Best International Schools in Singapore

Best International Schools in Singapore

May 6, 2024

Find the ideal international school in Singapore with our guide, whether your child is in nursery, primary school or high school.

Are you a parent looking for the best international schools in Singapore for your children? Whether you're new to Singapore or have been living here for some time, finding the right international school can be daunting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent international schools in Singapore that offer an incredible range of education options from kindergarten to primary and secondary levels.

In this guide, we'll explore some of the top international schools along with their curriculum, unique offerings, and community so that parents can make informed decisions about where to send your children to get the very best education possible!

Feature image adapted from St Joseph's Institution International, The Grange Institution

Best International Schools in Singapore

1. Featured International Schools

  1. St. Joseph's Institution International

2. British International Schools (British Curriculum)

  1. Brighton College (Singapore)
  2. Dover Court International School
  3. Dulwich College (Singapore)
  4. Insworld Institute
  5. Invictus International School
  6. North London Collegiate School
  7. One World International School
  8. Tanglin Trust School
  9. The Grange Institution
  10. The Winstedt School
  11. United World College of South East Asia

3. North American International Schools

  1. Canadian International School
  2. International Community School
  3. Singapore American School
  4. Stamford American International School
  5. XCL American Academy

4. European International Schools

  1. German European School Singapore
  2. International French School Singapore
  3. Swiss School in Singapore

5. Other Top International Schools

  1. XCL World Academy
  2. Overseas Family School
  3. Nexus International School (Singapore)
  4. Global Indian International School
  5. NPS International School
  6. Australian International School
  7. ISS International School
  8. HWA International School
  9. Astor International School
  10. Chatsworth International School
  11. Integrated International School
  12. EtonHouse International School
  13. Middleton International School
  14. Sir Manasseh Meyer International School
  15. Knightsbridge House International School

6. Special Needs International Schools

  1. The GUILD International College

1. Featured International Schools

St. Joseph's Institution International (SJI International)

Image credit: SJI International

SJI International is a non-profit co-educational school that takes pride in its Lasallian Catholic foundation.

It offers a holistic, values-driven, and international education experience to its vibrant and diverse community of over 2,000 students from more than 40 nationalities. At SJI International, everyone is welcome, regardless of background or faith.

SJI International comprises 2 schools:

  • Elementary School (ages 4-12) - Prep 1 to Grade 6
  • High School (ages 12-18) - Grades 7 to 12

Excellence in education meets Lasallian heritage and character education

Since its establishment in 2007, the school has earned a reputation for providing excellence in education by combining the best practices of leading international schools with the values of its Lasallian foundations.

In fact, SJI International High School is one of only three schools in Singapore with a licence to provide education to both Singaporean and international students.

At SJI International, character education is top priority and at the very heart of the school community. They strive to embody their core values of Faith, Service, Community, Excellence, and Respect in everything they do - whether it's in the classrooms, playgrounds, theatre, music rooms, or sporting facilities.

Image credit: SJI International

Learning through ‘service’ is a core pillar of SJI International's education. All students have the opportunity to give back to the community by supporting various charities and organisations, putting aside their own interests to help others. By getting involved, students develop a global perspective, learn valuable life skills, as well as personal growth.

Outstanding faculty that fosters a global perspective and inspires students to love learning

SJI International's teachers are highly experienced and create a nurturing, safe and inspiring environment where students thrive. With their faculty representing over 20 nationalities, students benefit from truly global perspectives.

Image credit: SJI International

Top notch facilities provide the perfect environment for students to thrive

SJI International's spacious 7-hectare campus is nestled in the heart of the Thomson suburbs and easily accessible by public transportation and car.

Its top-notch facilities are designed to inspire students and foster engagement. You'll find everything from specialist subject classrooms to state-of-the-art spaces such as auditoriums, black box theatres, television studios and music rooms, all geared towards helping students reach their full potential.

In addition, its sports complex boasts a 25m swimming pool, indoor sports hall, fitness room, and rock climbing wall. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can enjoy dedicated courts for basketball, netball, and tennis, along with a FIFA and IRB approved turf field for track and field.

Ages: 4-18

Curriculum: IPC, IMYC, Bilingual Programme, IGCSE, IB Diploma

Location: 490 Thomson Road Singapore 298191

Find out more about admissions to SJI International

2. British International Schools (British Curriculum)

Brighton College (Singapore)

Image credit: Brighton College (Singapore)

Brighton College is where exceptional British school education meets a nurturing and personalised environment. With a focus on primary education, Brighton College is dedicated to preparing your child for senior school and beyond.

At Brighton's Prep and Pre-Prep schools, the priority is in getting to know each child individually, creating a close-knit community where they can flourish. From 18 months to 13 years old, every child receives an exceptional foundation for learning.

Driven by the school's common pillars of curiosity, confidence, and kindness, Brighton College cultivates a school culture that sets them apart. They believe in instilling kindness as a deep-rooted commitment to personal well-being, peers, the community, and the world at large.

Brighton understands that teachers play a pivotal role in your child's progress. That's why they have an outstanding team of passionate educators who challenge and inspire their students, nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

With an ambitious and rigorous curriculum, your child gains a breadth and depth of knowledge, empowering them to understand and question the world around them.

All of this is done in Brighton's bespoke learning environment, which provides the ideal setting to support your child's growth at every stage of their journey.

Ages: 18 months - 13 years

Curriculum: English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), English National Curriculum

Cost: From $16,380-$43,839 per year

Location: 1 Chuan Lane, Singapore 554299


Dover Court International School

Image credit: Dover Court International School

Dover Court International School has been established for over 50 years and has a reputation for delivering a high-quality teaching and learning experience.

It is home to over 1,900 students hailing from more than 60 countries worldwide.

