Gallery Children's Biennale 2021

Gallery Children's Biennale 2021

October 10, 2022
Image: National Gallery Singapore

The long awaited launch of the onsite festival of the Gallery Children's Biennale is finally here!

From Nov 6, children are invited to embark on a multi-sensory journey to experience nine on-site installations with the theme of "Why Art Matters".

The artworks will explore the themes of Home, Diversity, Environment, and Time, presenting the relevant topics of today in a way that is child friendly.

Visitors will be able to walk through a larger-than-life installation reminiscent of a city, catch life-sized backgrounds that transport them into an other-worldly space, journey the landscapes of Campbodia, and more!

Adding to the experience, there will also be a variety of on-site programmes and performances for kids such as storytelling sessions, sonic exploration workshops, and somatic movement workshops.


Art Installations

Nine renowed artists and art groups from around the region were commissioned to create the installations: 

  • Dinh Q Lê (Vietnam)
  • husband-and-wife duo Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan + Fruitjuice Factori (Philippines/Australia)
  • Jeremy Sharma (Singapore)
  • Joyce Ho (Taiwan)
  • Khvay Samnang (Cambodia)
  • Nandita Mukand (Singapore/India)
  • Nona Garcia (Philippines)
  • Sandra Lee (Singapore/Spain)
  • Speak Cryptic X ADDADDADD (Singapore)

The installations will be located throughout the National Gallery Singapore, all of which will be free and open to the public.

Head/Home by Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan + The Fruitjuice Factori Studio

Created using a ready-made collection of houses and cardboard sculptures, visitors walking through this larger-than-life installation will feel as if they are walking through a city.


A sculpture with three hexagonal structures that emulate the artists' interpretation of overlapping beehives, and featuring playful holograms and immersive infinity mirrors.

Look out for the two arcade machines where visitors can play interactive games created by the artists.

Superstar by Jeremy Sharma

This artwork was created in collaboration with the artist's two sons.

Through a diorama display and motion triggered interactive video, visitors are offered an immersive experience of a speculative world.

A Day’s Book by Joyce Ho

An online archive of books filled with contributed stories is presented as a full collection of books in the physical space.

Visitors will be faced with a selection of secret doors, some open and some locked.

Calling for Rain by Khvay Samnang

A short film inspired by Reamker, the Cambodian version of the epic poem Ramayana.

Visitors will enter an immersive space that resembles a Cambodian performance room at the onsite installation.

Because It Makes Me Feel… by Nandita Mukand

Through Nandita Mukand's playful installation, families and children are invited to imagine visiting different houses, play "masak-masak" and reflect on what home feels like.


CONVERSATIONS WITH AN OCTOPUS is a series of artworks that depict different stories and scenarios between The Girl with the Red Shorts and her wise old friend, the Octopus, as they engage in fun activities together and discuss topics relating to the environment such as climate change.

Voices from The Centers by Dinh Q Lê

Children are empowered to build their own stories and explore image making practices by creating their own videos using a digital filter to weave images into seamless 60 second videos.

Illuminated by Nona Garcia

Through a collection of x-rayed bones and shells, and different life-sized landscape backgrounds, children are encouraged to participate in image making and story telling.

Onsite programmes and performances for Children

Aside from the art installation, children can also look forward to a whole host of complementary on site programmes such as:

  • Sessions by master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran
  • Sonic exploration workshops by LittleCr3aturesTM
  • Somatic movement workshops by movement artist and somatic therapist Vincent Yong

For $5, you can also purchase art packs which have been designed specifically to enhance the experience of the art work on display in a fun way.

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Event Details

Date: From 6 Nov 2021 - Feb 2023

Location: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew's Road Singapore 178957

Admission: Free

More information on the Children Biennale's website.

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