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America's Test Kitchen Kids

America's Test Kitchen Kids

September 15, 2021
Photo Credit: America's Test Kitchen Kids

Teach the kids to cook up a storm with America's Test Kitchen Kids. It's an online hub dedicated to kids by America's Test Kitchen.

Learning from Cooking

The site helps children to explore the world of food and cooking with content such as kids recipes, activities, as well as quizzes.

Kids will find that cooking is a fun way to learn about many subject areas from science (biology, chemistry) and math (fractions, measurement), to language (reading comprehension), and social studies (food from different cultures).⁠

Photo Credit: America's Test Kitchen Kids

Kitchen Classroom

Kitchen classroom is an activity that is completed over the course of the week comprising recipes, activities, and quizzes. There will be one or two simpler recipes or activities for weekdays and a bigger project for the whole family on the weekends.

A new kitchen classroom plan will be shared each week.⁠

Week 1 starts with French Toast and Flatbreads. Yummy!

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Food & Cooking


5 years old and up


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