As part of the Nord Anglia Education family, Dover Court International School offers students a unique blend of British and International curriculums, providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in their future endeavors.

The school is known for its inclusive and diverse community and commitment to delivering a high-quality teaching and learning experience.

Image credit: Dover Court International School

The faculty at Dover Court International School is composed of highly qualified and experienced teachers and advisors who are dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches their full potential.

In 2022, its average score of 39 for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme was the highest of any Nord Anglia school - surpassing the global average by 20%.

Not only that, almost half of its IGCSE class of 2022 received a Pearson Excellence Award too.

In addition to academic excellence, Dover Court International School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including music, drama, sports, and community service, providing students with opportunities to develop their talents and interests outside the classroom.

Ages: Nursery to Year 13 (ages 3-18)

Curriculum: IB Programme, GCSE, International BTEC

Cost: From $44,394

Location: 301 Dover Road Singapore 139644


Dulwich College (Singapore)

Image credit: Dulwich College (Singapore)

With a genuine commitment to putting students first, this college offers a warm and student-centred learning environment where your child's needs are at the forefront. The Dulwich educational philosophy values both intellectual and personal growth, creating a holistic approach to education.

As part of the esteemed "commonwealth of Dulwich," this truly international school draws upon 400 years of tradition from its founding College in London and sister schools in Asia.

From DUCKS (Dulwich College Kindergarten School) to Senior School, Dulwich offers an enhanced form of the English National Curriculum, integrating elements of the Common Entrance syllabus.

Expert subject specialist teachers guide students from the age of 10, providing a focused and engaging learning experience. In Senior School, Dulwich is an IB World school authorised to offer the IB Diploma as well as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Image credit: Dulwich College (Singapore)

The school believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals, encouraging participation in sports, music, drama, and public speaking from an early age. Every child from the age of 7 is taught a musical instrument.

Its students also acquire language skills, with a dual-language program in English and Mandarin for ages 2-7, and additional languages offered in Senior School.

At Dulwich, they foster creativity and confidence, equipping students with the soft skills needed for the 21st century. Their educational philosophy focuses on teaching students how to learn, fostering independent thinking and the ability to challenge and be challenged.

Supported by a strong pastoral care system rooted in the House system, students feel a sense of identity, belonging, and uphold values of respect, courtesy, and good manners.

Ages: 2-18

Curriculum: National Curriculum for England, IB Diploma, IGCSE

Cost: From $18,650-$51,730 per year

Location: 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966


Insworld Institute

Credit: Insworld Institute

Insworld Institute is an international school that provides British-based secondary education from lower secondary and up. The school is open to both local and international students who might wish to undertake the British curriculum. Each class is uniquely small, with some comprising just four students per class, for undivided attention and to ensure your child reaches their potential.

Credit: Insworld Institute

The qualifications issued by the school — IAL, GCE and International GCSE — are recognised by universities locally, in the UK and Australia, and most of the top international universities. Despite being a small school, Insworld prides itself in having taught students who have gone on to study at internationally renowned universities, in notoriously competitive fields.

Besides its curriculum, Insworld also has a robust range of extra-curricular activities which encourage personal development in students, as well as help them gain social responsibility.

Ages: 11 to 18 years old

Curriculum: Pearson Edexcel Lower Secondary Programme, International GCSE, International A-Levels, Insworld English for Academic Study course

Cost: From S$8,500 a term, excluding miscellaneous fees such as enrolment and application fees

Location: 100 Victoria Street, #08-02 National Library Building Singapore 188064

WhatsApp +65 9767 8944 for enquiries

Invictus International School

Credit: Invictus International School

Invictus International School was founded in 2015 and has a presence not just in Singapore, but Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. The school aims to provide quality, affordable international school education to children, and to help them develop a lifelong aptitude for learning and excellence.

At Invictus, students are taught the core values: respect, resilience, care, collaboration, excellence and joyous lifelong learning. Students are taught to take ownership of their own learning, which in turn strengthens their desire to learn and be independent.

The school has always prided itself in providing affordable education right from the get-go, and doesn’t compromise on the quality of its educators nor its resources and curriculum. This quality is what makes it one of the top educational choices for international families that might be financially-strapped yet require the expertise and curriculum offerings of an international school.  Instead, it aims to make international school education accessible through instalment plans and by not charging application fees, technology fees or ongoing building and development fees.

Ages: Year 1 to Year 13

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Cambridge Primary Curriculum, Cambridge Lower Secondary, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Cambridge International A-Levels

Cost: From S$19,845, excluding GST

Location: Dempsey, Serangoon Road


North London Collegiate School

Image credit: North London Collegiate School

The North London Collegiate School in Singapore is a member of the esteemed North London Collegiate School family. The school upholds the same stringent standards as its founding school in London and its sister schools in Jeju and Dubai. Located at Depot Road, the Singapore campus has innovative learning spaces that provide a world-class education to any child, regardless of their interests and inclinations.

The school’s educators aim to inspire students with a love for the subject, to recognise excellence and to see that excellence is achievable. The school also has a unique, supportive pastoral system which ensures no child ever feels like they are falling behind or unsupported. No matter the class size, the school believes in focusing on the needs of the individual and not the cohort.

Ultimately, every child at North London Collegiate School is equipped with a strong foundation, or ‘floor’ so that every child is equipped with the necessary know-hows to run their own races.

Ages: 3 to 18

Curriculum: Aligned with the North London Collegiate School in UK, culminating in an IB diploma

Cost: From S$33,870, excluding application fees and a one-time capital level and enrolment fee

Location: 130 Depot Road Singapore 109708


One World International School

Image credit: One World International School

One World International School is an all-inclusive and truly diverse international school in Singapore, welcoming students of all cultures, ethnicities and religions.

