October 18, 2020
Image Credit: Tenopy

Tenopy is an online tutoring platform for live tutoring of English, mathematics, and science for primary and secondary school students.

Technology and data is used to track students' engagement and performance in order to personalize learning for each student.



Classes are kept interactive and students can ask the tutors questions and clarify doubts at any time. They can also interact with their classmates in group discussions. In addition, there are pop quizzes every 15 minutes to test understanding.

Learning continues after the class with:

  • Homework marking - Submit class homework and tutors will mark with detailed feedback.
  • Lesson replay in video - Replay lesson videos to catch up or revise.
  • Homework Enquiry - Students can contact tutors for questions relating to the homework
  • Weekly Parent Report - Parents are kept updated with a weekly report on the student's class participation and performance.

Classes are conducted with differentiated and personalized instruction for each student. Weaker students receive guidance through more basic thinking steps while strong students are provided with more advanced content.


All curriculum and teaching materials are developed in-house with the aim of fostering critical thinking skills. Tenopy's curriculum is developed in accordance with the MOE Syllabus with interactive content to engage students and enable them to learn better.

Curriculum development is led by Dr Tan Liang See, an ex-NIE Assistance Dean, ex-Hwa Chong Institution teacher, and head of the Gifted Education Programme.

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Image Credit: Tenopy
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Primary three to lower secondary


Official Website

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