Free Online Science Demonstrations from the Science Centre

Free Online Science Demonstrations from the Science Centre

May 25, 2021
Image credit: Science Centre Singapore

Tune in to a set of exciting syllabus linked online science demonstrations.

Curated specifically for upper primary students, the demonstrations will reinforce science concepts such as Matter, Diversity, Interactions, and Systems.

Best part is, they are free!

Program Schedule

Timing of the demos will be from 10-11am or 3-4pm

24 May - Properties of Forces

What is a force? What can forces do?

Learn about the effects of forces and the various types of forces observed in our daily lives.

Expect to bring home some interesting facts about gravity, magnetism and friction through a series of fun demonstrations.

May the force be with you!


  • Show an understanding of the effects of a force.
  • Recognize and give examples of the different types of forces.
  • Recognize that objects have weight because of the gravitational force acting on the object.
  • Investigate the effect of friction on the motion of objects and communicate findings.

25 May - States of Matter

Beyond solids, liquids and gases are many more exciting and intriguing states of matter to be explored!

Learn how materials change from one state to another when energy is added or removed.

Be amazed by the state of plasma and learn how plasma is produced.

Finally, the demonstrators will be breaking out some of their coldest material on hand for a chilling look at what happens when matter becomes super frozen.


  • State that matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.
  • Differentiate between the three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) in terms of shape and volume.
  • Recognize that water can exist in three interchangeable states of matter.
  • Learn how mass and volume are measured using an appropriate apparatus.

27 May - Our Environment and Us

Have you ever wondered how Earth has changed, compared to 50 years ago?

We depend on Earth for our survival, but do we really know how our actions affect this beautiful planet?

Come take a closer look at the different problems that the Earth is facing, and how they affect our lives.

Through exciting demonstrations and a participative lecture, see first-hand what is happening to Earth, and discover what we can do to protect Mother Earth!

You will also explore how Singapore is contributing to help to tackle climate change issues.


  • Discuss the effects of global warming on climate change.
  • Outline the factors contributing to ocean solidification.
  • Describe and explain ways of conserving our environment.
  • Explore various exhibits on climate change.
  • Understand the effect of heat gain or loss on the temperature and state of water and communicate findings.
  • Show curiosity in exploring matter in the surroundings and question what they find.

28 May - Diversity of Cells

Earth is an  amazing place with a whole variety of life forms and cells are the building  blocks of these living things.

Do you know that while a bacterium is made up  of only one cell, a human being is made up of trillions of cells! 

Cells  are so tiny that about 5,000 of them can fit onto the head of a pin and each cell cannot be seen with the naked eye.

However, in this lesson we will explore and observe these amazing cells through a microscope and appreciate their  significance.


  • Understand what cells are and that there is a diversity of cells on earth.
  • Learn about classification of living things.
  • Identify different parts of the compound microscope and know their functions.
  • Understand the application of using microscope to identify microorganisms or cells.

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