Best Preschools and Kindergartens in Singapore 2024

Best Preschools and Kindergartens in Singapore 2024

May 4, 2024

Looking for a preschool in Singapore? Our list will help you find the right school for your child.

To make things easier for you, we’ve also organised these preschools by location, as well as school size so that you’ll have the best knowledge on hand to make the right schooling decision for your child.

You'll find a wide array of choices available, whether you're looking for an international preschool, a bilingual preschool, or one that will prepare your child best for Primary School.

If you need some guidance on things to look out for, be sure to check out the section on the factors to consider when choosing preschools in Singapore.

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Best Preschools in Singapore

1. Featured

  1. Mulberry Learning
  2. Raffles Kidz International
  3. The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees (formerly Pat's Schoolhouse)
  4. Brighton Montessori
  5. Modern Montessori International
  6. Agape Little Uni.
  7. My First Skool
  8. Little Skool-House
  9. Little Seeds Preschool
  10. Little Green House

2. Preschools with Multiple Locations (5 or more locations)

  1. Carpe Diem Preschool
  2. Cherie Hearts
  3. Elfa Chinese Preschool 
  4. Eton House
  5. First Steps Preschool
  6. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse
  7. Little Footprints Preschool
  8. Little Paddington Preschool
  9. Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse
  10. Maple Bear
  11. Methodist Preschool
  12. MindChamps
  13. Odyssey The Global Preschool
  14. PCF Sparkletots
  15. Rainbow Cove Preschool
  16. Star Learners Child Care
  17. Superland

3. International Schools with Preschool and Early Years Programmes

  1. Australian International School
  2. Blue House Nursery and International Preschool
  3. Brighton College
  4. Canadian International School
  5. Chatsworth International
  6. Dover Court International School
  7. Dulwich College
  8. GESS - International School
  9. Global Indian International School
  10. Invictus International Preschool
  11. Little Skittles International Preschool
  12. Little Tykes Preschool
  13. Nexus International School
  14. One World International School
  15. Overseas Family School
  16. Rain Trees International Kindergarten & Preschool
  17. Sri Manaseh Meyer International School
  18. Stamford American International School
  19. The Grange International Preschool
  20. Viv's Schoolhouse
  21. XCL World Academy

4. Smaller Preschools with 2 to 4 Locations

  1. Bibinogs
  2. Camelot Infant Preschool
  3. Cherrybrook Preschool
  4. ChildFirst Pre-school
  5. Chiltern House
  6. House on the Hill Montessori
  7. Our Children's House
  8. Shaws
  9. St James Church Kindergarten

5. Central/CBD Area

  1. Coco-Ro Learning House
  2. Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten
  3. Mahota Preschool
  4. My Learning Haven
  5. Sparkanauts
  6. Trehaus

6. East

  1. Blue Lion Preschool
  2. British Council Preschool
  3. Discovery Kidz Preschool
  4. Emile Preschool
  5. Kinderstori Schoolhouse
  6. Little Big Preschool
  7. Little Lions Preschool
  8. Seeds Preschool

7. North

  1. Bucket House Preschool

8. West

  1. Kanopy Forest Preschool

9. Factors to consider when choosing a preschool in Singapore


1. Featured

Mulberry Learning

Image credit: Mulberry Learning

Mulberry Learning is a global network of award-winning preschools that has been shaping the minds of young learners since 2006. 

Starting from a single school in Jurong East, Mulberry Learning now boasts a thriving network of 18 preschools in Singapore. Mulberry Learning has also brought its high-quality childcare centres to countries worldwide including China, Australia, Panama, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Mulberry Learning is renowned for its holistic preschool curriculum and has consistently been acknowledged by parents and parenting publications as a leading preschool brand. 

Some of its accolades include: 

  • Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Established Brands), 2020/21. Mulberry Learning was the only preschool brand to win in the “Established Brands” category.
  • Singapore’s “Best Holistic Learning Programme” by publications like Young Parents, Singapore’s Child, and Parents World.
  • “Best Early Years Program 2022” award by parenting platform HoneyKidsAsia. 

Innovative proprietary curriculum combined with globally recognized pedagogies

Mulberry Learning’s unique curriculum model (iLearn/iExplore/iExperience/iDevelop) incorporates globally recognized pedagogies such as Reggio-Emilia, Multiple Intelligences, and Habits of Mind™, and ensures the holistic development of children. 

They are proud to be the first and only preschool network in the world to be certified by the USA for the Habits of Mind™ framework, which is adopted by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) for grooming the top 1% of Primary School students in the Gifted Education Programme.

Image credit: Mulberry Learning

Reggio-inspired learning spaces designed to cultivate the Future-Ready Child

The Mulberry Learning centre environment is characterised by thoughtfully designed spaces.  

Its core learning spaces, such as The Busy Baker™, Discovery Cove™, Art Atelier™, Construction Piazza™, and Imaginary Playscape™, are meticulously designed to inspire curiosity and creativity in children.  

These Reggio-inspired spaces encourage self expression, foster essential life skills, and promote holistic growth in a fun, immersive setting. 

Signature programmes that nurture future-ready children

Mulberry Learning’s programmes are conducted by teachers who are more than just educators. They're nurturing guides, qualified and well-trained with over 250 hours of in-house training under its i-Inspire Teacher Growth Model.

Reggio-inspired Project Inquiry™ - Children become “mini-scientists” engaging in a scientific investigative process over several months, gathering data, conducting experiments, and going on field trips.

This hands-on approach helps young learners grasp essential concepts in mathematics, science, and languages, culminating in a class presentation where they share their findings with their classmates.

Image credit: Mulberry Learning

Literacy programmes - Mulberry Learning’s Literacy Fun™ and Chinese Master™ programmes equip preschoolers with an expressive vocabulary of over 4,500 English words and more than 2,000 Chinese words. 

They'll master over 80 Chinese idioms and recite 16 Chinese poems by the age of six!

Infant Programme (2-18 months) - The exceptional infant programme at Mulberry Learning is regarded as one of the best in Singapore.

With experiential learning as the main approach, your child will develop through their own reflections and experiences. They even get to enjoy infant massages and a soothing spa experience under the infant spa programme.

Locations: 18 locations islandwide (view locations here


Find out more about Mulberry Learning’s Programmes and the Mulberry Learning Edge

Raffles Kidz International

Raffles Kidz International
Image credit: Raffles Kidz International

Established in 2014, Raffles Kidz International is a multi-award-winning premium preschool in Singapore that offers a holistic and bilingual curriculum that inspires and nurtures young minds.

The school's success is driven by a combination of its dedicated teachers, nurturing environment and comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the best-proven learning pedagogies to give children the best head start in their learning journey.

To prepare students for primary school, their well-rounded curriculum aims to build a solid foundation by cultivating children’s interests in the core subjects of English, Mandarin, and Mathematics. Adapting the Montessori Method, their pedagogy comprises four pillars that emphasize academic foundation, critical thinking, knowledge acquisition, and problem-solving skills.

In addition to the core subjects, children are exposed to a variety of themes such as the arts, culture, and sciences, to ensure that they are being given a broad and balanced education across a range of domains. A range of hands-on discovery and exploratory activities are conducted in a carefully crafted learning environment to let children learn about the world around them.

Raffles Kidz International
Image credit: Raffles Kidz International

In recognition of its commitment to young learners and excellence in early childhood education, Raffles Kidz has garnered numerous awards since its inception including "Best School for Building Strong Academic Foundation", and "Best in Pre-School Education".

Parents likewise are happy with the results, as evidenced by their positive reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

With 3 new centres at Ang Mo Kio, Yishun and Surbana Jurong, do register your child early as Raffles Kidz centres usually run at full capacity with a strong wait list of intakes for the upcoming year.

Raffles Kidz offers programmes from Pre-Nursery (18 months) all the way through to Kindergarten (6 years old) for all their centres, with additional Infant care (2-18 Months) for their Jurong West (Yuan Ching) centre.

