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Playeum at Home Live Series

Playeum at Home Live Series

September 15, 2021
Image Credit: Playeum

Discover the different ways you can experiment, play, and create with everyday materials that you find around the house!⁠

The Playeum at Home live series will be coming on every Friday at 3pm on Instagram. Join their playmakers for a 45 minute session where they will explore the potential of different materials and get your creative juices flowing. A different material will be featured each week such as toilet rolls, plastic bags, and rubber bands.

The activities are suitable for children from ages 18 months to 12 years (though those aged 5 and below may need assistance from an adult or older sibling).

About Playeum at Home

Playeum at Home is an online initiative by Playeum to provide online resources for children to develop crucial skills through play. It also aims to provide a platform for caregivers to get support from the community as well as to share knowledge.

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Image Credit: Playeum
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18 months to 2 years old


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