22 of the Best June and Summer holiday camps for kids in Singapore 2022

22 of the Best June and Summer holiday camps for kids in Singapore 2022

February 20, 2023

Keep the kids busy during the June and Summer holidays with these holiday camps.

Have fun and learn at these camps that cater to every interest from sports and outdoor activities, to theatre, drama, and science.

We'll be updating this article as more programmes become available so be sure to check back for updates!


1. Nullspace - Robotics and Coding Programmes

2. KidStartNow - Chinese Compo Holiday Camps

3. LingoAce - June Holiday Programs

4. Little Lions Preschool – Preschool Holiday Camps

Thematic and Multi-Activity Learning

5. Camp GungHo (Sentosa) by Get GungHo

6. Our Learning & Adventure

7. Camp Asia: Multi-Activity Holiday Camps

8. Play2see

9. The Mindful Camp


10. Baking Wonderland / Junior Chef by Ray Educators


11. EliteKid June Chinese Holiday Program

Science & Coding

12. Space Faculty - Summer Space Camp

13. Newton Show - Summer Camp 2022

14. Saturday Kids - Creative Coding Camps

Speech & Drama

15. Stage Camp by SRT

16. Centre Stage School of the Arts - Creative Arts Holiday Camps

Sports and Outdoor Activities

17. Kids Camp Singapore

18. Singafit Multi-Sports Camps

19. Dragon Warrior Kids Camp - The Urban Adventure Camp

20. Real Madrid Foundation Football Camps

Architecture and Design

21. Arkki June Holiday Camps and Workshops


22. Arthaus - Holiday Programs for Kids



Nullspace - Robotics and Coding Programmes

Image credit: Nullspace

Get your child started in robotics and coding this June school holidays.

A leading provider of robotics and coding education in Singapore, Nullspace is also an appointed vendor by Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) for the GEP (Gifted Education Programme) Computer Enrichment Programme.

Nullspace offers a variety of programmes that teach children engineering and programming concepts through fun and hands-on activities.

There will be plenty of interactive and hands-on activities where kids will get involved in a variety of fun projects like building and programming robots, developing games, and working on electronic projects.

To ensure individualized attention for each child, classes are kept small with a maximum of 3-5 students per instructor.

Your child will also be learning from experienced instructors that have a strong track record of successfully guiding students through robotics competitions.

After completing the camp, kids will have developed a good foundation in robotics and will be looking forward to returning the next holiday season!

Image credit: Nullspace

Programmes available for the June Holidays

Robotics Programmes:

  • STEM Little Explorer Programme (Ages 6 to 8)
  • Robotics Certificate Programme (LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime) (Ages 9+)
  • Inventor Certificate Programme (Arduino Microcontroller) (Ages 10+)

Coding Programmes:

  • Minecraft Coding Holiday Programme (Ages 9 to 11)
  • Game Developer Certificate Programme (Scratch) (Ages 9 to 11)
  • Data Analyst Certificate Programme (Python) (Ages 11+)

Want to find out more about Nullspace's programmes? Head down to the Open House on 14th and 15th May 2022 from 12pm-3pm.

Find out more about the Open House here.

Date: 30 May - 23 Jun 2022


  • 8 hour programmes: $336
  • 10 hour programmes: $420

Check out the course packages for further discounts. These are available for 4, 8, and 24 sessions and can be shared with siblings and friends.


  • 35 Rochester Drive #03-07 Singapore 138639 (Rochester Mall)
  • 5B Figaro Street Singapore 458329 (Siglap)
  • Home-Based Learning (Via Zoom)

[Promo for Sunny City Kids Readers] Enjoy $50 off your first programme! Use promo code "SUNNY50" when signing up to enjoy the discount.

Details and to Sign Up

KidStartNow - Chinese Compo Holiday Camps

Image: KidStartNow

Transform your child's Chinese composition writing skills with KidStartNow's top rated holiday camps.

