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Newtonshow Summer Holiday Camps

Newtonshow Summer Holiday Camps 2024

June 19, 2024

Newtonshow brings the ultimate summer camp experience for kids from now till 30 Aug 2024!

For the past 8 years, Newtonshow has been delighting over 30,000 kids in Singapore with enriching holiday camp experiences full of fun, learning, and unforgettable memories. 

Through their various brands such as Newtonshow, Maker Camp, Newtonshow Adventure, and Tomato Cooking School, Newtonshow offers a wide range of fully hands-on camps guaranteed to spark your child's curiosity and imagination.

From science explorations to cooking adventures, robotics, arts & crafts, and outdoor adventures, Newtonshow has a camp tailored just for them. 

And you can rest assured that during their week of fun, your kids will be in great hands!

All camps are held in Newtonshow's dedicated venues across 42 locations using top-notch original equipment. 

Your child will be in a small group under the guidance of highly trained, educated, and first-aid certified teachers who'll give them the personalised attention they need.

Newtonshow provides healthy lunches and snacks to keep those energetic kids fueled throughout the day. And if you need it, convenient bus services are also available as an optional add-on.

Thousands of parents have already trusted Newton Show to give their kids an incredible summer camp experience filled with learning and laughter. 

Let your child join in the fun this summer! Sunny City Kids readers get 10% off!

Newtonshow Science Camps

For all young scientists and curious minds, Newtonshow’s electrifying science camps make learning an adventure. 

Forget about boring textbooks and stuffy classrooms, these camps are all about hands-on fun and mind-blowing discoveries.

With 3 exciting programmes on offer, your little ones are in for a memorable summer.

Space Adventure

Your little astronauts will embark on an epic journey through the cosmos. They'll explore the mysteries of the universe, learn about the wonders of space travel, and conduct out-of-this-world experiments that will have them feeling like real rocket scientists. 

Who knows, they might even discover a new planet or two!

The Most Hands-On Science Camp

Chemistry is about to become your child's new favourite subject! With a focus on interactive experiments, your kids will get to unleash their inner mad scientists as they mix, measure, and concoct all sorts of fizzing, bubbling, and bang-worthy creations.

It's science at its most explosive - but don't worry, Newtonshow has got safety covered.

Harry Potter Science School

Whether your child dreams of being a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or even a Slytherin, they'll be swept away into the magical world of Hogwarts. 

Step through the enchanted doors and into a world of wizardry, where your children will learn the secrets of alchemy, divination, and even how to communicate with magical creatures. 

From wand-making workshops to Quidditch matches, this camp is sure to leave them spellbound!

Ages: 3-13


  • 121 and 229 Joo Chiat Road
  • 887a Bukit Timah Road
  • 9 Mohamed Sultan Road
  • 221 River Valley Road
  • 175 and 273 Thomson Road
  • 232 River Valley Road

Camp details and to sign up

Maker Camp

Do you have a little Einstein or Curie in the making? 

Maker Camp’s exciting summer camp programs are for all makers, tinkerers, and young innovators! 

Maker Camp has introduced 2 amazing camps that will have your kids diving headfirst into the worlds of robotics, coding, and maker projects. 

The LEGO Robotics camp is a wonderland for young engineers, where they'll build and program their own robots using cool tools like LEGO EV3, LEGO WeDo, and circuit modelling kits. Watch their eyes light up as they bring their robotic creations to life!

In the Super Robots camp, kids will get a stellar introduction to Dash robotics before choosing their own epic ROBO project to tackle. They'll learn all about robot coding, construct a cool walking robot, and level up to advanced robotics projects.

Whichever programme you choose, your children will be in for a camp brimming with hands-on fun, creativity, and imagination. 

They’ll gain super valuable skills in coding, 3D modelling, engineering principles, and basic programming - setting them up for future success. 

But most importantly, they'll develop a lifelong passion for making, creating, and inventing!

Ages: 5-13


  • 232 River Valley Road
  • 229 Joo Chiat Road 
  • 887A Bukit Timah Road
  • 175 Thompson Road, Novena

Camp details and to sign up

Tomato Cooking School

Tomato Cooking School’s Best Hits of All Times summer cooking camp for 2024 is going to be an epic culinary adventure for your little foodies!

