October 30, 2022
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KooBits teaches students from Primary 1-6 to solve math problems using the model method in step-by-step video lessons.

KooBits breaks down the question and walks through the entire solving process with video tutorials so students know exactly what to do and feel confident implementing each step.

Students will also receive personalized questions suitable for strength and weaknesses to encourage regular practice and good learning habits. The program is also aligned with the latest Singapore MOE syllabus.

KooBits Math

Learning plans

KooBits Math includes:

  • 1000+ maths model method video lessons
  • 100,000+ primary 1-6 topical maths questions
  • Step-by-step solutions with models and diagrams
  • Differentiated skill map aligned to latest maths syllabus
  • Automatic homework marking and tracking
  • Challenging questions to stretch your child’s thinking
  • Competitions for your child to stay engaged
  • Printable worksheets to prepare your child’s exams

Live Tutoring

Live tutoring plans include weekly online lessons with top educators. There will be personalized assignments as well as real time progress feedback.

Koobits Parent App

Parents can also track your child's learning progress with the KooBits Parent App.

KooBits Math
Track your child's strengths and weaknesses in real time
KooBits Math
Know your child's progress against school syllabus
KooBits Math
Benchmark your child’s progress against the peers
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Image Credit: KooBits
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Primary 1-6


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