18 of the Best Chinese Cartoons for Kids to Learn Mandarin

18 of the Best Chinese Cartoons for Kids to Learn Mandarin

March 25, 2024

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to get your little ones interested in learning Mandarin, then Chinese cartoons may be the perfect solution

Watching their favorite characters on TV or online can make learning the Chinese language much more enjoyable for children. Even better - watching cartoons can also help spark an interest in learning Mandarin or the Chinese culture for those who may initially be hesitant.

We've rounded up the best Chinese cartoons and shows designed specifically with young learners in mind.

From classic Chinese cartoon favorites to recent releases, there's something here for everyone - so read on to see which ones might be best for your family!

Best Chinese Cartoons for kids to learn Chinese

Chinese Cartoons

  1. BabyBus (寶寶巴士)
  2. Little Fox Chinese
  3. Peppa Pig (小猪佩奇)
  4. Octonauts (海底小纵队)
  5. PJ Masks (睡衣小英雄)
  6. Boonie Cubs (熊熊乐园)
  7. Pororo the Little Penguin (啵乐乐)
  8. Qiao Hu (巧虎)
  9. Xiao Xing Xing-LeLe TV (小行星樂樂TV )
  10. YOYO TV
  11. GG Bond (豬豬俠)
  12. Superwings (超级飞侠)
  13. Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼)
  14. Big Ear Tutu (大耳朵图图)
  15. Journey to the West (西游记)

Chinese Cartoons and shows specifically for learning Mandarin Chinese

  1. Little Chinese Learners (Simplfied Chinese) - 简中
  2. Miaomiao Kidz
  3. The Story of Chinese Characters (漢字說故事)

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Chinese Cartoons

BabyBus (寶寶巴士)

BabyBus believes that learning should be fun and imaginative for kids 2-6 years old.
This popular YouTube Channel creates classic nursery rhymes, kid songs, and Chinese cartoons, and is home to a variety of entertaining Mandarin Chinese videos designed to spark imagination, creativity, and critical thinking.

Its content is crafted to provide a safe learning environment while also entertaining the little ones.

From silly vegetable songs, to songs about good habits and taking care of little ones, there's something for every child to enjoy!

BabyBus YouTube Channel

Little Fox Chinese

Little Fox makes learning Chinese enjoyable for children with fun educational animated stories and catchy sing-along songs.

Its engaging stories help children to build their vocabulary and fluency in a natural and authentic way.

New videos are published to its YouTube channel every week so make sure to subscribe and join in the fun!

Little Fox Chinese YouTube Channel

Peppa Pig (小猪佩奇)

The characters and storylines in Peppa Pig are both educational and entertaining, making it a great way for children to learn Chinese.

This beloved show follows Peppa, a female piglet, and her family, as well as her friends portrayed as other animals, as they explore the world around them.

Peppa Pig also features a variety of games and activities that help children practice their Mandarin skills in a fun and interactive way.

In addition to learning the Chinese language, Peppa Pig also offers many benefits to children. The show encourages creativity through its colorful visuals and imaginative stories. It also teaches important lessons about friendship, family values, problem-solving skills, and more.

Peppa Pig Chinese YouTube Channel

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Chinese Cartoons and shows specifically for learning Mandarin Chinese

Octonauts (海底小纵队)

Led by Captain Barnacles, the Octonauts are an adventurous crew who explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, discovering new creatures and helping them along the way.

Each episode follows a thrilling mission where the Octonauts use their skills and teamwork to solve problems and learn new things.

It's a fun and educational show for children that combines adventure, science, and marine biology into a delightful viewing experience.

Octonauts Mandarin YouTube Channel

PJ Masks (睡衣小英雄)

This animated series follows the adventures of three young superheroes, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, as they use their extraordinary abilities and impressive teamwork to prove that you're never too young to make a difference.

Your kids will laugh out loud as they cheer and watch the PJ Masks save the day from all sorts of villains.

The series is carefully crafted to feature humorous storylines with moral lessons for life and honest conversations about feelings - all while maintaining an age-appropriate level of excitement.

PJ Masks Chinese YouTube Channel

Boonie Cubs (熊熊乐园)

Enter the world of the Boonie Cubs where cuteness and fun abound! Join the two adorable bears, Xiong Da Xiong Er and Guang Tou Qiang, as they embark on hilarious adventures at the Big Tree Kindergarten.

Set in a mystical forest, Boonie Cubs follows the daily lives of three young bears and their cute animal friends at Big Tree Kindergarten. This isn't your ordinary kindergarten though, it's a place filled with imagination and creativity that allows children to freely learn and play.

Together, Xiong Da Xiong Er and Guang Tou Qiang experience many hilarious moments and learn the true meaning of friendship.

Boonie Cubs brings forward heartwarming tales that celebrates the power of friendship and endless joy. It's not just for kids, but for adults who want to revisit their childhood memories too!

Boonie Cubs YouTube Channel

Pororo the Little Penguin (啵乐乐)

Pororo the Little Penguin is an adorable series from South Korea that follows the fun adventures of a cute penguin and his animal friends.

This Chinese cartoon is perfect for kids with its vibrant animation, catchy phrases, and memorable scenes that will leave a lasting impact on young minds.

Plus, parents will love that the show instills practical and moral lessons in a way that even the littlest ones can understand.

With its cast of cute characters, fun adventures, and effective techniques for teaching Chinese, this cartoon is sure to be a hit with young viewers.

Qiao Hu (巧虎)

Qiao Hu (also known as Shimajiro in Japan) is the lovable tiger who teaches young children important life skills. Originating in Japan and designed for preschoolers, this program is filled with storytelling that kids and parents will love.

