Airzone at City Square Mall - The world's first indoor suspended net playground

August 2, 2023

This fully netted playground is suspended in between level 2 to 6 of City Square Mall. Don't look down if you have a fear of heights!

Ever feel what it's like to walk on the moon? Start bouncing around at Airzone and you'll get that weightless feeling.

From walking and bouncing on the sky nets, to exploring the 3D Maze, and jumping into the floating ball pit, there's plenty to keep you entertained no matter how old you are.

Airzone Singapore
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Every level is connected so you can climb up and slide down in between levels.

Airzone staff are stationed at every level and are on hand to provide assistance if needed.

Airzone Singapore

Moon Walking on the Nets

It may be a bit scary at first but you'll start to enjoy that zero-gravity feeling in no time on the floaty and bouncy nets.

Feel free to bounce to your heart's content and let loose, the nets are originally designed to catch falling gymnasts so you won't get hurt falling on them.

Airzone Singapore

Adults may want to note though that bouncing around for 45 minutes (the length of each play session) is quite the workout!

But if you need to take a breather, just sit or lie down on the nets. It feels like a giant hammock!

Airzone Singapore

Suspended high up in the air, this is a swing like no other in Singapore.

Floating Ball Pit

This is the only ball pit we've been in that's actually floating in the air!

Kids and adults alike will love swimming in Airzone's iconic ball pit.

Note: Due to COVID-19 safe distancing measures, the ball pit has been replaced with the Giant Inflatable Soccer activity. The ball pit will be brought back when restrictions are eased.

Airzone Singapore
Image credit: Airzone

Giant Inflatable Soccer

Kick off with a game of giant inflatable soccer on the nets.

Kids will have endless fun trying to score on the  giant inflatable goal post with the giant ball.

Airzone Singapore

Airzone Singapore

3D Maze

Try to make it through the layers of net in the 3D Maze.

Alternatively, you can crawl into your own little maze pod and just chill out and people-watch all those down below from your bird's eye view.

Airzone Singapore
Airzone Singapore

The Big Slide

Make it to the very top of Airzone at 6 storeys high and you'll get to experience the exciting Big Slide.

Airzone Singapore

Is it safe?

If you're thinking what we're thinking, yes it's completely safe.

Each layer of nets can hold 7,350kg/m2, the equivalent of 2 fully laden Singapore passenger buses lying on their side.

As an extra safety measure, an additional layer of nets has been added at the bottom of Airzone.

In addition, no more than 60 people are allowed into Airzone at any one time, with a maximum of 20 people per level.

Airzone Singapore

Things to Note

Weight restrictions

All visitors are required to be below 120kg.

Age restrictions

There are no age restrictions but all visitors must be able to climb and walk on the nets unassisted.

Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult (who will require a ticket as well).

Children between 5 to 6 years old can be supervised by an adult in the immediate vicinity (outside Airzone).


Due to the taut nature of the suspended nets, closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Airzone provides shoes on site (subject to availability).

Slippers, strapless heels, and high heels are not allowed.

Mobile Phones

As a safety precaution, mobile phones are only allowed in the nets if they are properly secured with a hands-free mobile phone holder or pouch.

Approved phone holders are available for purchase at the counter for $5.

Selfie sticks are also not allowed.

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City Square Mall

Level 2 (North Atrium)

180 Kitchener Road

Singapore 208539

Opening Hours

First session: 11:40am

Last Session: 750pm

Each session is 50 minutes with play time of around 45 minutes


Standard ticket: $25 per session

Two-to-play weekdays: $42.5

Get up to 15% off tickets on Klook plus complimentary socks


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