With campuses in Jurong West and the CBD, and a new campus coming up in Punggol in 2023, OWIS has established itself as a leading international school in Singapore, catering to over 1,500 students of over 70 nationalities.

At OWIS, the focus is on student-centric, values-led education that prepares students to become the next leaders of our global economy.

The school provides a rigorous curriculum that can be customised to meet every student's unique history and experiences.

The curriculum encourages critical thinking, discussion, and collaboration, thus developing well-rounded students who are successful academically and have developed strength of character.

OWIS' non-denominational, multi-cultural campus is perfect for students from expatriate families who have chosen to call Singapore home. Whether you're a long-term resident or new to the city, the school offers a consistent curriculum that helps students transition smoothly from other international schools and make new friends in no time.

The teachers at OWIS are recruited from around the world, and they work together to make sure that every OWIS student has the resources they need to be successful. The unique approach to education at OWIS results in lifelong learners who are ready to succeed in the competitive global economy of today.

Ages: 3-18

Curriculum: IB Primary Years Programme, Modified Cambridge, Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme, Chinese-English Bilingual Programme

Cost: From $19,248-$28,857 per year


  • Nanyang Campus - 21 Jurong West Street 81 Singapore 649075
  • Suntec Campus - 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039593
  • Digital Campus - 27A Punggol Field Walk Singapore 828649


Tanglin Trust School

Image credit: Tanglin Trust School

Tanglin Trust School is the oldest British international school in Southeast Asia, providing children with a holistic education since 1925.

At Tanglin Trust School, parents can trust that their children will receive an outstanding education rooted in the English National Curriculum, complemented by a global perspective.

With over 50 nationalities represented among its 2,800 vibrant students, the school fosters a diverse and inclusive environment where young learners thrive.

As a not-for-profit institution, Tanglin Trust School channels all tuition fees into providing an exceptional education for your child.

From Nursery to Sixth Form, Tanglin ensures that each student benefits from a tailored education program designed to unlock their full potential. In fact, Tanglin is the only school in Singapore offering both A Level and the IB Diploma in Sixth Form, giving your child a competitive edge in their academic journey.

Year after year, its students surpass Singapore and global averages in their examinations, with 97% of graduates securing their first or second choice university placements

Ages: 3-18

Curriculum: A Levels, IB Diploma, English National Curriculum

Cost: From $31,695 - $50,865 per year

Location: 95 Portsdown Road Singapore 139299


The Grange Institution

Image credit: The Grange Institution

With a genuine holistic learning experience, experienced educators, and a progressive approach to education, The Grange Institution provides is an international primary school that provides the ideal learning environment for students aged 6-12.

The Grange Institution is the only international school in Singapore to deliver both the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge Primary Curriculum, and students benefit from a unique curriculum that blends structured subject learning with inquiry-based thematic learning. With specialist subjects such as Social & Physical Education (PSPE), Music, Art, and Technology/Coding included in the curriculum at no additional cost, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and develop a well-rounded skill set.

The school's cre8tors-in-action philosophy instills eight core competencies in students, including critical thinking, creativity, and communication, preparing them to become effective global citizens.

In addition, The Grange Institution's team of passionate and dedicated educators average over 10 years of teaching experience, ensuring that students receive the attention and support they need to thrive.

The school's accolades include being a founding member (and first school in Singapore) of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools, A global collaborative network dedicated to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.

It has also won two gold medals for Best Environmental Initiative at the Singapore Education Awards in 2021 and 2022, showcasing its commitment to nature-inspired learning.

Ages: 6-12

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Cambridge Primary Curriculum

Cost: $20,700 per year

Location: 440 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 805946


The Winstedt School

Image credit: The Winstedt School

The Winstedt School was started in 2008 by third-generation Singaporean Sharon Solomon who realised that more had to be done to change things up with the traditional, mass-driven educational system. The inclusive school prides itself in being a differentiated school that is purpose-built for those who learn differently.

At the school, every child has access to a team of educators, support specialists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists who come together to create a cohesive, comprehensive programme for your child.

The Winstedt way also believes in multi-age groupings where students are placed into classes based on factors such as social and emotional development, learning profile and academic skills, rather than just on age alone. This ensures that every child in the school is learning at a level and style that is best suited to where they’re at in their learning journey.

Ages: 4 to 19

Curriculum: National UK Curriculum. International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), Pearson Edexcel, International Primary and Lower Secondary Curricula, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Second Step (Social-Emotional Learning)

Cost: From S$37,600  per academic year, excluding enrolment fee and GST

Location: 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore 387312


United World College of South East Asia

Image credit: United World College of South East Asia

Founded in 1971, United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) has since grown into a K-12 international school with over 5,600 students across two vibrant campuses.

The school celebrates diversity, and its community of students from over 100 nationalities creates a rich learning environment that builds deep understanding and respect for people from different cultures.

UWCSEA's students are encouraged to be compassionate and impactful global citizens, dedicating hundreds of hours every year to service activities that span environmental conservation to supporting communities in need.

The school's academic program offers a broad range of subjects, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for university and life beyond.

The IB results of UWCSEA's students consistently exceed the global average, and 99% of students go on to top universities across the globe, including Ivy League schools and highly selective institutions.


Curriculum: K-12 Curriculum, IB Diploma, IGCSE,

Cost: From $34,569-$44,295 per year


  • Dover Campus - 1207 Dover Road Singapore 139654
  • East Campus - 1 Tampines Street 73 Singapore 528704



3. North American International Schools

Canadian International School

Image credit: Canadian International School

With world-class facilities and an experienced faculty, The Canadian International School (CIS) is a leader in innovative approaches to education that support student learning, development, and well-being.

The school is one the leading IB schools in the Asia Pacific region.

