14 Top Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore

14 Top Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore

March 11, 2024

Looking for a chinese tuition centre for your child? We'll help you find the most suitable one for their learning needs

It's no surprise that Chinese tuition classes are in high demand in Singapore as it's usually one of the weaker subjects for students in school.

If your child is aiming to secure a spot in a SAP secondary school, mastering Higher Chinese Language for the PSLE exams is essential.

Passing grades for Chinese (as part of the Mother Tongue Language requirement) are also required for admission to Junior Colleges and local universities.

In addition, you can get bonus points for O-Level Higher Chinese, a significant advantage when applying to the more competitive Junior Colleges.

Whether your goal is for your child to establish a solid foundation for primary school, or prepare for the PSLE or O'Level Chinese exams, we are here to guide you in finding the perfect Chinese tuition centre for your child!

Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore

Featured Chinese Tuition Centres

  1. EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre
  2. Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio
  3. HAO Chinese Tuition Centre
  4. Hua Yue Education Centre

Chinese Tuition Centres

  1. Berries World
  2. SLC Education
  3. Tien Hsia Language School
  4. Wang Learning Centre
  5. HCL Education Centre
  6. Jocelyn Chinese Enrichment Tuition Centre
  7. Le Xue Education
  8. Confucius Mandarin
  9. EduZ Tuition
  10. Etern Education Centre

Featured Chinese Tuition Centres

1. EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre (格乐悟)

Image credit: EduGrove

Want to give your kids a boost in their Chinese grades? Check out EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre and experience their revolutionary approach!

EduGrove prides itself as a one-stop solution for enhancing your child's Chinese grades while fostering essential 21st-century competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, presentation, and problem-solving skills. 

The Chinese tuition centre offers a comprehensive range of programmes from playgroup to secondary levels, ensuring a seamless educational journey. 

What sets them apart is their multi-award-winning methodology that focuses on application of keywords from learning through play to achieve long term retention. 

Every lesson is also tailor-made to better suit the ability levels and dynamics of each Chinese tuition class.

Image credit: EduGrove

Their English-speaking native Chinese teachers have an unwavering commitment to the weekly parent-teacher communication, providing feedback and ensuring that parents are always in the loop about their child’s progress. 

In addition, EduGrove’s teachers are all passionate highly qualified educators holding Master’s or Bachelor’s Degrees. They also undergo months of in-house training to learn ‘the EduGrove way’ so that they are able to bring the best out of every student. 

Remarkably, over 70% of their students have achieved distinctions in their PSLE and O-level Chinese exams, an amazing feat considering that many of their students came to them with failing grades. This is a true testament to the effectiveness of their methodology.

Award Winning Methodology

Breaking away from the traditional rigid methods of learning Chinese, EduGrove focuses on cementing important commonly tested keywords into the long-term memory through fun, engaging and effective vocabulary learning games, improvisational and role-playing drama, and stimulating discussions that coax students into expressing themselves using the keywords taught.

Students then get plenty of exam practice through Written Exercises. 

These exercises allow them to perfect every component of the Chinese examination papers, so that when it comes time for exams, students can approach them with confidence.

Believing that it is not only important to score well in the exams, but also that  students are groomed for success in their adult and work life, EduGrove’s programmes not only work on improving Chinese language grades but also important 21st century competencies such as eloquence, presentation, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, all in one class. 

Primary and Secondary Level Programmes

EduGrove offers the best Chinese tuition classes for Primary and Secondary School students to help them excel in their PSLE and O-Level examinations. Using their revolutionary methodology where an effective lesson is when  students speak more than the teacher, common oral and composition exam topics are debated and discussed passionately during circle time discussions.

Image credit: EduGrove

Teachers facilitate  learning by using games to introduce commonly tested phrases and idioms. They then engage students in improvisational drama,  where students’ creativity and critical thinking skills are stretched as they immerse themselves into imaginary everyday scenarios  applying idioms they have learned into their unscripted dialogue. 