Locations: Yio Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Punggol, Jurong West (Yuan Ching), Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, and Jurong West (Surbana Jurong Campus)

Book a school tour today and find out more at www.raffleskidz.com!

The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees (formerly Pat's Schoolhouse)

Guided by the vision of inspiring every child to be a happy explorer, The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees is committed to helping children prepare to be "Challengers of the Future".

For more than 35 years, The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees has helped thousands of young learners from ages 2 months to 6 years to build strong foundations in order to realize their full potential. 

Through their thoughtfully designed programmes, students are equipped to be future ready with skillsets such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and empathy.  

The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees now runs 15 preschools and 4 infant care centres throughout Singapore.

Built on the continued support of parents and the unwavering passion of their professional team to give off their very best, they are grateful to still remain at the forefront of early childhood education in Singapore. 

The campuses are well-equipped with facilities that help facilitate experiential learning including large outdoor and indoor playspaces, water-play area, and sand-play areas.

This is combined with an enhanced music-integrated curriculum, as well as an Inquiry Embedded play approach to provide a learning haven where children can explore their interests and discover the joy of learning.

The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees is also renowned for their award-winning Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum that immerses children with equal amounts of exposure to English and Mandarin on a daily basis.

In addition, selected centres offer a range of additional exciting enrichment programmes such as Robotics and Coding, Ballet, Golf, Soccer, and Taekwondo.

Locations: 15 campuses located island-wide. View the full list of locations here.

Contact for enrollment enquiries:

Brighton Montessori

Image credit: Brighton Montessori

Founded in 1995, Brighton Montessori prides itself on giving your child the best preparation for formal education in Primary School and beyond, while still maintaining a holistic approach so that children enjoy learning.

At Brighton Montessori, they have created a school where fun and academics go hand in hand so that your little ones look forward to going to school every single day!

The school's Montessori curriculum emphasizes learning through hands-on activities that are conducted in fun and creative ways, revolving around the five Montessori subject pillars:

  1. Practical Life Skills
  2. Sensorial Exercises
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture Studies

Brighton Montessori adopts an individualized approach to learning, with teachers giving every child the attention they need, and letting them learn at their own pace.

Image credit: Brighton Montessori

With one of the best teacher-child ratios amongst preschools in Singapore, your child is assured of getting the personalized guidance they need to attain their learning objectives.

Believing that the environment is an important component of learning, all of Brighton Montessori's spaces have been designed purposefully to encourage exploration and discovery for all levels.

Image credit: Brighton Montessori

The school has a strong parent partnership and is big on parent communication, so you'll always be kept updated of your child's progress.

Parents praise the school's level of communications, with both the principal and teachers readily available to address questions even after school hours.

They also appreciate Brighton Montessori's diverse student population, which has a good mix of locals and foreigners.

Locations: 7 Centres located island wide (Frankel Ave, HarbourFront [new], Mountbatten, River Valley, Sunset Way, Hillview [new], The Grassroots' Club. View full list of locations here.

Contact for enrollment enquiries:

[Promotion] Enjoy 100% registration fee waiver and receive a FREE Bright Start Pack (School bag, 2 sets of uniforms, 1 PE attire and a folder) when you enrol.

Find out more about the Brighton Difference

Modern Montessori International 

Image Credit: Modern Montessori International

At Modern Montessori, they believe in empowering your children to explore and discover the world around them. 

Since 1989, the preschool has been a trailblazer in Montessori preschool education, and has expanded to many countries, including 11 locations in Singapore.

Modern Montessori offers a structured curriculum designed to cultivate a love for learning and encourage interactive hands-on experiences. They aim to develop innovative minds and instil a growth mindset, creating a transformational journey for each child.

Modern Montessori’s unique approach turns conventional preschool on its head. They don’t just teach; they inspire. Modern Montessori fosters a love for learning that stays with your child for life, moulding them into confident, enthusiastic, and self-directed learners.

Image credit: Modern Montessori International

What makes Modern Montessori stand out from ordinary preschools is its responsive, child-centric environment that evolves with the changing needs of your little ones.

Its curriculum, rooted in Montessori principles, covers a wide range of subjects and activities such as Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies.

Creativity is also infused into every corner of the curriculum through art, craft, and drama.

The learning doesn’t stop there. Modern Montessori elevates its offerings with value-added programmes like Passport to the World, Yoga for Kids, Fantastic Friday (a day dedicated to indoor and outdoor physical play), Speech and Drama, Brain Gym, and more.

These programmes enhance the overall learning experience, providing a well-rounded educational journey.

Credit: Modern Montessori International

Modern Montessori understands the uniqueness of every child. That is why they tailor the education experience, customising the curriculum for each child based on their progress and parental feedback.

When your child graduates from Modern Montessori, they’re not just ready for Primary School - they’re prepared for life! Students leave with an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, independence, confidence, and a passion for learning.

They also develop social grace and courtesy, skills that will serve them well as they navigate the wider world.

Ready to set your child on a path to lifelong learning? Sign up for a school tour today and see for yourself why Modern Montessori is the preferred choice for so many parents. 

For a limited time, enjoy up to $1,500 off school fees and a 100% registration fee waiver (terms and conditions apply).

Locations: 11 locations across Singapore.

Book a school tour

Contact for enrolment enquiries: 

Agape Little Uni.

Image credit: Agape Little Uni. By Busy Bees

Agape Little Uni. is a SPARK-certified Child Care Centre appointed by ECDA as a Partner Operator Preschool that provides affordable fees and quality preschool education to over 1,000 children across 11 locations islandwide.

Agape Little Uni.'s philosophy is to build firm foundations in children to prepare them for success in life.

Starting with a well designed campus, Agape Little Uni. strives to be your child's "home away from home", a conducive environment where children learn to love and love to learn!

The school's Inquiry-Based Learning Curriculum was developed with character development as its foundation, as Agape Little Uni. believes in not only educating your child academically, but also developing your child's social skills and personality.

Its bilingual curriculum also provides children with a well-rounded education, exposing them to a diverse variety of subjects including science, technology and engineering, relationships, arts, mathematics, and even entrepreneurship.

Image credit: Agape Little Uni. By Busy Bees

It's a fun inquisitive journey at Agape Little Uni. everyday, as children are encouraged to experiment, discover, and transform learning into action, in order to develop their confidence and character, as well as to cultivate their passion for learning and life.

All of Agape Little Uni.'s teachers are qualified professionals that are skilled at bringing out the best in every child, while teaching them how to be responsible citizens of the world.

Teachers also receive periodic customized professional training that keeps them updated on the latest skills and best practices in childcare and early childhood education.

Agape Little Uni’s centres are conveniently located near the MRT, from the CBD (Cecil Street) to the heartlands, including Commonwealth and Thomson.

Locations: Cecil Street, Thomson, Choa Chu Kang , Clementi, Commonwealth, Compassvale, Gambas, Jurong West, Kallang, Upper Serangoon Crescent, Seng Kang Eastway

View full list of locations here.

2024 Enrolment Special: Enrol by 30 Sep 2023 to receive 2 FREE sets of uniform PLUS $50 Agape Cash Voucher*! Register here

*Applicable for Cecil, Commonwealth, Gambas, Jurong West and SengKang only.

More information on Agape Little Uni.

Schedule a visit

My First Skool

Image credit: My First Skool

My First Skool is the perfect choice for parents looking to nurture confident, curious, and well-rounded learners.

With over 40 years of experience in early childhood development, this preschool focuses on equipping your little ones with essential skills and mindset to thrive in today's ever-changing world.

My First Skool goes beyond textbooks, their experiential curriculum emphasizes the development of social and communication skills, as well as values such as respect and empathy.

They strive towards delivering an effective, engaging approach that stimulates the children's minds and encourages them to keep exploring.

Parents can rest easy knowing that the latest developments in childhood development are taken into consideration when designing the school's comprehensive curriculum.

