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Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground

Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground: A colourful playground with playhouses on stilts

September 15, 2021
Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground

Playground designs are leveling up in Singapore these days!

Located at Yishun N8 Park, this new playground has one of the most unique designs in Singapore, featuring colorful playhouses on stilts.

Its park setting is also one of the things we love, with lots of green spaces around.


The Treehouse Playground is divided into two sections which are next to one another.

The smaller section consists of a set of playhouses and some hammocks.

The larger main section has two sets of playhouses, plus play elements such as swings, trampolines, and tunnels.

Additional bonus: There is actually another older playground right next to the Treehouse Playground which still offers loads of fun play features for the kids!

Colourful Playhouses on Stilts

The main feature of the Treehouse Playground are the three sets of colourful playhouses on stilts, each set consisting of 3 to 4 playhouses which are linked together by net bridges.

To get to the playhouses, you'll need to climb up nets or poles.

Once you're up, make your way through the net bridges before enjoying a slide back down.

Getting through the playhouses may be a challenge for the kids the first few times, but they'll be breezing by in no time once they get the hang of it.

Fortunately, every playhouse set has a different height to accommodate different climbing abilities among children.

Younger kids can start at the lowest playhouse set.

When you're ready, take on the tallest playhouse set which has an exciting spiral slide that takes you all the back down so you can go again!

The medium height playhouses are in the smaller section of the Treehouse Playground.

You can catch a breather on the hammocks here too.

Fun play elements and open spaces

In addition to the playhouses, the Treehouse Playground offers lots of other play features such as built in trampolines, swings, and tunnels.

The kiddos will have plenty of space to run around freely here as well!

Crawl through the tunnel or climb up the mound to get a better view and enjoy a cool breeze.


An older playground just next to the Treehouse Playground

Next to the Treehouse Playground is an older playground which boasts a number of fun play elements as well such as climbing nets, slides, and swings.

There's also a fitness corner here, perfect for parents to get in a workout while still keeping an eye on the children.

Toddlers can enjoy some kiddie rides in the toddler section.

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Between HomeTeam NS Khatib and Blk 809 and 810 Yishun Ring Road

Opening Hours

24 hours




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