At CIS, students come from 80 nationalities, and can expect to be part of a diverse and inclusive community that values creativity, critical thinking, and a global mindset.

Through language immersion programs and extracurricular activities that cater to different interests and talents, students have access to a rich and stimulating learning environment that helps them grow and thrive.

Students at CIS are allowed to take charge of their education and have the opportunity to shape their own learning journey.

Inquiry-based programmes and activities are designed to uncover students' passions and strengths. All of this is done in a safe and nurturing environment where students can push themselves and take risks without worrying about judgement.

CIS' strong partnerships with leading universities around the world also helps prepare students for higher education and career success.

Enrolling at CIS is a decision that will provide lifelong benefits for students, preparing them not just for academic success but for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Ages: Kindergarten - Secondary School (2-18 years old)

Curriculum: IB Programme

Cost: From $18,370

Location: Lakeside Campus, 7 Jurong West Street 41 Singapore 649414


International Community School

Image credit: International Community School

International Community School began in the early 1990s when expatriate families in Singapore were looking for a school that provided enough academic rigour, had a strong community and was also Christian-centric. As there wasn’t a school that could fit their needs then, the parents banded together to form International Community School in 1993.

Today, the school is part of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) and is certified by EduTrust in Singapore.

The school has gone from only two teachers and less than 20 students when it first began, to more than 400 students today. The school is backed by a strong team of educators, each with diverse and robust experiences.

The school believes in educating children and preparing them to impact the world for the glory of God, through their own skills, talents and purpose. More than just biblical education, the school also strives towards academic and personal excellence.

Ages: 4 to 17+

Curriculum: American curriculum with recommendations from the National Council of Teaching of English (NCTE), International Literacy Association (ILA), National Council on Teaching Mathematics (NCTM), National Council of Social Studies (NCSS), National Standards for Art Education (NSAE)

Cost: From S$25,492 per year

Location: 27a Jubilee Road Singapore 128575


Singapore American School

Image credit: Singapore American School

Singapore American School (SAS) believes in providing students with the highest quality American education in an international setting, catering to a student body of over 4,000 diverse individuals.

The school prides itself on offering exceptional academic programs, a diverse and inclusive community, and a wide range of extracurricular activities that set it apart from other educational institutions.

At SAS, they are committed to cultivating lifelong learners who are prepared for success in a globally interconnected world. Their core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, and fairness are infused into everything they do, creating a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive.

Its educational philosophy emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills, helping students develop the necessary tools to become leaders and innovators.

With a rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) courses, interdisciplinary learning, and a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), SAS' students graduate with a well-rounded education that prepares them for college and beyond.

But academics is not the only focus at Singapore American School. Their extracurricular offerings are second to none, with over 150 clubs and activities to choose from. From sports teams and music ensembles to service organizations and student-led initiatives, there is something for everyone at SAS. Their students develop a sense of purpose and passion, while also building lifelong friendships and memories.

The school’s academic achievements speak for themselves. in 2021, 97% of SAS students' 1,724 AP exams received 3s, 4s, and 5s, with a mean score of 4.1 for students who took an exam. In addition, SAS students scored 97% percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects worldwide.

Ages: Preschool to grade 12


Cost: From $32,549 per year

Location: 40 Woodlands Street 41 Singapore 738547


Stamford American International School

Image credit: Stamford American International School

Stamford American International School is a world-class international school in Singapore that strives to inspire students to create their unique future. It believes in providing children with an education that will help them excel academically, socially, and as ecologically literate citizens.

With three graduating pathways - the IB Diploma, AP Diploma, or BTEC Diploma - on top of a US accredited Stamford High School Diploma, your child will have the power of choice.

And with a Reggio Emilia-inspired Early Learning Village for children aged 2 months to 6 years, SAIC provides a curriculum designed around the needs of their youngest learners.

SAIC also offers a boarding program for students whose families are away, focusing on safety, academic growth, and community and social bonding.

With 96 competitive sports teams and extensive sports facilities on campus, the school's Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) Program provides equal sporting opportunities for all ages while developing athletes to reach their fullest potential.

Along with world-class facilities for drama and music, including a 500-seat professional theater and 10 annual theater productions, there are ample opportunities for your child to shine.

Ages: 18 months - 18 years old

Curriculum: IB MYP, IB Diploma, BTEC, AP Program, Stamford US High School Diploma

Cost: From $17,372-$46,545 per year


  • Woodleigh Campus: 1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
  • Early Learning Village: 3 Chuan Lane, Gate 4, Singapore 554350


XCL American Academy

Image credit: XCL American Academy

XCL provides a rigorous American education for children aged 2-14.

The curriculum at this international school is guided by the AERO Common Core standards for almost all subjects, ensuring a high-quality standards-based programme focused on paving the way for high school, university, and career preparation.

Notably, its math curriculum adheres to the Everyday Math program developed by the University of Chicago, which is consistently ranked amongst the world's top 10 universities.

XCL's students are supported in a purpose-built, world-class campus that is equipped with dedicated sports facilities, an interactive three-story library, a media center, and a unique 'Pioneer Zone' that encourages collaboration and team-based learning.

Students also have access to the following: 

  • A state-of-the-art 750-seat performing arts auditorium, visual arts and music rooms
  • Contemporary design center and an innovation suite
  • A 50-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool and a heated Early Years swimming pool
  • Sports hall with a 15-meter climbing wall
  • Tennis courts and batting cages for baseball and cricket

XCL's rigorous standards-based approach helps students excel academically while preparing them for future university and career opportunities.

Through semi-annual benchmark testing in numeracy and literacy, XCL's teachers gain a deep understanding of each child, allowing them to tailor instruction to the child's individual strengths and needs.

With personalized learning plans and motivational targets, we empower students to reach their full potential.