Each week’s lesson focuses on a different component of the exam; Oral, Composition Writing, Language Use and Comprehension, with ample written exercises to ensure   students excel in the exams. 


  • Pasir Ris Sports Centre
  • 135 East Coast Rd
  • Our Tampines Hub
  • AMK Hub
  • Agora Colearning Space – HarbourFront Centre
  • SAFRA Choa Chu Kang
  • The Woodleigh Mall 
  • Anchorvale Village (Opening in Q1 2024)

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Read more about EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre's methodology and programmes

2. Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio

Image credit: Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio

Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio specialises in GCE O Level Higher Chinese and Chinese Language Tuition for secondary school students.

The Chinese Tuition Centre is led by the accomplished Miss SY Wang, a seasoned MOE-trained Secondary School Higher Chinese and Chinese Language Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.

Miss Wang has taught across all levels in her teaching career, including teaching stints at prestigious independent IP and MOE schools such as Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls’ School. 

Her academic credentials are equally impressive, holding a Master of Education (Chinese Language) from Nanyang Technological University and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies (Honours) from National University of Singapore.

Prior to her university days, Miss SY Wang was educated at Raffles Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Junior College.

Miss SY Wang is also a recipient of the Ministry Of Education Teaching Award.

What sets Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio apart

Image credit: Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio

What makes Miss SY Wang truly exceptional is the experience and personal touch that she brings to every lesson. 

Leveraging on her extensive teaching background, GCE O Level examination marking experience, and deep understanding of the examination syllabus, Miss SY Wang effectively crafts customised lesson plans to meet the unique learning needs of all students.

Her strength in developing critical thinking skills in students is also key to their improvement in Chinese Essay Writing, Comprehension, and Oral Presentation

All lessons at Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio are conducted predominantly in Mandarin, immersing students in a conducive Chinese language learning environment. 

However, Miss Wang’s effective bilingualism ensures that  immediate translations are provided when necessary, helping students understand complex topics more effectively. 

Teaching philosophy that celebrates the joy of learning

At the heart of Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio is a teaching philosophy that is centred around the joy of learning. 

Lessons are designed to be engaging and stimulating, using creative and fun teaching methods that transform learning from a chore into an activity that students look forward to.

Along with Miss Wang’s ability to build great rapport with her students, this ensures that students remain highly engaged throughout each lesson. 

Their track record speaks for itself - Miss SY Wang’s students consistently outshine the national average, achieving a high percentage of Distinctions in the GCE O Level Examinations.

Glowing testimonials from students further underscore the tuition centre’s effectiveness, with students often praising Miss Wang for her dedication, genuine care for students, and unique lesson style that makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Contact: 8686 1338

Find out more about the programmes at Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio

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3. HAO Chinese Tuition Centre (好学堂)

Image credit: HAO Chinese

HAO Chinese Tuition Centre is a MOE-registered Chinese tuition centre that has won the hearts of many parents across Singapore with its experienced team of educators, a focus on early literacy, and a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the MOE syllabus.

The Chinese tuition centre was founded by a team of seasoned educators and devoted parents, with a shared vision to offer superior Chinese tuition programmes for children between the ages of 3 to 16. 

Their philosophy, “Confidence in Chinese Language”, guides students to express themselves with confidence both vocally and in writing. 

The teaching staff at HAO Chinese is an impressive roster of ex MOE Chinese teachers, Chinese curriculum specialists, and bilingual educators, many all of whom hold Bachelors or higher degrees in Chinese language study fields Masters or Ph.D. degrees. 

Small class sizes of 6-8 students are maintained, ensuring each child receives the attention that is crucial for their learning development. 

And if you're wondering if HAO Chinese really lives up to the hype, just ask any of the numerous celebrity and influencer parents who have trusted them with their children's education. Their Google reviews speak volumes too, with a multitude of 5-star ratings attesting to their excellence.

Your child’s journey to confidence in Chinese starts at HAO Chinese!

Image credit: HAO Chinese

Programmes at HAO Chinese

Preschoolers (3-6 years) - HAO Chinese’s unique *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) method is designed to help preschool students lay a solid foundation in the Chinese language and confidently prepare them for Primary 1 Chinese.

