October 30, 2023
Photo Credit: PlayLeXue

Play乐学(PlayLeXue) is an online store for Chinese and bilingual learning resources targeted at children from age 3 and up (preschool and primary school).

Started in 2017 by Joey, A Singaporean mother and educator, the store carries Chinese books, comics, as well as resources for learning Chinese such as learning kits, activity bags, flash cards, games, puzzles, and pretend play sets.

You can shop by age or by themes such as nature, transport, or Chinese New Year.

You'll also find a collection of Singapore children's literature. We can't get enough of some of the hilarious comics!

Traditional food of Singaporean Chinese series
又是这一班 This Class Again - A comic series written and illustrated by a Singapore primary school Chinese teacher, sharing hilarious and real-life scenes in everyday school life.
Little Dim Sum Warriors 小小点心侠 - A hilarious comic specially designed to help kids between 3-10 years of age to learn Chinese
Construction book kit
A sound book that covers many interesting and useful aspects of basic Chinese characters
Chinese festivals bundle
No items found.
Photo Credit: PlayLeXue
No items found.



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