The school is dedicated to helping every student reach their full potential!

Ages: 2-14

Curriculum: American curriculum, Common Core

Cost: $10.356.48-$14,305.56 per semester

Location: 2 Yishun Street 42 Singapore 768039


4. European International Schools

German European School Singapore

German European School Singapore (GESS) is one of the leading international schools in Singapore. With a diverse student community representing over 68 nations, GESS is a home away from home for families seeking a global education.

GESS understands the importance of nurturing students' cultural identities and preparing them for an international environment. Its language program empowers students to embrace multiple languages, ensuring they are well-equipped for a global future. Whether pursuing the German International Abitur or the IB Programme, the school's students graduate ready for life after school.

GESS' accolades include the “Deutsche Schulpreis” (German school prize) 2022, which was awarded for exceptional teaching - and stands out as the only German school abroad that has been nominated for this award.

Beyond the classroom, GESS encourages connections with the local, regional, and global community. Through its BeyondClassrooms program, students engage in specialized lectures, site visits, internships, and social projects. GESS believes that learning extends far beyond the walls of its campus.

Unique opportunities like the Junior Engineer Academy and Learning Support Centre further.

With a wide range of programs catering to students aged 2-18, GESS offers personalized education tailored to each child's needs. Its state-of-the-art campus provides a stimulating environment for growth, with dedicated learning, technology, sports, and outdoor areas. enhance student development.
Ages: 2-18

Curriculum: IB PYP, MYP, DP, German Curriculum

Tuition Fees (per year):

  • Pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten from $26,665
  • Pre-primary: $39,735
  • Primary: $25,825
  • Middle School: $36,985
  • High School: $41,396

Location: 2 Dairy Farm Lane Singapore 677621


International French School (Singapore)

Image credit: International French School

The International French School (IFS) in Singapore is a renowned educational institution that has been operational for over five decades.

This private international school is certified by the French Ministry of Education and offers a unique bilingual French-English education to students aged 2 to 18.

With a multicultural and multilingual approach, IFS provides an affordable, premium international education delivered by experienced teachers with a proven track record of academic success.

The school is the only institution in Singapore to offer a full French curriculum from Kindergarten to Lycee (High School).

The IFS campus is a world-class facility that houses over 3,000 international students. It is designed to enhance student health and engagement, thereby fostering academic performance, curiosity, and creativity.

IFS graduates are sought after by top universities and institutions worldwide, thanks to the internationally recognized qualifications they receive.

Year after year, IFS students achieve top examination results, making the school a preferred choice for international families and one of the most prestigious international schools in Singapore.

Key features of IFS include: 

  • A multicultural international environment with representation from 80 nationalities.
  • A bilingual teaching and learning experience.
  • A fully certified French curriculum consistent from kindergarten to high school.
  • A developmental continuum of education from kindergarten to baccalauréat.
  • Comprehensive Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA), arts, culture, and sports programs.
  • Proven teaching and learning practices.
  • Competitive tuition fees

Furthermore, IFS follows the same curriculum in 566 schools in 138 countries. This makes it hassle-free for students to transfer, ensuring continuity in their education journey.

Ages: 2-18

Curriculum: French Curriculum, French National Diploma, French Baccalaureat, IGCSE


  • Kindergarten: from $12,360
  • Elementary: from $21,835
  • Middle School: from $24,900
  • High School: from $31,740

Location: 3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3


Swiss School in Singapore

Image credit: Swiss School in Singapore

The Swiss School in Singapore is a small, cosy school that provides education for the young according to Swiss standards. The school, set in a lush green environment, is officially recognised as a Swiss government approved school.

As an international Swiss school, classes are conducted in either German and English or French and English depending on parents’ choice of curriculum in the German or French stream. All graduates will be able to gain entry into schools in any German or French-speaking countries thanks to this approach.

Regardless of the stream of choice, the Swiss School promises a team of multinational and multicultural educators who are deeply committed toward helping your child develop and grow to their fullest potential. Its small class sizes have also been said to have been favourable in helping the children focus better.

Looking forward, the school also prepares its students for a smooth transition into United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), from Grade 11 onwards, or to any other schools in Switzerland or Europe. UWCSEA is a Swiss School affiliate and will equip your child with the IB diploma, which then prepares them for study at tertiary institutions worldwide after.  

Ages: 2 to 16

Curriculum: Curricular of the Cantons of Zug and Valais, based on the harmonised Swiss curricula ‘Lehrplan 21’ and ‘Plan d'etudes romand’ (PER), IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Grade 11

School fees:

  • Pre-school: from $14,100
  • Kindergarten: from $22,200
  • Primary school: from $23,600

Location: 38 Swiss Club Road Singapore 288140


5. Other Top International Schools

Astor International School

Image credit: Astor International School

Astor International School is a boutique primary school in Singapore that caters to children aged 5 to 12 (Years 1-7). Founded in 2019, Astor is dedicated to providing quality education at an affordable price, ensuring parents can offer their child a premium learning experience without breaking the bank.

Astor aims to be one of the top international primary schools in Singapore, with a curriculum that incorporates the International Primary Curriculum, Singapore Math, and British English.

What sets Astor apart is its flexibility. Its core curriculum is condensed into a four-hour period, allowing you to customise the rest of the day to suit your family's schedule.

Students can leave school at 1pm, stay for lunch, or participate in a wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) such as art, music, drama, sports, and foreign languages and more. The fees for the ECAs are flexible too, with options to pay per term or choose a full-week ECA package.

With a maximum of 18 students per class, Astor ensures individual attention and a low teacher-student ratio. Its tailored education approach allows their dedicated teachers to personalise lessons and cater to each student's needs.

Through inquiry-based teaching methods and the International Primary Curriculum, students at Astor have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, acquire knowledge, and become lifelong learners with an open-mindedness towards diverse perspectives.


