16 of the best March and Easter school holiday camps for kids in Singapore 2024

16 of the best March and Easter school holiday camps for kids in Singapore 2024

April 12, 2024

Keep the kids busy during the March and Easter holidays with these holiday camps.

Choose from a whole host of fun programs that cater to every interest, from sports and outdoor activities, to theatre, drama, and science and coding.

Holiday Camps by Type


  1. Nullspace - Robotics and Coding Programmes
  2. Algokids March Holiday Workshop
  3. Fun Commune - Growth Mindset Spring Camp
  4. Art for Drama - Claymation Movie Holiday Workshop for Kids

AI Art and Game Coding

  1. Mind Theory - AI Art and Game Design

Thematic and Multi-Activity Learning

  1. Play2see
  2. Pokemon X Minecraft Camp
  3. Vivo Kids - Holiday Adventure Camposaur
  4. Camp Asia Easter Camp

Sports & Outdoor Activities

  1. Kids Camp Singapore
  2. Singafit Multi-Sports Camps

Speech and Drama

  1. Centre Stage School of the Arts - Creative Arts Drama Holiday Camps
  2. Act3 International - March Holiday Camps


  1. British Council March 2024 Holiday Camps

Science & Coding

  1. Newton Show Easter Holiday Camp
  2. Saturday Kids - Holiday Coding Camps


Nullspace - Robotics and Coding Programmes

Minecraft Workshop (Credit: Nullspace)

Get your child started in the exciting world of robotics and coding with these March school holiday programmes from Nullspace.

Established in 2018, Nullspace is a leading provider of robotics and coding education in Singapore, as well as an appointed vendor by Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) for the GEP (Gifted Education Programme) Computer Enrichment Programme (from 2018-2023).

With a variety of programmes on offer, Nullspace introduces children to engineering and programming concepts through fun and hands-on learning.

Robotics Certification Programme (Credit: Nullspace)

Expect lots of interactive and hands-on activities where kids will engage in a whole host of fun projects everyday such as building and programming robots, creating games, or working on electronic projects.

Classes are kept small with a maximum of 3-5 students to 1 instructor to ensure that every child receives individualized attention.

Arduino (Credit: Nullspace)

Participants will also be learning from experienced instructors who have a strong track record in coaching students to win in robotics competitions.

By the end of the camp, your child will have developed a good foundation in robotics, and will be looking forward to return the next holidays for more!

Ages: 7-16

Dates: 11-15 Mar 2024

Programmes available for the March holidays:

  • Ages 7 to 8: STEM Explorer Programme (LEGO WeDo, Scratch Coding & More!)
  • Ages 9-11: Minecraft Series: Coding Workshops (Minecraft Education)
  • Ages 9-12: GearUp Series - 1 Day Robotics Workshops
  • Ages 9-12: BuildUp Series - 1 Day 3D Printing Workshops

Core Programme Offerings (Progressive Classes):

  • Ages 9-16: Robotics Certificate Programme (LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime)
  • Ages 10-16: Inventor Certificate Programme (Arduino Microcontroller)
  • Ages 11-16: Data Analyst Certificate Programme (Python Text-Based Coding)

Fees: From $125 for a 2.5-hour programme to $460 for a 10-hour programme

Check out the course packages for further discounts. These are available in 10, 30, and 70 hours and can be shared between 2 or more students concurrently.


  • Rochester Mall - 35 Rochester Drive #03-07 Singapore 138639
  • Kallang Wave Mall - 1 Stadium Place #01-72 Singapore 397628

Promos: Enjoy $50 off your first programme! Use promo code "SUNNY50" when signing up to enjoy the discount.

Valid for minimum purchase of 10-hour course package (U.P. $460) and one time use per customer.

Find out more about Nullspace's Programmes and to Sign Up

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Algokids March Holiday Workshop

Image credit: Algokids

The March Holiday Workshop by online coding school Algokids is an immersive learning experience where children will create, experiment, and interact with technology in real-time, bringing coding to life by programming their own virtual robot and developing a video game from scratch.

