Save Tigo at Mandai Experience

Save Tigo at Mandai - A guided tour and learning quest at the Singapore Zoo

August 2, 2022

We had loads of fun in this learning adventure organized by online Chinese learning platform LingoAce

Learning is always more effective when it's fun as well.

So we were really excited to find out that in conjunction with Global Tiger Day, LingoAce would be holding a Save Tigo at Mandai learning adventure at the Singapore Zoo on 31 Jul 2022.

The 1 hour adventure includes a guided tour of the Singapore Zoo as well as a learning quest where you'll need to complete various challenges to save Tigo.

We had a great time learning about the fascinating animals and solving the challenges!

The Tour

Our knowledgeable guide took us on a tour of various exhibits in the Singapore Zoo where we learned about conservation of tigers and other animals.

The kids really had fun getting up close to animals such as the Otters, Pygmy Hippo, Orang Utan, White Tiger, Anoa (Dwarf Buffalo), and Barbirusa (Deer-pigs).

We also discovered many interesting facts about these wonderful creatures.

Complete Challenges

Throughout the tour, we had to complete challenges in order to earn missing pieces of the puzzle that would complete Tigo.

Each challenge brought us one step closer to saving Tigo.

One step closer to Saving Tigo

Let's put the puzzle together

Almost there

By completing all 9 challenges, we were able to bring home a Tigo Plushie.

Take Home a Goodie Bag

After the tour, the kids got to bring home a LingoAce goodie bag worth $150.

The goodie bag is full of Chinese learning materials such as 3D pop-up Chinese storybooks, Pinyin Learning books, and flash cards, so the learning continues at home as well.

3D Pop-up Chinese storybook

Our Experience

Save Tigo at Mandai was a hit with the children and a refreshing change from the usual zoo visits.

We really enjoyed learning about the animals and their habitats, as well as conservation efforts to rescue them.

The event also gave the kids a chance to pick up lots of mandarin words and phrases.

We're looking forward to the next event!

About LingoAce

One of the leading schools for learning Chinese online, LingoAce offers Chinese enrichment classes for students aged 3-15.

They offer a variety of programs from those based on the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) or Mainland China syllabus, to those designed to meet international student requirements.

LingoAce believes in the importance of nurturing a child's love for learning through fun and interactive ways, and it makes learning enjoyable through the use of engaging teachers and gamified technology.

Our own experience with LingoAce's Programs have been very positive, after completing 16 lessons of its Preschool Program and 10 lessons of the P1 Preparatory Program (and still continuing with lessons).

The kids are always looking forward to their lessons and their Chinese has improved visibly, so we've been quite pleased with the results so far.

The best part, no more running to and from enrichment centres and waiting around for classes to end!

Read our Reviews to learn more about LingoAce's Programs:

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Event Details

Date: 31 Jul 2022


  • 11:30am-12:30pm
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm

Tickets: $90 (1 Adult + 1 Child), includes admission to the Singapore Zoo.


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