With their unique experiential learning approach, KidStartNow has helped thousands of students to make big leaps in their composition writing skills.

Having witnessed firsthand the drudgery that kids face when it comes to the traditional Chinese writing classes with endless memorisation and rote learning, KidStartNow decided to take a different approach with their experiential writing camps.

The camps are designed to spark children's interest in Chinese and to make learning fun through games such as vocab battles, team activities, and lively discussions.

To be sure, there's still lots of writing to be done in the camps as kids will be writing an essay as well as learning new vocabulary daily. However, KidStartNow's experiential learning approach is able to keep students engaged by making learning fun.

Image: KidStartNow

Kids will go on a virtual farm-stay in Australia and a live-stream tour of Hokkaido's snowy landscape, then write about their experiences.

This form of experiential learning makes learning new vocabulary much more effective as students will be learning the words in context. For example, learning winter-related vocabulary is much more effective after you've just experienced a Hokkaido live-stream!

Your kids will get to go on a mini virtual vacation, have fun, and most importantly improve their composition writing skills. Win-win!

Looking to improve your child's confidence in speaking Chinese? KidStartNow provides storytelling camps for kids 3-8 years old as well.

Ages: Primary 2 to 5

Fees: $320

Duration: 4 days (Tue-Fri), 2 hours per day

Location: 209 New Upper Changi Road #03-649 Singapore 460209

Details and to Sign up

LingoAce - June Holiday Programs

Image credit: LingoAce

Spark your child’s interest in Chinese and boost Chinese grades this June Holiday!

LingoAce, the #1 online Chinese learning platform for ages 3-15, is offering limited Holiday Workshops at discounted prices!

Designed for Preschool and Primary 1-6 students, the gamified courseware serves to engage your child even in your absence!

Image credit: LingoAce

Choose the June Holiday Workshop best suited to your child’s needs:

1. Gamified Preschool Holiday Workshop (Preschool Children - N1 to K2)

Cultivate your child’s interest while building confidence in Chinese! Covering 70% of P1 characters, LingoAce provides a fun and effective learning experience for your child this June Holiday.

2. Gamified Chinese Cultural Workshop (Primary 1-5 students)

Embark on an adventure as LingoAce takes your child into the world of Chinese fable stories like Journey to the West《西游记》and Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三国演义》.

3. Gamified Chinese Bridging Course (Primary 1-5 students)

Prepare your child for the major assessments in Semester 2. This course is designed to strengthen written and oral communication to boost your child’s Chinese grades before the exams.

4. Intensive PSLE Booster Program (Primary 6 students)

Give your child the final push to ace the Chinese PSLE exams! Strengthen your child’s weak areas with this intensive PSLE workshop covering all examinable components: Composition, Comprehension and Oral.

Ages: 3-12

Dates: 28 May - 26 June

Number of lessons: 4 lessons, twice per week


  • Preschool Holiday Program: 25 mins
  • Primary School Programs: 55 mins

Price: From $89.88 for a 4-class program with various packages available

Register your details here and a course consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

[Promo] Get FREE 30 days unlimited access to 700+ digital Chinese picture books suitable for kids aged 4+ from ACE Chinese Books (worth $899) with purchase of any LingoAce June Holiday packages. Promo is valid from 1-30 Jun 2022.

Read our review of LingoAce's Preschool Program

Little Lions Preschool – Preschool Holiday Camps

Image credit: Little Lions Preschool

Keep your preschoolers occupied this June holidays with holiday camps that make learning enjoyable.

Each themed camp at Little Lions Preschool has something exciting in store and includes a field trip.

Every day will be filled with themed based activities, games, and plenty of fun!