Over the course of two days, your child will step into the shoes of a programmer, commanding their very own virtual robot through a meticulously designed 3D space. 

This hands-on experience not only fuels their imagination, but also cultivates skills like spatial awareness, algorithmic thinking, and problem-solving strategies.

As they navigate their robot through this digital landscape, children will gain an understanding of the real-world applications of coding and robotics, sparking interest in how technology shapes our world.

Image credit: Algokids

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Your child will then dive headfirst into the world of game development

They’ll channel their creativity into designing their very own video game, from conceptualising the storyline to coding the game mechanics. 

Along the way, they’ll explore every aspect of game development, gaining insights into the principles of game design, user experience, and interactive storytelling. 

No prior programming experience is required so don’t worry if your child is a coding newbie. 

The workshop is perfectly suited for beginners as each class will only have a maximum of 6 students, providing a supportive and engaging environment where your child can thrive.

Image credit: Algokids

And while coding is at the heart of the workshop, Algokids also focuses on fostering a range of valuable life skills. From problem solving and logical reasoning to creativity and storytelling abilities, your child will acquire skills that will serve them well in PSLE and beyond.

In the spirit of collaborative creativity, the workshop encourages teamwork and collective problem-solving. As they design games and tackle programming challenges together, children will also learn the value of cooperation and shared achievement.

Let your child experience the thrill of bringing their imaginations to life with Algokids’ March Holiday workshop. Book their spot today and let them embark on a learning journey into the world of coding and technology!

Ages: 8+


  • 11-12 Mar
  • 14-15 Mar

Time: 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm

Fees: $290

Promo: Claim a free robotics kit for each sign up (Limited for the first 10 sign up)


More information on the March Holiday Workshop

Sign up for workshop

FUN Commune - Growth Mindset Spring Camp

The 3-Day Growth Mindset Spring Camp is a unique collaboration between student care and enrichment classes provider FUN Commune, Martial Arts School Sul Academy, and art school Gallery J.

Credit: FUN Communue

This enriching camp offers a variety of activities that are designed to foster social engagement, instil essential life skills (such as time management and regulation of emotions), and boost your child's confidence and perseverance. 

From learning about marketing and cooking to mastering self-defence techniques, your child will gain invaluable experiences that extend far beyond the classroom.

In this camp, children will be exposed to:

Introduction to Brazilian Ju-jitsu by Sul Academy: Your child will learn self-defence techniques and improve their coordination - vital skills that enhance their safety and physical agility.

Credit: Sul Academy

Painting on canvas by Gallery J: Guided by the skilled instructors from Gallery J, these sessions stimulate creativity while teaching children the importance of setting goals and the patience required to achieve them. Children learn that perseverance and determination are often required to produce a good piece of art!

Credit: Gallery J

Life-skills building by FUN Commune: Your child will hone practical life skills - from understanding the basics of marketing to purchasing ingredients and cooking. These activities are designed to foster independence and resourcefulness.

The Growth Mindset Spring Camp is more than just a fun-filled experience. Small group sizes and nurturing instructors ensure that every child receives personalised attention, fostering a positive mindset and encouraging personal growth.

To keep parents updated on your child's progress, you’ll even receive a comprehensive review detailing your child’s transformation throughout the camp. This way, you can witness firsthand the progress and changes in your child!

Ages: 7-12

Date: 12-14 Mar 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: 82 Lorong 23 Geylang, #06-04 Atrix Building, Geylang Singapore 388409 (Next to Aljunied MRT)


  • $550 for all 3 days 
  • Early-bird rate: $480 (sign up by 29 Feb 2024)
  • Enquire for 1 or 2 day options

Contact number for enquiries: Kei @ 9363 6162

Sign up for the Growth Mindset Spring Camp

Art for Drama - Claymation Movie Holiday Workshop for Kids

Image credit: Art for Drama

Discover a world of creativity and imagination with the 2-day Claymation Movie Workshop, tailored to let your child’s inner artist shine.

This hands-on workshop is designed to inspire and educate, offering an exciting peek behind the scenes of beloved stop motion animated movies like “Wallace and Gromit” and “Coraline”.

