17 of the Best Online Classes for Kids in Singapore

17 of the Best Online Classes for Kids in Singapore

April 17, 2024

Looking for an online class for your child? From language and math, to coding, science, and art, here's some schools that offer online courses that you should definitely check out.

The pandemic may have ridden its course and we’re all out and about now, but one thing’s here to stay: online classes for kids.

Lessons, right in the heart of your own homes, at a timing that’s convenient for you and your kid’s schedule. Best part? No need to head out, no travel time, and no parking woes.

Virtual classes for kids may have risen in popularity at the peak of the pandemic, but because of how convenient they are, they continue to be a great alternative to supplementing your child's school curriculum.

We get it, there are so many online courses for kids out there, how do you know where to start choosing from?

We bring you some of the schools you should definitely check out.

Online Classes for Kids


  1. LingoAce


  1. Geniebook
  2. Seimpi
  3. IXL
  4. Edoovo
  5. Khan Academy

Coding & STEAM

  1. Byju's Future School
  2. Coding:lab
  3. Duck Learning
  4. I am a Young Scientist


  1. Ace-Learning
  2. Koobits

Langugage Learning

  1. Dim Sum Warriors
  2. I Can Read Singapore


  1. Smile Tutors
  2. Read Think Learn Education Hub


  1. Artgrain



If you're looking for online Chinese classes for your kids, LingoAce is certainly one of the best options.

We've tried their Preschool and P1 Preparatory Programs and have had good experiences in both.

You can choose from a variety of programs for kids aged 3-15, from those based on the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) or Mainland China syllabus, to international programs that cater to students learning Chinese as a second language.

There are also classes geared towards specific areas such as writing, oral and communication, and vocabulary reinforcement.

Classes are designed to be fun and engaging, so kids never feel bored or frustrated.

LingoAce's teachers do a great job of keeping students engaged, and are able to use a whole host of interactive tools such as illustrations, animations, and gamification to capture the attention of students and to keep learning fun.

Private one-to-one sessions ensure that every child gets the attention she needs.

One of LingoAce's strengths is the ease of use of its online platform which makes booking and rescheduling classes a breeze.

The online platform also offers a wide range of features that make it easy for parents to track your child's progress.

Class history, accompanying assignments and teacher feedback are all easily accessible through your user dashboard.

Everything you need is conveniently located on the user dashboard

With a user-friendly interface, and a great selection of teachers and programs, LingoAce has everything a parent needs in an online learning environment!

Find Out More!

Read our review of LingoAce's Programs: 

P1 Preparatory Program

Preschool Program



Geniebook accelerates your child's learning journey with AI-personalised worksheets, live online classes, and real-time chat system connecting students with teachers. (Image credit: Geniebook)

Geniebook's suite of online learning tools has been featured across mainstream media in Singapore for its revolutionary and patented method of using AI to identify topics that your child excels in and topics that they may find challenging.

Using this technology, Geniebook then generates a personalised revision plan specific for your child to help boost their grades.

With Geniebook, learning isn’t just one-dimensional. Recognising the struggle of busy parents and kids nowadays, Geniebook offers GenieSmart, their signature AI-personalised worksheet generator; GenieClass, live and recorded classes conducted by experienced educators; and GenieAsk, where teachers are on hand to answer questions via their real-time chat system.

GenieClass: Reinforce key concepts anytime, anywhere with live online classes led by experienced teachers. (Image credit: Geniebook)

GenieClass in particular promises to bring the classroom experience to your child online. Each lesson is led by a qualified in-house teacher that brings topics to life using engaging demonstrations and experiments. With weekly live online classes across multiple subjects and levels whether primary and secondary, it’s easy for your child to fit GenieClass sessions right into their personal study timetable.

You can request a free demo for your child to see the efficacy of Geniebook for yourself!

We also particularly loved the subscription plan format for the subjects they offered (they cover four – English, Maths, Chinese, and Science) - it’s a convenient way of ensuring your child has all their online learning needs met on one platform.

Get your complimentary Strengths Analysis today

Read our review of Geniebook's Primary 1 Math and English Programme


Seimpi is a leading early childhood provider that started off providing music classes for pre-schoolers but has since expanded its repertoire to provide English, math, and Chinese classes, based on Seimpi’s tried-and-tested teaching concept.