Image credit: Little Lions Preschool

There are 3 themes available:

Science Camp

  • Tie dye t-shirts
  • Mini bath bomb making
  • Underwater globe making (kids will work with different liquids to make their own underwater globe)
  • Visit to the Science Centre (to be confirmed)

Animal Camp

  • Animal jumping games - Children will break into groups to design their animal posters which they will jump over
  • Animal hat and headband making
  • Teddy Bear picnic - A picnic at the playground with your teddy bears
  • Animal snack making
  • Visit to goat farm

Adventure Camp

  • Exploding paint tote bag decoration - An art activity using paint bombs
  • Junior Explorer Country Finders - A carnival style theme activity where children visit different "countries" to get a stamp on their passport. At each country, they'll play a game or engage in an activity where they will learn more about that country.
  • Parachute activity - A game with music and rhythm that develops social skills such as sharing and turn taking. This activity also improves physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, and mobility. In addition, muscles are strengthened by putting the core and arms to work in an effective yet gentle way.

Ages: 7 and below


  • Jun 6-10 (Science Camp)
  • Jun 13-17 (Animals Camp)
  • Jun 20-24 (Advnenture Camp)

Duration/Camp Timings: 9am-3pm

Price: $350

Location: 73 Lucky Heights Singapore 467624

Sign Up

Thematic and Multi-Activity Learning

Camp GungHo (Sentosa) by Get GungHo

Image credit: Get GungHo

Designed by former IB International School Leaders, Camp GungHo exposes kids to a wide range of activities including STEM, arts and craft activities, mindfulness, outdoor play and exploration, and multi-sport games conducted by professional sports coaches.

Your kids will get the opportunity to participate in activities that they already enjoy while having the opportunity to challenge themselves and try out new things.

Get ready for a whole day of fun from activities such as tie-dye fashion, graffiti art, and Mad Science, to trampolining, outdoor orienteering, and even a NERF battle!

Image credit: Get GungHo

The camps are run by Get GungHo, whose programmes embody their 6C's core values of competence, confidence, connection,character, caring, and creativity, and aim to inspire and entertain children through a balanced mix of sports, arts, STEM activities, and excursions.

Ages: 6-12


  • 14-16 Jun, 3 day programme
  • 1-4 Aug, 4 day programme
  • 15-18 Aug, 4 day programme

Timing: 9am-3pm


  • 3 day programmes: $388 ($350 Early Bird before 9th May)
  • 4 day programmes: $499 ($450 before Early Bird promotion, roughly 2 weeks before camp starts)

Location: Sentosa, drop off and pick up from either VivoCity or Beach Station Sentosa

[Promo for Sunny City Kids Readers] Use code SUNCITY25 for $25 Off.

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Our Learning & Adventure - Fun Camp 2022

Image credit: Our Learning & Adventure

Our Learning & Adventure believes that their Fun Camp 2022 is the best holiday camp in Singapore and it's not hard to see why!

The camp is designed to be action packed, fun, and exciting for kids.

Not only is Fun Camp 2022 jam-packed with activities, you'll also travel on excursions to places all over Singapore including Sentosa, Singapore Discovery Centre, and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Your child will be encouraged to explore their potential by participating in various activities such as Laser Quest, Archery, Outdoor Chef, Luge Mission, NERF War and more.

Image credit: Our Learning & Adventure

The programme emphasizes the qualities of honesty, accountability, and respect, and kids will also learn to have the courage to face challenges, and how to conquer obstacles as a team.

Fun Camp 2022 concludes with a campfire where you'll sing songs and dance along to the glow of the campfire (parents are welcome too). Everyone will get camp prizes as well!

The optional overnight indoor tent camping experience involves listening to funny stories from your leaders, and watching a movie from your tent in the comfort of an air-conditioned room.

Parents can be assured that your children will be well-cared for during the overnight camp, as a female Pediatric Occupational Therapist will be staying over with them.

