Simply Piano

September 15, 2021
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Simply Piano is an app that makes it fun and easy to learn the piano.

It's a highly popular app with 1 million learners a week and has won awards such as Editor's Choice from Apple's App Store and Best App from Google Play.

The app is suitable for beginners and more experienced players alike. No special equipment is required. Simply Piano works with any piano or keyboard, your device listens to which notes you're playing through the microphone.

Start playing your favorite songs in no time

Simply Piano will guide you through the basics such as chords, reading sheet music, and technique with step by step guides and tutorials. There are courses for different musical tastes and playing levels.

With instant feedback and personalized 5 minute workouts to ensure you improve quickly, you'll be playing your favorite songs in no time!

What you get

- 25 courses for different music levels with new courses added all the time.

- Hundreds of fun songs to learn across different genres.

- Resources from beginner to pro. From sheet music and sight reading, to chords and technique.

- Personalized exercises, sheet musics, and warmups, all customized to your skill level.

- Dedicated learning paths to ensure fast progress and success.

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4 years old and up


Official Website

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