minute consultancy and get expert advice on British School entry, international school entry in Singapore, or any tutoring questions you have.  

Find out more about how British Tutors can boost your child’s academic success


6. Creative Campus

Image credit: Creative Campus

At Creative Campus, rigorous curriculum development seamlessly blends with the joy of learning, creating an environment that empowers your child to unlock their full potential.

This premier English enrichment centre for students from Kindergarten 1 to Junior College 2 is dedicated to fostering academic brilliance and a deep love for the English language.

Since its inception in 2011, Creative Campus has successfully guided over 5,000 students in their English learning journey. 

The English enrichment programmes at Creative Campus are meticulously designed by a team of experienced educators to meet the evolving demands of today’s educational landscape, making English learning not just engaging, but truly effective.

Its commitment to excellence is reflected in their sterling results - a 100% pass rate with an impressive 60-80% distinctions.

It’s no wonder many students choose to stay with Creative Campus from Primary School right through to Junior College!

A unique approach to English mastery

Creative Campus’ unique approach to English mastery combines the expertise of seasoned educators with innovative teaching methods. 

They focus on empowering students with the tools they need to succeed, building confidence and a genuine passion for the language.

Image credit: Creative Campus

Beyond the classroom, Creative Campus views English as more than just a subject, it's a critical life skill.

Learning extends beyond exams by integrating real-world applications and critical thinking skills into the curriculum. 

This holistic approach not only prepares students for academic success, but also develops their ability to use English in various life scenarios, equipping them for the future.

In addition, the curriculum is continuously updated to keep pace with the latest educational trends, ensuring that students are always ahead of the curve.

Small class sizes for personalised English learning

The small class sizes at Creative Campus allow teachers to provide personalised attention to every student. 

A healthy teacher-student ratio means that your child will receive tailored feedback and direct instruction, ensuring each student’s unique needs and potential are addressed. 

Image credit: Creative Campus

This personalised approach helps students strengthen their English skills more effectively, leading to big educational leaps and significant academic and personal growth.

Parents will appreciate the commitment to return assignments within a week of submission. This promptness, along with personalised and in-depth comments, allow for quicker feedback and faster improvement, giving your child an edge over their peers in other enrichment centres with larger class sizes. 

Started by founders with a wealth of experience in the education sector

The driving force behind the success of Creative Campus are its two founders Ms Geraldine Chew and Mrs Elizabeth Yeo, who each bring over 25 years of teaching experience. 

They have trained hundreds of Gifted Education Programme (GEP) students and served as former English Curriculum Leads and Head Trainer at The Learning Lab (1999 to 2011). 

With over 15 years of mentoring and curriculum writing, they have collectively trained over 200 English teachers.

Their wealth of experience ensures that Creative Campus remains at the forefront of English enrichment in Singapore.

Enrol your child at Creative Campus today and watch their English skills soar to new heights, all while cultivating a lifelong love for the English language!


  • 545 Orchard Rd, #14-07/08 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
  • 80 Marine Parade Rd, #14-06 Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269

Levels offered: Kindergarten 1-2, Primary, Secondary, International Baccalaureate (IB), Junior College


  • Kindergarten 1-2: From $75 for 1.5 hour lesson
  • Primary 1-6: From $75 for 2 hour lesson
  • Secondary 1-4: From $95 for 2 hour lesson
  • IB: From $130 for 2 hour lesson
  • JC1/JC2 (General Paper): From $140 for 2 hour lesson


Sign up for Trial Class

Find out more about the programmes at Creative Campus

7. The Write Tribe

Credit: The Write Tribe

Boost your child’s English skills with The Write Tribe - where joy meets learning!

An established English enrichment centre, the Write Tribe offers high-quality online English Composition Writing and English Tuition Classes for Primary and Secondary students. Their proven methods and engaging approach ensure that your child's English skills receive the boost they need.

Its curriculum is designed in line with the latest MOE syllabus, and is laser-focused on making exam preparation for your child effortless and effective. The enrichment centre’s team of experienced teachers, many of whom are accomplished writers or have MOE teaching experience, are dedicated to helping your child excel. 

