Curious Kits

October 30, 2023
Image Credit: Curious Kits

Spark your child's interest in science and arts with hands-on learning activities by Curious Kits.

Started by two architects aiming to bring the fun back into learning, Curious Kits delivers specially curated activities that explore topics in art, science, and engineering.

The difficulty increases as you progress through the activities, providing the child with a deeper understanding of the topic.

Kids have fun while learning and it's a great bonding activity for the family too!⁠

How it works

1.Choose a subscription plan - 3 or 6 months or just buy a one off kit.

2. Curated Selection - Curious Kit curates a selection of 3 to 4 hands-on activities.

3. Delivered Monthly - Receive a surprise kit delivered to your house every month.

What's in each box

Each box comes with the following:

  • 3 to 4 hands-on activities. ⁠⠀
  • Introductory manual which explains the topic for the month, the activities contained within, and learning points.
  • Learning manual with pictorial step by step instructions.
  • Mystery gifts and other collectibles for your child to keep.
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Image Credit: Curious Kits
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