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Great World Playland

Great World Playland

September 18, 2021
Great World Playland

Located on level 2 of Great World (formerly known as Great World City), this playground is one of the most impressive free mall playgrounds in Singapore.

The playground eatures an awesome hot air balloon play structure, pirate ship, and choo choo train.

Great World Playland

Hot Air Balloon

The main feature of this playground is the hot air balloon play structure with its super long slide.

You'll need to climb up nets and ropes to get inside the balloon.

Once you're in, make your way up some more and you'll get to the slide which will take you all the way back down.

Great World Playland
Great World Playland
Great World Playland

Pirate ship

For younger kids where the hot air balloon may be too challenging, they can still enjoy climbing up pirate ship which has its own slide as well.

Great World Playland
Great World Playland
Great World Playland

Choo Choo Train

The train structure is not only a fun thing to explore, it also functions conveniently as a resting area for both kids and parents.

It's one of the few places that offers some shelter in the playground.

Great World Playland

Trampolines, kiddie rides, and tunnels

There are various play elements scattered throughout the playground as well such as trampolines, tunnels, and low toddler rides.

Great World Playland

Things to Note

Make sure you check the weather before heading down as the playground is outdoors and most of it is unsheltered, leaving it largely exposed to the elements.

Kith Cafe is just next to the playground, making it an ideal spot for parents who prefer to chill in air conditioned comfort while still keeping an eye on the kids.

Great World Playland

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Great World

Level 2 (next to Kith Cafe)

1 Kim Seng Promenade

Singapore 237994

Opening Hours




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