Credit: The Write Tribe

In addition, The Write Tribe uses interactive technology to create a dynamic learning environment and to cater to different learning styles, turning lessons into engaging experiences that your child will look forward to!

Beyond its lessons, The Write Tribe has also released a comprehensive range of targeted assessment books on Composition Writing and English. Each book is crafted to challenge and inspire, serving as an excellent resource for extra practice and revision.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every learner, The Write Tribe offers both online and centre-based lessons, providing flexibility to suit your child’s learning needs.

Credit: The Write Tribe

Along with weekly LIVE lessons where students get to interact with teachers and peers in real time, your child will also get unlimited access to The Write Tribe’s extensive collection of online educational resources.

At The Write Tribe, your child can look forward to:

  • WEEKLY composition writing and rewriting sessions to refine their writing skills
  • Exam-focused English tuition with weekly practice papers
  • Unlimited access to interactive assessment books that thoroughly cover various topics
  • Small group classes that ensure personalised attention
  • An enticing rewards system where students can earn “Write Bucks” for completing work or reaching milestones. These can be used buy toys, books, mystery gifts, and even game currency (Roblox or Minecraft)
  • Convenient makeup lessons to ensure no learning opportunity is missed

Apart from weekly lessons, The Write Tribe offers various ad-hoc programmes such as PSLE English Oral, PSLE Exam Review, and PSLE Composition Marking, to further prepare your child for all aspects of their English exams.

With The Write Tribe, you can rest assured that your child’s English language skills are in capable hands! 

Rates: $40-$60 per lesson

Promo: $36 for first trial lesson


Location for centre-based classes: RunningKids Learning Hub: Blk 291 #02-351 Yishun Street 22 Singapore 760291

Check out the Write Tribe’s free resources for students: https://www.thewritetribe.com.sg/free-resources

Learn more about The Write Tribe’s programmes

8. Artistic Strategies Academy

Image credit: Artistic Strategies Academy

Artistic Strategies Academy prides itself on nurturing young writers aged 6-14, who not just fare well in examinations, but also in life.  

As such, children who attend the academy acquire a myriad of valuable 21st-century skills such as: 

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Social-emotional
  4. Reflective 

Hear from one of their happy clients who has given a testimonial here. 

The school was founded by Claudine Fernandez after teaching for more than 8 years and attaining her Master's Degree in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Based on her teaching experience and her learnings from Harvard, she crafted a unique curriculum that is both engaging and effective.

She also handpicks her teachers, whom are known as Magic Makers, ensuring that they are qualified and capable in engaging and interacting with the children. 

As writing is also a very personalised experience, the student-teacher ratio is kept deliberately small, with one teacher to a maximum of 4 children. For their online classes, the ratio is even lower with a maximum of two students to 1 teacher.  

Image credit: Artistic Strategies Academy

One of their signature programmes, The Young Authors Programme is highly sought after as it empowers young children to become published authors.

Many of the children who have attended this programme have sold their books and donated the profits to a charity of their choice.

 Want your child to experience the magic of learning and writing at Artistic Strategies Academy?

Sign up for a trial class, which includes a detailed diagnostic assessment of your child’s current level and a post-lesson debrief with a qualified teacher.

Learn more about Artistic Strategies Academy

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9. The Write Connection

The Write Connection aims to offer exceptional learning experiences in English and writing.

It is a multi-award-winning, MOE-registered English enrichment centre that has seen over 16,000 students.

The Write Connection prides itself on its nurturing educators who are trained in the centre’s world-class pedagogy. The centre also boasts a top-notch methodology and systematic approach for long-term improvements in English.

The Write Connection has a range of short courses and regular programmes that your children can take.

The Writing Enrichment programme is designed to equip your primary school children with language skills, strategies and techniques for higher-order thinking.

The programme adheres to the PSLE format for continuous writing and ensures that your children are given an advantage in the English composition component.

For primary school children who need an extra leg-up in their English exams, The Write Connection has a Prep Matters English Tuition programme.

This programme will equip your children with the know-how to tackle English exam papers skillfully.

Your children will be taught comprehension and answering techniques.

To train them for exam success, your kids will be given targeted practice for all components of the English exam paper.

