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LEGO Lets Build Together

LEGO Lets Build Together

October 30, 2023
Image Credit: LEGO

LEGO Lets Build Together brings together content for fun play based learning ideas based on Lego products.

The site shares tons of ideas on things you can build from rainbows and unicorns, to a maze and your very own jewelry stand. There's something even for toddlers with play and build ideas using LEGO Duplo.

LEGO Play experts also provide guidance for parents on how to help their kids play well at home as well as to spark their development with fun building activities.


Here's some of the activities you can look forward to:

Fun builds and small games from the 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks book. Build a funky dance floor or a Feed the Frog game.

30 LEGO Duplo play ideas to develop imagination and creativity.

Memory game with Duplo

Video tutorials and special livestreams with LEGO designers. Build along with them as they share tips on tricks on building with LEGO.

Craft activities using LEGO such as making your own paper plate dinosaurs and car parking lot spelling game.

Paper plate dinosaurs with Duplo

Check out the selection of free LEGO apps for all ages.

Download the latest issue of LEGO life magazine which is full of activities, games, puzzles, and fun!

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Image Credit: LEGO
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