23 of the Best Online Tuition in Singapore and Platforms to Find Online Tutors

23 of the Best Online Tuition in Singapore and Platforms to Find Online Tutors

March 25, 2024

We'll help you find the best online tutors, whether it's to prepare your child for the national examinations or to pick up skills like coding.

If you're a parent in Singapore, it's likely that you're always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help your children excel in their academics. One great way to do this is by finding an online tutor.

Online tuition in Singapore has been gaining in popularity of late and it's easy to see why. With online tuition, you can attend lessons at your convenience.  

No more worring about ferrying your child to class, pesky parking issues, or finding a suitable timeslot.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best online tuition in Singapore as well as platforms to find online tutors.

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Online Tutoring Classes and Platforms to find Online Tutors


  1. Geniebook

Multi-Subject Online Tutors

  1. Agrader Learning Centre
  2. Future Academy
  3. IB Super Education Centre
  4. Snapask
  5. Tenopy
  6. Superstar Teacher
  7. The Learning Lab
  8. Keystone Tutors
  9. Boutique Education
  10. Adam Khoo Learning Centre Online

Tuition Agencies

  1. SmileTutor
  2. Tutopiya
  3. Tiger Campus
  4. Tutorcity
  5. FamilyTutor.sg


  1. Ace Learning


  1. I Can Read
  2. The Alternative Story


  1. Chemistry Guru


  1. Coding Giants
  2. Coding Lab



With AI-personalised worksheets, live online classes, and real-time chat system connecting students with teachers, Geniebook accelerates your child's learning journey. (Image credit: Geniebook)

Geniebook is a leading online learning platform that helps students excel in English, Maths, Science, and Chinese.

What sets Geniebook apart is its comprehensive suite of online learning products.These products are designed to support the personalised learning needs of each student, and provide a complete system for them to learn effectively on their own.

With Geniebook, learning is fun and interactive. Cutting-edge technology is used to create engaging content that makes learning more effective and enjoyable. Most importantly, the platform is accessible anywhere, anytime – so your child can learn at their own pace and on their terms.

Geniebook's suite of online products comprises three main products, GenieSmart (AI-personalised worksheets), GenieClass (live online classes), and GenieAsk (real-time teacher chats), all of which help primary and secondary school students learn smarter and do better.

GenieSmart: Identify learning gaps and maximise improvement intelligently with AI-personalised worksheets. (Image credit: Geniebook)


GenieSmart is Geniebook's signature AI-personalised worksheet generator with over 300,000 questions to practise.

It’s perfect for students in their revision and a great resource that helps them to reinforce their learning in school and master specific topics.

GenieSmart uses a proprietary AI algorithm with over 1M data points to recommend questions that will maximise your child’s improvement.

The questions get progressively harder as students improve their understanding of the topics, until mastery is achieved.

With questions in GenieSmart’s database being updated regularly according to the latest MOE syllabus, you can be sure that your child is always getting the most relevant and up-to-date practice.

Professional teachers with teaching experience in MOE schools also assist with marking and vetting of the open-ended questions, ensuring that answers are assessed properly.

Through Geniebook’s new AI-marking that covers 80% of all P3-P6 Science Open-Ended Questions (OEQs), students are able to get instant feedback on their worksheets, allowing them to benefit from a faster learning loop by receiving their marks immediately upon submitting their answers. 

In addition, through the Geniebook Parent App, you’ll always have access to personalised reports on your child’s strengths and learning gaps. 


GenieClass brings the classroom experience to your child online.

Each lesson is led by experienced educators (including MOE/NIE-trained teachers) with quizzes and demonstrations to promote positive learning outcomes. 

And with weekly live online lessons scheduled across multiple subjects and levels whether primary or secondary, it’s easy for your child to fit GenieClass sessions right into their personal study timetable.

If they can't make it to a live class, no problem! GenieClass has a huge library of pre-recorded classes they can access at any time.‍


In GenieAsk, experienced teachers are on hand every day of the week to answer questions via the real-time student/teacher chat. It’s a convenient channel for students to seek help from teachers with their work, as they are able to contact the teachers from 3-9pm on weekdays and 10am-7pm on weekends. 

Learning Rewards: Motivate your child to learn independently with various rewards pegged to progress. (Image credit: Geniebook)

Learning rewards system

To motivate students to continue learning, Geniebook also features a series of learning rewards, one of which being the Bubble Store. By performing actions in Geniebook such as attempting worksheets and participating in quizzes, students earn Bubbles which can be redeemed in the Bubble Store.

