Big Eyes, Big Minds Children's Film Festival

Big Eyes, Big Minds Children's Film Festival - Educating, enriching & inspiring through diverse & imaginative films!

June 16, 2021
Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds

Live screenings start 26 May.

The first and only children's film festival in Singapore, Big Eyes, Big Minds features diverse and imaginative films from around the world that will educate, enrich, and inspire kids.

Each year the festival showcases the best animated, live-action and documentary films from around the globe.

Films are age appropriate and are available for ages 2 and up.

All shows have safe distancing measures in place (less than 25% of total capacity, capped at 50 pax) and have been approved by the authorities to ensure that you enjoy your films in a safe environment.

Film Categories

Curious Critters (Recommended for ages 2 to 6)

Total Duration: 45 minutes

Learn more about nature, discover the world, and find new friends as you join the inquisitive characters on a journey as they explore the world.

Raccoon & The Light | USA (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

Gruffalo and friends (Recommended for ages 4 to 10)

Total Duration: 48 minutes

This collection brings together some of the award winners of Big Eyes, Big Minds, in celebration of the festival's 10th anniversary.

The first Audience Choice Award winner, The Gruffalo, will be returning for this special anniversary as well.

The Gruffalo | UK (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

Merry Misadventures (Recommended for ages 7 - 12)

Total Duration: 65 minutes

Watch out for the characters of these 10 films from 9 countries as they get caught up in more excitement than they bargained for!

The award-winning South Korean film, Saturday's Apartment is also included.

Saturday's Apartment | South Korea (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

Flights of Fancy (Recommended for ages 8 to 14)

Total Duration: 66 minutes

Get ready for a tickle in your belly with these funny and moving films including Oscar nominated films Hors Piste and Kapaemahu.

Flight | Jamaica (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

Lost and Found (Recommended for ages 9 to 16)

Total Duration: 74 minutes

Go on an adventure with the characters as they experience losing something but find something precious at the end of their journey.

Final Chapter | Taiwan (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

#Girlstories (Recommended for ages 11 - 16)

Total Duration: 62 minutes

Experience the perspectives of young female protagonists in these insightful collection of films, including the Oscar-nominated short, The Coin, about a Chinese girl's reflections on her connections with food.

My Time |UK (Image Credit: Big Eyes, Big Minds)

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Event Details

When: 26 May - 20 June

Where: National Gallery Singapore

Tickets: $14.90

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