Tayo Station at Downtown East

September 18, 2023
Tayo Station
Photo Credit: Tayo Station

Join Tayo The Little Bus and his adorable bus friends on an adventure to uncover exciting new sights in the bustling city!

Located at Downtown East, Tayo Station is inspired by the popular South Korean animated series, Tayo the Little Bus.

Tayo Station

Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet, this kids indoor playground is packed with exciting activities including indoor playground attractions, educational activities, and sensory play areas for children aged 1-12.

Tayo's world has been recreated in all its colourful glory.

Tayo Station

From Tayo's Road Circuit where children can 'drive' their own vehicles to Poco’s Hinoki Play, a sensory play area filled with Hinoki wood cubes imported from South Korea, every corner is designed to ignite your child's imagination and fuel their love for exploration and learning.

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Tayo's Road Circuit

Tayo's Road Circuit is a child-sized street scene where the little ones can explore and have a blast in spaces like the Garage, Wash n' Go, and Gas Pump Kiosk.

Tayo Station

They'll love zooming aournd on their mini rides and using their imagination to engage in pretend play.

Kids will also learn important road signs and safety rules, preparing them for the real world in a fun and interactive way.

Ball Pool

Who doesn't love ball pits? Dive down the slides and make a splash into the pool of balls!

Tayo Station

Race Ramp

Engage in a bit of friendly competition in a race up the inclined ramp.

First one to touch the button at the top wins!

Tayo Station
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Basketball Play Area

The Basketball play area is the perfect spot to hone your basketball skills.

Unleash your inner basketball superstar and have a shootout with friends or even a slam dunk competition!

Tayo Station

Road Safety School

The Road Safety School is where children can learn important lessons about safe road behavior in a fun and interactive way.

The engaging space combines education with play, allowing kids to develop essential road safety skills.

Tayo Station

Bus Stop

This replica of a real bus stop in Singapore adds a touch of fun as kids can pretend to wait for their bus here.

Tayo Station

Lani's and Rogi's Party Rooms

Tayo Station

The Tayo-themed party rooms are great for family celebrations such as birthday parties and other special occasions.

Tayo Station can create a customized experience to make it a memorable experience for your little ones.

There's even the option to combine two rooms into a spacious event space so you can throw an even bigger bash!

Toy Gift Shop

Pick up some Tayo Station toys after your play session for more fun at home.

Tayo Station

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E!Hub, Downtown East

1 Pasir Ris Close, Level 3

Singapore 519599

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:30 am - 8:00 pm

Sat, Sun, Sch Holidays & Public Holidays: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm


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