Image credit: My First Skool

My First Skool's dedicated team of over 2,600 qualified educators stay up-to-date with the latest in early childhood education through ongoing training and professional development.

Their passionate educators build close connections, creating a nurturing, welcoming environment that feels like your child's home away from home.

Locations: Locations available islandwide. Find a centre here.

Promos: My First Skool offers promotions at select centres. Check out the latest promotions here.

Find out more about My First Skool

Register your child at My First Skool

Little Skool-House

Image credit: Little Skool-House

Little Skool-House is a premium preschool brand in Singapore with over 25 years of experience in nurturing children into well-rounded individuals.

Its 20 centres across Singapore are focused on nurturing and developing young minds, building healthy relationships, and preparing children for what lies beyond preschool.

The Little Skool-House's curriculum is designed to promote bilingual proficiency in Mandarin and English through engaging activities like weekly journal writing and Mandarin Theatre production.

Through the theatre programme, children become the creators, producers, and stars of their own show!

In addition, children also embark on Builders and Innovation projects which help to instill critical thinking and problem-solving skills, establishing a strong foundation in Math and Science.

The curriculum builds literacy skills and boosts confidence in language as children learn to communicate effectively, investigate, research, and report on various topics.

At Little Skool-House, children have the freedom to explore subjects that interest them.

For example, they might investigate how the digestive system works, engaging in an in-depth analysis and learning with their classmates.

Image credit: Little Skool-House

Little Skool-House is all about quality education, and that starts with the teachers.

Its educators have been winning teaching awards consistently since 2012 - a further testament to Little Skool-House's dedication towards providing quality education.

Awards such as MOE Outstanding Mother Tongue Language Award and ECDA (Early Childhood Development Agency) Outstanding Preschool Teacher Award reflect Little Skool-House's commitment to investing in rigorous training for its teachers to ensure they are well-equipped to teach their students.

With its reputation as a trusted preschool brand in Singapore, Little Skool-House has also been chosen by institutions such as the Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), and OCBC bank to provide preschool services to their employees and families.

Little Skool-House understands that building self-confidence and independence are the crucial first steps in your child's learning journey.

Its Relationships-Based Curriculum fosters a positive and trusting relationship between your child and their teachers, creating a secure and comfortable environment for learning to take place.

At Little Skool-House, your children will be more than ready to take on Primary School!

In the Primary School Formation Programme, children are not just learning subjects like math and science – they're also gaining key social and emotional skills that will help them adjust smoothly to Primary School.

Children are equipped with vital communication skills like asking for help, making new friends, and clarifying their understanding by asking questions.

Children are also being prepared emotionally and taught important behavioral adaptations for Primary School such as timetabling, ordering of food at the canteen, and packing of personal belongings.

Locations: View list of locations here

Promotions: Enjoy $1,600 worth of perks when you enroll your child (Terms and conditions apply). More details here

Find out more about the award-winning Little Skool-House

Little Seeds Preschool

Little Seeds Preschool provides a nurturing and supportive environment where your child can grow and develop into the best version of themselves.

The preschool offers an education grounded in holistic development and Christian values, instilling its values of faith, integrity, unity, community, and excellence in all students.

Image credit: Little Seeds Preschool

Celebrating the uniqueness of each child

Little Seeds Preschool celebrates the uniqueness of each child, recognising that children are like seeds brimming with potential. 

Their educators create a positive, safe, and secure environment where children are respected and encouraged to express themselves. This environment, like fertile soil, serves as the foundation for meaningful learning experiences tailored to each child's individual learning style.

At Little Seeds Preschool, academic success is not the only focus. The school’s teaching style allows children to grow at their own pace, focusing on cultivating a love for discovery, exploration, and positive life-long learning habits. 

Image credit: Little Seeds Preschool

Little Seeds Preschool aims to prepare children to make positive contributions to society, nurturing them to become not just learners, but leaders who will light the way for others.

Support for children and parents beyond the classroom

Little Seeds Preschool’s support for children and parents goes beyond the classroom. Its dedicated Pastoral Care Team and Chaplains work together to build a caring community for children and parents alike, providing spiritual care to strengthen the emotional well-being of students and their families. 

More than just a preschool, Little Seeds Preschool is a community that believes in the power of every child, understanding that much like seeds, they bloom in their own time.

Enrol your child at Little Seeds Preschool today, and start sowing the seeds of a bright future in a nurturing and values-driven environment!

Location: 16 locations across Singapore. View locations here

Contact for enrollment enquiries: 

Sign up for a school tour

Little Green House

Image credit: Little Green House

Since 2005, Little Green House has been a beacon of excellence in child and infant care.

With 11 centres spread across Singapore, Little Green House offers premium services that have earned them numerous accolades and recognition for their robust Literacy SMART™ programme.

To ensure quality education, educators at Little Green House undergo an extensive 180-hour in-house ChrysalisTM Teacher Growth Model training programme. This equips them with the necessary skills to lay a solid foundation in early literacy and overall development in children.

Little Green House’s commitment to nurturing young minds has earned them multiple awards including: 

  • Parents World Best Preschool Award for Best Literacy Programme in 2023/2024 (4-time winner)
  • Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards’ Best Literacy Programme for 4 consecutive years (2017 – 2020)
  • 2-time winner of SG Young Parent’s Choice Awards for Best Literacy Programme
  • Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards’ Mummies’ Choice for Best Literacy Programme in 2017

Award Winning Literacy SMART™ Programme

At the heart of Little Green House’s acclaimed preschool curriculum is the Literacy SMART™ programme which is tailored for children aged 18 months to 6 years. 

They firmly believe that embarking on a literacy journey at a young age can open a world of possibilities for your child. 

Image credit: Little Green House

Focusing on the four basic language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing, Little Green House aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become passionate readers, creative writers, active listeners, and charismatic speakers. 

From 18 months onwards, your child will embark on a unique learning journey at Little Green House, exploring areas like:

  • Numeracy
  • Discovery of the World
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Social and Emotional Competencies
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Language and Literacy

The Literacy SMART™ Framework consists of three main pillars:

1. Growing SMART Journey - A play based learning approach is incorporated to early literacy learning, fostering essential life skills and a love for learning. It encompasses holistic development, aligns with the NEL Framework, and offers engaging thematic activities.

2. Blooming SMART Challenges - Literacy SMART™ Challenges are organised to showcase your child’s progress.  

Through events like "I am a Budding Writer (Anthology)", "Spell It Out (Spelling Bee competition)", and "Hear Ye, Hear Ye! (Bilingual public speaking)", your child can confidently display their growing language skills..

3. Nurturing SMART Sanctuary - To create a Literacy SMART™ school environment,  centres are filled with age-appropriate readers, periodicals, and current news clippings. Award-winning books are readily accessible in the children's class library, and classroom walls are adorned with visual charts for self-directed learning.

Image credit: Little Green House

Signature learning zones within Little Green House have been designed to provide safe, secure areas for learning and play. The Language Lab, Sound Factory, and Art Lab are just some of the spaces where your child can explore, imagine, and create.

Little Green House warmly welcomes parents to participate in school activities such as the Literacy SMART™ Challenges, My SMART Reading Passport Programme (reading books with your children), field trips, and open houses.  

You’ll be kept informed about your child’s learning and well-being every step of the way during their time at Little Green House via its parent app.

Locations: 11 locations islandwide (view locations here)


Find our more about how Little Green House nurtures passionate life-long learners with a flair for literacy

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2. Schools With Multiple Locations (5 Or More Locations)

Carpe Diem Preschool

Image from Carpe Diem

Carpe Diam Preschool has been providing quality preschool education in Singapore since 2022 and has since expanded to cover 32 locations islandwide.

The centre believes in guiding children to embrace life with zest and enthusiasm through its multiple intelligence-based learning curriculum, which also delves into your child’s potential and teases it out.

The school is home to dedicated and passionate educators who are committed towards shaping a happy and confident childhood and future for your child.