Your child will have the opportunity to get their hands squishy with clay, moulding their imagination into tangible characters and bringing them to life in a mini-movie. 

Image credit: Art for Drama

This playful, messy, and super cool adventure is all about empowering your child to sculpt their own story!

During the workshop, students will be guided through: 

  1. The process of creating a unique clay character
  2. Mastering essential photography techniques to bring their characters to life
  3. Crafting a compelling short story clip featuring their character

To ensure each child receives focused attention, class sizes are kept small, at a maximum of eight students per session.

The workshops are run by Art for Drama, a collective rooted in the transformative power of storytelling and expression. 

Art for Drama is dedicated to nurturing talent and creativity through drama and arts, fostering confidence and joy in learners of all ages. They are passionate about helping each child discover their unique voice and artistic flair.

Join in on this thrilling adventure and let your child discover the joy of creation.

Watch as they transform a playful idea into a captivating claymation movie, boosting their creativity, confidence and love for the arts. 

Enrol your budding artist today and let them experience the magic of claymation!

Ages: 9-12


  • 4-5 Mar
  • 11-12 Mar
  • 18-19 Mar
  • 25-26 Mar 

Location: 321 Alexandra Road #02-04 Singapore 159971


Contact: info@artdrama.com

Sign up for workshop

AI Art and Game Coding

Mind Theory - AI Art and Roblox, Android Game Design

Examples of images they can create in class

As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern that AI will replace jobs in the future. To prepare children for the future of work, it's essential for them to adapt and embrace new technologies and skills.

Mind Theory provides engaging AI & Game Coding lessons for kids to learn how to create AI Art, Android Apps and use ChatGPT to enhance their writing abilities.

Taught by experienced instructors from the design & animation industry, children will receive expert guidance to unleash their creative potential and elevate their passion to new heights.


The 5 Day AI Camp is suitable for children - teens (Ages 8-18), who love drawing, art, computers & technology.

Children gain valuable skills in navigating Midjourney, Leonardo & ChatGPT, empowering them to create a myriad of possibilities through prompts.

ChatGPT can help them with a wide range of subjects, including Math, Science, Geography, History, and English. They can ask ChatGPT for story ideas, correct their spelling, or even for fun facts and jokes.

Mind Theory Classroom


If your child spends a lot of time playing IPad games, why not allow them the opportunity to learn how to create one on their own? Mind Theory offers a 5 Day Android Game App Design Camp for ages 8-18.

No complicated coding or programming is needed. Due to the software’s unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn’t require any complex scripting, programming or software design experience. Learn how to create maps, design game mechanics, creating characters, enemies, coins and testing your game.

2D Platform Android game

Whether for personal, school projects or future aspirations to be a Game Designer, Mind Theory is breaking down the barriers of game development for creators. They believe that anyone should get the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. All that’s required from your child is a vivid imagination.

Location: 81 Ubi Ave 4. UB.ONE 08-02 Singapore 408830

Early bird prices $680 for 5 Day Camps. (Usual Price $800)

To find out more about Mind Theory Learning Centre’s AI Art, ChatGPT & Game Design & Coding classes, please visit https://www.mindtheory.sg


Thematic and Multi-Activity Learning


Photo credit: Play2see

Play2see's holiday camps have been delighting and inspiring kids since 2014.

The camp curriculum covers 75 educational topics that will keep camp-goers engaged throughout the week.

Kids can connect knowledge, experience, and imagination as they take part in hands-on activities, games, and experiments.

They will also have the opportunity to interact with experts from around the world who will share unique insights into their own fields - sure to spark curiosities in young learners.

Play2see also offers the SMART Bilingual Camp, an innovative way to get the best of both worlds!

Combining French classes with a holiday camp programme, this camp is ideal for kids aged 9-14 who are French school students needing assistance in the French curriculum, or international students looking for support in learning French.