Non-Overnight Campers

Date: Jun 20-23

Time: 08:30-1700 hrs (last day ends 2000 hrs)

Ages: 7-12

Price: $500

Overnight Campers

Date: Jun 20-24

Ages: 8-12

Time: 0830-1700 (last day 24 Jun ends at 1200 hrs)

Location: 10 Raeburn Park, Sandbox Training Ground

Price: $550


  • Groups of 2: 5% discount
  • Groups of 3: 10% discount

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Look out for these other upcoming camps on their website:

Camp Asia: Multi-Activity Holiday Camps

Image credit: Camp Asia

Camp Asia's multi-activity programs provide plenty of opportunities for creative play, athletics, and adventure.

Your youngster may be making an aquarium one minute, then playing carnival games or doing arts and crafts the next.

Each day will be jam-packed with fun and learning, with a variety of activities that will help them to develop new interests and friendships.

Camps are professionally handled by skilled instructors, teaching assistants, and topic specialists, and all activities are age appropriate.

Ages: 3-8

Dates: 20 Jun - 29 Jul 2022

Time: 9am-3pm Mon-Fri

Price: $685

Includes lunch (cooked fresh daily), healthy morning and afternoon snacks, and a Camp Asia T-shirt.

Location: Stamford American International School, 1 Woodleigh Road, Singapore 357684

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Image credit: Play2See

The curriculum at Play2see combines art appreciation with hands-on learning to encourage children to explore the world around them from various perspectives.

Topics and themes are chosen to engage children and get them to connect the dots between their knowledge, experiences, and imagination.

New topics are introduced to participants every morning. In the afternoon, kids will get to see real-world applications of these topics through discovery trips, hands-on activities, and experiments.

For the week, kids can expect a full lineup of both indoor and outdoor activities, including trips to museums and galleries, nature walks, games, and craft sessions.

Ages: 6-14

Duration: 5 days, 9:30am-4pm

Dates: 30 May - 24 June

Price: From $750

Location: Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road #06-15, Singapore 247909

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The Mindful Camp

Image credit: The Mindful Camp

Since 2013, Mindful Camp has provided entertaining, enriching, and safe programs for thousands of young campers.

The camps encourage children's growth as confident, compassionate, and responsible leaders via mindfulness and social emotional learning.

Kids will participate in a variety of activities that include mindfulness techniques, social emotional skills, natural exploration, artistic, physical, and experiential activities.

Activities like creative arts, pet therapy, mindful movements, yoga, and field trips are chosen to achieve learning objectives while also providing campers with the opportunity to connect with nature and have fun away from devices and academics.

There are 3 themes this June and Summer Holidays:

  • Carenival Darenival - Learn circus acts and host your own carnival game booth
  • Step Outside - Hone your survival and camping skills
  • Out and About - An island adventure with treasure hunt, craft, and nature activities

Ages: 6-12


Dates: 30 May - 26 Aug

Price: $680


  • Core Collective Sentosa
  • Swiss Club
  • City Sprouts

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Baking Wonderland / Junior Chef by Ray Educators

Learn baking, meet new friends, and have loads of fun in these holiday baking camps by Ray Educators.

Ice breaking games and activities will be played during the camp, promising lots of joy and laughter.

Kids will learn a whole range of baking skills from kitchen safety and hygiene, to taking measurements and dessert decorating.

All with Ray Educators passionate educators guiding them every step of the way.

June/Summer Baking Wonderland (Ages 5-8)

Brownie Pops (Image credit: Ray Educators)

It's a fun filled adventure everyday at the June/Summer Baking Wonderland!

Kids are introduced daily to fun and engaging stories, each with a special surprise lesson that they can take home.

They'll learn how to bake from scratch and make yummy treats such as Pocky Sticks, Brownie Pops, and Summer Beach Cake.

2-Day Camp:

  • 30-31 May (Fully booked)
  • 8-9 Jun
  • 7-8 Jul

3-Day Camp:

  • 13-15 Jun
  • 18-20 Jul
  • 1-3 Aug
  • 15-17 Aug

Junior Chef (Ages 8-14)

Children will go on a culinary adventure and learn new baking skills alongside experienced chefs.