With over 5,000 kid-safe items in the Bubble Store from LEGO sets and Pokemon packs to Roblox and Amazon gift cards, they're sure to find something they love!

But Geniebook has other ways to reward your kids for their hard work and dedication, such as earning Achievement Badges by reaching specific milestones within the learning platform, and Streaks to keep track of consistent effort.

Get your complimentary Strengths Analysis today

Read our review of Geniebook's Primary 1 Math and English Programme

EDOOVO - Online Enrichment Platform

Image credit: EDOOVO

Boost your child's learning effectively with EDOOVO's interactive online lessons! EDOOVO is an award-winning online enrichment platform that provides real-time virtual learning to global students aged between 3 and 8 years.

Offering three core subjects, English, Chinese, and Mathematics, their holistic curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education's framework and designed to hone your child's linguistic and analytical skills while preparing them for a seamless transition to primary school.

In a small class setting of 4 students, their dedicated teachers encourage students to participate actively with cool virtual rewards such as trophies and stars.

Each subject usually covers a wide range of topics across various learning domains to simultaneously support your child’s developmental goals.

After each lesson, learning is reinforced through activity sheets and lesson replays.

With raving reviews from parents, find out why EDOOVO is such a big hit with kids!

Ages: 3-8

Lesson Duration:

  • Little Whiz Junior class (Level 1 – 4): 25 mins
  • Little Whiz Senior class (Level 5 – 8): 50 mins

Book a free trial for a subject of your choice (English, Chinese, Math) and get $200 off your class packages now!

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Multi-Subject Online Tutors

Agrader Learning Centre

Agrader Learning Centre may have 16 tuition centres islandwide, but if that doesn’t work for you, they also provide online lessons taught by their in-house curriculum experts.

Agrader’s online classes are comprehensive and they even courier in-class worksheets right to your home every month for free.

Agrader offers online lessons in English, Math, and Science, with the curriculum aligned to the MOE syllabus.

For students who prefer learning at their own pace, Agrader’s platform allows them to rewatch, revise and recap learning concepts that have been taught in class through complimentary cloud recordings.

Your child will also have access to an exclusive WhatsApp group where they can pose questions outside of class.

Level: Primary 3-6

Subjects: English, Math, Science


Future Academy

Image credit: Future Academy

Future Academy is a top tuition centre that specialises in small group tuition in-person but also online.

There will never be more than six students in a class, ensuring your child gets the attention and help they need.

Despite being a small group setting, teachers at Future Academy are well-equipped to bridge the differences in learning paces and capabilities, ensuring everyone is pushed to their best potential.

The school is helmed by former MOE teachers from top schools with an established track record, and consistently receives word-of-mouth recommendations – which bear testament to its quality of education.

Level: Primary to JC


IB Super Education Centre

Image credit: IB Super Education Centre

IB Super provides top-tier tuition for O Level, IB, and IP programmes, through to A Levels, with options for one-on-one, small group or online.

The school has well-trained and experienced educators who will push your child towards academic excellence and help them improve by leaps and bounds.

Every child that steps through IB Super Education Centre will have their ability and prior knowledge assessed, and each lesson will be customised according to their learning pace, needs and gaps.



If you’re looking for an online tuition platform that is highly accessible, then Snapask is your best bet with 24/7 homework help, access to on-demand classes and tips, and access across any device.

Snapask is designed to be just like your regular tuition and enrichment classes, but better, putting the learning into the literal hands of its students.

The platform is catered towards all subjects and students can ask their tutor or discuss with fellow classmates readily. In fact, Snapask is so confident of its efficient tutors that it promises an average pick-up time of 3 to 5 minutes for its help on-demand platform.

Levels: Primary, Secondary JC



Tenopy is an online tutoring platform in Singapore dedicated to ensuring that your child receives the best online private tuition that is engaging and fun. Despite being on an online platform,

Tenopy promises to provide your child with a tailored approach, ensuring your child’s unique needs are met during each class.

Its online lessons are designed to be interactive, and hands-on, and encourage students to think, apply and internalise concepts taught.

Teachers are also able to track students' learning through a live dashboard, so they can step in at any time.

