Diggersite - A unique outdoor activity where kids get to operate construction machinery

January 12, 2022

Get immersed in the world of construction at this outdoor experiential learning play centre.

Kids will have loads of fun operating all sorts of small scale construction machinery such as excavators, cranes, and wrecking balls.

If your child is too young to operate the machinery by herself, she can sit on your lap while you operate it. We can assure you that it's lots of fun for adults too!


It takes some getting used to and a considerable amount of coordination to complete any task, whether you're moving sand from one place to another or picking up logs.

So there's a real sense of satisfaction when you manage to get everything together to accomplish a task!


Diggersite's safety marshalls are always on hand to assist and guide you along, as well as to ensure that everything is safe.

To complete the experience, kids will get to wear a safety vest and hard hat, just like at a real construction site!


Things to Note

The minimum age for Diggersite is 2 years old. Kids 4 years old and below must be accompanied by an adult (no charges for the accompanying adult).

Bookings are not required and admission is based on walk-ins only. However, if you want to minimize the wait times, you may want to consider going during the more off-peak hours from 1pm-4pm.


Diggersite Open House


Held periodically, Diggersite Open Houses are events which promise lots of fun activities.

In addition to the construction machinery, kids can look forward to activities such as free play and exploration at the sand pit, obstacle course, and bouncy castle.




There will also be fun S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activities where you'll learn all about the world of construction.

Try to build a stable structure with spaghetti and marshmallows


Learn all about the different roles in a construction site


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91 Lorong Chencharu

Singapore 769201

Opening Hours

Sat/Sun and Public Holidays: 11am-6pm

Mon-Fri: Closed


1 child: $18

2 children: $30

3 children: $40

Each child will get 3 rides with each ride lasting about 5 minutes.

Payment is by cash or PayNow


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