The *ELF method is more than just a teaching technique. It's an approach that helps students build a robust vocabulary, recognize up to 3000 words, and understand Hanyu Pinyin. 

It also strengthens writing foundations and boosts confidence in public speaking through speech, drama, and presentations. 

For preschoolers and primary school students, HAO Chinese also offers the Han Yu Pin Yin Programme, a 12-lesson course designed to help students master pronunciation, improve Chinese reading, prepare for Primary school, and facilitate Chinese input using the Pinyin keyboard. 

Image credit: HAO Chinese

Primary school students (7-12 years old) - The All-in5 primary school curriculum covers 5 main areas: 

  1. Syllabus built around developing a strong vocabulary with the Happy Pals textbook series
  2. Comprehension
  3. Composition
  4. Chinese Oral
  5. Chinese Listening

The curriculum is carefully aligned with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, preparing your child comprehensively for their school’s Chinese assessments and the PSLE exams. 

If your child is falling behind in their Chinese Paper 2, the 2R: Read and Recognition Programme will give them the extra support they need to master their Chinese vocabulary, build reading confidence, and improve their writing and spelling - all while stimulating their interest in the Chinese language. 

Secondary school students (13-16 years old) - The Secondary curriculum is in line with the most recent MOE Chinese syllabus, and covers a wide range of subject areas including vocabulary building, cloze passage practice, comprehension techniques, Chinese composition, and Chinese oral and listening skills. 

Designed to prepare your child for Chinese exams and the GCE ‘O’ level, the curriculum was created by teachers Mr Allan Qian and Ms Chen laoshi who have extensive experience and qualifications in Chinese studies. 

Mr Qian is a former MOE secondary school teacher who has a Master of Arts in Chinese studies while Ms Chen holds a PHD in the Chinese programme from NTU. 


  • 501 Balestier Road, #02-01, Wai Wing Centre, Singapore 329844
  • 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, #03-11, Hong Kah North CC, Singapore 659440

Sign up for a free trial class

Find out more about how HAO Chinese can boost your child’s confidence in Chinese

4. Hua Yue Education Centre (华悦教育中心)

Image credit: Hua Yue Education Centre

Ignite your child’s interest in Chinese and give them a head start with Hua Yue Education Centre, a Chinese tuition centre that specialises in providing top-tier Chinese tuition to primary school students.

Hua Yue Education Centre is a collaboration between Marshall Cavendish Education, an education solutions provider known for their acclaimed Chinese education series “欢乐伙伴”, and Spark Education, a global edu-tech online platform that offers a range of programmes for children aged 3-11 years old. 

Hua Yue understands how important it is for your child to not only excel academically but also to enjoy the process of learning. 

They are firm believers in the idea that to truly master the Chinese language, one must first appreciate the beauty of the language. 

Image credit: Hua Yue Education Centre

That is why they’ve created a nurturing environment where children can explore the rich tapestry of the Chinese language. This environment is not just conducive for learning, but one where students can flourish and gain confidence in their Chinese language skills.

A dedicated team of experienced teachers, coupled with effective teaching techniques, and a high quality curriculum combine to help your child conquer the Chinese language confidently.

Curriculum designed by experienced ex-MOE teachers

The curriculum and lesson notes at Hua Yue are designed by award-winning ex-MOE Chinese teachers and Head of Departments (HODs) who bring more than 50 years of combined teaching experience to the table. 

Crafted in accordance with MOE’s syllabus, they encompass all the key elements of the Chinese language.

A modern and effective teaching model

Hua Yue adopts a modern and effective teaching model and pedagogy that is in sync with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus. 

Making use of “欢乐伙伴”, digital media is blended into the teaching methodology to make the learning experience even more engaging. Students also have access to an online platform for homework.

Image credit: Hua Yue Education Centre

Class discussions are a significant part of Hua Yue’s teaching model. Students are encouraged to participate actively in these discussions, helping them gain confidence and improve their oral skills and language confidence. 