Locations: 32 locations across Singapore


Cherie Hearts

Image from Cherie Hearts

Cherie Hearts is a premium early childhood learning and care provider that believes that children are unique individuals capable and deserving of being able to attain their full potential.

It wants to help children achieve this through its purposeful in-house-developed multi-literacies curriculum approach, meaningful partnerships with parents, and a team of well-trained staff.

The school takes children through a wide variety of enrichment programmes like abacus, music and drama, to keep things engaging and exciting, and for your child’s holistic development.

Locations: 6 locations – Kovan, Pasir Ris, Mountbatten, Yishun, Sin Ming, Upper Thomson


Elfa Chinese Preschool 

Image from Elfa Chinese Preschool

Elfa Chinese Preschool, as its name suggests, is an infant and childcare provider with a strong emphasis on Chinese-focused bilingual education.

Started in 2000, the bilingual preschool is also the most awarded Singapore preschool brand in China, so you can be sure its programmes and methodology of Chinese-focused bilingual education are robust and recognised.

The school has a strong focus on the oral acquisition and reading of the Chinese language while ensuring your child is engaged, interested and excited to learn the language from a young age.

Locations: 3 locations – Hougang, Pandan Valley, Tampines


Eton House 

Depending on your preference for your child, you can take your pick of Eton House’s 10 standalone preschools and 4 international schools across Singapore.

Eton’s Singapore pre-schools adopt MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners and Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) Early Years Development Framework while the International preschool follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP).

However, both schools also follow Eton house’s Inquire Think Learn framework which was guided by the research-based Reggio Emilia approach.

Locations: More than 10 locations islandwide – Broadrick, Sentosa (2 outlets), Orchard, Claymore, Mountbatten (3 outlets), Newton, Upper Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah, Robertson Walk, Thomson, Sixth Avenue


First Steps Preschool

Inspired by Confucius's quote “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, First Steps Preschool, which began in 2014, believes in providing personalised, world-class education to every child that enrolls in its school.

The school's holistic curriculum is innovation-focused and prefers to have learners discover on their own over rote learning.

It also integrates digital teaching and equipment so that children receive the most up-to-date technology education possible.

Locations: 7 locations – Admiralty, Yishun, MacPherson, Sengkang, Jurong, East Coast, Depot Road


KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse

Image credit: KiddieWinkie Schoolhouse

KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse is a leading premium preschool that nurtures winning minds and hearts.

From Character Development, Creative Expression, Linguistic Literacy, Sustainability to Global Diversity, the all-rounded curriculum develops in each child with the love for learning while inspiring them to have a winning mindset. 

Every KiddiWinkie child will grow into a happy, intelligent, expressive and resilient young individual, winners who will triumph in the 21st century with confidence and courage, preparing them for the preschool years and ahead.

Locations: 9 locations islandwide – Cactus (Yio Chu Kang), Jurong Gateway, Harbourfront, Katong, MacRitchie Park, Newton, Novena, Orchard, Upper Bukit Timah


Little Footprints Preschool

Little Footprints wants to be a childcare and early education provider that provides quality education but yet remains affordable and accessible.

The school nurtures its children to be confident communicators, solve problems efficiently, and think independently.

The school implements a holistic curriculum framework that takes children on a journey of discovery, stimulates their imagination, and encourages their holistic development. The school also believes that parents are partners and actively tries to engage them in parent-child activities while providing regular progress updates.

Locations: More than 40 locations islandwide


Little Paddington Preschool

Image credit: Little Paddington Preschool

Little Paddington Preschool believes that the world is your child’s classroom and implements programmes that let children explore the world through their perspective and tap on their curiosity.

There is a good mix of both child-directed and teacher-guided activities at Little Paddington’s schools. Its curriculum encourages a child to be curious, explore, and to be creative and brings learning beyond the classroom.

Its schools have intentionally-designed outdoor spaces that are spacious, green and provide a sense of adventure. You’ll find a gardening patch, a pirate ship, water play, a sand pit, a cycling track and a petting zoo all in one location – learning will be so fun for your child!

Locations: 5 locations – Bartley, East Coast, Kovan, Turf Club and Tanglin


Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse

Linked to the Catholic Church, Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse hopes to provide preschool education akin to a shepherd that cares for, protects, guides and leads the young.

It wants to create an environment where your child can grow in virtue while developing the knowledge and skills to connect with the world around them.

Little Shepherds’ curriculum is designed in a manner that cultivates GRACE in children – gratitude, respect, attitude, care and empathy.

Locations: 10 locations islandwide – Commonwealth, Hougang, Yishun, Woodlands, Jurong West, Boon Lay, Serangoon Gardens, Tampines, Sengkang, Bukit Timah


Maple Bear

Image credit: Maple Bear

Maple Bear is a Canadian school that offers full in-house developed Canadian programmes worldwide.

The school uses a preschool curriculum developed by Canadian teaching experts and refined by Education Ambassador Mrs Patricia Koh who was the head of the Early Childhood Department at Canada’s national education institute.

It has a signature bilingual preschool immersion methodology that incorporates a progressive language structure – children are encouraged to speak, read and write in English and Mandarin, and if they have, their own respective native languages.

There is also a focus on art, creative activity, technology, physical skills, and personal and social awareness.

Locations: More than 50 locations islandwide


Methodist Preschool

The Methodist Preschool Services was started recently in 2020 to consolidate the management of the current five Methodist preschools in Singapore, helping to unify all with the same vision, mission and core values.

Methodist Preschool hopes to nurture every child that walks through its doors to be a person of good character, to be an explorer, innovator, and entrepreneur.

The school has a strong focus on character development with Christian values as the underlying foundation. It also implements a STEM-based curriculum that is age-appropriate while ensuring that lessons are kept challenging enough while still being engaging.

Locations: 5 locations – Commonwealth, Bedok, Sengkang, Bukit Timah, Toa Payoh



Originating in Sydney two decades ago, Mindchamps has grown to be a reputable international brand when it comes to childhood education, enrichment and child care.

In Singapore, MindChamps is the lead in premium preschools in Singapore, with more than one-third of the market share within the premium preschools sector. MindChamps was started with the belief that if we understand how one learns, this can also be applied to help children discover their full potential.

Since then, this thinking has brought about MindChamp’s unique ‘3-Mind’ approach to education – which involves the synthesis of the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind and the Creative Mind. A child that goes to MindChamps will develop a Champion mindset with MindChamp’s new model for enriching young minds.

Locations: 39 locations islandwide


Odyssey The Global Preschool

Image credit: Odyssey The Global Preschool

Odyssey the Global Preschool offers an award-winning curriculum within a fully equipped Reggio Emilia- inspired campus.

If you're looking for a preschool in Singapore that will encourage your child to develop a love of learning and an interest in exploring their world, then you've come to the right place.

Odyssey’s low teacher-child ratio, along with a best-in-class pedagogy, and team of passionate educators, ensures that every child gets individualized attention and an excellent early education experience.

The school combines the Reggio Emilia philosophy with the International Baccalaureate approach to create an environment that allows children to direct their own learning, and fosters innovation and exploratory learning.

Image credit: Odyssey The Global Preschool

Odyssey's core preschool curriculum centres around project work, literacy, math skills, Chinese Language Immersion, and creative programmes.

The curriculum is designed to develop skills including critical and creative thinking, as well as encourage children to be curious and to develop a passion for learning.

Art, music, and sports are at the heart of its creative curriculum. These are supplemented by additional programmes such as Little Chef, Outdoor Learning Experiences, and Emotional Cultural Quotient, that nurture children's creativity, life skills, social emotional well being, and sense of aesthetics.

Image credit: Odyssey The Global Preschool

During the last semester of the Senior-K year, children go through a 6 months enhanced preparatory course to prepare them for Primary School.

During this time, they will acquire advanced literacy and math skills, while developing skills including self management, perseverance, risk taking, critical thinking, and problem solving.


