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Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

September 15, 2021
Image Credit: Kano

With the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, you can learn to code while creating a magic wand that responds to your movements.

Kids go through 70+ step-by-step challenges inspired by the Wizarding World to improve their coding skills. Connect code blocks, see the Javascript, learn about loops, logic, and variables. Complete challenges to gain costumes, accessories, and pets for your avatar.

Make magic

Wave the coding wand and see instant effects on screen. Code and create with creatures, sweets, spells, 200+ sounds, music and wizarding artefacts.

Add an iconic Wizarding World spell motion to make fire flow, pumpkins grow, feathers fly, goblets multiply, paint pictures, compose music and more!⁠

The possibilities for play are endless once you've mastered the basics. You can create your own spells, wand art, games, or music. Be inspired and share with the Kano World community. See the code behind any creation, then tweak it to make it your own.

What's in the kit

1. Coding Wand Tip

2. Coding Wand Handle

3. Coding Wand brain

4. AAA Batteries x 2

5. Button

6. Book with step-by-step guides

7. Stickers

8. Poster to learn wand motions

70+ creative challenges - Download the free Kano app to a computer and you can make and play with the wand through 70+ step by step challenges

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6 years old and up. No coding experience necessary.


Official Website

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