Geniebook Learning Carnival

Geniebook Learning Carnival

March 14, 2023

Don't miss out on all the fun at the Geniebook Learning Carnival!

Make the March school holidays a fun-filled and educational experience with your child at the Geniebook Learning Carnival.

From 17-19 March, 12-7pm daily, head down with your little ones to Geniebook's newly launched collaborative learning hub at United Square #B1-26 to enjoy a host of games, snacks, freebies, and more.

Visit the learning game booths and test and enrich your knowledge on a variety of subjects including English, Chinese, Maths, and Science.

You'll even earn stamps to win exclusive prizes and Bubbles!

Activities at the Geniebook Learning Carnival

Here's all that you can expect at the Geniebook Learning Carnival:

Fun Learning Games with Freebies

Look forward to fun learning games that challenge and expand your knowledge of English, Chinese, Maths, and Science. Don't miss your chance to meet some of your favourite Geniebook teachers, who will be hosting the games in person!

Each game booth offers a redemption stamp upon successful completion - can you and your child collect them all?

Redeem exclusive Geniebook freebies and Bubbles* once your child has collected all 4 stamps from the game booths. Bubbles can be exchanged for rewards on the Geniebook Bubble Store.

*Bubbles are for existing Geniebook subscribers only

GenieClass Studio Tour

Tour the GenieClass studio booth with your child and check out the equipment that allows them to host GenieClass lessons seamlessly everyday.

Experience the feeling of being a Geniebook teacher for a day with an integrated live cam feed directly from the booth!

Balloon Sculpting

Your child can bring home their favourite animal or cartoon character expertly crafted by the balloon sculptor. 

Free Popcorn

Not only will your kids be having lots of fun, there's also free popcorn to top it all off. The perfect snack for the festivities!

Exclusive Offers

Always wanted to let your child join the Geniebook family?

Find out more about their range of products and enjoy sign-up offers for new Geniebook subscriptions exclusively during the carnival!

Our experience at the Geniebook Space

We had the chance to experience the Geniebook Space for ourselves over the weekend at a marbling coaster workshop.

Apart from academic programmes, Geniebook intends to host more of such fun workshops in the future to engage its subscribers.

With its refreshing, sleek open concept design and inviting atmosphere, Geniebook Space is far removed from your typical drab tuition centre environment.

It’s an ideal environment perfect for fuelling creativity while providing an optimal learning space.

In this unique space, there is ample room for learning and growing – all while having fun too!

What is Geniebook Space

Geniebook Space is a collaborative learning hub - an extension of Geniebook’s suite of online learning products comprising AI-personalised worksheets, live classes, and teacher chats.

Maximise your Geniebook experience with educational programmes designed to cultivate motivated learners and nurture successful leaders of tomorrow.

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Event Details

Date: 17-19 Mar 2023

Time: 12pm-7pm Daily

Location: Geniebook Space @ United Square #B1-26


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