The Write Connection also provides term-based reports so you are always kept informed on your children’s progress.

There are 10 The Write Connection centres located around Singapore.

For more information, check out their website.

10. Julia Gabriel Centre

At Julia Gabriel Centre, they believe in using drama, role-play, and imagination as a means of developing confident and expressive communication.

The programmes here go beyond improving your children’s verbal communication skills in English.

Your kids will also explore different ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings, pick up presentation and acting skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for the language.

What’s more, by utilising these elements of drama and role-play, Julia Gabriel Centre encourages cognitive development, growth in creativity, and collaboration.

Their programmes cater to a wide age range, from as young as 6 months old.

Image credit: Julia Gabriel

The Early Learning Programmes cater to infants from 6 months to 4 years old. These programmes aim to guide your children through developmental and language milestones.

The early care educators will model language skills and positive behaviour, allowing your children to absorb the language naturally through the playful sessions.

There are also Readers & Writers Programmes which aim to help your children aged from 18 months to 12 years old. Julia Gabriel Centre has a preschool programme and a primary-school programme so you can be sure that their materials will be age-appropriate for your children.

They aim to build strong foundational skills, literacy, and ability to read critically and to write well.

As with their other programmes, Julia Gabriel Centre also focuses on inculcating an appreciation for language, which can help increase your children’s self-motivation to improve their English.

If you would like to give Julia Gabriel Centre’s programmes a try with a shorter commitment period, you can opt for the Holiday Programmes.

These camps focus on play, art and expressive communication, and are designed for kids aged 6 months to 9 years old.

There are 2 main locations, in Orchard and Tampines.

To find out more, check out Julia Gabriel Centre’s website.

11. Morris Allen

Morris Allen offers learner-centred English enrichment classes.

The small class sizes allow teachers to provide targeted coaching and are more conducive for active learning and participation.

Your children will be challenged to think actively, and be given the opportunity to ask and answer questions in class.

The lessons are also designed with the MOE syllabus in mind and aim to rigorously prepare your kids for the exams. Last but not least, Morris Allen’s curriculum seeks to develop speaking, reading, and writing skills in a well-balanced and holistic manner.

There are 3 key types of programmes that you can sign your children up for. The Kindergarten 1 and 2 programmes will help your kids develop fundamental language skills. Watch your children gain confidence in written and oral communication through the sessions.

There are also Primary 1 to 6 classes available to boost your children’s performance in school. The lessons will guide your children through the various academic transitions and milestones in school. It starts from Primary 1, where the teachers will inculcate positive learning habits, and leads to structured exam preparations in Primary 6.

If you’re looking for the extra final push for your kids’ PSLE, you can give the Morris Allen PSLE Preparatory Programme a go.

The programme runs during the June holidays and blends guided and timed practice. There will also be personalised guidance and question analysis, to better equip your children to score well in exams.

Morris Allen offers one free trial lesson. All you need to do is fill in your contact details and they will reach out with more information.

There are 3 outlets available in Singapore.

For more details, check out the Morris Allen website.

12. I Can Read

I Can Read is a well-known English enrichment centre for children.

You can kick things off by signing up for their free assessment, available at their various outlets in Singapore. This assessment will inform you of your children’s current language abilities and help recommend the most suitable level for the reading programme.

I Can Read is reputed for being the world’s best reading programme, created by an educational psychologist and other educators with PhD, BA, MA, Hons, DipEd, Master of Letters, in Literature, Linguistics and Psychology majors based on over 15 years of fieldwork. If you are looking for a top-notch reading programme for your kids, you may want to consider this centre.

Image credit: I Can Read

I Can Read offers 2 main programme categories.

Their "I Can Read" programme has 3 Pre-Reading levels for younger children, and 6 Reading Levels for older children.

Each class includes original stories for the children to read. The use of a screener tool, diacritical marks from their code card, spelling tests on key vocabulary, and digital learning help provide a holistic learning programme for your children.

I Can Read also provides an app-based learning tool which you can use to continue teaching efforts at home. The app provides a voice analyser for guided pronunciation, interactive educational activities , and other useful resources.

