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Motion Art Space

Motion Art Space: Spin Art Jamming

March 16, 2023
Motion Art Space
Image credit: Motion Art Space

Use physics to create your art masterpieces!

Motion Art Space is an art jamming space in Singapore that lets you create your very own unique masterpieces through pendulum and spin painting.

Image credit: Motion Art Space

Sessions last for an hour and packages include everything you need to get started including a canvas, paints, spinner station, and paint tools such as pendulums, trays, and brushes.

All you need to do is to give the pendulum or spinner a little push and watch as beautiful artwork starts to take shape!

The activity is also safe for kids as Motion Art Space only uses tempera paints which are washable and non toxic.

It's great fun for all ages!

Image credit: Motion Art Space
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36A Arab Street (Level 2) Singapore 199735

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From $59 per person


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