Immersive Disney Animation Singapore

Immersive Disney Animation Singapore

January 12, 2024

Step into the world of Disney animation and experience the magic like never before!

The much-awaited Immersive Disney Animation experience is about to hit South East Asia for the first time on 18th November 2023 at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands!

The Immersive Disney Animation is presented by Base Entertainment Asia in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios, and celebrates a century of Disney's animation brilliance.

It promises to whisk visitors away into the imaginative and spellbinding worlds of their favorite Disney characters.

Since its grand world premiere in Toronto in December 2022, this immersive journey has already enchanted audiences in 13 North American cities and made an intercontinental splash in Tokyo.

Alongside spotlighting blockbuster animated films like Frozen, Encanto, Zootopia, and Big Hero 6, this exhibition also honors the rich legacy of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

You'll have the chance to delve deep into the art, music, and animation techniques that breathed life into timeless classics such as The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and The Lion King.

In a riveting 90-minute experience, Immersive Disney Animation invites visitors to traverse through 100 years of Disney animation.

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It revives scenes, characters, and songs from Disney's past and present animated films, making you feel you've stepped right into the extraordinary worlds of your cherished Disney characters.

Get ready to be awestruck as you witness the enchantment of animation unfold right before your eyes.

You'll walk away with a fresh admiration for the artistry, creativity, and dedication poured into every single frame of a Disney animated masterpiece.

Whether you're a diehard Disney fan or new to the magic, get ready to be transported into the extraordinary worlds of Disney and become part of the magic!

Pre-Exhibit Area

From the moment you walk in, you'll be whisked away into the magical vaults of Disney Animation Studios.

Follow the 'wish trail' of swirling pixie dust as you explore the galleries filled with rarely seen exhibits from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library.

Discover animator's character sketches, try your hand at drawing your favorite Disney characters on the interactive drawing table, see time lapses of character creation at the animator's desk, and get to know some of the incredible animators behind Disney's legacy.

Main Show Gallery Area

The vault doors open up to a stunning 360-degree environment that will transport you into the world of Disney's storytelling.

From classic hits to the latest blockbusters, this exhibition is a chance to journey through iconic scenes and meet the timeless characters that have captured hearts all over the world.

And just when you think it can't get any more magical, the gallery space fills up with shimmering bubbles, adding a truly ethereal touch to this immersive experience.

Interactive Floor

Immersive Disney Animation goes beyond mere visual delights, incorporating interactive elements to engage and captivate visitors.

Step into a world where the floor moves in sync with you and where your custom wristbands illuminate as you move through the galleries, turning every step into a magical journey.

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Drawing Table

Immersive Disney Animation is also a hands-on adventure that will ignite your creativity and deepen your understanding of the art of animation.

Whether you're an experienced artist looking to hone your skills or a curious fan eager to explore the magic of animation, this exhibition offers the opportunity to learn, create, and celebrate the wonder of Disney animation.


Standard Ticket: From $36 - Includes interactive wristband

Premium Ticket: From $47 - Includes Exclusive Collective Immersive Disney Animation Sketch Art Poster and an interactive wristband

VIP Ticket: From $77 - Includes VIP souvenir Lanyard & Collectible Badge, Collectible Immersive Disney Cup, Collectible Immersive Disney Animation Sketch Art Poster, an interactive wristband, and one-time date change, access to priority queue.

Tickets are required for ages 2 and over (based on date of birth). 1 year-old and below may enter for free.

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Event Details

Date: From 18 Nov 2023 - 25 Feb 2024

Duration: 90 minutes per slot

Opening hours: 

  • Mon-Thu, Sun: 10am-10pm
  • Fri-Sat: 10am-11pm

Exhibition Time-Slots:

  1. 10am
  2. 11:30am
  3. 1pm
  4. 2:30pm
  5. 4pm
  6. 5:30pm
  7. 7pm
  8. 8:30pm
  9. 10pm (Only applicable to Fridays and Saturdays)

Location: Sands Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, 4 Bayfront Avenue, B1 Singapore 018973

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