September 15, 2021
Image credits: Gardens by the Bay

#StayHomewithGB is an initiative by Gardens by the Bay to bring the wonders of nature to the home. You'll find a series of e-books, articles, infographics, craft work resources, and multimedia content, specially curated for families to learn more about nature and plants that are found at the Gardens.

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Crafts & Worksheets

Six simple craft projects for children to do at home to develop their creativity.

There are printable worksheets to guide you step by step in creating crafts such as floral postcards, origami flowers, and tulip die cut.

flora postcard
Craft: Flora Postcards Design and colour your own flora postcards to send to your loved ones, while learning about several flora species.
tulip die cut craft activity
Craft: Tulip die cut Create your very own vibrant paper tulip with the easy to follow die cut activity sheets.

Pre-school e-books

A series of e-books highlighting water sustainability and the flora and fauna that can be found at dragonfly lake. Follow the adventures of the little characters as they explore the lake.

E-Book - The Big Clean Up - Join Darcy the Dragonfly and Freddy the Frog as they explore the lake and make new friends through their little adventures
E-Book - Join Fynn the dragonfly and his friends on their amazing adventures at Garden by the Bay!


Videos on horticulture as well as workshops where you can make your own terrariums.

What's Blooming


Learn more about the flowers that are currently blooming in the Gardens. This segment covers some of the unique plants that can be found in the Gardens, such as the Tiger Orchid that blooms only once every 2-4 years, and the Lantana which attracts not only butterflies but birds and bees too.

Each feature also shares where the plant is currently housed in the gardens.

Articles & Infographic

Reading materials from starting your own home garden to learning the importance of plant diversity.

Fresh from home series: Easy-Peasy farming - learning to grow pea sprouts
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Image credits: Gardens by the Bay
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Art & Craft


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