Ages: 5-12

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum

Cost: From $14,900-$19,700 per year

Location: 1 Kay Siang Rd #05-01/02 Singapore 248922

Find out more about Astor International School: https://www.astor.edu.sg/

Australian International School

Image credit: Australian International School

The Australian International School (AIS) is a highly reputed educational institution, providing an Australian way of education for students from 2 months - 18 years old.

Its community is made up of over fifty nationalities, providing a truly multicultural environment that celebrates diversity and fosters an appreciation for different cultures and ideas. This diversity enriches the learning experience of its students, and helps prepare them for success in a globalized world.

The school's academic focus on high scholarship is evident in its graduating results, which saw an International Baccalaureate average of 34.4 in 2022, well above the world average of 30.91.

But they don't just focus on academic achievement – AIS' educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that students should not only be academically successful but also possess a moral obligation to improve the world.

At AIS, its mission is to enable students to realize their potential through exceptional opportunities, within a nurturing community that equips them to flourish in life and make a difference for good.

Its values of respect, opportunity, and achievement underpin everything they do, from fostering acceptance and appreciation of differences to encouraging creativity and innovation.

Ages: 2 months - 18 years old

Curriculum: IB PYP, Australian Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE, Higher School Certificate (HSC), IB Diploma

Cost: From $8,575-$29,064 per semester

Location: 1 Lorong Chuan Singapore 556818


Chatsworth International School

Image credit: Chatsworth International School

Since 1995, Chatsworth International School has been a beacon of truly international learning in Singapore.

Nestled in the lush Bukit Timah rainforest, Chatsworth offers a stimulating environment for students to thrive.

As one of the top IB schools, Chatsworth provides the PYP, MYP, and DP curriculum, ensuring a challenging academic journey for each student. Its teaching approach combines traditional methods with 21st-century skills, creating a personalized and balanced education for each individual.

The school's small class sizes give students the opportunity to be heard, express themselves, and develop confidence in their unique talents.

Chatsworth takes pride in its dedication to community, pastoral care, and holistic education. Its highly qualified teachers hail from over 20 countries, infusing the school's curriculum with a world of knowledge. And with students from over 50 nationalities, this is truly an international school that celebrates diversity and global perspectives.

Ages: 3-18

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma

Cost: From $27,575-$37,881.56 per year

Location: 72 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289760


EtonHouse International School


EtonHouse International School is an established educational institution offering comprehensive programs from playgroup to high school.

With a track record spanning over two decades, they have crafted a reputation for excellence.

More than just a school, EtonHouse is a community of learners dedicated to providing personalised academic support and pastoral care.

EtonHouse's curriculum includes internationally recognized IB PYP, DP, and IGCSE programs.

Its preschools also offer the the Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum which is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to education.

Its curriculum is tailored to engage and challenge every student, ensuring their growth and development.

A standout feature is their robust bilingual program, which builds bicultural understanding from an early age.

The EtonHouse philosophy views children as competent thinkers and communicators and everything they do is aimed at nurturing confident global citizens.

Image credit: EtonHouse

The school creates learning environments that encourage children's natural curiosity about the world.

Children at EtonHouse are collaborators, taking ownership of their learning and environment design.

As an example of this sense of ownership, students' ideas were incorporated into the design of the Secondary School campus on Orchard Road.

EtonHouse believes that learning is interdisciplinary and interconnected. Knowledge acquired in one subject can actually help in other subjects too.

For example, map skills in geography are linked to coordinates and scale in maths, which is in turn connected to orienteering in Outdoor Education.

Hence, the school's environments are designed to seamlessly integrate and make learning happen naturally and spontaneously.

Ages: 9 months - 18 years

Curriculum: IB PYP, UK Curriculum, IGCSE, International A-Level

Cost: From $1,718-$3,205 per month

Locations: 15 preschools and international schools in Singapore


Global Indian International School

Image credit: Global Indian International School

The Global Indian International School Singapore (GIIS) is an outstanding international school that provides a skill-based education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Established in 2002, GIIS is one of the most awarded international schools, with over 450 awards in Education and Management Excellence, and Innovative Practices.

The school's 9 GEMS framework provides a holistic educational approach that includes academics, sports, arts, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development.

Students have access to a wide range of international and Indian curricula, including the IB PYP, Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme, CBSE, and Global Montessori Programme for Kindergarten. This allows students to choose an academic path based on their interests and future relocation plans.

Students at GIIS regularly deliver outstanding results in exams, and are selected at some of the world's top universities, including those in Singapore, the US, UK, India, Canada, Australia.

At GIIS, they prioritize the happiness of its students and regularly conduct surveys to gauge their well-being and satisfaction. Its strong testimonials, referrals, and high attendance rates speak for themselves - their students are truly satisfied!

Ages: Kindergarten (2.5 years) - High School Grade 12

Curriculum: Global Montessori (GMP), IB PYP, Cambridge (CLSP), Cambridge (IGCSE), IB Diploma, CBSE

Cost: From $4,561 - $9,408 per term


  • East Coast Campus - 82 Cheviot Hill Singapore 459663
  • Smart Campus - 27 Punggol Field Walk Singapore 828649

More information on Global Indian International School: https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/

HWA International School

Image credit: HWA International School

Parents looking for a bilingual international school for their children needn’t look any further than HWA International School. The international school, established in 2006, was formerly known as the Chinese International School and prides itself in integrating Eastern and Western values in its curriculum and teachings, complete with intercultural perspectives.

HWA’s programmes aim to build your child into an effective bilingual communicator in both English and Chinese from their early years. Every educator that teaches at HWA is fully-equipped and trained to teach the IB programme and with that, every educator is dedicated towards helping your child grow into an inquisitive, caring and knowledgeable individual.

