Quest in the box

September 15, 2021
Image Credit: Newton show

Quest in the box by the Newton show is a game that combines a detective story with immersive elements, a real-life quest, and a board game.

Each quest will keep you busy for at least 2 hours and is a great bonding activity for kids and families. You'll need to perform science experiments, solve logic puzzles, and use every item and clue in the box to complete the quests.

There are currently three boxes available, each with it's own unique story line and quests.

Image credit: Newton show

What's in the box

- Documents, clues, and tasks

- Science experiments

- Mathematical and logical tasks

- Flexible hints to help solve the riddles

- Surprise items that you'll need to complete the quest

- Prizes for completing the quest!

About Newton show

Newton show is a science club for kids and runs workshops, camps, and parties themed around science.

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5 years old and up


Official Website

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