  • 20 Fourth Avenue
  • 101 Wilkinson Road
  • 191 Jalan Loyang Besar
  • 25 Still Road South
  • 50A Lloyd Road

Contact for enrollment enquiries:

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Find out more about Odyssey Global Preschool

PCF Sparkletots

Image credit: PCF Sparkletots

PCF Sparkletots is Singapore's largest preschool provider with more than 300 locations across Singapore. It is an anchor operator funded by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) so fees are affordable and the centres are accessible.

PCF Sparkletots wants to raise confident and creative learners with a caring heart and does so by providing quality programmes with trained educators to educate young learners holistically.

The school's preschool programme seeks to prepare children for a successful start to formal schooling in Primary One.

Locations: More than 300 locations islandwide


Rainbow Cove Preschool

Image credit: Rainbow Cove Preschool

Rainbow Cove Preschool aims to be a preschool that has a warm, friendly and stimulating learning environment.

The school wants to cultivate children to be lifelong learners. It adopts the Pikler approach and Erik Erikson’s principles in its programme, believing strongly in respectful trusting relationships between its staff and children.

The Rainbow Cove learning environment is designed in such a way that there are age-appropriate materials and facilities, such as an indoor baby gym for those young ones to crawl and climb to their hearts’ desires, and to develop fundamental motor skills.

Locations: 6 locations – Upper Serangoon, Upper East Coast, Boon Keng, Kallang, East Coast, Sembawang


Star Learners Child Care

Star Learners has dedicated itself to providing high quality education and early age childcare for close to two decades.

They believe that beyond the regular childcare activities, there is room to inspire children to do greater things. Its literature-based curriculum builds a strong base for literacy within your child while ensuring that critical thinking, collaboration, and communication are also imbued within them.

Locations: More than 40 locations islandwide



Started in 2002, Superland has been providing infant care, playgroup nursery, and kindergarten taught using a combination of Montessori and Thematic project approaches, for two decades.

The school believes that every child is precious, unique and has the potential to be nurtured into someone who can give back positively to society. Aside from a robust curriculum, Superland’s focus on Art, Music and Sports activities ensures your child will develop strong social, creative, and linguistic skills at an early age.  

Locations: 12 locations – Paya Lebar, Outram, Tanjong Pagar, Telok Blangah, Kreta Ayer,  River Valley, Bukit Timah, Tanglin, Novena, Woodlands, Tiong Bahru, River Valley, Bukit Timah 



3. International Schools with Preschool and Early Years Programmes

Australian International School

The Australian International School is the only Southern-Hemisphere school in Singapore that has an Australian curriculum-based global education for students from 2 months to 18 years.

The AIS comprises qualified teaching teams which are well-versed in early childhood methodologies and it aims to develop confident learners who are successful in academia and social and emotional areas.

The school focuses on the development of the whole child and believes more in a holistic and interdisciplinary approach – children are taught to question, to wonder and to have agency, and are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning here.

Location: Lorong Chuan


Blue House Nursery and International Preschool

Blue House Nursery and International Preschool is an international preschool and childcare centre that provides a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for children.

The school was started in 2008 and implements the Reggio Emilia approach.

Blue House believes that education is not just about pre-packaging knowledge and getting children to digest them – they believe education is an active process and will provide children with real-life opportunities that are tangible, meaningful and interactive.

Educators at Blue House view themselves as coaches and mentors who will support your child with questions to help them learn and form their own answers as they journey in this world.

Locations: 3 locations – Eunos, Queenstown, Sixth Avenue


Brighton College

Image credit: Brighton College

Brighton College is an international school that believes that education can do more than help your child make sense of the world and be future-ready.

Utilising the English National Curriculum, Brighton College provides an ambitious and challenging schooling environment that ultimately prepares your child for primary and then, senior school.

The school has a nurturing and personalised environment where children are seen and recognised and its programmes and culture are driven by three key pillars — confidence, curiosity and kindness.

Location: Lorong Chuan


Canadian International School

Image credit: Canadian International School

The Canadian International School in Singapore is an IB school that accepts students from 2 years old onwards for kindergarten, up till 18 years old.

The school has developed a robust reputation for the rigour and breadth of its academic curriculum, and for its facilities and faculty’s skills and care.

Its IB programme covers languages, fine arts, athletics and service learning opportunities so that students can unlock their true potential.

Teaching faculty are well-equipped, and experienced, and make it a point to tease out your child’s natural curiosity in-class and to develop their love for learning in and out of the classroom.

Recognising that required skills are consistently evolving in this era, the Canadian International School makes sure they equip students with these skillsets, as well as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

 Locations: Tanjong Katong, Lakeside



Chatsworth International - International Kindergarten and Preschool

Image credit: Chatsworth International

Chatsworth International is a private international school that is catered to students from 3 to 18 years old, providing them with a strong, holistic and affordable international school education. The school is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school and hence offers three programmes from the IB curriculum.

As an international school, Chatsworth celebrates diversity and is home to students from more than 50 different nations, with a small English as Additional Language (EAL) population of about 15 to 20%. Every student is well-taken care of with a high teacher-to-student ratio, and strongly-qualified native English teachers. The small class sizes also mean that students have ample space to learn, express themselves and be heard.

The school premises at Bukit Timah is surrounded by lush greenery from the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Location: Bukit Timah


Dover Court International School

Image credit: Dover Court International School

Dover Court International School is a leading British International school that aims to transform your child’s learning by going beyond the confines of traditional education.

The school hopes to inspire and help your child achieve more by collaborating with other institutions globally like The Julliard School, to teach music and dance.

The young ones are taught in a Reggio-inspired environment by top-notch and highly experienced teachers to ensure they have the best start in their early years.

Parents who are keen to find out more about the school are also able to attend the Early Years and Year One open morning which is held periodically.

These sessions allow parents to get a sense of how Dover Court’s educators deliver the curriculum, and to feel what campus life would be like for their child.

 Location: Dover Road


Dulwich College

Image credit: Dulwich College

Dulwich College is an international school in Singapore linked to Dulwich College in London, and the seventh such school in the Dulwich family of schools.

Given its roots, Dulwich College operates with a British independent school ethos and values and also celebrates festivals and events from there, local ones, and events of global importance.

The school accepts students from toddlers up to Year 13.

As it operates like a British independent school, Dulwich has pastoral structures where students have the support of a form tutor and the school’s pastoral team.

The school has a house system where students are divided into one of four houses. Dulwich is also committed to providing robust and plenty of opportunities for its students to be confident, articulate, and to be strong leaders.

Location: Bukit Batok


GESS - International School

GESS, otherwise known as the German European School Singapore, is an international school in Singapore with strong European foundations and is supported by the German Foreign Office and the Central Agency for German Schools.

GESS wants to develop confident and forward-looking students aged from 2 to 18 years old, through its two main curricula – the German curriculum and the IB programme which is conducted in English.

As a European international school, GESS offers many languages for its mother tongue programme, as well as for its language enrichment programmes.

The school celebrates respect, openness and diversity, and wants to empower its students to become knowledgeable, skilful and resilient global citizens, ready to face the challenges of a changing world.

 Location: 2 Dairy Farm Lane Singapore 677621


Global Indian International School

Founded in 2002, the Global Indian International School in Singapore (GIIS) is a leading international school that provides Indian and international curricula to students from all over the world, at its two campuses in East Coast and Punggol.

GIIS has adopted the cultural ideology of ‘schools that learn’, which posits that every person within the GIIS community is an equal partner during the learning process.

Every student is encouraged to take charge of their own learning, and the culture of lifelong learning is also strongly inculcated within them.

GIIS provides the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme, which blends the well-known Montessori method, with the new age idea of Multiple Intelligences, to students aged between 2.5 years to 5 years old.

 Location: East Coast, Punggol


Invictus International Preschool

Image credit: Invictus International Preschool

Invictus International Preschool has provided more than two decades of early years international education to young minds, and was previously known as White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare.