Beyond just languages, the school aims to inculcate students who are internationally-minded, and understand that even though others may have their differences, that they also can be right.

Ages: 3 to 19

Curriculum: IB Continuum of international education from IB Primary Years programme up till the IB diploma.

Cost: From S$22,800 excluding registration, enrolment and development fees

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-100 Marina Square, Singapore 039594


Integrated International School

Image credit: Integrated International School

Integrated International School (IIS) is a boutique international school in Singapore where embracing individuality and encouraging uniqueness is at the heart of everything they do.

The international school provides a tailored syllabus is based on the esteemed British curriculum, while also taking an individualized approach to education that ensures both parents and students feel heard and valued.

IIS' inclusive learning environment is designed to make students feel at home. Its dedicated teachers and staff go above and beyond to provide a meaningful and enriching educational experience, coupled with personalized care.

At IIS, the welfare of students takes precedence as they embark on a lifelong journey of discovery and learning. With a student-teacher ratio of 1:5 for primary school and 1:6 for secondary school, individual attention and support is prioritized.

Classes have an average of 12-15 students, leading to a close-knit community.

Ages: 3-16

Curriculum: Modified British Curriculum, Pearson Edexcel International GCSE

Cost: From $34,015 - $82,404

Location: 41 Sunset Way #01-01 Clementi Arcade Singapore 5597071

ISS International School

Founded in 1981, ISS International School has the prestige of calling itself one of the longest established IB international schools in Singapore. Having been in the education field for more than four decades, ISS is well-equipped in knowing what works well for its students. It recognises that every child has their own pace of learning, and is able to tailor a programme that works for everyone, despite their varying interests and capabilities.

The school was started by late local politician Mr Chan Hee Seng who saw the dearth of international schools in Singapore, and recognised that it was an obstacle towards attracting foreign investments. He started the school because of this, and because of his deep-rooted love of learning.

Today the school has a diverse student population 500 of over 30 nationalities, and is a great institution for any child whether you’re looking at academics or extracurriculars.

Ages: Kindergarten to Grade 12

Curriculum: Programmes can culminate in both the IB diploma or the ISS high school diploma

Cost: From S$27,563 excluding miscellaneous fees

Location: 21 Preston Road, Singapore 109355


Knightsbridge House International School

Image credit: Knightsbridge House International School

Knightsbridge House International School was founded by John Fearon, who is behind other reputable international schools including Invictus International School in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia. John has a proven track record in providing affordable international school education in Asia-Pacific and Knightsbridge is no different.

The school aims to provide affordable international school education at just S$12,000 a year, inclusive of GST, a huge difference compared to average costs of S$25,000 compared to other schools.

The school is relatively new, having just opened in 2021 but its students have topped international examinations, bearing testament to the quality of the teaching staff and its curriculum. The school is led by Jennifer Margaret Mills, an educator with over three decades of education experience, and had formerly served as principal at Invictus International School in Singapore.

Ages: Pre-Grade 1 prep to Grade 8

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum for primary school students, and a self-developed course for lower secondary school students

Cost: S$12,960

Location: 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Connection One, Tower 4 #02-15 Singapore 150167


Middleton International School

Credit Middleton International School

Middleton International School might ring a bell — it’s part of the EtonHouse International Education Group. The group has more than a hundred schools in 11 countries and Middleton offers the same quality and rigour of education expected of EtonHouse institutions.

The key difference between Middleton and EtonHouse is the cost and the offered programmes. Middleton is one of the many affordable international schools and offers the International Primary Curriculum, IGCSE and A Levels, blended with the local MOE curriculum.

Its curriculum is inquiry-led, which means that your child is always fully engaged, and ready to learn and the teachers are always at hand to facilitate. Beyond academics, there is a focus on the social and emotional aspects of a child’s growth.

Given that Middleton is part of the EtonHouse group, it leverages the learnings and expertise of the many EtonHouse schools and incorporates it into its day-to-day operations and curriculum.

If you’re a parent looking to start on international school for your child for the first time and looking for an affordable, value-for-money option, Middleton would be a good school to start with.

Ages: Nursery 2 to High School

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum, IGCSE and A Levels

Cost: Starting from S$19,554


  • 2 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528889
  • 20 Harbour Drive Singapore 117612


Nexus International School (Singapore)

Image credit: Nexus International School (Singapore)

Dedicated to providing a quality education for students aged 3-18, Nexus International School stands out for its commitment to excellence and its unwavering dedication to unlocking every student's full potential.

The international school believes in nurturing the intrinsic talents of each student and challenging them to become independent, critical thinkers. In addition, its diverse community comprising over 55 nationalities teaches students to embrace different perspectives and prepares to thrive in an interconnected world.

Nexus' carefully designed curriculum combines academic rigor with real-world applications, fostering a love for learning and critical thinking. Core subjects are benchmarked against the world's best curriculums - such as English literature and language against UK and New Zealand standards, Maths against Singapore National standards, and Science against Australian National Standards.

For Nexus students, education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. From the early years to graduation, students engage in a holistic educational journey that focuses on their intellectual, emotional, and social development.

With extensive co-curricular activities, school trips, and an entrepreneurship program, your child will have a wealth of opportunities for experiential learning. The school also offers language programs and excellent facilities to enrich their school life.

Nexus fosters a strong community where parents, teachers, and children collaborate in learning-focused relationships. Its open-door policy encourages regular communication, ensuring that parents are involved and engaged in their child's education.

Ages: 3-18

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, English National Curriculum, IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme

Cost: From $23,420-$45,120

Location: 1 Aljunied Walk Singapore 387293


NPS International School

Credit: NPS International School

NPS International School has been in Singapore for more than a decade and prides itself in being a values-driven school that is affordable and delivers quality education. The school had humble beginnings, starting with just a small cohort of 19, and has since taken in many more students who have gone on to achieve stellar results.