Ages: 5-14

Duration: 5 days, 9:30am-4pm

Dates: 13 Feb - 12 Apr 2024

Price: $380-$780

Location: 90 Cuscaden Road, Block B Singapore 249725

Sign up for the Play2see camps

Pokemon X Minecraft Camp

Credit: Proactiv Sports

Join in an amazing adventure as the worlds of Pokémon and Minecraft come together in an epic March camp experience!

Be immersed in a perfect blend of block-building creativity and Pokémon-catching excitement.

Get ready to craft, catch, and create unforgettable memories at the Pokémon X Minecraft Camp – where the possibilities are as endless as the blocks beneath your feet!

Date: 11-15 Mar 2024

Duration: 5 days

Time: 9am-2pm


  • 1 day: $120
  • 5 days: $525

Location: 451 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01 Katong Point, Singapore 427664

Sign up for the Podigy Pokemon Camp

Vivo Kids - Holiday Adventure Camposaur

Image: Vivo Kids

Kids get to experience the best of all worlds at Vivo Kid's all encompassing holiday camps that blend sports, arts, crafts, robotics, and team-building activities.

The day begins with sports activities such as soccer, tennis, roller blading, and more - there is something for everyone!

After a snack break, they can explore their creative side and hone their craft skills in artistic projects, or delve into the world of robotics and learn basic engineering concepts and coding skills.

On top of these activities, your campers will get to go on a nature walk at Mount Faber Walk and enjoy a sun-soaked day out at the beach in Sentosa.

It will be an action packed week full of fun, topped off with the signature Camposaur Amazing Race!

Ages: 3 - 10

Date: 11 Mar - 12 Apr 2024

Duration: 3-5 days

Price: From $600

Location: Agora Co-Learning, 1 Maritime Square, Lobby C, #04-01 Singapore 099253

Sign up for the Holiday Adventure Camposaur

Camp Asia Easter Camp

Image: Camp Asia

Camp Asia's multi-activity camps offer loads of creative play, sports, and adventure.

Your child could be building an aquarium one moment, then playing carnival games, or engaging in art and craft activities the next.

Each day will be packed with fun and learning, with a diverse range of activities that will encourage them to cultivate new interests and friendships.

Camps are professionally managed by experienced trained teachers, teaching assistants and subject specialists, and all activities are designed to be age appropriate.

Ages: 3-8

Dates: 1-12 Apr 2024

Time: 9am-3pm daily

Price: $715

Includes lunch (cooked fresh daily), healthy morning and afternoon snacks, and a Camp Asia T-shirt.

Location: Stamford American International School, 1 Woodleigh Road, Singapore 357684

Sign up for the Camp Asia holiday camps

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Kids Camp Singapore

Image: Kids Camp Singapore

Kids Camp Singapore provides an exciting and varied day-long experience for kids of all ages.

Children can look forward to a full day of exciting activities, ranging from sports like archery and football, to creative arts such as painting.

These outdoor adventures are designed for maximum fun – with three main attractions each day taking kids on an adventure lasting 9am-2:45pm.

It's sure keep them occupied and contented.

Ages: 3 years old and up

Date: Camps run year round

Duration: 5 days, 9am-2:45pm


  • Fort Canning Park
  • Sentosa
  • East Coast Park
  • Pasir Ris Park

Sign up for Kids Camp Singapore

Singafit Multi-Sports Camp

Image: Singafit

Enjoy a wide range of sports and activities (there are over 50 to choose from!) ranging from baseball, football, and rugby, to frisbee, rock climbing, and even capoeira.

Kids are sure to discover the sports that they are interested in.

Singafit's camps are jam packed with fun activities with no two camps being the same, so you'll always get to try out different things!

Transportation is available at an additional $20 per day.

Ages: 4-7

Date: Camps offered year round


  • Mornings (9:30am-12:30pm): $375
  • Full days (9:30am-4:30pm): $475


  • Bishan Park
  • West Coast Park
  • Serangoon Park

Sign up for the Singafit Multi-Sports Camp

Speech & Drama

Centre Stage School of the Arts - Creative Arts Drama Holiday Camps

Image: Centre Stage School of the Arts

Centre Stage is taking the holidays to a whole new level of fun with their creative arts camps!

