October 18, 2020
Photo Credit: LingoAce

LingoAce offers online Chinese classes for students from ages 6-15.

Each lesson is capped at 55 minutes to optimize students' language retention. Every class is also capped at a maximum of 4 students so that teachers are able to give attention to every student. The syllabus taught is in accordance with MOE's PSLE syllabus.

In addition, classes are recorded so you can playback and monitor your child's class whenever you want.

LingoAce Methodology

LingoAce combines the four essential elements of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in every class.

  • Listening - Interactive classes help students to grasp tone, expression, and develop understanding
  • Speaking - Speaking practice with real-time feedback so that students develop accurate pronunciation and gain confidence in their speaking abilities
  • Reading - To help ease the learning load of memorizing thousands of Chinese characters, LingoAce has developed a unique technique that uncovers the logical system running through the Chinese language. This helps cut learning time by as much as half!
  • Writing - Writing practices to help students consolidate their grasp of Mandarin vocabulary and structure, and to expand their ability to express their thoughts in a cohesive manner. This cannot be achieved through memorization or passive reading alone.
Lessons include fun elements such as built in games

There are five essential components to the LingoAce experience:

1. Personalized learning plan - LingAce's education team will help you to create a customized learning plan based on each student's objectives.

2. Engaging learning experiences - Lessons combine learning objective with interactive and fun elements such as built in games, role playing, and on the spot rewards.

3. Immediate feedback - Tutors provide immediate feedback to students so that mistakes are corrected quickly

4. Applied learning - Assignments build on key concepts addressed in the lessons, helping students to retain what they've learned, and to apply those skills in a variety of situations in the future.

5. Regular Progress Report - Parents and students are kept updated with regular reviews and progress reports so that any learning gaps can be addressed.

Lessons are kept interactive to provide students with an engaging experience


All of LingoAce's teachers are from China and hold professional teaching qualifications.

As LingoAce only recruits teachers that have excelled in the Putonghua Proficiency Test (a test that requires strict adherence to the pronunciation of Standard Chinese), parents won't have to worry about differences in accent and pronunciation, a common gripe about Mainland Chinese teachers.

LingoAce's teachers have also undergone rigorous training to ensure they adapt to Singapore Mandarin to align with the education requirements set by MOE. This ensures that their lessons are tailored to the unique learning needs of Singaporean students.

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Photo Credit: LingoAce
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6-15 years old


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