With small class sizes of not more than 6 students per class, every child is guaranteed personalised attention. 

In addition, regular assessments are conducted to ensure your child is making consistent progress.

Sign your child up now and start instilling a joy for learning and paving their way for success in mastering the Chinese language!

Level: Primary

Location: Tampines Plaza 2, 5 Tampines Central 1 #03-01A Singapore 529541 

Promo: Sign your child up for 2 free trial classes and get a free KOI voucher, for All Primary Levels P1-6.

Upon completion of trial classes, you'll also receive $100 off your next full-term fees. T&Cs apply.

Find out more about the Chinese tuition programmes at Hua Yue Education Centre

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5. Berries World

Image credit: Berries World

Find it challenging to prepare your primary school-going child for their Chinese exams? Berries World wants to change that by helping your child improve their Chinese language skills through social interaction and learning in a fun and conducive environment. 

Step into Berries and notice that its space is different from a usual Chinese tuition facility. Instead, it is garden-themed with its teachers being the gardeners who help students reap the fruits of knowledge in class. 

Berries’ MOE primary programmes take it up a notch by introducing a blended learning model with in-person lessons with online learning. Through this blended approach, Berries hopes to help your child become an independent self-directed Chinese learner who is confident in expressing themselves in Chinese. 

Lower primary students are further encouraged to learn and read in Chinese through an introduction to specially curated books, while upper primary students are encouraged to think critically in Chinese by reviewing current affairs and relevant social topics in the language. 

Recognising that exam revisions and practice are also vital, Berries also has intensive practice and review sessions of past year papers including a review of exam formats and ace answering methods, to give them a headstart in their examinations. 

Levels: Pre-School, Primary 

Locations: 21 locations including Bishan, Outram, Yishun, Hougang, Bedok and Jurong 

Find out more about Berries World’s programmes: https://www.berriesworld.com/  

6. SLC Education

Image credit: SLC Education

SLC stands for School of Language and Communication and is set up by a group of former school teachers who were inspired by former PM Lee Kuan Yew’s efforts to promote bilingualism. The school has both English and Chinese tuition classes ensuring it meets all your language needs. The school has programmes for those from primary to secondary, and beyond, with classes like digital journalism, creative writing and more — the learning truly never stops at SLC. 

SLC’s Chinese classes focus on more than just rote learning and going through assessment books or learning materials. SLC adopts a personalised learning process that extends beyond books — the school undertakes a diagnostic assessment when your child is enrolled, assessing your child’s learning style, their attitude towards learning Chinese and their current language proficiency.

With these data points, the school then devises an appropriate teaching experience for your child. 

Beyond just a prior assessment, the school also continually evaluates your child’s progress, to ensure that they’re in the right class and to move them up if there’s been an improvement. For those who struggle more than others, SLC has foundational classes that help build up Chinese levels without overwhelming the students.

Even for those who might be able to cope, SLC doesn’t just conduct drill practices, but instead breaks its lessons down into bite-sized modular topics so that everything is easily digestible during the learning process. Students are less intimidated and more willing to learn. 

Levels: Primary, Secondary, IP 

Location: 38 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-07, Singapore 577178 

Learn Chinese the SLC way: https://slcedu.sg/ 

7. Tien Hsia Language School 

Image credit: Tien Hsia Language School

If the name Tien Hsia Language School rings a bell for you, it’s because it’s been around since 1989, which means you might have even gone there or had friends who went there for Chinese tuition as a child. Armed with three decades of Chinese education experience, and the top choice among parents for Chinese tuition, there’s a reason Tien Hsia has managed to maintain its top status for years. 

The school believes in equipping students with the necessary reading and writing required by schools, but more than that, it wants to make Chinese fun and encourages lively activities and discussions between students and teachers. Dedicated to ensuring every student gets the attention they need, each level also has distinct teachers for each level, with no mixed levels in each programme. 