The school has five locations islandwide and provides rich cultural environments where children are allowed to discover, explore and celebrate each other’s cultures. 

The schools’ programmes are tailored for each stage of your child’s development and parents have the flexibility of choosing a half-day or full-day programme for two, three or all five days in a week.

Invictus also provides enrichment classes and parent and child classes to help your child transition gradually into school. 

Locations: 5 locations – Bedok, Toa Payoh, Bukit Timah, West Coast, Changi 


Little Skittles International Preschool

Located in Mountbatten, Little Skittles International Preschool wants to ensure that all kids achieve their developmental goals – cognitive, physical, social and emotional to ensure they have a strong foundation for their schooling years ahead.

Little Skittles wants to prepare children to be confident lifelong learners who are naturally curious and keen to learn about the world around us.

Aside from standard classrooms, the school also has wide open outdoor spaces that allow its staff to plan for different activities and programmes to keep things exciting for your child every school day.

Location: Mountbatten


Little Tykes Preschool

Image credit: Little Tykes Preschool

A preschool by Integrated International School, Little Tykes Preschool has a boutique toddler drop-off programme inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach, for children aged 18 months to 3.5 years old.

The school has both English and Mandarin educators who can help your child become a curious learner and develop a sense of adventure. 

The school provides opportunities for creative indoor and outdoor sensory play, with a special teepee, imaginary cities build out of recyclables and a mini herb garden.

Little Tykes also has a purpose-built Ocean Snoezlene room which is a multi-sensory space with colourful bubble tubes, and fibre optic blankets, among other items that will provide your child with an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. 

Location: Clementi 


Nexus International School

Image credit: Nexus International

Located in Aljunied, Nexus International is an international school for those aged 3 to 18.

Nexus hopes to imbue in its students an open and creative mind, and strong critical thinking skills.

Through its teaching faculty, and facilities and empowered by technology, Nexus encourages its students to think bigger from a global perspective, and to think independently and creatively.

The school has state-of-the-art facilities including an aquatics centre with an Olympic-sized pool, as well as spaces for children to grow and thrive, like a recording studio, jamming rooms, mixing rooms, and art-centred rooms.

These spaces were designed by specialist teachers and have been designed for learning, by the very individuals that work daily in them, so parents can be assured that the facilities are practical and effective.

Location: Aljunied


One World International School

Image credit: One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) is a trusted international school that takes on children aged 3 onwards.

Its early childhood programme, underpinned by the English National Curriculum,  is play-based and inquiry-led.

It hopes to provide a safe and inviting learning environment for all children that walk through its doors and has bright airy classrooms, as well as outdoor sensory learning opportunities – giving a child space to be curious while feeling safe.

Locations: Jurong West, Suntec


Overseas Family School

Overseas Family School’s (OFS) kindergarten hopes to provide children with the best possible start to their schooling years through its early childhood programme which develops knowledge, skills and attitudes while involving play.

At OFS, children have the space to inquire, ask questions, express themselves freely, problem-solve and work collaboratively and creatively.

Because of its diverse student population, OFS also has interesting special events including the celebration of cultural holidays, where parents are also invited to join.

Location: Pasir Ris


Rain Trees International Kindergarten & Preschool

Started in 1999, Rain Trees International Kindergarten & Preschool has been providing a fun yet challenging schooling environment for preschool and kindergarteners for more than two decades.

The school bases its educational philosophy on the UK National Curriculum and provides children with a hands-on play-based approach.

The school is registered under MOE as a Foreign System Kindergarten but does nothing short of equipping your child well for primary school.

Children at Rain Trees are provided with a homely and nurturing environment, and its staff strive toward making your child feel safe and happy.

Location: Buona Vista


Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Image credit: Sri Manasseh Meyer International School

The Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is a not-for-profit Jewish International school which prides itself in providing first-class international school education and quality facilities at affordable fees.

The school was started with the philanthropic commitment of Sir Manasseh Meyer, who was a civic and Jewish leader in Singapore who wanted to provide an international education for children and equip them with values to be successful and to lead ethical lives. 

The school accepts children from two years old up to 16 years old and starts them off with its Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool curriculum.

SMMIS educators are well-trained and employ creative and dynamic teaching methods to inspire their students.

SMMIS wants to ensure that its students are not just academically-equipped, but well-rounded, socially-responsible individuals who embrace lifelong learning and excellence. 

Location: 3 Jalan Ulu, Sembawang


Stamford American International School

Stamford is a leading international school in Singapore that has student-centred IB programmes for children as young as 2 months old. It has an Early Learning Village that is tailored for those in preschool, from pre-nursery to kindergarten 2.

The village is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach where the outdoor environment is the “third teacher”. The village is a safe and experiential space with natural wood structures and open spaces, inviting children to safely explore and discover, as a means of expressing themselves.

Within its curriculum, there is a balance between child-initiated and teacher-guided experiences, and all of these are supported by developmentally-appropriate best practices.

Location: Lorong Chuan


The Grange International Preschool  

Credit: The Grange International Preschool

An international preschool located in central Singapore, The Grange International Preschool caters to young minds aged 3 to 6 years old.

The school implements a Young CREATORS educational philosophy which aims to develop your child into a global citizen, armed with eight core competencies – communicative person, respectful of others, enquiring mind, active citizen, teamwork-oriented, open-minded, resilient attitude and self-confidence.

 At The Grange, students are well-placed for academic and personal success with ample opportunities to develop these areas.

Aside from academia, students also co-manage an eco-garden with more than a hundred varieties of plants, vegetables and flowers, and are also encouraged to be young botanists, chefs, musicians and artists through the school’s unique learning blocks.  

Location: Yio Chu Kang


Viv's Schoolhouse

Viv’s Schoolhouse is an international preschool that welcomes all children.

As a school that accepts children from all walks of life, it is a safe and conducive space for all children to learn about cultures and diversity through bilingual immersion.

Not only do children get to associate with other children of different cultures, but they are also taught to be kind, gracious and magnanimous.

Children at Vivi’s Schoolhouse are happy, inspired and engaged learners that also remember to have compassion for others.

Location: Bugis


XCL World Academy

Image credit: XCL World Academy

XCL calls itself the school of the future and wants to bring forth a next generation that aspires to positively impact others by mentoring its students to find their own voice to lead, learn and innovate.

The school designs personalised learning plans and implements a world-class curriculum to help students realise their utmost potential.

Aside from having educators from over 20 nations, the school also has students from more than 50 countries, so you can be sure that your child will not only receive the best teaching experience from around the world but also be exposed to different, diverse cultures helping them learn more and grow.

Location: Yishun


4. Smaller Preschools with 2 To 4 Locations


Bibinogs is a specialist provider of bilingual and Chinese language preschool in Singapore for children aged 9 months to 7 years.

Its BibiNogs BE curriculum makes use of a bilingual and pure Mandarin immersive classroom setting to help your child make sense of the world around them by melding together context and real-life situations. Its programme is aimed at nurturing confident, expressive, kind children who are appreciative of the various world cultures.

Its programmes are often offered in a bilingual or pure Mandarin format, perfect for parents who want to ensure their child has a firm foundation in both languages.

Locations: Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah, East Coast


Camelot Infant Preschool

Image credit: Camelot Infant Preschool

Camelot Infant Preschool is a Day Care Centre dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children aged 2 months to 6 years old.

It uses a blend of Montessori and Thematic approaches to ensure a holistic, enjoyable, and enriching learning environment.

From language and learning to sensorial exploration and mathematics, the curriculum is designed to nurture every aspect of your child's development.

Locations: Serangoon, Braddell, East Coast


Cherrybrook Preschool

Image credit: Cherrybrook Preschool

Cherrybrook Preschool on East Coast is set up by the PAFED (Parents for EDucation), a social enterprise started by some parents who were inspired by teachings from Saint Josemaria Escrivá, the founder of the Opus Dei Prelature.

The school is part of a worldwide network of schools that have a collective mission, philosophy, and education practices.