They'll learn how to follow a recipe independently and will be encouraged to express their creativity through the desserts they make.

Tropical Pineapple Cake (Image credit: Ray Educators)

In this camp, kids will be making delicious goodies such as adorable Lion Cookies, Tropical Pineapple Cake, and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. All from scratch!

2-Day Camp:

  • 1-2 Jun
  • 6-7 Jun
  • 21-22 Jul

3-Day Camp:

  • 20-22 Jun
  • 13-15 Jul
  • 25-27 Jul
  • 10-12 Aug

Location: KAP Mall, 9 King Albert Park (Bukit Timah) Singapore 598332

Price: From $225

  • Early bird discount: Book by 15th May to enjoy 5% off. Use Promo Code: SHINE5
  • Sign up for 2 pax or camps: 5% discount. Use Promo Code: HAPPYTWO

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EliteKid June Chinese Holiday Program

Image credit: EliteKid

Chinese can be a difficult language to learn, especially for kids.

If your child is having difficulties expressing themselves in Chinese, lacking in confidence to communicate in Chinese, or if the traditional learning methods simply aren't working, the June Chinese Holiday Program by EliteKid might be just what you need!

EliteKid's Chinese Holiday Program is specially designed to make learning Chinese fun for kids.

Live online lessons immerse your child in an interactive Chinese environment with native Chinese teachers.

Kids are encouraged to speak up in class, and a holistic approach is used that combines learning technology with a diverse curriculum that includes the following:

  • Classic picture book
  • Flash character recognition
  • Nursery rhyme and character recognition
  • Magic Pinyin
  • Fun reading
  • Panda Chinese
  • Picture writing
Image credit: EliteKid

This ensures that your child not only displays full fluency in speaking, reading, and writing but also develops passion for Chinese by making learning fun!

EliteKids' teachers monitor students' progress closely and provide an assessment report at the end of the program.

Homework after every class comprises written homework sheets (delivered to you) and recorded speech.

These will be graded by the teachers who will also provide corrections and timely feedback to the students so that they can improve.

Ages: 4-12

Date: 30 May - 24 Jun 2022 (Registrations accepted till 17 Jun 2022)

Duration: 4 Days per week (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri), 45 mins per session


  • Slot 1: 10am-10:45am
  • Slot 2: 2pm-2:45pm


  • Full program, 16 sessions: $168
  • Any 3 weeks: $148
  • Any 2 weeks: $108
  • Any 1 week: $58

Students per class: Max of 6 students per class


  • Siblings: Sign up 2-4 kids and enjoy $10 off/kid
  • Group: Sign up 5 kids or more and enjoy $15 off/kid
  • Sign up before 27 May and get a waiver of the $5 homework printing and mailing fee

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Science & Coding

Space Faculty - Summer Space Camp

Image credit: Space Faculty

Aspiring astronauts look no further, Summer Space Camp is an exciting and educational experience for your kids this holiday season!

The camp is filled with interactive and hands-on activities specially curated for kids aged 9-12.

Children will learn all about outer space, how space missions work, and what it takes to build them.

They'll also get the chance to apply what they learnt in class to real life space solutions.

Image credit: Space Faculty

Summer Space Camp will help your kids develop skills in STEM that will serve them for life.

For those that are aiming for DSA (Direct School Admission) to secondary school, this camp will also help them in developing their Innovation DSA Portfolio.

Summer Space Camp is led by Space Faculty, a group of experts from diverse fields with a decade of experience in deep tech and space.

Space Faculty was launched to provide relevant courses for the young as well as mid-career switchers in the growing space sector.

Its goal is to create the next generation of technology leaders who will shape the future of technology and how we live on both earth and in space.