The school prides itself in offering an environment where the students feel valued, seen and included. All students have a strong sense of belonging and every student is accorded attention. The hope is that every student who passes through NPSI’s doors will turn out to be someone with a positive impact on the world, someone who is empathetic, creative, confident, innovative and able to think critically.

Regardless of where your child may have been schooled previously, they will be able to integrate seamlessly into NPSI’s system and classes. Its teachers are supportive and the school also has a robust buddy system that will help ensure your child fits right in. Students will also have a well-rounded education where sports and personal development are included.

Ages: Nursery 1 to Diploma

Curriculum: Cambridge, IB Diploma

Cost: From S$1,350 a month excluding miscellaneous fees


  • Primary Campus: 11 Hillside Drive Singapore 548926
  • Secondary Campus: 25 Scotts Road Singapore 228220


Overseas Family School

Image credit: Overseas Family School

Overseas Family School (OFS) is one of Singapore's largest international schools.

Since 1991, they have provided a modern English education for overseas families residing in Singapore.

The school provides a multicultural learning environment that welcomes students from over 70 different nationalities, making it a truly diverse and inclusive community.

Image credit: Overseas Family School

Its highly qualified and experienced faculty includes teachers from around 40 countries, and are passionate advocates of OFS' Master Policy of ensuring a happy, safe, and effective learning environment for every student.

OFS offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes the:

  • International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) - Pre-K1 (2 years old) to K2
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC) - Grades 1 to 5
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) for Grades 6 to 12.

In addition, OFS students get to study foreign languages from a wide selection of English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

OFS takes pride in its outstanding IB diploma results, with many top scorers having been with the school since Pre-K2, or joining through its Study Preparation Program in Middle School and High School.

Ages: Pre-K1 (2 years old) to Grade 12

Curriculum: IEYC, IPC, IB

Cost: From $8,550-$22,000 per semester

Location: 81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292


Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Image credit: Sri Manasseh Meyer International School

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, better known as SMMIS, is a Jewish school that believes in providing first-class education that inculcates Jewish values. The school takes its name from Sir Manasseh Meyer (1846 to 1930) who was a prominent Jewish leader in Singapore. He was deeply invested in philanthropy, not just to the Jewish community, but was also a leading donor to schools like Raffles College and the National University of Singapore.

The school was launched by Mrs Simcha Abergel who started teaching from her living room with the belief that a good school can support a child through anything. To date, SMMIS is the only Jewish primary and secondary school in Southeast Asia that includes both nursery and kindergarten levels.

Students love the school for its tight-knit community, likening it to a village where everyone knows each other and everyone tries to better each other. Educators are also incredibly supportive and attentive to students’ needs regardless of the class size.

Ages: Pre School (2 years old) to Secondary School (Grade 10)

Curriculum: Primary school students can opt to follow the Jewish Education Intensive track taught in Hebrew and English, or the Jewish Education Culture track taught in English. For those in secondary school, the school follows a unique curriculum which also includes Hebrew as a modern foreign language.

Cost: From S$17,684, excluding application and enrolment fees. (The school also offers a sibling discount for families with two or more children enrolled at the school, with a 15% discount for the second and subsequent child.)

Location: 3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang Singapore 758932


XCL World Academy

Image credit: XCL World Academy

XCL World Academy is committed to providing a future-oriented approach to education. The international school aims to shape its students into tomorrow's leaders, changemakers, and innovators.

XCL believes in personalized learning, designing individualized learning plans to help each student realise their unique potential.

XCL's exceptional educators, who represent over 20 different nationalities, bring a wealth of teaching experience and expertise to the classroom.

Its world-class curriculum is designed to develop happy, lifelong learners. They offer a continuum of International Baccalaureate (IB) programs that span from Nursery to the full IB Diploma. Students are encouraged to play an active role in their education, both inside and outside the classroom.

Image credit: XCL World Academy

One reason why parents choose XCL is for their outstanding IBDP results. Its students consistently achieve scores above the international benchmark, with the Class of 2023 boasting an impressive pass rate of 97% and the highest score of 42 out of 45.

In addition to academic subjects, XCL focuses on equipping students with essential social-emotional skills to prepare them for the future. Its curriculum extends beyond traditional subjects to foster physical and character development.

Starting from Grade 8, XCL also provides bespoke university and career guidance, preparing students for their future after graduation.

The school has a tight-knit community, representing about 50 different nationalities. Its educators know every child and family, creating a supportive and engaged community. Pastoral care programs are also offered to students to promote their academic, social, and emotional development.

A maximum intake of 1,600 students is set to ensure that every student receives personalized care and attention.

Ages: 2-18

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma, High School Diploma

Cost: From $11,341.20 to $21,627.31 per semester

Location: 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039



The GUILD International College

The GUILD International College

The GUILD International College brands itself as a special needs international college that provides education from those aged 9 up to 30, should they require extra time to complete their learning journey.

The inclusive school is uniquely boutique-sized, meaning that students get unparalleled support and guidance in their education journey. The school provides both special needs education and mainstream education, and believes in a fully collaborative approach that incorporates the input of therapists and counsellors to address students’ needs.

At GUILD, the educators believe that every child deserves to learn and have experiences that fit them in order to unlock their potential and enhance their confidence, leading them to great opportunities ahead. The school is proud to be a safe space for all students, regardless of their background and needs.

Ages: 9 to 30

Curriculum: Foundation to Year 10 of the Australian curriculum, with the addition of visual and performing arts programme, and therapy services

Cost: From S$32,000 for a full-day foundation programme

Location: 318A Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Singapore 247979


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