September 15, 2021
Photo Credit: Kaboodle

Kaboodle is a creative indoor play space that provides both creative free play and structured development programs for kids from ages 1-12.

There are many activities for kids to develop their creativity such as:

  • Honing creative problem solving skills by building structures with odd shaped blocks.
  • Expanding creativity by interacting with various art kits, coloring crafts, and materials.
  • Stimulating all five senses with toys and materials that encourage sensory play.

Kaboodle also conducts classes that encourage learning through play.


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Photo Credit: Kaboodle

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88 East Coast Road

#02-05 Katong Square

Singapore 423371

Opening Hours

Wednesday-Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday-Sunday: 10am-7pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Open on public holidays


Under 3 years: $15 (3 hours)

3 years and above: $20 (3 hours)

Adults - $10 (inclusive of drink)


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