There are 3 exciting modules to choose from for Summer Space Camp:

1. The Designer


  • The Design Cycle
  • Protect the Payload
  • 3D Printing

2. The Scientist


  • Space Jump
  • Space Life Support Systems
  • Life on the ISS

3. The Explorer


  • Bottle Rocket
  • Rover Race
  • Flying UAVs

Ages: 9-12


  • The Designer: Jun 15-17, Jul 13-15
  • The Scientist: Jun 22-24, Jul 13-15
  • The Explorer: Jun 29-Jul 1, Jul 27-29

Time: 9am-5pm daily with breaks

Location: The Guild, 318 Tanglin Road 247979

Price: Early bird rate, use promo code "SPACE100" to enjoy rate of $399 (usual price: $499)

Course fees include lunch, snacks, all course materials and flight suits.

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Newton Show - Summer Camp 2022

Image credit: Newton Show

One of the most established science camps in Singapore, kids get to experience two themes for the Summer Camps:

Space Odyssey Camp - Learn all about topics such as the universe, solar system, and space exploration.

Science Discovery Camp - Ever wonder how do bees produce honey, why is water wet, or why isn't garbage just dumped into volcanoes? You'll find out the answers to these questions and more!

There will be exciting experiments, interactive games, and lots of hands on projects with lots of fun learning!

Parents won't miss out on the fun as well as you'll get a daily video showing you what your kids have been doing in camp.

Ages: 3-13

Date: 30 May - 26 Aug 2022 (5 days, 9am-4pm daily)

Price: $630 (includes 1 lunch and 2 snacks per day)


  • 887A Bukit Timah Road
  • 9 Mohamed Sultan Road
  • 229 Joo Chiat Road
  • 175 Thomson Road

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Saturday Kids - Creative Coding Camps

Image credit: Saturday Kids

Discover the world of tech and coding with fun, hands-on classes with Saturday Kids.

Saturday Kids' creative coding camps are designed to stimulate your child's curiosity and to expose them to various aspects of technology such as programming, electronics, digital art, and design thinking.

There's a whole range of exciting themes to pick from such as Build, Hack & Code with Minecraft Education, Marvelous Machines and Mechanisms, and Tiny Travellers: Adventures on Code Island.

Ages: 5 and up

Date: 30 May - 24 Jun

Price: $75-$350


  • Bukit Timah Plaza
  • Parkway Centre
  • Orchard Central
  • King Albert Park Mall

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Speech and Drama

Stage Camp by SRT

STAGE Camp by Singapore Repertory Theatre is back for the June Holidays with both English and Mandarin options this time!

This June's STAGE Camp will be packed with Grimm classics such as The Shoemaker and the Elves, and Hansel & Gretel.

These are the camps available:

  • Play Stage (Mandarin), for 4-6 years old
  • Theatre Stage (Mandarin), for 7-12 years old
  • Play Stage (English), for 4-6 years old
  • Theatre Stage (English), for 7-12 years old

Ages: 4-12


  • 30 May - 3 Jun 2022
  • 6 Jun - 10 Jun 2022


  • Drama Centre, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Buildig, Function Rooms 1/2 Singapore 188604
  • Presentation Day: KC Arts Centre-Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Road Singapore 239035

Price: $330 (inclusive of GST, exclusive of $4 booking fee)

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Centre Stage School of the Arts - Creative Arts Holiday Camps

Image credit: Centre Stage School of the Arts

join the Centre Stage crew for a jam-packed creative arts journey.

Over the course of a week, kids will be exposed to imagination-stretching activities in theater, music, dance, and arts & crafts.

Expect a great time with the Centre Stage instructors, many of whom have extensive performing arts backgrounds!

Ages: 5-12

Date: 30 May - 1 July

Price: From $410

Location: 15 Woking Road, Singapore 138694

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Sports & Outdoor Activities

Kids Camp Singapore

Image: Kids Camp Singapore

Kids Camp Singapore provides a full day of activities centered on sports and the arts for children.

