September 15, 2021

With playgrounds, themed gardens, and lush greenery, HortPark is fast becoming a favorite of families for a fun day outdoors while learning about nature.

A one stop gardening hub, HortPark offers many activities such as guided tours, workshops, and resources to learn about and participate in gardening.

Enjoy the beauty of the greenery on display as you stroll through the 10 hectare park.

Hort Park

Outdoor Playgrounds

There are 3 playground areas, all within a short walking distance of one another.

Playground with "Mini Mars" Space Net

The largest of the 3 playground areas, this area has a number of slides as well as the distinctive "Mini Mars" Space Net.

The space net is designed for climbing and helps children to develop their hand-eye coordination, body strength, and build confidence in their physical abilities.

Hort Park
"Mini Mars" Space Net

Hort Park

Hort Park

Playground with slides and kiddie rides

The main feature of this playground area is the play structure with slides and a variety of climbing obstacles.

There are also kiddie rocker rides and a see-saw here.

Hort Park
Hort Park

Sand Pit Playground

A sandpit play area with a vertical climbing net and some climbing obtacles.

Nature Playgarden

Designed with pre-schoolers in mind, the Playgarden aims to inspire children to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Children are encouraged to play with the natural and recycled materials there such as twigs, branches, logs, and water.

Hort Park
Hort Park
Hort Park

Themed Gardens

HortPark houses a collection of over ten themed gardens that are unique to the park including children focused ones such as the Pitter Patter Potter Garden. Other favorites include the Butterfly Garden and the Edible Garden.

These gardens have been specially designed to engage visitors and gardening enthusiasts and to encourage everyone to embrace greenery into their lifestyle.

Hort Park

You can learn about the culinary and medical uses of various vegetables, herb, and spices at the Edible Garden.

Within the Edible Garden, the Valley of Edibles takes visitors through edibles plots with leafy, colorful vegetables and heirloom varieties that can be used in our daily culinary dishes.

Hort Park

The Valley of Edibles also showcases sustainable gardening practices for mini gardens which are highly relevant to our urban landscape.

Hort Park
Hort Park
The SG50 Community in Bloom Garden.

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33 Hyderabad Road (Off Alexandra Road)

Singapore 119578

Opening Hours


Park lighting hours are from 7pm-7am


Free admission

Official Website

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