If you’re worried about your child being distracted during an online lesson, Tenopy has specialised technology which alerts the tutor when your child switches tabs, so you can rest assured your child is truly engaged and not window surfing.

Levels: Primary 3 - Secondary 2


  • English
  • Math
  • Science


Superstar Teacher

Image credit: Superstar Teacher

More than just an online learning platform, Superstar Teacher aims to replicate a high-quality tuition experience right in your own home with its team of experienced curriculum specialists.

The school provides auto-marking assessments and also sorts past years’ examination questions by topics and difficulty so your child can build up their skills and confidence in tackling problems.

Your child is never left alone with Superstar Teacher as they provide instant homework help in the form of subject matter experts who will provide assistance to your child quickly when faced with a tough homework question.

Levels: Primary to Secondary


  • Math
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is an established tuition school and TLL Online is its real-time virtual learning platform which allows your child to learn from home.

The service is available to students from primary 3 to secondary 4.

With TLL Online, students get access to real-time teaching by highly-experienced online tutors who ensure they keep your child engaged at all times during lesson time. Recognising that we live in a hyperconnected world,

TLL also has lessons with real-life applications. For example, students are taught to allocate budgets and work with ratios when learning about mathematical concepts.


Keystone Tutors

If you’ve been looking for alternative tutors for your child’s education, Keystone Tutors has more than 50 full-time UK-based tutors that are available for students in Singapore, London and Hong Kong.

Tutors are equipped to guide students in the GCSE, IGCSE, A Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, and also to help them should they wish to take university entrance exams to top UK universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

More than just educational advice, Keystone Tutors will also provide your child with information on mock interviews and assessments necessary to get into these schools.


Boutique Education

Boutique Education provides bespoke and personalised online tuition for anyone from preschool to high school to even adult learners!

Its lessons are not a standard one-size-fits-all but tailored to every student's needs.

The school has its own interactive learning platform which encourages interactive and collaborative learning. Students are encouraged to co-create and edit lesson content in real-time with the educators through shared screens and can also watch videos together.

What Boutique also offers is a positive learning experience which hopes to bring out the innate talents and abilities of your child.


Adam Khoo Learning Centre Online

Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) has taught thousands of young minds for nearly two decades. Since the pandemic, the centre has pivoted to providing its classes online.

Despite going online, AKLC is committed to providing a high quality education with fun and engaging lessons.

The centre helps students learn by focusing on more than just what to learn, but also delves into the how and why of it.

Through its online platform, AKLC provides real-time corrective feedback as its teachers will be able to view your child’s work as they do it.

You’ll never need to worry about your child being distracted while online as the teacher ensures they pay close attention during the lesson.

AKLC also provides parental support in the form of a chatgroup for you to post questions after hours.



Tuition Agencies


If you’re looking for the best online tutors in Singapore, then SmileTutor should be one of your top choices.

The school makes it extremely easy to request a tutor for your child through its quick 3-step process, which ensures you get a tutor within 24 hours after your request.

You also only pay for the lessons conducted, meaning if you do not find a suitable tutor (which is highly unlikely given the school’s robust database of over 50,000 tutors), you do not pay for the agency fees.

To ensure only the most credible tutors are matched to you and your child, SmileTutor also has in place a Quality Score metric that grades tutors on multiple factors.

Couple that with its efficient team of more than 20 coordinators and you’ll have a tutor that’s guaranteed to meet your child’s needs within a day of your request.



Tutorpiya is a Singapore-based global online tutoring platform that promises highly qualified and vetted tutors. Its founders started the platform as they realised there was a lack of online tuition solutions with the right technology.

Tutopiya will provide your child with tailored online tuition that is customisable according to their needs and learning gaps. The platform is also backed by a team of established and passionate educators who have had experiences teaching in MOE and international schools, ensuring your child’s learning is aligned with what they’ll learn in school.


Tiger Campus

Give your child a roaring headstart with Tiger Campus, a reliable online tuition platform for all ages, even up till university.

Tiger Campus has tutors for any subject across any level and also has tutors from all around the world, not just Singapore.

If there’s anything you need tuition for, you’re likely to find your best tutor match at Tiger Campus.

Dedicated to ensuring that you and your child get the best tutor match, Tiger Campus also offers a free trial between your child and the matched tutor to do a vibe check and ensure that their teaching style aligns with what you’re expecting.