A typical day will consist of three primary activities that will keep children active from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Activities will mostly be outdoors and include archery, rope pulling, football, sack run, obstacle run, treasure hunt, walk in the park, painting, and many more.

Ages: 3 years old and up

Date: Camps run year round

Price: $450 per week


  • Fort Canning Park
  • Sentosa
  • East Coast Park
  • Pasir Ris Park

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Singafit Multi-Sports Camps

Image credit: Singafit

Singafit is a group of dedicated trainers who have received extensive training and experience in strengthening children's cognitive skills via a fun approach to sports.

The Multi-Sports Camps aim to develop your child's potential in various sports while gaining the necessary skills and abilities.

In addition to learning new sports every day, Singafit also seeks to inculcate life values and build character through its C.A.R.E.S (Courage, Appreciation, Respect, Effort, Selflessness) values system.

No two camps are ever the same and everyone will have the chance to discover the sport they enjoy!


  • 3-5
  • 6-9
  • 10-13

Date: 30 May - 1 Jul 2022


  • Half day: $240-$350
  • Full day: $500-$525


  • Bishan Park
  • West Coast Park
  • Serangoon Park
  • Tanjong Rhu
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • East Coast Park

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Dragon Warrior Kids Camp - The Urban Adventure Camp

Image: Dragon Warriors Kids Camp

5 days and 10+ adventures at various locations around Singapore. That's what your kids will be getting at The Urban Adventure Camp.

They'll be working with their coach in small teams of 4 to plan out and complete the adventure missions. Learning all the skills necessary to complete the missions such as setting smart goals, time management, resource planning, navigation, and teamwork.

Kids will also be introduced to various adventure sports and activities along the way including Parkour, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Street Art, and more.

Ages: 8-12

Duration: 5 days, 9am-3pm


  • Holiday Adventure Camper (for 1st and 2nd-time campers): $690
  • Holiday Adventure Warrior (Suitable for 3rd and 4th-time campers): $790

Location: Somerset, East Coast, Sentosa + Secret Location

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Real Madrid Foundation Football Camps

Image credit: Real Madrid Foundation Football School

Experience the famed Real Madrid training method at Read Madrid Foundation's Football Camps.

Supervised by a Technical Director from Read Madrid in Spain, the programmes aim to motivate and develop young football players through the same training and education system that is used to train Real Madrid's youth teams.

The school also runs multi-sport camps for 5-8 year olds that expose kids to football, as well as other sports that will enhance their physical coordination, balance, agility, and social skills.

Ages: 5-16

Date: 31 May - 7 Jul (3 days camp)

Price: $168


  • Turf Club Bukit Timah
  • The Yards @ Joo Chiat
  • Dempsey Field

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Architecture and Design

Arkki June Holiday Camps and Workshops

Arkki, an award winning, Finland based school of architecture and creative education for children aged 7-18, is offering holiday camps and workshops this June school holidays.

Arkki's creative curriculum combines STEAM topics, Humanities, and Social Sciences with project based learning to foster the development of innovative skills and competencies.

Kids will love the hands-on learning, continuous problem solving, cooperation, and creative process of building and environment design.

Courses are led by Arkki's coaches who are professionals with architecture or design backgrounds.

For June, Arkki is offering an exciting lineup of programmes including Green Town Design, Nature in Architecture, and Home and Interior Design

Ages: 6-12

Date: 31 May - 23 Jun 2022

Price: from $230

Location: 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace

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ARThaus - Holiday Programs for kids

Image credit: ARThaus

Kids will explore their creative sides, have fun, and make new friends at the holiday programs from ARThaus,

Choose from 1,3, or 5 day camps that will immerse your child in the Fine Art forms of painting and drawing.

A wide range of topics are available, ranging from oil and watercolour painting, to drawing, pop art painting, and Impressionist painting.

Ages: 5-16

Location: 901 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 589619

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