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ForestPlay Nature Adventure Playground

ForestPlay Nature Adventure Playground

September 27, 2021
ForestPlay Nature Adventure Playground
Image: ForestPlay SG

A unique nature adventure playground with lots of fun activities for kids.

Run by early childhood nature school Kidz Treehouse, ForestPlay is Singapore's first nature adventure playground for kids 4-14 years old.

Located in Sentosa, the 13,000 square feet outdoor area is filled with unique and fun challenges and is a place where kids can engage in unstructured play amidst the backdrop of lush greenery and ocean waves.

Guided by ForestPlay's experienced play-workers, children will use tools and materials such as recycled wood, tyres, and ropes to create and build on existing structures.

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Drop-off Session

ForestPlay is a drop-off session where children are encouraged to build creatively without adult supervision.

Parents can sit back and relax at the observation deck or simply pick up the kiddos at the end of the session.

"Risk Play" Environment

ForestPlay provides a space that brings out the sense of adventure in children, harness their creativity, and allows them to learn in a natural environment.

"Risky play" where children are given the right amount of risk and challenge in play is encouraged.

ForestPlay believes that only by doing so will children feel excitement, and that a risky play environment will help develop grit, risk awareness, and critical thinking skills in young learners.

Hence, kids are given real tools such as real saws and hammers to work with and are free to build whatever they want.

Nevertheless, parents will be assured that ForestPlay's experienced play-workers are always on hand to provide guidance and assistance.

Allowing children to take risks encourages them to experiment with new ideas and think of creative ways to overcome challenges and obstacles.

According to ForestPlay, children as young as 4 years old have worked with tools successfully to build dollhouses and swords!

Attractions at ForestPlay

Aside from the Build and Tool Play Area, there are many other activities that kids are free to choose from as well.

Build and Tool Play Area

Use tools, nails, and tyres to build your own creations.

Mud and Sand Play

A highly sensorial activity that connects you with nature as you jump into mud puddles and pile up mud bricks.

Obstacle Course

Race against each other at this unique obstacle course that will develop your physical fitness and psycho-motor skills.

Self-expression wall and craft

Unleash your inner picasso! Paint with brushes on wooden structures or create nature themed art pieces that reflect your personality.

Nature Swing

Go on an exhilarating ride on this large nature swing that is set against the backdrop of crashing waves and lush greenery.

Learning Circles and Teepees

Play hide and seek of just chill out in the Teepees.

The learning circles and teepees are furnished with trunks and logs for children to sit and interact.

They'll be learning wood-whittling, outdoor cooking, and other useful skills!

All images from ForestPlay
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112 Tanjong Beach Walk

(Focus Adventure) Singapore 098945

Enter through Palawan Beach Carpark/Tanjong Beach Carpark 1

Opening Hours

May 2021 (open on weekends): 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30

From June 2021: Open every day

Sessions available:

  • 10am-12pm
  • 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • 4pm-6pm


Single Session Pass: $39.90 (2 hours)

Super Pass (4 sessions + 1 Complimentary): $159

Mega Pass: (8 sessions + 3 Complimentary): $319

Ultra Pass: (12 sessions + 5 Complimentary): $479

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