Kids can join in an unforgettable adventure packed with activities from dance, drama, and music, to art, puppetry, and theatre.

Let your child's imagination and creativity shine through, they'll never have a dull moment!

Ages: 5-12

Date: 11-15 Mar 2024

Duration: 3 hours daily for 5 days

Price: $495

Location: 15 Woking Road Singapore 138694

Sign up for the Centre Stage School of the Arts Holiday Camps

Act3 International - March Holiday Workshops

Credit: Act3 International

Unleash the power of imagination for your child with Act3 International's drama workshops for children.

This holiday, take a deep dive into a world of famous stories, brought to life each day in a whirlwind of creativity and skill-building.

Choose from 1, 2, 3, or all 4 days of engaging workshops, specifically designed to cultivate your child's passion for drama.

These workshops provide a safe and interactive space where children can explore their potential and discover new talents.

Beyond the fun and excitement, the drama workshops offer a wealth of hidden benefits for your child.

Watch as they develop enhanced communication skills, boosted confidence, and improved collaboration - all through the magic of drama!

Your child will actively participate in hands-on activities, bringing stories to life and turning them into vibrant, memorable experiences.

Ages: 3-15


  • 12 Mar: Where the Wild Things Are
  • 13 Mar: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • 14 Mar: Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • 15 Mar: We're Going on a Bear Hunt


  • 1 workshop - $70
  • 3 workshops - $198
  • 4 workshops - $250

Location: Act 3 Drama Academy, 126 Cairnhill Road, ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre, Singapore 229707

Sign up for the March holiday workshops

Looking for more speech and drama programmes? Check out our article on the best speech and drama classes for kids in Singapore.



British Council - March 2024 Holiday Camps (Early Years to Primary 2)

Credit: British Council

Help your child develop essential English writing and communication skills!

British Council's expert teachers will guide students through engaging activities such as games, research projects, experiments, crafts, and presentations to nurture their vocabulary, confidence in communicating ideas clearly across mediums, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Every week, young learners discover something new through themes that broaden their intellectual horizons and bring out the curious learner in them.

The Holiday Study Camps are available for Early Year and Lower Primary students.


Date: 11-15 Mar 2024, 9am-1pm


  • Study Camp: $749.78
  • Uniform (2 shirts): $30.60


  • Napier Road - Early Years and Primary
  • Toa Payoh - Primary

Sign Up for the British Council March 2023 Holiday Study Camps

Science & Coding

Newton Show Easter Holiday Camp

Photo credit: Newton Show

One of the most established science camps in Singapore, kids get to experience a new science program this Easter holiday season - Egg-speriment Science Camp.

The Egg-speriment camp promises an extravaganza of learning experiences in the realm of science from dinosaurs to outer space.

For Harry Potter fans, there's also the Easter in Harry Potter School camp which will transport you to the magical world of Harry Potter.

At Newton Show's holiday camps, your kids will participate in exciting experiments, lots of hands-on interactive activities, and explore science like never before.

Ages: 3-12

Date: 14 Mar - 15 Apr 2022 (5 days, 9am-4pm daily)

Price: $685 (includes 1 lunch and 2 snacks per day)


  • 887A Bukit Timah Road
  • 9 Mohamed Sultan Road
  • 229 Joo Chiat Road
  • 175 Thomson Road

Sign up for the Newton Show Camps

Saturday Kids - Holiday Coding Camps

Photo credit: Saturday Kids

Explore the world of tech and coding with fun-filled and hands on courses.

Saturday Kids' creative coding camps are designed to pique your child's curiosity and to expose them to different areas of tech such as programming, electronics, digital art, and design thinking.

Choose from a variety of exciting themes for the holiday camps such as Build, Hack & Code with Minecraft Education, Coding with Roblox, Marvelous Machines and Mechanisms, and Invent the Future with Lego.

Ages: 5-14

Date: 11-15 Mar 2024

Duration: 3 hours x 5 days


  • Bukit Timah Plaza
  • Orchard Central
  • Agora Colearning

Sign up for the Saturday Kids March holiday programmes

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