Levels: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Location: 11 locations including Punggol, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, Orchard and Marine Parade 

Find out about Tien Hsia Language School’s classes: https://www.tienhsia.com/ 

8. Wang Learning Centre

Founded in 2007, Wang Learning Centre prides itself on making Chinese lively and fun for its students. Its belief is: study Chinese, yes we can, and it wants to establish a strong Chinese foundation for every student. From the get-go, it helps cultivate the joy of learning the language through interactive activities for the young ones. 

As its classes move onto primary level, the emphasis is on making sure the students are confident and comfortable in their use of the language, while ensuring they stay abreast of the curriculum. In its secondary-level classes, Wang Learning Centre exposes its students to real-world current affairs, and Chinese literature, helping them develop a keen interest in the language beyond the books. 

Levels: Pre-School, Primary, Secondary 

Locations: 12 locations including East Coast, Clementi, Tampines and Serangoon 

Explore Wang Learning Centre’s offerings: https://wang.edu.sg/ 

9. HCL Education Centre

You might wonder what the HCL in the school’s title stands for. While it does share the same abbreviation as the term higher Chinese language, HCL also stands for ‘happy Chinese learning’ and hopes to inculcate the same happiness towards learning the language within its students while ensuring they score well on their examinations. 

Programmes at HCL Education Centre are well-structured regardless of level, and its classes have a small teacher-to-student ratio ensuring that every student is well taken care of. HCL’s educators are known for being kind, patient and clear. Students rave about how they used to fear or dread Chinese classes but no longer do after attending classes at HCL. 

Did you know that the school also incentivises and encourages its students in their learning journey through a reward system, where points can be exchanged for items like stationary, toys and bookstore vouchers? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to learning Chinese, but it seems like HCL has all its bases covered when it comes to getting students excited about the language! 

Levels: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary 

Locations: 12 locations including Bishan, Sengkang, Marine Parade, Choa Chu Kang and Kovan

Explore HCL Education Centre’s classes: http://www.hcleducation.com.sg/ 

10. Jocelyn Chinese Enrichment Tuition Centre

Recognising that students learning Chinese might come from different language backgrounds, Jocelyn Chinese incorporates strategic bilingualism in its classes to help bridge the Chinese language gap for its students. Interestingly, Jocelyn, the school’s founder is a MOE-trained educator and also a freelance translator, which means she firmly understands the struggles of using Chinese in a predominantly English-speaking environment in Singapore. 

All of its tutors are experienced MOE-trained teachers who are effectively bilingual and able to conduct classes that are aligned with national exams while making learning fun. 

Alongside exam prep, tutors also help students adopt more critical thinking in the Chinese language by reviewing Chinese classics and literature, as well as bringing in elements of Chinese culture and heritage.

Students particularly love that the teachers bring in relevant new pieces to discuss in class, and encourage discussions in Chinese, and have reported saying it has motivated them to become more interested in current affairs. Some students have also jumped grades within just a few classes bearing testament to the efficacy of Jocelyn Chinese’s classes and teaching methodology. 

Levels: Secondary, Junior College

Locations: 559 Bukit Timah Road, #03-10B, Singapore 269695

Learn more about Jocelyn Chinese’s classes: https://jocelynchinese.com/ 

11. Le Xue Education

Image credit: Le Xue Education

Le Xue Education is a Chinese language tuition centre that offers classes for those in kindergarten up to secondary school. Getting started at Le Xue is straightforward — just follow its social handles for a free trial lesson to get a feel for its classes. The school was founded more than a decade ago in 2012, by a former MOE educator with 22 years of teaching experience preparing students for their O Level Chinese examinations. 

Le Xue believes in the concept of joyful learning, using a variety of ways to help its students learn Chinese better and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing. The school uses a unique proprietary 3R approach devised by its founder Ms Vivien Le — recognise through root recognition, remember through mnemonic play, and read through character-linked reading — to guarantee results. 

