Sphero Bolt

September 15, 2021
Image Credit: Sphero

The Sphero Bolt is an app enabled programmable robot ball that is designed for learners of all ages. It's a fun way for children to learn how to code.

With a durable, scratch-resistant, UV-coated, and waterproof clear plastic shell, the Bolt is built to be tough.

Endless play possibilities

The Bolt's LED matrix and advanced sensors open up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities.

Program the Bolt to navigate through a maze, or use it to keep track of the points for any type of game by using conditionals, if-statements, OR logic, and incrementing variables. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Advanced Sensors - Built in sensors allow you to keep track of the Bolt's speed and direction for programming.

LED Matrix - The 8x8 LED Matrix animates and displays real-time data.

Infrared Communication - Communicate with other Bolts to unlock even more games and advanced coding opportunities.

Sphero Bolt

  • Sphero BOLT
  • Inductive charging base with USB charging cable (gives the Bolt 2+ hours of playtime)
  • Protractor with heading, directions, and clock
  • Quick Start guide with step by step instructions
  • Sticker sheet
  • Sphero Play app available for download on iOS and Android (Allows you to control the Bolt)
  • Sphero Edu app available for download on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome (for programming the Bolt)
  • Compatible with Swift Playgrounds for iOS
Sphero Bolt
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Recommended 8 years old and above


Official Website

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