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EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre: Fun, Engaging, and Effective Chinese Learning for your Kids

January 2, 2024
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EduGrove's Innovative methodology makes learning Chinese enjoyable and is sure to keep your child engaged and excited about learning

Are you looking for a fun and effective way for your kids to learn Chinese?

EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre is one of the best Chinese enrichment centres in town, with a wide range of programmes suitable for all learning needs, and an innovative methodology that places fun and interactivity at the heart of its curriculum.

The enrichment centre stands out from the rest with its inspiring methods, award-winning curriculum, and committed teachers.

Every student is guaranteed to be inspired by their language journey here!

EduGrove seeks to break away from the traditional rigid methods of learning Chinese.

Rather than focusing on memorization drills that can be exhausting and boring for young learners, EduGrove focuses on keeping them excited through interactive activities and stimulating discussions that motivate them to stick with their studies long-term.

Classes are FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE, with lots of opportunities for students to practice their language skills in different ways.

Their programmes comprise four segments to a class – Circle Time, Active Learning Games, Improvisational Drama, and Written Exercises.

These create plenty of chances for students to be really immersed in the Mandarin learning environment.

Circle Time is used to encourage students to converse using the language, often applying many of the keywords previously learnt to express themselves.

Through their activities, students are not only able to better understand the meaning of these words, but they are able to hone their presentation and listening skills whilst building their confidence.

New vocabularies are introduced using Active Learning Games as students are coaxed to verbalize flash cards while they learn the meaning and pronunciation of the words.

All these are mastered through Role-Playing Improvisational Drama where students are immersed into imaginary scenarios.

This allows them to put what they have learnt into their dialogues where sentence formation and application of keywords are practiced naturally.

Active Learning Games and Improvisation Drama time creates an opportunity for children to experience common scenarios in which they can apply the new vocabularies and phrases taught, while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they deal with challenges introduced by the teacher.

That’s how EduGrove cements what the students have learnt into their long-term memory, where learning Chinese and speaking Mandarin becomes second nature!

At the end of it all, students will put all they have learnt into paper practice through Written Exercises.

This provides students with ample practice of all sections of the Chinese examination papers, and enable them to approach exams calmly and with confidence.

And the results speak for themselves, with parents rating the school highly for being able to spark their children’s interest in Chinese and improve their grades dramatically.

In addition, EduGrove has an outstanding track record of helping students reach impressive grades with at least 70% of its students having scored 75 marks and above in the PSLE Chinese exam over the last few years.

This is a remarkable feat considering many students who first enrolled at EduGrove had struggled with or shown little interest in the subject previously.

1 for 1 Trial Class

Book a trial class and a friend or sibling gets to tag along for FREE (UP: $50-$80 per class)

Do not miss this opportunity to sign your child up to their multi-award winning programme at a discounted rate!

This year-end promotion ends on 20 January 2023.

Call to book your trial now!

+(65) 6584 8489 (Pasir Ris)

+(65) 6612 1784 (Tampines)

+(65) 6909 5728 (Katong)

+(65) 6016 4452 (Ang Mo Kio, Woodleigh, Choa Chu Kang)

Dedicated Teachers That Bring the Chinese Language to Life

At EduGrove, only the highest-caliber teachers make it into their classrooms.

Teachers must pass through a rigorous testing process after which they receive months of intensive training.

While all teachers have excellent proficiency in Chinese, EduGrove requires them to be fluent in English as well so that they can communicate effectively with non-native speakers and parents.

Not only that, Edugrove takes great care to select teachers that have the special gifts of being fun-loving, creative, and yet serious educators - making them perfect for inspiring young minds.

All this is done so your children get nothing short of an outstanding learning experience!

Wide Range of Programmes That Cater To All Learning Needs

EduGrove offers a variety of programmes for every stage, from early learning playgroups for toddlers as young as 7 months, to preschool, primary, and secondary school programmes.

It also runs school holiday camps and short programmes such as the Hanyu Pinyin Programme, which helps students build a foundation in Hanyu Pinyin over 12 lessons.

EduGrove even offers virtual classes for those that need the convenience of learning at home.

Mandarin Playgrove - Adult Accompanied Playgroup

EduGrove's Mandarin PlayGrove is the perfect way to help your little ones jumpstart their Mandarin language development by immersing them in an all-Mandarin environment while focusing on their overall development.

The programme is designed to capture the curiosity of the youngest learners during this foundational stage of learning and focuses on helping them understand the pronunciation of Mandarin words while building their early literacy skills.

Preschool Levels - Mandarin Foundation (N1 to K2)

From developing and improving student’s listening and speaking skills, to inspiring each child to fully embrace the learning process, the Mandarin Foundation programme is designed as the perfect foothold for young learners to gain a strong foundation in Mandarin.

EduGrove's experienced team of teachers aim to capture your little ones' enthusiasm from the very start, coupling the interactive, engaging EduGrove methodology with stimulating activities such as storytelling, sing-alongs, nursery rhymes, show and tell, drama, language games, reading and writing activities, and art and craft.

With EduGrove’s Mandarin Foundation programme, you can rest assured that your child will be able to take on the primary school curriculum with confidence and enthusiasm.

Primary School Programmes

Lower Primary - P1 to P4

For Primary School students, EduGrove offers programmes for both Lower and Upper Primary, as well as for Chinese Composition and Creative Writing.

Every week, students will focus on a different exam component which includes Oral, Composition Writing, Main Paper, and Comprehension.

Through carefully crafted active learning word games, students are introduced to the commonly tested keywords.

These are then reinforced through engaging activities like role-play and improvisational drama for maximum long-term retention.

Upper Primary - P5 to P6

The Upper Primary Programmes provides a comprehensive preparation for all three papers of the PSLE Chinese Language Exam: Paper 1 (写作) Chinese composition writing, Paper 2 (语文应用和阅读理解) language use and Paper 3 (口试和听力理解) oral and listening skills.

Classroom activities such as practical speaking and conversation, speech and presentation, group discussion and idea-sharing, picture commentary, and debating allow students to sharpen their communication skills, while active learning word games expand their vocabulary and improve sentence structure.

Creative Drama also allows children to express themselves freely through improvisational play, while creative writing helps develop confidence in expression of thought on paper.

Combined with solid exam practice, these activities ultimately build up towards successful preparation for PSLE.

Chinese Composition & Creative Writing - P3 to P6

Recognizing that many students typically struggle with Chinese composition, EduGrove's Chinese Composition & Creative Writing Programme aims to help students ace their Chinese Composition exams.

The teaching team pores over hundreds of past exam papers so students know what phrases, idioms, and themes are important.

Plus, by getting students involved in fun activities such as role playing within an exam context - learners sharpen their skills for creating coherent story lines and engaging compositions.

It's all about equipping students with confidence and plenty of creativity!

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