Tutorcity is an established tuition agency in Singapore, has been around since 2010, and has helped match more than 40,000 parents with a suitable tutor from its 20,000-strong tutor database. In fact, it boasts a 100% success rate in matching tutors to students.

Even though Tutorcity specialises in providing home tutors, it has successfully pivoted to providing online tutors and is dedicated to ensuring they find you the best online tutor, staying with you every step of the way. The best part about Tutorcity is its unparalleled speed in finding you a suitable tutor that means your child’s exact needs, and also your budget requirements. 



Aligned with its name, FamilyTutor strongly believes in providing private tutors who not only help to improve your child’s grades but also who are also able to build a good rapport and relationship with you and your family.

They are dedicated to providing a tutor that your family feels comfortable with, even online.

The platform also provides dependable online tutors who are family-oriented. Its large database of experienced tutors also means that you’ll definitely be able to find an online tutor that meets your child’s needs to a T.



Ace Learning

Ace Learning is your go-to online tuition platform with its Ask Tutor On-Demand that gives you ready access to a tutor for that last-minute homework help or test revision for maths.

There are no fixed lesson timings because everything is on-demand and when you need it (between working hours), and the best part is that you only pay for the time you use.

You can request a tutor up to 2 hours ahead right in the comfort of your own home.

During your session, tutors are dedicated to helping you understand the question and key concepts you’re having problems with, creating a plan to solve it, and checking your answers after.

Level: Primary 1 - Secondary 5

Subject: Math



I Can Read

Image credit: I Can Read

I Can Read (ICR) Singapore provides students with English literacy classes online, giving them the necessary skills to move forward in their education journey.

The school provides classes to children as young as 2.5 years old and up to 8 years old. Beyond providing online lessons, ICR also has a digital learning tool called I Can Read Heroes for your child to learn anytime at home.

ICR’s online classes are interactive and collaborative. Its tutors also ensure that your child is consistently engaged with the lesson through various resources, such as songs, videos and built-in games.


The Alternative Story

Image credit: The Alternative Story

The Alternative Story (TAS) is a tutoring school that specialises in helping your child in their creative writing and composition needs. Its online classes come with engaging media resources to supplement your child’s learning and to help them engage.

Whilst online, your child will also receive immediate feedback from the tutor, as well as have access to direct communication channels with the teachers for feedback and queries.

Every teacher at TAS is well-equipped to conduct a quality online tuition class, prepped with training and also ready with dual screens to actively monitor students and engage them during class. By enrolling in online classes with TAS, students also gain access to TAS’ Online Assessment Book which has videos to guide them in oral, composition and paper 2 components.

Levels: Primary 1 - Secondary 2




Chemistry Guru

If your child is in need of chemistry help, you’d be glad to know that there’s help available online in the form of Chemistry Guru.

Taught by Maverick Puah, a top Chemistry tutor who has been teaching the subject since 2010, Chemistry Guru provides online lessons in the form of webinars and on-demand videos. If you’re unconvinced about Puah’s teaching, you can also preview his online lessons on YouTube.

Chemistry Guru is your go-to if you want top-quality chemistry help at an affordable price. Going online also ensures you and your child save time and cost on travel, without compromising on the lesson quality – we really can’t think of why you shouldn’t give this a go!



Coding Giants

Image credit: Coding Giants

Online tuition isn’t just for the regular subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Coding Giants provides your child with programming classes online and equips them with skills necessary for the world of tomorrow.

The school, started by educators with a passion for and background in programming, strongly believes that coding is a great way to develop logical thinking, creativity, patience and problem-solving.

The school accepts students as young as seven, as long as they are motivated and keen to learn.

If you’d like a taster, Coding Giants also provides free programming workshops for children and teenagers, introducing them to the secrets of programming and the latest technologies around.

Ages: 7-19


Coding Lab

Image credit: Coding Lab

If you’re keen to engage online tutors for your child for coding, Coding Lab is hands down the premier school for programming for young minds in Singapore.

The school was founded by an MIT alumnus who worked in Silicon Valley and is passionate about passing on their coding and programme expertise to the next generation.

Coding Lab’s online classes allow your child to learn from the comfort of home, but still, be immersed in an interactive classroom setting online.

The tutors are engaging and make every effort to make it feel like they are right beside you guiding you along each step of the way.

Aside from coding, the school also provides maths in their curriculum, providing an all-rounded education focused on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Ages: 7-18


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