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Spin Paint House

Spin Paint House - Art Jamming with a Twist

March 16, 2023
Spin Paint House

Create your own spin art masterpieces

Have you seen those amazing spin art videos on YouTube?

Now you can create your own spin art at Spin Paint House, a new spin art jamming studio from the same people that brought you Splat Paint House.

It's a fun and interactive way to create abstract art, and a great activity for families and kids!

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What is Spin Art?

Spin Art is essentially painting on a canvas which is mounted on a spinning table.

You can create different patterns by varying the rotational speed of the canvas, and by the way you apply paint onto the canvas such as by dripping or through a brush.

Spin Paint House
Spin Paint House

Briefing before you start

For newcomers, the friendly staff will give you a short briefing to introduce you to the paints and tools you'll be using, as well as demonstrate how to create art on the spinning tables.

Spin Paint House

You also select the paints that you'll be using here. Our Adult + Child Package allowed us to select 6 bottles of regular paints and 2 bottles of special paints, which were paints that were glossy or had glitter.

Spin Paint House

The paints used are child-safe as Spin Paint House only uses high quality child-safe tempera paint from New Zealand.

In addition, the paints are gluten-free, and do not contain dairy, egg, soy, or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.

All the paints and tools you have at your disposal

Spin Paint House

Spin Art Booth

Once the briefing is done, you'll be led to one of the Spin Art Booths which is where you'll be creating all of that spin art magic.

Every booth comes with a spin art table which is powered using your own energy. They are mechanically assisted though so it only takes a small amount of energy to get the canvas spinning quite fast.

The spin art tables also come with a lever which acts like a brake to slow the spinning or to stop it completely.

The booths also come with a tripod stand and ring lights which you can mount your phone on to record everything that you're doing.

Spin Paint House

Children get their own spinning station too where the canvas is fixed onto a tyre.

Spin Paint House

Getting down to Painting

All you need to do is to apply paint onto the canvas and start spinning away!

There are a variety of ways you can apply the paint, such as by dripping it from the bottle, with a pendulum swing, trapezes, or with rollers and brushes.

Spin Paint House

The patterns and effects you create will also differ depending on how fast you spin the canvas.

Part of the fun is exploring and tinkering with the different methods, the possibilities are endless!

Great activity for families and kids

If you're looking for something that's different from the usual art jamming session, then spin art jamming is a very good alternative.

Kids will love getting creative on the canvases and the freedom to be in charge of their own creations.

Spin Paint House

The activity is safe and easy to do, so it's suitable for kids of all ages (though the younger ones would need some adult supervision).

Adults too will find spin art to be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity.

Spin Paint House

The paint washes off easily so parents won't have to worry too much about making a mess.

Spin Paint House

It was very satisfying to see the completed artwork and we were quite pleased with the final result.

Now all we need to do is to find a place at home to hang up these masterpieces!

Spin Paint House

A variety of paint package options to choose from

There are a number of paint package options to choose from depending on how many canvases you want to work on.

Spin Paint Packages start from $65 for the Standard Package, where you'll get 1 hour on the Spin Table.

Families can consider the Adult + Child Package which gives you 1 hour on the Spin Table and includes a Kid's Wheel.

Spin Paint House

Things to note


While you'll be given aprons, some of the paint will inevitably fly off when you're spinning the tables. So make sure to wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.

Collection of paintings

The paintings can take up to 48 hours to dry so you'll have to go back to Spin Paint House to collect your Paintings. Alternatively, you can arrange for delivery at a cost of $25.

Spin Paint House
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61 Kaki Bukit Place #04-00

Singapore 416233

Opening Hours

Wed-Fri: 3-9pm

Sat: 10am-9pm

Sun: 10am-8pm

Mon/Tue: Closed


Packages start from $65

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