Location: Farrer, Thomson, East Coast


ChildFirst Pre-school

ChildFirst is a preschool in Singapore with a trilingual environment – English, Chinese, and coding – and hopes to future-proof children by providing such an environment. ChildFirst wants your child to find success in school and academia while having the room to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

ChildFirst also recognises that knowledge’s shelf life is getting shorter so there is a need to have timeless skills like lifelong learning, computational thinking, problem solving and creativity, which will better prepare your child in dealing with the unknowns of the future.

Locations: King Albert Park, Mountbatten and Tampines


Chiltern House

Image credit: Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern wants to make a child’s first foray into school a fun and formative one, sparking a different foundation for children right from the get-go.

It uses the EduDrama methodology together to inject language, imagination, and discovery into a child’s world. The child will gain exposure to literature, mathematics, science and the arts.

Chiltern wants to prepare your child for school and life, ensuring academic excellence while giving them the skillset to tackle difficulties outside of the classroom.

Locations: Mountbatten, East Coast, Thomson, Turf Club


House on the Hill Montessori

House on the Hill Montessori (HotH) was founded in 2012 and believes in immersing children in an open and stimulating environment, coupled with an experiential learning curriculum.

The school is family-run by three passionate individuals who have a shared vision for quality early childhood education.

True to its name, HotH is surrounded by lush greenery and play is a necessary component of the curriculum. Guided by the Montessori framework, the school ensures that every child that walks through its doors will have purposeful learning experiences which will prepare them for the future. 

Locations: Mount Sophia, Balmoral, Pasir Panjang, Bukit Timah


Our Children's House

Our Children’s House was started with the premise that every child matters and is seen as a unique individual with their own special talents and abilities.

The school hopes to help each child develop their potential to the fullest by providing them with the best opportunities and resources while building up their self-esteem. 

Educators at Our Children’s House are dedicated to providing your child with a reliable and safe space so that they feel unafraid to be confident and critical thinkers.

Each child at Our Children’s House is given the opportunity to learn according to their own needs – educators provide an individualised Montessori programme but also encourage group interactions and discussions. 

Location: Paya Lebar, Clementi 



Image credit: Shaws

Touting itself as first play-based preschool in Singapore, Shaws just has one clear objective – to provide a different type of preschool education to the young in Singapore.

Say goodbye to boring lessons, rote learning and a top-down teaching approach.

At Shaws, lessons are planned such that children learn and express themselves through play, all while having fun! Learning is hands-on and Shaws ensures that every child will get sufficient spots and outdoor play daily. In fact, through its methodology, Shaws is certain that even the timidest of children will walk out of Shaws’ doors confident and self-assured.

Locations: Serangoon and East Coast


St James Church Kindergarten

Established in 1977, St James Church Kindergarten is a Christian preschool that prides itself in providing every child with a high quality education.

The school believes every child matters and wants to develop them into well-rounded individuals with a godly character.

St James Church Kindergarten uses an eclectic approach to its curriculum, integrating the best of different practices, such as play-based learning and nature-based learning, and gets its materials from various countries such as Taiwan, Israel, US, and Russia.

Locations: Novena, Holland Village, Dempsey


5. Central

Coco-Ro Learning House

Image credit: Coco-Ro Learning House

Located in the heart of town at Somerset, Coco-Ro Learning House wants to educate children by helping them develop a strong foundation for them to define their own happiness in the future.

It does so by creating an environment where children are encouraged to think, act and choose their own actions and engage in independent play.

It has a strong focus on instilling freedom, ability and power in children to prepare them for life, and doesn’t believe in imposing an ‘ideal’ image on a child stemming from adults’ definitions and expectations.

Its programmes encourage the development of self-awareness, discovery and self-learning.

Location: Somerset


Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten

Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten (KBK) was established in 2000 and aims to provide preschoolers with a strong academic foundation while nurturing their physical, spiritual, and character development.

Their experienced and passionate educators are dedicated to providing a high quality education for children, ensuring they will be ready for primary school.

KBK encourages play, love for learning, and exploration, and organizes field trips regularly to expose children to new things and to engage in experiential learning.

Children are also given lots of outdoor time to develop fundamental motor skills.

The school maintains strong bonds with parents as it believes in partnering with parents in the holistic development of your child.

An example of this close partnership with the parents is the school's Community Garden which was donated, set up, and maintained by the parents.

Location: River Valley


Mahota Preschool

Mahota Preschool has been providing its nature-based curriculum and pedagogy for more than two decades, bringing children engaging classes and meaningful activities that develop their mind, body and spirit.

Through nature-based learning, the school wishes to develop children’s eco-consciousness and eco-literacy, while ensuring the child receives an age-appropriate curriculum across the disciplines of movement, arts, languages, sciences and mathematics.

The school wants to bring out the inner potential of each child and wants to bring forth a generation of capable and committed individuals that can tackle challenges head-on.

Location: Farrer Park


My Learning Haven

Credit: My Learning Haven

My Learning Haven is a bilingual preschool that provides your child with stimulating and imaginative ways to learn and play.

The school encourages dual language fluency by providing English and Mandarin classes in its Language Playroom.

In its creative playroom, children are given the space to explore music and art through singing, dancing, music appreciation and art activities. 

Other areas that My Learning Haven engages your child in include sensory play, purposeful science experiments and activities, hands-on maths activities and physical education sessions in its dynamic games room. These elements ensure that your child has an all-rounded education from the time they step foot into My Learning Haven. 

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, #03-374 to 378,Singapore 038983



Sparknauts is an enrichment and gym centre for babies and toddlers that believes in not only helping the little ones reach their full potential, but also employing purposeful play and research-based class activities.

If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s progress among their peers, Sparknauts provides weekly reviews and assessments to keep you informed of their development.

The school opts to have a strong physical education focus as they believe good fundamental motor skills and physical development is the foundation for intelligence.

Location: Farrer Park



Trehaus calls itself a modern village and preschool and is an integrated co-working space with childcare services.

The space was created with working parents who recognise the importance of spending time with their children in mind. It is a flexible workspace with an adjacent creche run by full-time trained caregivers, as well as the Trehaus school next door.

Its preschool programme has a small 1:5 ratio, comprises inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces and doesn’t just want to build smart and academically-strong kids, but also those who have character and want to create a positive difference in this world. 

Location: Funan


6. East

Blue Lion Preschool

Image credit: Blue Lion Preschool

Set up in 2019, Blue Lion Preschool is a Buddhist preschool guided by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

It is also the first contemplative preschool in Singapore that provides a programme rooted in the Buddhist approach, which means that it features Asian heroes, stories and values within its programme.

Blue Lion believes in a “come and see” learning approach which relies on the child’s inherent ability to see, experience and discern and has the teacher asks questions rather than provide the answers.

Location: East Coast


British Council Preschool

The British Council preschool utilises the best preschool practices from both the UK and Singapore to provide children with holistic, hands-on, and concrete learning while ensuring that they have a strong foundation in language and literacy.

Even though it bases the learning on the UK curriculum, the school prides itself on its equal emphasis on Mandarin and has a well-staffed team of qualified and passionate individuals who can engage your child in both languages.

Classes include purposeful play, hands-on activities and child-led projects which will help them stay curious, and learn to love learning while ensuring academic milestones are met.

Location: Tampines


Discovery Kidz Preschool

Image credit: Discovery Kidz Preschool

Discovery Kidz Preschool offers early childhood education and care for children from 18 months to 6 years and 11 months old.

The school was founded in 2005 and its mission is “all for children” showcasing its dedication to the physical, psychological and behavioural health of all children that comes through its doors.

The school recognises that every child is unique and provides programmes that are tailored to your children’s development needs.

Location: Bedok


Emile Preschool

Founded by university professors, Emile Preschool prides itself in using trustworthy research-proven discoveries and high-quality learning materials from countries like Japan, Germany, US and UK.

