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Space Station Explorers

Space Station Explorers

October 30, 2023
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Become a home astronaut by taking part in science experiments and activities at home just like astronauts do on the space station.

The International Space Station (ISS) and NASA have developed a range of activities for children to learn at home.

Featured activities

Space Station Explorers STEM Guide - Download a guide that includes hands-on, space-themed learning activities.

Dream Up - Easy activities and experiments that you can do from home

Exolab Biological Design Challenge - Help select the plant that will head to the International Space Station in the fall for the ExoLab-8 research mission.

ISS Above - View the earth from the vantage point of the ISS.

Sally Ride EarthKAM - Sign up to request an image of your home, school, or other specific location on Earth taken by the digital camera onboard the ISS during the next EarthKAM mission.

Story Time from Space - Watch and read along with astronauts aboard the ISS.

Windows on Earth - View photos taken by astronauts on the ISS. Be inspired by images of earth and phenomena such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

Lesson plans and activities

There are downloadable lesson plans and activities on the site where you can learn about a whole range of topics from space nutrition and expeditionary skills to microgravity and rockets.

Who knows, if your child keeps it up , she may be walking on the International Space Station one day!

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