Their other programme is called “ICR Academy”, which is designed to focus on achieving academic success in English for primary 1 to 6 students.

The programme aims to improve core, composition, comprehension and critical thinking abilities in English. These classes will vastly enhance your children’s reading, writing and answering skills for better success in school.

There are 21 centres in Singapore.

For more information, visit I Can Read.

13. Jan & Elly English Language School

As a proud partner of the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) and two-time winner of Parents World’s “Best of the Best in Phonics and Reading”, Jan & Elly English Language School is a great enrichment centre to consider.

Improve your children’s confidence and speaking abilities through fun and engaging classes with a team of passionate and experienced teachers at Jan & Elly.

Jan & Elly specialises in teaching the English language through their phonics classes for preschool students aged 4 to 6 years old, or Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2. Your children will master the basics of phonics learning, which will make reading a breeze. There are 3 levels, namely Phonics Readiness, Phonics Intermediate, and Phonics Advanced.

Image credit: Jan & Elly English Language School

If your children need help with writing rather than oral communication, you can opt for the writing classes which cater to primary school students from 6 to 12 years old. Depending on your children’s age range, they can enroll into different tiers of writing classes.

The Pre-Creative Writing course is a starter course for children from ages 6 to 7.

Students will learn how to activate their imaginative thinking and effectively communicate their ideas. This is done by immersing them in brainstorming sessions and other teaching strategies.

Your children will also be introduced to comprehension, spelling and sentence re-arrangement skills.

With the right foundation in place, children aged 8 to 12 years old can embark on the Creative Writing & Composition course.

At this stage, Jan & Elly will introduce more refined techniques and creative writing practices used by authors. By adding these key skills into their repertoire, children develop the ability to write and communicate effectively long into their adult lives.

Sometimes, you may simply want extra academic enrichment for your children. Bag that A and be one step ahead of the rest with Jan & Elly’s Excel programmes. C

hildren aged 7 to 8 can attend the English Made Possible Foundation, while those in upper primary can enroll into the English Made Possible programme.

With over 20 years of experience and proven results, Jan & Elly’s educators are well-qualified to teach your children.

There are 2 Jan & Elly branches in Singapore.

To book a trial class or free assessment for your children, simply reach out to them via the Jan & Elly website.


14. The Writer’s Place

The Writer’s Place is an English enrichment centre that specialises in creative writing classes for primary school children in Singapore.

The centre adopts an effective step-by-step teaching pedagogy which adheres to the latest MOE syllabus. The centre boasts over 12 years of proven results.

Equip your children with in-depth creative writing skills that will empower them to improve their composition grades. The Writer’s Place aims to create a fun environment for young readers and writers to blossom.

The enrichment centre is also part of the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) and has many positive testimonies from students and parents.

Apart from physical classes, The Writer’s Place currently offers online English creative writing classes for families who prefer to learn from the comforts of home.

Get English creative writing classes tailored for your children, with regular feedback for you to keep track of your children’s progress.

The fun and interactive lessons will have your children looking forward to enrichment classes every week!

At the same time, the curriculum takes a systematic approach towards equipping your children with vocabulary and writing techniques. Your children will also be well trained to handle exam stress and time pressure, with timed practices to write compositions in under 50 minutes.

Learn more at The Writer’s Place’s website.

15. MindChamps - Reading and Writing Programmes

MindChamps is a leading enrichment provider in Singapore that provides English enrichment classes for toddlers to primary school children.

With a comprehensive curriculum crafted in line with the MOE syllabus, the MindChamps enrichment programme promises to develop your children’s vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. MindChamps prides itself on its integrated learning approach, which enhances your children’s information analysis and critical thinking abilities.

The teaching techniques used are exclusive to MindChamps and aim to propel your children to greater heights with a growth mindset. Their English classes cover writing, language use and comprehension, listening comprehension, and oral communication.

Image credit: MindChamps

The Toddler and Preschool programmes feature age-appropriate activities with elements of play, sensory-based learning, craft work and interactive storytelling. Your children will build their skills in reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening as they get older. Over time, your children will gain confidence in using spoken vocabulary and expressing themselves in English.