Seimpi’s S-Class is an online teaching platform that uses age and level-appropriate teaching materials and teaching techniques to keep kids engaged. The lessons are fun and engaging and its teachers have received rave reviews for delivering a good class despite the online medium.

The best part about taking Seimpi’s online classes is that your child can receive the Seimpi quality level of education right in the comfort of your own home and without the need to rush there after school or spend their weekends travelling down to a physical school. 



 Starting from kindergarten, IXL is an immersive virtual classes platform that allows your child to learn at a pace that suits them.

The platform is equipped with an adaptive technology that detects your child’s ability and adjusts the questions to their level, helping them gain confidence before being challenged.

Learning is also never dull with IXL, with its vibrant graphics, interactive activities, and exciting rewards, which can provide positive reinforcements for your child. Parents have also praised the platform for providing comprehensive reports that helps them see exactly where their child requires help and where they’re doing well.



Edoovo is an interactive learning platform that is designed to bring out the best in your child. They implement five learning domains to help your child effectively learn their subjects – English, math, and science.

These domains are Self, Social, Nature, Science, and the Arts.

Its platform isn’t just a one-size-fits-all. The school ensures that your child receives a developmentally-appropriate curriculum (across 8 levels), the support of experienced educators, and sophisticated AI-based learning technology to help them achieve their best.

And because Edoovo is committed to its five unique learning domains your child will not just learn how to excel academically but also build the foundations to succeed in life. 



Khan Academy

 If you’re a parent that’s looking for the best online classes for kids in Singapore, but have also been on a budget, this one’s great for you. Khan Academy believes in providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, and offers a diverse range of courses in math, science, computing, history, art history, and economics to name a few, across multiple levels.

And it’s not just plain information that’s provided for free – Khan Academy provides practice exercises, videos, and a whole tailored dashboard for eager learners to track their progress.

Image credit: Khan Academy

Khan Academy had humble beginnings, starting as a one-man show tutoring his cousin, but is now a 150-person-strong organisation with content that is being translated into more than 36 languages – which just goes to show just how enduring and useful their content is.



Coding & STEAM

Byju's Future School 

Recognised as one of the top coding platform for young learners, Byju’s Future School offers coding, math and music classes for those aged from 6 years old. They want to equip students with critical thinking skills and to become the creative thinkers and innovators of tomorrow by switching things up. Their carefully planned syllabus is designed to help your child create, learn and look at the whys behind problems rather than just plainly being exposed to the answer.

Their interactive activity-based curriculum also encourages students to take risks, to take their time, and try new things, instead of just focusing on the right answers. In doing so, students of Byju’s Future School are unafraid of making mistakes and develop grit, resiliency, creativity, confidence, and strong communication and problem-solving skills, all of which are essential skills for being a good coder. 




If you’ve got your eye set on having your child learn how to code from a young, then Coding:lab’s your best bet. Its founder strongly believes that every child should learn how to code because coding would teach a child how to create, solve and express themselves.

Founded by an MIT alumnus who also gathered working experience in Silicon Valley, Yong Ning strongly feels that the world would be a more efficient place if children learned to code from a young age. For example, they’d be able to automate some of the future work they might do.

In fact, Coding:lab offers classes for children from as young as 4 years old, so it’s really never too early to start!


Duck Learning

Image credit: Duck Learning

Specialising in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, Duck Learning believes in going beyond just teaching your child how to code. They recognise that not every child is inclined to be a coder, roboticist, or engineer but want to help children to learn new skills, realise their natural ability, and to develop computational thinking skills for everyday life.

Programmes like their STEAM Engine Lego Robotics Programmes take place online on Zoom. They rent out kits so students get the full experience while staying at home, and so you needn’t worry about a subpar learning session even though your child is attending virtually.


I am a Young Scientist

 Remember working towards a Young Scientist badge when you were younger? Your kids can also experience the same, but online, with the I am a Young Scientist portal.

The badge turns 40 this year, but the badges and the lessons one needs to go through to attain them are enduring, such as being a botanist, meteorologist, so on.

Young Scientist Badges (Image credit: Science Centre Singapore)

Your child is no longer limited by having to do it at school – you can register them for a badge programme on the website and pay a one-time annual fee. Your child would then have to complete 15 points of activities and log them on the platform, to be graded by educators at the Singapore Science Centre.

And guess what, though the programme is online, you’ll still get a physical badge upon completion that your child can display proudly (and you can reminisce over)!