Through its 3R approach, Le Xue makes learning and studying Chinese fun and engaging, with its effects passing on to the children’s examination results and everyday life. Students’ parents have reported back saying that their children are better able to recognise characters, sing Chinese songs and even read Chinese better in everyday life. Their children are also more inclined to read Chinese story books now that they’ve started classes with Le Xue. If that’s where you want to be with your child then sign up for a trial class today! 

Levels: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Locations: 4 locations — Bishan, Kovan, Queen’s Road, Parkway 

Try out Le Xue Education: https://lexueeducation.com/ 

12. Confucius Mandarin

Image credit: Confucious Mandarin

Confucius Mandarin prides itself as a centre of distinction for Chinese education and has a tried-and-tested method that ensures its students of all ages not only get excellent Chinese results but also develop an appreciation for the language. Confucius Mandarin’s method has been refined through many years of research and is taught by some of the best in the Chinese education field. 

The school constantly refines its teaching approach and curriculum design to stay updated. Students who walk through its doors can be certain that they’ll be well equipped in the language. But beyond that, Confucius Mandarin helps its students realise how the Chinese language skills they pick up can apply to school, work and everyday life. 

With every lesson, students at Confucius Mandarin not only get more confident at excelling in their exams but also become competent communicators in the Chinese language. Some ways the school helps students get excited about the subject is through the appreciation of Chinese literature and culture through fables, poetry, analects and classics. 

Levels: Pre-School, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Adults 

Locations: 19 locations including Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Tiong Bahru, Choa Chu Kang and Simei 

Learn more about Confucius Mandarin: https://www.confucius.edu.sg/ 

13. EduZ Tuition

Founded by two former educators, EduZ has been around for more than a decade and has taught more than 3,000 students. The school is known for its well-structured teaching materials, which are up-to-date with the current curriculum and comprise a wide variety of likely exam scenarios. All its tutors are also vetted, experienced individuals who have no less than seven years of teaching experience each. 

If additional fees are a huge bugbear for you, you’d be glad to learn that EduZ Tuition doesn’t charge a registration fee or for its materials — the price you see is what you pay. 

Its Chinese tuition classes, which run from primary up to junior college, incorporate components such as social topics and current affairs to encourage discussion in Mandarin. Students learning secondary-level Mandarin will even get to learn how to write Chinese emails, a skill pertinent in today’s evolving digital world. 

Recognising that time management can make or break a student’s exam results, the school also dedicates time towards helping students master the format of their respective papers and hone their time management skills through simulated exam sessions. 

Levels: Primary, Secondary, Junior College 

Locations: Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands, Admiralty

Read more about EduZ Tuition’s approach to Chinese tuition:  https://www.eduztuition.com/programmes/chinese 

14. Etern Education Centre

Image credit: Etern Education Centre

Etern Education Centre is a reputable Chinese tuition centre that delivers quality Chinese programmes so much so that the school has been tasked to conduct multiple Chinese creative writing and cultural workshops at MOE schools. The school was founded by Mdm Cheng Xinchun and Ms Zhong Yingyi, both of whom are passionate Chinese language educators. Mdm Cheng is an experienced former MOE teacher who has authored several Chinese books, while Ms Zhong was an O-Level top-scorer and a Lee Kong Chian scholarship awardee. 

Etern Education Centre doesn’t believe in pure rote learning to excel in Chinese — its students are encouraged to actively use the language by adopting critical thinking, speaking confidently and writing in the language. Recognising that oral assessments form a sizeable component of your child’s exams, the school also dedicates more than 20% of every lesson time to oral practice to hone their speaking abilities. 

Other unique activities offered by the school to pique your child’s interest in the Chinese language include storytelling, performances, show & tell, debates and vocabulary boot camps. 

Those looking to boost their year-end exam preparations can also sign up for Etern’s programmes, which typically take place over the September holidays and cover the year’s worth of work. These booster programmes are conducted in exam-like settings to acclimatise your child to the eventual exam environment. 

Levels: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary 

Locations: Yishun, Khatib 

Equip your child with stellar Chinese skills at Etern Education Centre: https://www.eterneducation.com/ 

Feature image from EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre, HAO Chinese Tuition Centre

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