MindChamps also has a strong focus on exam preparation, and will arm your children with the necessary strategies, simulations and analyses to do well in all English language components.

Through the Primary 1 to 3 level programmes, your children will acquire conversational skills, writing techniques, and build a strong foundation for grammar mastery.

They will also improve their exam readiness as MindChamps teaches techniques for answering common English exam question types.

From Primary 4 to 6, MindChamps educators will guide your children to sharpen their writing and understand more complex sentence structures and grammar rules.

Lastly, the MindChamps programme will bridge your children towards PSLE and prepare them to excel in the final exams.

You can head to any of the 11 locations available, or find out more at the MindChamps website.

16. British Council

British Council is a reputable English enrichment school that provides a wide range of courses. Their enrichment courses are aligned with the Singapore MOE syllabus so you can be rest assured that your children will be able to apply their learnings in school.

British Council has over 80 years of expertise under their belt and is often trusted by parents to deliver quality English enrichment classes. There are courses available for age groups from 3 to 17 years old.

The Early Years course caters to children aged 3 to 6 years old, and is designed to incorporate active learning and hands-on exploration to develop speaking confidence.

Your children will be equipped with a strong foundation in English and love for learning. This will set them on the right path for academic excellence in written and oral communications.

British Council also offers a Lower Primary course which focuses on inculcating a love for reading through exposure to literature.

Young students are given the opportunity to learn new concepts, apply their creativity to solve problems, and ask questions about the literature they read.

The lessons serve to boost their confidence in creative thinking and English communication. Furthermore, the course’s learning outcomes are designed in line with the MOE syllabus.

Your children will be taught relevant skills and be familiarised with works of literature outlined in the MOE syllabus.

If your children are slightly older, they can attend British Council’s Upper Primary course, targeted at children aged 10 to 12 years old. This course is also designed with the student in mind. It is set based on the MOE syllabus and takes a structured approach towards building your children’s confidence for academic success in English.

British Council has 3 centres located at Napier Road Centre, Tampines, and Toa Payoh. Discover more about British Council’s course offerings here.

17. Lorna Whiston Schools - English Enrichment Programme

Lorna Whiston School's English enrichment programmes focus on teaching students to become eloquent communicators in both the written and oral language.

Creative and critical thinking skills are also actively nurtured.

Programmes are categorized by age group:

  • Little Explorers (18 months - 3 years)
  • Nursery 1 (3 years)
  • Nursery 2 to K2 (4-6 years)
  • Primary 1-6 (7-12 years)

The programmes align closely with Singapore's Ministry of Education's (MOE) syllabus, complementing MOE's syllabus in the areas of continuous writing, comprehension and language use, listening comprehension, and oral communications.

Image credit: Lorna Whiston Schools

With the Individualised Reading Programme which is incorporated in all of Lorna Whiston's English enrichment programmes, teachers will monitor the progress of each student, only promoting them to the next level when they are ready.

In this way, students are able to learn at their own pace, eventually developing a wide vocabulary and mastery of reading.

Locations: United Square

Learn more about Lorna Whiston's English enrichment programmes here.

18. Zoo-Phonics School

Zoo-Phonics School was started by two award-winning veteran American teachers, who have run the enrichment centre for over 19 years.

This enrichment centre is suitable for younger kids aged 18 months to 6 years old, as it uses a fun and playful approach to empower your children in reading.

The Zoo Toddlers programme is designed for young kids from age 18 to 30 months, and incorporates elements of stories, rhymes, music and craft to help your children learn phonics.

Zoo-Phonics also offers the Zoo Kids pre-nursery programme for kids who are 3 years old, the Inny Inchworms nursery programme for kids aged 4, the Young Joeys Kindergarten 1 programme and the Wise Owls Kindergarten 2 programme.

At each stage, Zoo-Phonics will develop your children’s phonemic awareness and help them prepare for advanced reading and writing in primary school.

They will be able to understand the use of punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, and construct full sentences. Zoo-Phonics also encourages creative writing from an early age.

With its unique and play-oriented approach, Zoo-Phonics can be a great option for parents who want their children to build a strong foundation in English while having fun!

Learn more about Zoo-Phonics here.

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