With Qiao Hu leading the way, kids get to explore the ins and outs of making friends, using polite language, and even doing fun craft projects.

Qiao Hu YouTube Channel

Xiao Xing Xing-LeLe TV (小行星樂樂TV )

A great channel for parents and kids to enjoy together, Xiao Xing Xing - LeLe TV aims to provide a fun and educational experience for children aged 3-8, while inspiring their love for learning. It strives to help all children discover their full potential by allowing them to see themselves as a "unique little star" in their growing journey.

This channel features the lovable character LeLe(樂樂 ) from the planet Xiao Xing Xing (小行星), who engages kids through entertaining sing-alongs, dance routines, science experiments, engaging stories, and interactive activities like drawing.

Every month, LeLe also answers questions from little viewers making the channel a truly interactive experience for everyone.

Xiao Xing Xing-LeLe TV YouTube Channel


YOYO TV keeps kids active and engaged through videos that get them moving and grooving.

Whether it's through dance, exercise, or educational videos, the content is designed to inspire children to explore the world and develop a love for staying active.

Join the YOYO community and help your child discover the joys of a healthy and active lifestyle while they learn the Chinese language.

YOYO TV YouTube Channel

GG Bond (豬豬俠)

GG Bond is a spunky and quick-witted pig who leads a team of animal friends on exciting adventures.

With his trusty gadget inventions and fearless attitude, GG Bond always saves the day and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The GG Bond cartoon series is perfect for children who love action-packed stories with plenty of humor and heart. Each episode features a new challenge for GG Bond and his team to overcome, from battling evil villains to solving tricky puzzles. Along the way, kids will learn important lessons about teamwork, friendship, and perseverance.

GG Bond YouTube Channel

Superwings (超级飞侠)

Superwings is a captivating animated series featuring an adorable transforming plane named Jett who travels around the world delivering packages to children.

Along with his friends, the Super Wings team, they work together to solve problems encountered during their adventures.

This show is widely accessible, having been dubbed in a variety of languages including Mandarin, making it ideal for language learners.

The episodes are filled with fun stories about friendship and teamwork while introducing viewers to different cultures from around the globe.

Superwings Chinese YouTube Channel

Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼)

With over 2,000 episodes and counting, this timeless Chinese cartoon series has entertained generations of viewers.

The story revolves around a family of carefree goats who are visited one day by Grey Wolf and his wife who had been banished from their own wolf tribe. From there, an unexpected and heartwarming friendship develops between the goats and wolves, changing the course of their lives forever.

Join the lovable sheep and wolf characters as they navigate life's ups and downs with laughter, warmth, and companionship.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf YouTube Channel

Big Ear Tutu (大耳朵图图)

Starring the mischievous Big Ear TuTu, a 3 year old kindergarten student, this heartwarming Chinese cartoon revolves around his imaginative adventures that are sure to capture the hearts of young viewers.

Armed with the ability to ask unexpected but charming questions about daily life, Big Ear TuTu is a standout amongst his peers. He is intelligent, hardworking, and loved by both his teachers and classmates.

Alongside his friends, these kind-hearted and empathetic children tackle a variety of problems and learn important lessons along the way.

Every episode is filled with fun and engaging stories that are relatable to every child's daily experiences. Kids will develop logic skills, learn good behavior habits, cultivate a strong moral compass, and be taught how to protect themselves in everyday situations.

Big Ear TuTu YouTube Channel

Journey to the West (西游记)

Journey to the West is a beloved Chinese classic that follows the adventures of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King.

As he travels with his companions in a journey to retrieve Buddhist scriptures, they encounter various challenges that test their wisdom and courage.

The story is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese values such as perseverance, loyalty, and humility. Each character has a unique backstory and learns valuable lessons through their experiences, making it an excellent educational tool for children.

Apart from learning Chinese, Journey to the West also incorporates traditional Chinese culture, customs, beliefs, and ways of life, allowing children to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture

You can find various versions of cartoons online that are suitable for kids:


Chinese Cartoons specifically for learning Mandarin Chinese

Little Chinese Learners (Simplfied Chinese) - 简中

Little Chinese Learners is a channel that is geared towards making learning Mandarin Chinese fun and engaging for kids.

Native teacher-led video lessons are combined with interactive songs, stories, games to help children learn Chinese and Chinese culture.

Lessons in simplified Chinese are uploaded weekly and they also have a channel for traditional Chinese.

Little Chinese Learners (Simplified Chinese) YouTube Channel

Miaomiao Kidz

Learn Mandarin Chinese with this YouTube channel that takes kids on a language learning adventure. With playful role-playing scenarios and the lovable Miaomiao and her puppy Doudou as your guides, young children will enjoy learning Chinese like never before.

Designed especially for kids aged 2 years and older, this channel makes Chinese language learning easy and fun. Miaomiao's engaging personality and interactive teaching style keep children entertained while they develop their language skills. Through mimicking phrases and simple vocabulary, children learn basic Chinese in an immersive and entertaining environment.

With Miaomiao Kidz, parents can rest assured that your child is not only learning Mandarin Chinese but also enjoying the experience.

Miaomiao Kidz YouTube Channel

The Story of Chinese Characters (漢字說故事)

This channel is a fun way for beginner learners to learn about Chinese characters.

Kids will love the captivating animations that explore the fascinating origins behind each character.

And the best part? it's all woven together into a fun and memorable story that kids will love to revisit time and time again.

The Story of Chinese Characters YouTube Channel

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