An established e-learning platform for maths for over two decades, ACE Learning has helped many students ace this subject through gamification, AR, and auto-grading technology. The platform has also been used by many schools in Singapore, a testament to its legitimacy and efficacy.

Image credit: Ace Learning

Ace recognises that sometimes a child’s inability to solve a math problem is due to their difficulty with word problems, and has in place Polya’s four-step problem-solving process to help your child master any type of word problem. They strongly believe in instilling confidence to help your child read, process, identify and understand each problem and to be able to apply this process across any problems they come across.

Should you opt to utilise Ace’s tutoring services, they price via a flexible pay-as-you-go model, which comes in 30-120min chunks and can be used across multiple sessions.



Koobits is an online school made up of passionate individuals who believe in going beyond the four walls of traditional schools. The educators at Koobits use data and technology to deliver quality content that is personalised and effective. 

By leveraging technology, they can give your child access to some of the best educators worldwide, and also help your child to self-learn with minimal adult supervision. 

Specialising in maths, Koobits’ flagship product KooBits Maths is a well-designed and tailored platform, powered by big data, for kids to learn mathematics through gamification. The best part is they limit game time to 25 minutes for healthier screen time, so you needn’t worry about your child getting too carried away by the interactive games.   

In fact, don’t just take our word for it, Koobits allows you to try their programmes for a 7-day free period to get a taster of how efficient they are. Gain unlimited access to some 100,000 questions, thousands of videos, and hundreds of mock papers. Koobit’s syllabus is also aligned to the latest MOE curriculum and syllabus, so you can ensure that your child will be up to speed at this school. 


Language Learning

Dim Sum Warriors 

Headquartered in Singapore and specialising in bilingual education, Dim Sum Warriors combines great stories, and engaging characters with a proven pedagogy and research, helping kids learn Chinese and English in a fun, interactive, and effective manner.

The company has worked with many schools in Singapore, so there is little to no doubt on the efficacy of its content. Their Dim Sum Warriors club allows your children to draw along to new vocabulary words, accompanied by an expert cartoonist and language teacher. This interesting and engaging method provides an innovative way of helping your kids be motivated about learning the language. Parents can even join in their comic jams to draw and learn fun words together!

Dim Sum Warrior Doodle Date (Image credit: Dim Sum Warriors)

If you’re unconvinced, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee on their programmes, so if you’ve signed up for any programmes for your child and find that it doesn’t work, feel free to request a refund – though we’re pretty sure you’ll find it helpful within a week or two!


I Can Read Singapore

Image credit: I Can Read

We often take reading for granted in lieu of seemingly more-important subjects such as maths and science, but being able to read well forms the base for your child to understand their lessons, homework, and examination problems well. I Can Read is an Australian brand that made its way to Singapore in 2001. Since then it has expanded to more than 200 centres in 15 countries.

Your child can enrol in I Can Read’s online learning arm to take web learning courses from as young as 2.5 years old, so they can gain exposure to the English language earlier on. Their web learning programme also includes the I Can Read Heroes digital learning platform that allows your child to do their own self-paced learning at home, and for you to witness them putting into practice what was learnt in class.



Smile Tutors

 If you’re looking for a one-on-one tutor for online classes for kids, Smile Tutors is the leading platform for you to look for the right tutor for your child. You can opt to hire a tutor whose schedule aligns with your child’s and family’s, and also one that fits your budget.

Though most tutors may have switched back to in-person teaching, there still exists a steady supply of tutors who also enjoy the flexibility of tutoring virtually – just place a request through Smile Tutors, sit back, and let the coordinator do the search for you!


Read Think Learn Education Hub

Image credit: Read Think Learn Education Hub

Read Think Learn Education hub is a tuition centre that successfully pivoted to the virtual classroom format during the Covid pandemic and circuit breaker period. Recognising the efficiency and effectiveness of the virtual classroom, the school has continued providing this format for students and parents who may prefer this option, as they remain committed to providing their customers with the best possible solutions.





Beyond traditional subjects, art classes have also found their way into online classes for kids in Singapore. Art Grain provides online art programmes for children aged 7 to 18. Their programmes start from headstart art, which teaches children to create art inspired by all that’s around in the world, and encourages them to express their ideas through a suitable art medium.

For older children, Art Grain’s classes move toward equipping students with the ability to draw, paint, and articulate shapes, forms, tones, and other visual information that is key for visual expression.


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