Aside from providing an environment that develops and nurtures every child’s strengths and talents, the school also provides well-balanced meals approved by a professional nutritionist, complete with organic produce.

Location: Bartley


Kinderstori Schoolhouse

Image credit: Kinderstori Schoolhouse

Located in Tampines, Kinderstori SchoolHouse is centred on the belief that children have an innate curiosity to learn and explore and aims to enhance this natural curiosity by providing them with the right support, environment, and resources to help them realise their full potential.

Kinderstori’s programme comprises various educational theories while ensuring children get a good chance to be hands-on and engage in experiential learning.

There is no one pre-set curriculum, but an environment that is continually inviting and sustains learning.

Location: Tampines


Little Big Preschool

Started in 2009 by educator Kenny Low, the name Little Big refers to “little angels with big dreams” and wants to not only provide children with a sound early childhood education but also work with parents to create amazing memories for children as they grow.

This preschool in Singapore believes in the Reggio Emilia approach that a child’s first teacher is their parent(s), the second the teacher and the third the environment, and ensures that its programmes facilitate quality exchanges between parents and their little ones. 

Academics are celebrated, but what matters more here are good memories and imparting love to the children so they feel empowered to dream big and realise these dreams.

Location: Telok Kurau


Little Lions Preschool

Little Lions Preschool
Image credit: Little Lions Preschool

Little Lions Preschool is a close-knit school that fosters holistic growth and makes learning fun for children through themed projects.

The school's vision is to cultivate a love for school and learning in every child.

As children learn best when they have a genuine love for learning, Little Lions Preschool is committed to creating a joyful, happy, and safe environment for your child to flourish.

The dual-lingual school offers an opportunity for kids to be immersed in an environment where they can learn both English and Chinese effectively.

Children are engaged in creative and fun filled activities everyday, and are encouraged to explore their environment through arts and craft, music, sensory activities, and group games.

Little Lions Preschool
Image credit: Little Lions Preschool

Little Lions Preschool's teachers are professionals that are experienced and qualified, which means you can be confident that your little ones are cared for in a warm and nurturing environment.

Low teacher to child ratios ensure that every child receives individualized attention and can develop their full potential.

Teacher to child ratios:

  • 18-30 months - 1:4
  • 3-4 years - 1:6
  • 5-6 years - 1:8

At Little Lions Preschool, you can be assured that your child's education will be full of fun and their development supported in every aspect.

They will be put on a path to grow into happy and well-balanced individuals who are equipped with life skills to thrive in all environments!

Location: 73 Lucky Heights Singapore 467624


  • 8:30pm-12pm
  • 8:30am-3pm

Before and after school care: From 7am-7pm


Seeds Preschool

Credit: Seeds Preschool

Seeds Preschool, located in the east of Singapore, is a school that hopes to provide children with a well-balanced and holistic education, equipping them with the skills of tomorrow.

Students of Seeds undergo a creative and tailored curriculum which educates them on the ability to innovate, problem solve and to be able to engage in creative and critical thinking, as well as to be good and effective communicators. 

All teaching professionals at Seeds are well-equipped to provide tailored learning plans to your child and also provide them with unparalleled support and care during their time at the school. Lessons at Seeds are practical yet fun, with educators using concrete, pictorial and abstract resources to conduct creative and multi-sensory lessons. 

Location: 252 Tembeling Road #02-07 Tembeling Centre Singapore 423731



7. North

Bucket House Preschool

Image credit: Bucket House Preschool

Bucket House Preschool is a new preschool in Singapore founded in 2018 by Amber Koh, who is an advocate of the Reggio Emilia approach and outdoor learning.

Koh believes that children are competent learners and believes in a balance between a structured and inquiry-based curriculum. With this balance will children be given the right amount of control over their own learning such that they have room to express their thoughts and feelings.

It believes that parents need to be connected and involved in a child’s learning journey and that educators are the child’s second teacher, and the environment the third.

With this in mind, they hope to create a supportive community, together with parents, to help children stay connected to the world as they grow and learn.

Location: Woodlands


8. West

Kanopy Forest Preschool

Kanopy Forest Preschool was started to provide a holistic learning environment that is inspired by the Forest School approach and movement.

The school hopes to nurture a child’s curiosity by having them spend time regularly in nature and to have them connect with nature. Its classrooms are purposeful-designed and children have space to express their needs and learning interests freely, in an open-ended manner.

Location: King Albert Park


9. Factors to consider when choosing a preschool in Singapore

Choosing the right preschool for your child in Singapore can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best preschool for your child.


Location is usually the most important factor when choosing a preschool and understandably so.

Staying near your child's preschool will certainly save you a lot of time and hassle. Being able to walk to school is a game-changer and many parents count their lucky stars if they can find a suitable preschool that is within walking distance of their home.

Make sure the school's bus service is able to cover your requirements. For example, there may be instances where the bus services don't provide transportation if your child is staying back after regular school hours for extra enrichment classes.

We've also encountered situations where due to the low demand for bus services from students, those who do need the bus services have to pay more so that it is still economically viable for the bus operator to continue running the service.

School Hours

School hours have a major impact on how much time parents need to invest in drop-off and pick-up or finding childcare cover during those hours.

Some preschools offer a choice of half-day or full-day programmes, while others operate on a strictly half-day or full-day basis.

Full-day programmes are well suited to families where both parents work full time and need maximum coverage from a child care provider.

Half-day programmes offer more flexibility for those parents that may want their children to engage in other kinds of extracurricular or enrichment programmes outside of school.

Be sure to check the calendar that your preschool operates on, as some schools follow the MOE School Holidays Calendar, which means that there won't be school during the March, September, June, and year-end breaks, while others run year round.


Preschool costs are not just limited to the tuition fee - it can also include additional resources like educational material needed, excursions, transportation fees, and much more. They all add up!

School bus fees have risen substantially over the past few years as well so a school that is within walking distance can translate into quite a bit of savings, especially if you have more than 1 child that needs to take the bus.

While cost may be a factor limiting the choices available, it's still possible to pick a practical yet reliable preschool program.

The Singapore government provides lots of aid and subsidies for parents as well.

For example, parents with Singapore Citizen children enrolled in licensed childcare centres receive a Basic Subsidy of up to $600 per month for full-day infant care, and up to $300 for full-day childcare.


Education programmes from preschools can encompass a range of curriculum, such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, or play-based learning.

Consider what type of curriculum would best suit your child's needs.

Does the school offer field trips or educational outings? Does the school offer specialized classes such as language or music? Are there activities that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

What goals does the teaching staff have for your child's development over their time at the school? How will their progress be measured?

Bilingual curriculums particularly those that cover the Chinese language are popular with parents in Singapore as they seek to enhance their children's fluency and proficiency in Mandarin. This is especially important as English often takes precedence at home nowadays.

For those that want their child to be immersed in the Chinese language, there are even programmes that are delivered entirely in Mandarin.

Class Size

Class size has a direct impact on the quality of education that your child receives.

Smaller classes provide more personalised attention to each student and offer more opportunities for individual feedback and interaction with educators.

In larger classes, it's harder for teachers to manage students and it may be difficult for children to receive the same level of instruction or attention. Additionally, smaller classes also allow teachers to have better control over classroom discipline, which can lead to a more productive learning environment.

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) specifies minimum staff-child ratios based on the child's age, ranging from 1:5 for infants (18 months and below) to 1:25 for Kindergarten 2 (6 years old).

Image credit: ECDA

Facility Quality

Facility quality is an important factor for choosing preschool in Singapore because it directly impacts the learning environment and the safety of children.

How well-maintained are classrooms, restrooms, playgrounds and other facilities within the school premises? Are there any additional facilities such as a library or music room? Is the environment conducive for learning and does it offer stimulating activities for children?

High-quality facilities will provide a space where children can feel comfortable and secure, while also having resources that enable them to engage with activities that foster their development.

Look for adequately-sized classrooms and play areas that are sunny, cheerful, and free from hazards.

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