For kids aged 6-14, they’ve got morning (9am-12pm) or afternoon (1-4pm) sessions, or you can join all day from 9am-4pm with lunch included. 

However you book it, your youngsters are in for a real treat!

The summer cooking camp is super fancy with all the professional equipment a kid chef could want. Each camper gets their own personal cooking station loaded with all the tools and fresh ingredients they'll need.

They'll work side-by-side with experienced chef instructors to whip up mouth-watering recipes from start to finish.

And whenever they're working with the stove or oven, these will be shared with the instructors who will always be keeping a close eye on them. 

Under Tomato Cooking School’s chef instructors, your kids will be whipping up classic Italian dishes and other yummy favourites like ham & cheese sandwiches, tacos, panna cotta, mini cheeseburgers, pizza, apple pie, cheesecake, churros, and more. 

The best part? They get to take all their tasty creations home to share with the family!

Ages: 6-14


  • 278 River Valley Road
  • 229 Joo Chiat Road
  • 273 Thomson Road
  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Camp details and to sign up

Multi-activity Camp

Newtonshow’s Multi-activity Camps take fun and learning to new heights with a mega-mix of awesome activities designed to spark your child’s curiosity and creativity. 

Every day is a new exciting experience! Your kiddos will be hopping from one specialised room to another every day, each designed to cater to the day's activity. 

From a state-of-the-art science lab to a cosy art studio, these spaces are perfect for hands-on learning and messy fun.

With 2 multi-activity camp options - the Multi STEM and Multi Creative camp - your child gets to sample a smorgasbord of disciplines.

The Multi STEM science camp offers a thrilling blend of science experiments, robotics, LEGO and engineering challenges. One day, kids could be concocting lava lamps and battling chemicals. The next, they’re bringing robots to life through coding and learning about electric circuits.

If your child leans more towards the creative side, the Multi Creative camp is sure to be a hit. They'll get to tap into their dramatic side with fun drama and public speaking sessions, channel their artistic flair with watercolour painting and lantern-making, and even learn essential survival skills for their next outdoor adventure!

Ages: 3-12


  • 278 River Valley
  • 1 Goldhill Plaza
  • 121 Joo Chiat Road
  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

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Newtonshow Adventure

Let your little explorers run wild this summer!

Newtonshow Adventure has 2 camps that are perfect for your boundless balls of energy.  

The Big Adventure camp for kids 5 years and up is perfect for those curious, energetic children who love discovering new things!

Each day, your child will head off on a thrilling expedition to one of Singapore's most fascinating destinations. 

They’ll journey back in time at the museums, crawling through rainforest trails and conquering Fort Canning. 

Then they'll get hands-on with awesome science experiments and cracking codes at the Science Center. They'll also roam the iconic Gardens by the Bay, follow heritage trails, and make a splash at the water park too! 

The adventure continues at Changi Airport with dino trails, flight observations, and aerodynamic fun galore at Jewel's Canopy Park. The camp wraps things up by teaching your little ones essential survival and first aid skills during an exploration of MacRitchie.

Real outdoor enthusiasts should check out the Newton Outdoor Camp. If your kid would rather be running around outside than stuck indoors, this is the camp for them! 

Newtonshow Adventure will have them hiking, building forts, shooting arrows, and generally going wild with energy to burn. 

They can expect nature art projects, scavenger hunts, sandy castle creations, and plenty of splashing at the water playground too!

For both camps, your kids will be in groups of just 5 led by experienced teachers. So you can relax knowing they are having an absolute blast while making amazing memories -  and also a couple of new friends!

Ages: 5-12


  • BIG adventure: some text
    • 278 River Valley Road
    • 273 Thomson Road
    • 229 Joo Chiat Road

  • Newton Outdoor: East Coast Park, West Coast Park. Free bus daily from 278 River Valley Road, 273 Thomson Road, 887 Bukit Timah Road, 229 Joo Chiat Road 

Camp details and to sign up

Newtonshow Contact details

24 hr WhatsApp: 8950 1968 

Phone: 8264 6655

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Holiday Camps

Ages: 3-14

Date: 27 May - 30 Aug 2024

Price: From $400-$685

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