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Explorer Junior

Explorer Junior

October 30, 2022
Image: Explorer Junior


Explorer Junior offers programs in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). It's mission is to nurture children with the Explorer Mindset by fostering meaningful exploration.


Explorer Junior's combines a STEAM based learning approach together with the design-thinking framework to create its programs.

Explorer Club

It's flagship program is the Explorer Club, a weekly STEAM enrichment program for children ages 4-6. The program is conducted at partner preschools across Singapore. In this program, children will pick up concepts through a series of engineering activities, experiments and craft projects. They'll be coding with Scratch, learning about motors, creating a marble maze, learning about gravity through a parachute, and more!

Holiday Programs

Explorer Junior offers a number of holiday programs that utilize unconventional learning activities to help children develop the Explorer Mindset. Every themed holiday workshop incorporates hands on activities to spark children's interest in the subject.

Past themes include Da Vinci Code, Shark vs Train, Geo Explorer, Christmas Fun, and Space Adventures. Children will go through many activities during the workshops such as design thinking projects, 3D printing, science experiments, robots, web design, and coding.

Explorer Junior
Image: Explorer Junior
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3 years old and up


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