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Am I Addicted Pottery Studio and Cafe

Am I Addicted Pottery Studio and Cafe

August 19, 2022
Am I Addicted Pottery Studio and Cafe

Learn how to make your own pottery art such as mugs and bowls at Singapore's largest pottery studio.

Am I Addicted is a pottery studio combined with a Korean vegetarian cafe in a spacious 6,000 sq ft space.

If you love to get your hands dirty and want to learn something new, pottery classes are a great way to spend a few hours.

Whether you're making cups, bowls or plates, it's a fun activity for the whole family.

At Am I Addicted, you'll get to use all sorts of pottery equipment to create your own pieces of art.

The studio has plenty of wheels (which are used to shape the clay into cups or bowls), and is also equipped with all sorts of tools such as scrapers (used to trim excess clay from the piece), sanders (to smooth out rough bits), and glazes (for painting).

All of the studio's 4 different types of clay and 130 unique glaze colors have been directly imported from the founder's home country of Korea, which also makes Am I Addicted the first and only Korean ceramic studio in Singapore!

Glaze variations (Image credit: Am I Addicted)
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Pottery Classes

Am I Addicted offers a variety of classes for all levels of experience. You can also sign up for private lessons and children's workshops.

The instructors here are all super friendly and knowledgeable, and they'll be on hand to guide you through the process of creating your own ceramic masterpieces.

We signed up for the Quick Wheel Throwing Class where we would be making a small bowl or cup.

After a brief introduction to pottery as well as a demonstration by instructor Phoebe, it was time to get our hands dirty.

It's definitely not as easy as Phoebe makes it look during the demonstration!

Fortunately, she was ready to help at all times and showed us techniques to pinch and stretch the clay, as well as to shape the bowl.

There was definitely a sense of satisfaction when we were done and could see the final shape of what we had made with our own hands (with a lot of help from Phoebe).

More importantly, it was loads of fun!

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Children's Classes

Am I Addicted offers classes for children too.

It's a great opportunity for your child to have some fun whilst experiencing a new craft.

For these classes, children will work on a slower wheel and will be taught basic hand building and throwing techniques.

The instructors will be guiding participants throughout to make sure they are on course and able to create something at the end of the session.

These are the classes currently available, each session is for 2 hours.

  • Build a Pet Friend
  • Tea-Par-Tea
  • Mummy/Daddy Mug
  • Character Plates
Choose the glaze that you want to apply to your bowl

Studio Rental

For those with pottery experience, you can also rent the space to create your own pottery artwork.

Rates start from $20 per pax with packages available for those who need more studio hours.



Throwing clay is hard work, so when you're done, head next door to the vegetarian cafe where you can tuck into yummy Korean-Western inspired dishes such as Kimchi Sandwich, Truffle Fries, and Strawberry Chung (preserved puree made with fresh fruits and sugar) Milkshake.

The coffee here is really good too!

The menu items here have all been created by the in-house chef, keeping everything healthy and nutritious without compromising on taste.

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Capitol Singapore

13 Stamford Road B2-51/52/53

Singapore 178905

Opening Hours

Studio: 10am-9pm daily

Cafe: 11am-9pm daily


Classes from $50 per pax

Official Website

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