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Digital Light Canvas

Digital Light Canvas: An interactive light installation at Marina Bay Sands

January 12, 2022
Digital Light Canvas

Part art installation part digital playground, the Digital Light Canvas is a massive interactive light installation at Marina Bay Sands.

Digital Light Canvas is created by teamLab, the same Japanese collective behind Future World: Where Art Meets Science at ArtScience Museum.

This unique installation combines a 15m in diameter circular light rink with high resolution LED display, and a 14m tall light sculpture overhead comprising hundreds of thousands of light points, to exhibit digital artworks that change as people move around in the space.

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

It's interesting to note that the works are not prerecorded animations nor looped imagery.

Rather, they are rendered in real time by a computer program and are continually changing according to the interactions of people, which means that two moments are ever identical. Very cool!


Visitors are welcome to move around freely within the light rink to interact with the artwork.

Expect to spend about 30 minutes in the Digital Light Canvas.

The current exhibition comprises two parts:

Part I: Nature's Rhythm

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

Watch flocks of birds soar through the light sculpture overhead.

Inside the rink, the LED-lit ocean beneath your feet is alive with thousands of fish reacting to the movement of the people on the rink as well as the birds above.

There is a color for everyone in the rink, and the fish nearby receive that color as well.

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

Children are sure to enjoy interacting with the animations in the light rink.

For adults, we find that just sitting down and admiring the artwork can be a really relaxing experience.

There's just something calming about watching the artwork which is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack that has been specially composed for the Digital Light Canvas.

Part II: Strokes of Life

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

Use your feet to paint calligraphic art while flowers, birds, and butterflies bloom all around you.

At the same time, the calligraphy appears in the light cylinder as a 3D light sculpture of brushstrokes.

The four-minute sequence takes place only every half an hour so be sure to wait for it!

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

Set off virtual fireworks

Set off 3D digital fireworks in the light cyclinder with your phone.

Just scan the QR code  (located at the Digital Light Canvas), select the firework (from over 30 different ones) that you would like to display, and you'll be able to see it on light cylinder!

The fireworks are made up of LED light points that are arranged three dimensionally to display the firework in the light cylinder.

Create personalized messages

Image credit: teamLab

You can even create customized messages on the light rink in beautiful calligraphy, accompanied by fireworks in the light sculpture.

Perfect for birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and marriage proposals!

Visit the Retail Concierge Counter near the Digital Light Canvas to find out more about how to create your own personalized messages.


Where to View

The Digital Light Canvas is just next to Rasapura Masters Food Hall, Ippudo, and Starbucks Reserve, so these are all great places to view the artwork while enjoying your food and drinks.

For a bird's eye view, head to level B1 or Level 1 which offer excellent views all around the Digital Light Canvas.

Digital Light Canvas Marina Bay Sands

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Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue

#B2-50, The Shoppes (next to Rasapura Masters)

Singapore 018956

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Opening Hours



$5 per person

Children under 2 years old can enter without a ticket.

All other parties must have a ticket for admission.

Children 6 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


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